Docker Development Environment Setup (hosted by FayettePy)

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7:00p - 7:15p Meet & Greet

7:15p - 7:20p Announcements and introductions

7:20p - 7:30p Beginner tips by Ryan

7:30p - 8:30p Talk by Aaron Teague: Docker Development Environment Setup

Talk details:
It takes a lot of work to set up a new developer on a project. You might encounter dependency issues, when one version is slightly different to the other, resulting in the much-loved expression, “But, it works on my machine.”

Docker solves these problems by packing your app, with all its dependencies, in its own filesystem. It does this in a way that won't step on the toes of other applications running on the same system.

You can Dockerize the project, and pass it to a fresh dev so they can quickly get to work, or pass it to production with a reasonable expectation that it will work as it had on your machine.

With some additional work, it can even be passed into Kubernetes to watch over and scale on demand.

We'll talk about getting this magical workflow setup. See you there

About Aaron:
Aaron Teague is a Software Engineer at Supergiant. He manages several Kubernetes clusters, hosting instances of Elasticsearch. He enjoys mentoring others, making complex problems palatable, leading to several "aha!" moments. Before Supergiant, he was a hobbyist game developer. This was a transition from thinking in terms of hit boxes to Docker containers. Additionally, he considers himself a maker, enjoying tinkering with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and 3D Printers.