What we're about

This group is for anyone who is willing to improve life but actions are missing. Nothing happens unless we take actions. Let's take positive actions together to improve our lives. We organize weekly events in Auckland CBD. Our goal is to reach fulfillment in life. Please read the details at the bottom for further understandings on our group.

Our audience:

1. Anyone who’s willing to change for the better by taking actions.

2. Anyone who wants to pursue passion with like-minded people.

What happens during the event - discussion or activities that encourage you and others take positive actions in life leading to the better lives. Every meetup is different since a organizer is different. We organize events under the name of "@Home." There could be multiple event in 1 week. You can be an attendee or an organizer. If you are interested in the organizer, please contact me :)

Example of events - Walking Group, Business idea presentations (sharing and getting feedback), Photography, Entrepreneurship, anything you can think of - anything you want to do to make your life improve ! :)

We live only once - time is the most valuable thing we have. Why don't we start taking actions now? This is a great chance to start improving your life.


"Only you can create your life." As you take actions, you’ll question yourself and search for the answers that you seek for. What you want in life? What is happiness? How can we reach fulfillment? All change starts from within. The next, taking actions. When we change positively, our lives change positively. Let's take actions together while you turn your visions into reality. Everything is achieved by taking small steps everyday.

When you come to our events, you feel at home - just be yourself. A place your values are appreciated. We will make sure you feel safe and comfortable at the events. It is an opportunity to focus on yourself - opportunity to start something new. Opportunity to change your life for the better.

What's expected to be an co-organizer: Organizers make sure everyone at the events feel comfortable. For some people, joining the event could be a huge step. Always make sure they feel safe and @Home. They will keep coming back to your event once they feel safe. Organizers are also expected to be improve themselves as human beings. When you improve as a human being, your actions changes for the better. Be a role model for others. Everything starts from within. When you understand yourself better and what's happening within and around you, your mind/vision becomes clear and your actions change. As a result, life will become better, leading to fulfillment.


Our objective is to improve the lives of individuals. We focus on self-awareness as, we believe, it is the key to improve life with fulfillment. The more you are aware, the more you understand everything. We focus on consciousness and positivity, which help minds become free.

Another focus is to create a natural flow in life. In other words, identifying problems in life that is blocking us from living with fulfillment, find solutions and take actions to solve the problems to live with fulfillment. We encourage individuals to find their passion and values. Passion is the key to fulfillment. Recognizing values help directions in life. The final goal is to connect passion to "helping others" which is the highest level of consciousness.


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