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How YOU Can Help Stop the Attempts to Create a Theocracy in America!

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FFRF-VSUN Chapter Meeting

We will focus on how YOU can help stop the Religious Right’s attempts to create a theocracy in America!

WHEN: Sunday, September 28, 2014 – 12:00 NOON (if you’re going to eat lunch, you might come a little early to order, etc.)

WHERE: Macayo’s Mexican Restaurant, 4001 N. Central Ave., Phoenix


• Welcome/Introductions

• Freethought Political Action Fund – Utilizing the Same Tools as Our Opposition

• Pledge of Allegiance Protest (If you have children/grandchildren in school, there are things you need to know as the protest is gaining popularity with students)

• Invocation Project & How You Can Help

• Faith Based Initiatives Office Brewer just Announced ** & Problematic Legislation We Should Anticipate in the Next Session

• Open Discussion


** We’ll examine of one of the most problematic ”Faith-based Initiative” scams - “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”. Millions in Federal dollars go to these church run Crisis Pregnancy Centers that intentionally present themselves as medical offices where abortions are offered. But in truth they are complete scams. They lure in frightened & vulnerable pregnant girls/women seeking abortions and instead the Christian pro-lifer staff members give them patently false information that abortions can give you cancer, increase your chances for depression/suicide, etc. and use intense pressure techniques to intimidate the woman into keeping the baby. These ‘crisis centers’ also imply they offer birth control, but instead they recipients of even more millions from the Federal government to push “abstinence only” programs.

* * *

Macayo’s is a great venue! They provide wonderful meeting facilities and the food is fantastic! The meeting is free & open to the public. No purchase is necessary, however we hope you will support the restaurant and order an awesome lunch! And maybe Margaritas too! ¡Olé! (For the gringos - the menu has American food options. They even offer a ‘Gluten-Free’ menu!) An automatic gratuity will be added to your check. I’m delighted we found such a wonderful venue for our new home!

See you Sunday!