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What we’re about

Fun and Fabulous Ladies, welcome!

Join us if you are looking to get out and have fun with some new lady friends!
We welcome women in their 40's and 50's + who want to socialize, be active, laugh, and have fun together! This group is a combination both single and married ladies, so we have events that cater to the needs of both. Pick and choose what you are interested in doing, everyone in the group can organize events, so we have something for everyone.

** This is a dues based Meetup. Dues are 15$ a year. After 29 days trial you are moved to awaiting dues by the platform, and will not be able to see any of the group events or interact with the group until dues are paid. This is how the platform works. It costs your group host over $100 dollars a quarter to keep this group running. If you cannot commit to $15 dollars a year to assist in keeping the group up and running, you probably are not the right fit for this group. We are looking for those committed to making friends and not using Meetup as a cheap drive-by date.

We are an all ladies group, we only accept ladies that were actually born with a Uterus and/or have two XX chromosomes. No offense but it makes it more comfortable for ladies trips etc.

We do have several COED events where husbands, boyfriends, brothers, sons or others are welcome to join us for some fun. Those are clearly marked as COED.

Note  -   Event organizers are welcomed and needed here, anyone who is part of the group can organize events by requesting to become an event organizer.

Please take a moment to read group guidelines: This is highly recommended, since we have some different guidelines.

Have Fun - Enjoy every event and get to know each other!

Dues - This group has dues paid annually. You have a trial period, if you do not complete your group registration by paying the dues by the trial end date, the Meetup App will automatically drop you from the group. You will not be able to rejoin the group until the dues are paid. It costs your group host over $100 dollars a quarter to keep this group running, that is where the money goes.

Picture - All group members are required to have a recent photo of themselves. This is necessary so organizers and other group members can recognize you at events. You will not be approved without a picture. If you would like to reduce the number of unwanted SPAM advances you get from idiotic men, feel free to take a picture with a spouse, friend, brother, coworker and use it so you look like a couple. It greatly reduces the number of unwanted messages you get.

Appropriate Conduct: All members are expected to conduct themselves in a considerate manner towards other members and venue staff. Do not be a TwatWaffle!!

Being an event organizer is not only time consuming but is frankly thankless and a damn hassle to boot. Event organizers are acting as personal concierges for members who prefer to have things planned for them and want to just show up. They do this as a favor to each of you, so that you can enjoy the group and activities totally stress free and work free -- Do NOT forget this and treat them with the utmost respect and gratitude.

No Show Policy - With the exception of emergencies, if you RSVP for an event and do not attend, this is considered a no show. AFTER TWO NO SHOWS, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP. If you are unable to make an event you must change your RSVP to reflect at least 24 hours ahead of time. Show some courtesy for event organizers.

Events that require Deposits - please understand some events require deposits or are pre-paid events due to the nature of the event. Deposits are non-refundable. Yes, things happen, but if things are truly happening, its likely whatever deposit you paid is irrelevant.

Soliciting- This group does not welcome soliciting of any nature (this includes personal, religious, or political reasons). Just DONT!

Please do not send instant messages through Meetup to people you haven't met. Propositions to meet outside of Meetup events with strangers is not safe.

The Meetup is intended for ladies who actually wish to participate and be active in the meetup, meet new people and make new friends. There are dues paid in this meetup, this assists in offsetting the expenses of the organizer to keep this meetup running and full of events.

If you have not attended a meetup in 12 months, your membership will be subject to removal. This group is for members who want to stay active in the commitment to make new friends and be social.