What we're about

Welcome to our Film Marketing and Distribution Meetup group!

Our goal is to have physical and on-line meetups lead by film executives for discussing marketing and distributing independent films into theaters, digital, non-theatrical, educational, and DVD.

We want to help filmmakers engage with audiences and impact communities. Interested? Please join us!

The organizers of this group have been busy in the film marketing and distribution industry, so they're excited to carve out some time for getting new meetups scheduled for you.

We're sorry that we didn't notice a feature on our "preferences" that allowed others to post their meetups in our group. If you've received notices about events unrelated to marketing and distribution, we apologize. It's changed now, so we look forward to sharing info about our next meetup organized by us!

Thanks for your interest and please join our group.


Mat, Allen, Jen, & Lindsey

P.S. See you at the next Meetup!

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