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Quantum Light Meditations Channeling & Collective Healing

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Carolyn H.
Quantum Light Meditations Channeling & Collective Healing


The intention and purpose of this meetup and meditation is to help others release past life memories of old generational patterns that keep each individual and humanity separated from being fully functioning luminous humans. The gates of the quantum light are fully open and It is our birthright to be whole joyful spirit/human beings on this plant! When we are able to release the bound cords and contracts of our physical and energy bodies we are free and the quantum light moves freely through the gateways and through each individual! When we remember and experience the Real-I-Zations of past nations and old societies we have been experiencing over lifetimes we can then see fully our evolution as one and move out of the recycled devision that has been created! We each then move as individual fractal pieces back into cosmic unity. Realizing and taking part and uniting the puzzle of our existence as one whole energy field. We are Creating and manifesting this earth and all things beyond. Realizing we are powerful luminous beings WE can each then taken part in moving out of the old neighborhoods of dramawood, victimhood and myrtarville and fully experience complete forgiveness and unconditional love for ourselves and others! This is when our spirit body can guides us to be harmonious luminous beings in balance and untied! Fully whole beings of mind, body and spirit. Connecting with all parts of who we truly are. The Quantum Light of Divine Source made manifest! When the veil is removed and we understand that suffering is no longer needed to evolve. We can all experience and manifest a loving energy that just flows freely and we feel completely embodied in and by the quantum light of the universe.
Carolyn has been channeling angels and ancestral guides for years and has been called to publicly connect and share. She is guided to use the tools and techniques that will help release these old patterns . Her passion is to share and show how we can each be intuitively guided. She has been given the Understanding & awakening of guides and ancestors. She can also help you tap into your guides and angels if you are open and allowing. These nights are wrapped in deep contemplations of what keeps us stuck in the same recycling patterns. With meditation and messages that are intuitively guided by the quantum light that knows what is in our highest good to see and know and release! She will be guided at times to do collective past life group contract releases and collective healings. These past life experiences know that they no longer serve humanity and are asking to be released during this time of collective healing. Taping in with The Divine Quantum Light and using the Akashic records to help us all understand our connection as a whole and all the past life entanglements that are now being released and step into the renewed earth that is emerging! May you begin to know that you have manifested through the Quantum Light as you! We are all in this together! We can change so much when we completely step into our whole selves and acknowledge all parts of who we are!

Fayetteville NC Discovering Meditation Meetup
Fayetteville NC Discovering Meditation Meetup
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414 Ray Ave · Fayetteville, NC
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