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What we’re about

Freethinkers, Agnostics, Atheists & Secularists of the Triangle (FAAST) is a social group made up of the non-religious residents of the Triangle region of North Carolina.

The purpose is to help non-religious people create a part of their social lives that is free of religious pressure and proselytization, and a place where we can privately discuss aspects of our non-religious lives.

Some of the meetups will likely have an irreligious purpose or subject, but many--if not most--will merely be regular social events, where religion just won't come up. We do fun stuff like movies, dinners, trivia nights, potlucks, game nights, etc.

In the spirit of the purpose of Meetup (i.e. to meet people face to face and foster social interaction), we encourage members to use their real first names and real photos of themselves here. This is a private group, and only other group members can see your posts and RSVPs. Using your real name and photo will help folks get to know you more quickly and easily. Part of the reason this group was created was for nonbelievers to have a safe, private way to socialize and interact, and we hope to foster an environment in which members do not feel the need for anonymity. So we request (but do not require) that you use your real name and photo as a FAAST member.

We also have a lively message board -- please take a look and jump into the conversations!

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