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City Of West University Place, Community Center

6104 Auden St. · Houston, TX

How to find us

Ferret Frolic will be held in the Auditorium.

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PUBLIC IS INVITED Invite all of your Family to Root for your Ferret(s)!

Log on to the Ferret Frolic Website for More Information & Registration Forms. Wanda and Charlie in the Cup Tip 2011

The Featured Speaker this year is

Travis Livieri -Prairie Wildlife Research Director/Biologist for the Black Footed Ferret.

You Do Not want to miss The Latest Information on the Black Footed Ferret.

Travis has been on many Television Progams talking about the Black Footed Ferret: Including ABC's Nightline.

Community Building & Senior Center
6104 Auden St.
West University Place, TX 77005

Map Link:


From 59, exit Weslayan and go south. Cross Bissonnet. About 8 streets later, turn left on Milton.
From 610 South, exit Stella Link. Go north; cross Bellaire Blvd. 2 blocks after you cross University, turn right on Milton.
From 610 West, exit Bissonnet and go left under the freeway. Turn right on Weslayan. Turn Left on Milton.
Milton dead ends 2 blocks down at Auden. When you can see the dead end look to the left for the parking lots. There are 3 parking lots next to the Community Center before you get to Auden.
The Library is on the left corner, The Community Center is behind and next to the Library, a big church is on the right corner.


No Squeaky toys allowed for any contest.

Contests Planned:

Timed Races:

Cup Tip: A matrix array of 22 cups will be placed in a design on the floor. The ferret is placed in the center of the cup array and will have 60 seconds to knock over as may cups as possible. One point will be awarded for each cup. A knock over: any knock over, with front paws and/or with a nose and/or with any front half of the body.

Straight Tube Race: All ferrets will be put into a box, at the same time. The only one way out – through the tube. The quickest one to exit the other end is the winner (the whole ferret including the tail must be out of the tube).

Paper Sack Race: A ferret is put into the sack. The sack is folded one time. The bottom of the sack is made so it will sit flat on the floor. The times start as soon as the sack is put on the floor. Once the ferret knocks over the sack and runs/walks free of the bag, the time is stopped when the ferret’s tail exists the sack.

Maze Race: will take place throughout the day no use of food such as Ferretone or other treats. You can enter your ferret more then once. But will have to pay another event fee of $5.00.

Sock It To The Ferret: The object is to be the first contestant to put the socks on all four of his or her ferret's feet simultaneously. Time will be called at the end of 5 minutes.

Ferrets entered in these contests the weight is based on the weight recorded during check in time. The event weight will be posted on the board.
Heaviest Male & Female

Lightest Male & Female Best

Best Costume: Dress your ferret in their best Duds or Imaginative Costume.

Be sure to Bring a Carrier or Travel Cage outfitted so that your ferret(s) will be comfortable to be in it for a few hours. Include Food, Water, Blankies, and Litter Box or Pee Pads.