What we're about

NOTE: This group name has been changed from "Professional Women Finding Balance" to "Feel Like a Million". The wording and description have been altered but the objectives and dedication of the group remain the same.

This group is dedicated to women who want to find balance in their lives and have opportunities to connect to a life that they love.

We will have three different event types to help you grow in different areas of your life. The event types are: Spirit, Mind and Body. You are welcome at any and every event hosted!

Here are some of the activities we will do:

Spirit: Gratitude in nature walks, grounding and yoga exercises, walks at the ocean, slowing down from the busy, challenges to break bad habits and find purpose, crystal/energy work, spa days... anything that forces you to turn off your phone and unplug!

Mind: Workshops, talks or learning sessions on mindset, motivation, opportunity, commitment, abundance vs scarcity, shutting down limiting thoughts and excuses, etc. Guest speakers will also be asked to join on occasion.

Body: Anything to get active! Lunch outings, cooking classes, going to the gym, going for a hike, getting out of our comfort zone, doing self care, learning healthy food habits, family movie days, BBQ's, taking the kids for hikes/park days, going to the beach... anything that will allow you to create memories with others or with your family! Families and children always welcome!

I look forward to meeting you at one of our events.

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