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Attend up to eight meetups (an $80 value) for just $20! (Pay online now (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=QU3NX8DMDS2B2), or just bring cash or check to the first meetup you attend!)

This Month’s Theme: Finding Your Success Path!

If you could find the path of least resistance between where you are and where you want to be, your success wouldn’t be a question mark, it would be a guarantee. This month we’re going to focus on figuring out what works for you, and using that knowledge to let your desires unfold before you because you’re focused in a way where you can notice and appreciation the unfolding. In other words, instead of thinking you need to be doing something you’re not in order to get results, you can focus in a way where you notice all the things you are doing and fuel those efforts for faster and more effective results!

Every Wednesday we’ll go one step deeper in this process. (All meetups are from 6-8:00pm!)

9/7 Finding Your Success Path #1: Success is Not a Solo Pursuit

9/14 Finding Your Success Path #2: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back

9/21 Finding Your Success Path #3: Finding Alignment with Who You Really Are

9/28 Finding Your Success Path #4: Putting It All Into Practice

Friday’s will be focused on getting you out of your head and into your flow!

9/9 Inspired Movement: Rediscover Who You Were Before You Learned to Be Someone Else

9/16 Develop Your Natural Healing Powers: Intuitive/Sound Healing Circle

9/23 Inspired Movement: Rediscover Who You Were Before You Learned to Be Someone Else

9/30 Develop Your Natural Healing Powers: Intuitive/Sound Healing Circle

Inspired Movement is a new practice designed to help you rediscover who you were before you learned to be someone else. As we go through life we pick up all sorts of ideas about who we're supposed to be and how we're supposed to act. This practice will help you let go of any patterns that no longer serve you, while at the same time creating new patterns that can act as a healthy alternative to your old programmed response.

Develop Your Natural Healing Powers:

Every one of us has the ability to tune into the stream of well-being and flow uplifting energy to those we care about. I've discovered a completely natural way of doing this that not only keeps you from "taking on" the negative feelings of anyone you're working on, but actually causes you to feel better than you did before you started. That's because instead of focusing on where someone is, this technique causes you to tune directly into Source. So instead of activating negativity in yourself, you activate the natural divine energy in both yourself and the person you're working on.

More About this Group:

Our meetups aim to create an environment for easy expansion and happiness by following three of the most liberating tenets of the Law of Attraction:

• Life is supposed to be fun.

• You can be, do or have anything.

• There’s nothing that you need to do; all you've gotta do is stop doing that thing you do that keeps you from experiencing what you want.

How to Find Us:


Come through the Meetup Group Entrance, we're usually in the big room just to the right of where you come in. If there's another group in that room then just follow the Pure Potential signs to our room in the back!

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