How to Earn 6 Figures or more w/ Collaboration & Tribal Marketing - MASTERCLASS

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Don’t turn off your business for the summer! There are restful easeful steps you can take this summer and weave in around your summer activities to set up your business to Massively grow and flourish this next year

Jessica Hadari, founder of FEM Talks created this interactive 2hr zoom MASTERCLASS to help women lightworkers earn six-figures (or more) through COLLABORATION, with a business they love (and with plenty of time for rest and downtime).

"How To Earn 6 Figures by Collaborating in Your Business"

Get all your Qs answered in this FUN interactive class!


$25 -

- What she’ll cover:

* Understand the collaborative models that are your next lucrative and fulfilling step; the key to doubling or even tripling your business.

* How to build your “Queens Council” and build trust and intimacy with entrepreneurs and community leaders (so they send floods of clients your way).

* How to use Tribal Marketing to reach a WAY beyond your current audience, and establish yourself as the trusted “go to” leader in your field.

* How collaboration can lead to speaking and publicity opportunities (as well as steady client and income)

+ At the end of the call, she'll give you:

* The #1 way that wealthy women healers grow their email lists and attract clients (without hustle!) that you can also immediately start doing.

ABOUT Jessica:

Jessica Hadari supports ambitious women trailblazers to create with pleasure and deep self care… and mend the world with divinely guided activism.

Jessica has been a business coach for 15 years. She’s created business mastery programs in the past 10 years that have enrolled hundreds of local women. Jessica is the founder of the Luminary Circle, for six-figure women entrepreneurs; and the Envision Circle, helping women to earn their first six-figures with their business.

She has collaborated with industry influencers including Sharla Jacobs, Penelope Jane Cruze (PJ Van Hule), Jenn August, Caterina Rando, Maggie Ostara, Shannon Grainger and Bill Baren since 2010.