Intelligent Metadata and Auto-classification in Records Management-#Office365


Session Title:
Why You Need Intelligent Metadata and Auto-classification in Records Management

Session Description:
Auto-classification removes a burden from IT teams and end users. But what and where is the content being classified? Then what happens?
Auto-classification not only organizes your content but also provides an environment where information governance and compliance policies, and processes, can be implemented enterprise-wide. With automatic multi-term metadata generation and powerful taxonomy tools, the positive
impact on your business is quickly realized.
As well as the visible impact of search improvement, the elimination of end user tagging reduces both productivity drain and tagging errors, to safeguard information that should be protected, such as confidential information or records.
Find out how to clean up, optimize, and organize your enterprise content, providing a framework
for effective records management.
 Metadata generation – why it is so important
 Auto-classification – why you can’t live without it
 Taxonomy approaches that are manageable – by the staff you already have

Speaker: Graham Simms
Director of Delivery and Consulting Services at Concept Searching
Graham Simms has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, and received his Bachelor’s degree
in Computer Science from the Victoria University of Manchester, where he studied under Professor
Steven Furber, developer of the ARM processor. He is an expert in information retrieval and
automated document classification solutions, and has developed taxonomies and classification
systems for several companies, including AT&T, BP, DAI, and the US Air Force. Graham serves as
Director of Delivery and Consulting Services at Concept Searching.