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Next Meetup - "Building Credibility on IMDb"


"Building Credibility on IMDb", presented by Stephen P. Sherwood, an award-winning writer, director, and editor, who currently directs the Blank Page Screenwriting Workshop.

Sherwood has more than 20 years experience in all major aspects of video and film production. With 30+ credits on IMDB (, he is active in the Atlanta Independent Film scene and directs a bi-weekly screenwriter's workshop (

Principally, he is a Writer, Director and Editor and has received multiple awards over the years in these roles. Most currently, his sci-fi short film "The Rubicon" ( was shown at three film festivals and has received awards from the Accolade, Best Shorts, and Indie Fest competitions, and his sci-fi fan-flick short "Trysts" ( was featured at the 2012 Dragon*Con International Short Film Festival.