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Family Constellations - Healing inherited Pain
We are born into families where we not only inherit biological genes and systems of beliefs but we act, pattern and react from our families too. Family constellations brings healing, understanding and peace to these patterns and beliefs that maybe limiting our own growth and happiness. During our group meetings we will as a group work with one persons need for constellation at a time. The other members of the group act as representatives in the constellation, the entire process can be cathartic for all involved, including you if you are representing someone in the constellation and if it is not your constellation. This will be a monthly group open to men and women. Dates for 2018: 3/28 4/25 5/23 8/22 10/24 11/28 12/19 Where: Greenmeadow Community Center, 303 Parkside Drive,Palo Alto, CA 94306 Cost: $ 35 per session TIme: 7 -9pm Space limited to 20 people

Greenmeadow Community Pool

303 Parkside Drive · Palo Alto


What we're about

“We have to live in a way that liberates the ancestors and future generations who are inside of us. Joy, Peace, Freedom, and Harmony are not individual matters.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

This Meet-up is about healing our connections with our ancestors and with members of our family where the connection is severed or forgotten.

We each have a unique path that takes us and that upon which we tread, yet our 'Family Soul' yearns secretly to unite those who are apart.

How do we bring peace between these too opposing movements?

In Family Constellations we have a unique and moving way to bring about this healing of connections.

If you feel motivated to join and re-find lost connections, known and unknown, near and distant this is the place for you.

My aim is to build a community that is both following a unique path and that wants to be connected with it's heritage.

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