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What we’re about

This group is to help beginner to intermediate FileMaker developers with areas that they are having trouble with or want to know more about. It is not for people who have never used FileMaker or who have no intention of ever attending a meeting.

Virtual meetings, using Zoom, will include a presentation, made by an expert level member, or invited guest, followed by Q&A and a brainstorming session to help with specific problems. Meetings will all be held virtually with one meeting for Europe and North America and the other for developers in Australia and New Zealand. Members are encouraged to write in and suggest topics of interest to them.

If you're already an expert developer, this group is probably not for you, but we'd welcome you nevertheless and if you'd like to present something FileMaker, get in touch as I'd love you to do so. Remember we're here to help beginners and intermediates who won't necessarily understand advanced concepts so we have to keep it, relatively, simple and talk in laymans terms as much as we can.