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Hi Shamans and Shamanesses!

Welcome to the portal to more! More love, more joy, more happiness, more meaning, more money... All accessed through the healing and integration of trauma, wounding and ancestral entanglements.

You are so, so welcome here - and will likely find this group useful if:
- You are on the quest for your own deeper Truth and purpose, having changed career, relationship or home over the past few years...
- You have suffered from overwhelm, burnout, or rapid change and wish to step beyond its grasp...
- You are on a spiritual mission to find out more; more about yourSelf, your Soul, your ancestry and more...
- You LOVE Nature and are looking for more ways to go under the surface of life through working with Mother Earth...

This group may not be for you if:
- You are looking for talk therapy only...
- You aren't yet ready to be witnessed in your vulnerability...
- You believe that life is just a linear route...
- You aren't ready to get boots on and get muddy (sometimes!)...

With regular in-person and online workshops, circles, retreats and more, covering the incredibly powerful modalities of Family Constellations, Shamanism and more, you are so welcome to join us for the ride!

Don't hesitate to DM any questions, or suggestions.

With love, Harriet xx

PS: Join us also at https://www.instagram.com/templeofishtar and www.facebook.com/groups/templeofishtar.familyconstellations

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THE MOTHER CONSTELLATION: Receiving & Resourcing From Our Mothers

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An intimate women's circle gathering around the national Mothering Sunday celebrations, that dives deep into the importance of the connection we hold to our own Mothers and wider maternal lineage. One of the primary routes through which we receive and resource ourselves with lifeforce that flows through our ancestral lines, the Mother cannot easily be overlooked!

With the freeing up of this potent energy, we are able to access and resource into the archetypal codes of all of the mothers who came before us; their gifts, strength and oracular wisdom.

Expect to set up a small Family Constellation during the class, along with a guided Shamanic Journey to connect with your maternal ancestors and the opportunity to share your breakthroughs and integration with the group.

Psychic development, an increase in your 'clairs' and intuitive faculties and deeper sense of embodiment are natural byproducts of this key body of work.

Full preparatory details and integration advice given upon booking.

Family Systemic Constellations Workshop Godalming

Surrey Holistic Ltd

Movements back to wholeness with Harriet Goudard.

Having personally benefitted greatly from this work, I am delighted to extend this invitation to you, your ancestry and Nature as a whole.
This workshop is open to anyone with an open heart and interest in this work.

Preparatory details to be provided upon booking.

Please bring a packed lunch and anything else that you may need to be comfortable for the day together. Teas, coffees, water and snacks are provided and ample breaks will be given.

Issue holders (to set up a constellation of your own) sliding scale 165 GBP (145 GBP concessions)
Representatives sliding scale 75 GBP (55 GBP concessions)
*Both rates representing excellent value for money for a full day's therapy.

BOOK NOW HERE: https://harrietgoudard.com/workshops/2023/2/24/fc-workshop-godalming

More info about this work: https://harrietgoudard.com/systemic-constellations - or do send a DM with any questions.


Newlands Corner


I am so incredibly excited to offer this IN PERSON workshop, enabled as I return to visit my birthplace and the magnificent Yew Tree circle with whom I am blessed to work deeply...

Working with ancient and majestic Yew Tree offers us both a sturdy and dependable part of a diverse, natural woodland and a fascinating and mystical journey guide and initiator on our spiritual path.

Yews are the Troll incarnate. Infused with Odinic energy, she works to illustrate the integrity of the pillar of light, Djed, or Sushumna, unique to the human energy field. Inviting us to hold our purest light frequency - to run our highest vibration between the heavens and earth. To step into our energetic roles as Lightworkers, Healers, Therapists - and Gridworkers. Find out more about Yew Shamanism here.

This can be particularly pertinent to you personally and professionally, if you are:

  • Feeling stuck in old patterns and behaviours
  • Always attracting relationships with the same issues
  • Feeling like your business/ products/ life aren't true representations of you and your truth
  • Remaining stuck at a plateau and not seeing you growth in the way you feel it could
  • Still trying to find out what your calling is and where you are on your path
  • Looking to fall deeply in love with your connection to spirit, Source, Nature and your guides again

Expect to spend the day outside in the forest, with the majestic, ancient Yew Trees (estimated at 1500 years old and more). The work will be both standing, walking and lying down with the trees in communion and journeywork.

Energy exchange: 222GBP (concessions available upon request) - please bring a packed lunch, water/ thermos and snacks.

Places limited to 13. Directions given upon reservation.

Please note that Yew Spirit is an incredibly powerful activator and ally and we generally know deeply if we have been called into this work with Yew.

Summer Solstice Horse Constellations Workshop, New Forest, England



Horses maintain perfect balance, both on the physical plane, emotionally and spiritually. They understand the importance of balancing the Yin with the Yang; the action with the Pause and the wisdom and guidance that can come through from Source, when we give it space.

This is why they are perfect partners as we set up Family Constellations - as ‘Horse Constellations’ - able to intuitively feel The Field, act, interact and weave the energy through accordingly. Find out more about Family Constellations here.

In addition to the many herds of wild horses, abundant Horse spirit energy and wonderful, natural setting that is the New Forest, expect the cattle, ancient trees, pilgrimage routes, gathering places and hilltops and elements and other birds, insects and wildlife to pepper your constellation on this very special, Summer Solstice workshop.

Horse Constellations can be particularly pertinent to your life, relationships and business, if you are:

  • Feeling stuck in old patterns and behaviours, or always attracting clients/ relationships/ opportunities with the same issue…
  • Switching off in your work, or life, second guessing, or overthinking…
  • Feeling like your business and products aren't true representations of you and your truth…
  • Remaining stuck at a plateau and not seeing your business grow in the way you feel it could…
  • Bending over for clients, that you don't actually still want, or have the energy, to serve…
  • Feeling like a pattern just wasn’t yours to begin with…

Energy exchange: 444GBP (concessions available upon request) - please bring a packed lunch, water/ thermos and snacks.

Places limited - all receiving 121 work and the ability to set up their own Constellation. Comprehensive preparatory and logistical information given upon reservation.

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THE MOTHER CONSTELLATION: Receiving & Resourcing From Our Mothers

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