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San Diego Ladies Hiking, Walking & More!

San Diego, CA

San Diego Ladies Hiking, Walking & More!

This group was created for ladies living in San Diego, CA who are looking for new hiking, walking & exercise buddies to keep active. Sometimes it is a struggle to find people you can rely on to get some exercise in and I know for me I am more likely to work out if I have a commitment in place! Let's all help each other out by making more commitments to exercise together! I welcome all women who can commit (no flakes please) to whatever meetup exercise activity interests you in the most in this group! PLEASE NOTE: This group is for ladies only and no pets aloud. Please check out our other dog-friendly group if interested. This women's hiking, walking & more group welcomes all activity/fitness levels. Meetups will be a variety of easy, moderate, moderate-hard and hard, depending on what our group hosts are currently posting, please make sure to sign up for one that you feel fits your current fitness level and if you are not sure, just ask the host! We will also have walks, work-outs and other activities here and there and maybe grabbing a coffee before or after! Most hiking/walking areas will be in San Diego, examples: Mission Trails (all of the San Diego 5 peak challenge hikes), Torrey Pines, Iron Mountain, Rancho Penasquitos, Lake Miramar, Poway Lake, and more. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them on the discussions page of the group. The fun, dedication and motivation of this group and it's members over the past few years has really helped this group grow (we got up to almost 3,000 members and 12 different hosts in 2021!). For 2022 we decided it would be a good idea to finally charge a member annual fee of $5.99 per year (meetup takes almost $1 of that as their cut), to help with the yearly costs, website costs ( and any other costs that may come up in this group. This will also give us more opportunity to do fun things in the group that may cost and we believe it will also narrow down the group/help with the engagement of current members who hike a lot with us vs those who join and never end up hiking in the group. Follow us on Instagram @sdhikingladies Please check out the website we have created for the group, to bring in new members from the web as well: [https://www.hikingladi...]( **DISCLAIMER** By being a member of this group and attending the meetup events, you understand that the hosts and I are not professional hikers or guides of any kind. By being a member of this group and/or attending the meetups of this group, you hereby agree to assume all risks and liability that are related to or resulting from any group meetups and activities during meetups. Group Organizer, assistant organizers and other members of the group assume no responsibility or liability, including but not limited to injury or loss of any kind/form due to the use of information you receive from the meetups, or from participating in activities in the meetups. You agree that neither you nor a third party will hold any of the group organizers or members liable for any injury, loss, or damage of any kind to yourself or others as a direct result from anything that has to do with this meetup group. Please also read all information below in the "FAQ's & REMINDERS" section, as there are important details you may need to know before attending a hike! **FAQ's & REMINDERS** YOUR RSVP: Please take your RSVP seriously and read the hike description thoroughly before RSVP’ing. If you need to cancel, do so ASAP to make room for others who may be waitlisted and to aid the organizer. 'No Shows' or those who cancel last minute/after the RSVP is closed, without direct contact to the organizer, risk being blocked from other hikes, at the organizer’s discretion. DESCRIPTION OF HIKES: Please make sure to read the entire description of a hike before you RSVP. We often get people who had no clue how hard a hike was because they did not read the description. Things to look out for are the amount of miles we are hiking, the elevation gain (incline of hike), and other details listed about the hike (rockiness, pace of the group, etc). If you have any questions, be sure to message the host about details before RSVPing! YOUR CAPABILITIES: Read the entire hike description carefully. Know your limits. Sign up only if you feel the hike is doable as-described and bring all recommended materials and equipment. If you do not bring water or recommended equipment, you may not be able to continue on the hike, at the organizer’s discretion. WHAT TO BRING ON HIKES: Please always bring water on any hike or walk as some organizers may not feel comfortable with you hiking without water. Recommended to wear a high SPF sunscreen. A snack is always good just in case your body needs it. Poles are optional for steeper hikes and very helpful to some. WHO CAN COME: This is a ladies only group. No pets, children, or others hike with us, must be 18+. If a friend or family member would like to join us on a hike, they must join the group. New members are always welcome! BRINGING GUESTS: Please do NOT bring a guest unless they are signed up and have RSVP’d for the hike. All hikers should sign up for our group so they can agree to our disclaimer and the details of the hike. LIMIT OF PEOPLE PER HIKE: Yes we have limits of the amount of people who can go per hike. I sometimes get asked “why” there is a limit for a hike. It is up to the host and how many people they feel comfortable hiking with/leading. As a host, there is a level of responsibility we feel for those hiking with us and we have our limits of how many people we feel comfortable keeping track of and just hiking with in general. Please note: Some hikes will first be set at a higher “max” (example 15 people max) and then will get lowered as people drop out (example: from 15 max to now 12 max). This is done by some hosts because there are almost always cancellations, and we set it high to start as a cushion, knowing there will be multiple cancellations. WAIT LIST: Please be respectful of the wait list and only show up for hikes that you are on the “going” list to. It is not fair to other group members on the waitlist or the hosts who have there limits, to just show up. As people drop off from the going list, the next person in line on the wait list should be moved to the going list automatically, unless the maximum is set lower. Please make sure you have your meetup app notifications on, as you will be notified if you are moved. Please do not keep yourself on the wait list if you cannot go last minute, since there is a chance people cancel last minute and you may be moved over last minute. FEES/DUES: Starting in 2022 there is an ANNUAL (not monthly) fee of $5.99 per member (meetup takes about $1 for their cut). The fee will go towards the following: annual fees, our website ( yearly fees, costs involved in doing fun things in the group like challenges (ex: 2020 Hiking Challenge prizes, other giveaway swag, etc) and anything else that may come up involved with our group! HOSTING: If you are interested in hosting a hike this year or becoming an official host of the group to host multiple hikes throughout the year, please message Michella for more details! PROFILE PHOTO: Please make sure to post a photo of YOURSELF as your member profile, that shows a clear image of your face (instead of your back, your kids, pets, flowers, etc), this helps members identify you during the meetups! LEAVING THE GROUP DURING A HIKE: If you want to go ahead of the group or need to leave the hike early, please alert the organizer. Let the organizer know when you've completed the hike if you finish ahead of her. If you leave the group/hike without notifying the organizer, you risk being blocked from future hikes.

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San Diego Fun Singles/Couples 45+

San Diego, CA

San Diego Fun Singles/Couples 45+

**OUR PURPOSE:** We are a group of fun loving Singles and Couples who ARE BIG TIME into having FUN with like minded people. We offer our very active members dancing venues as well as a wide variety of other activities such as outdoor concerts, hiking, and picnics. We also have events for celebrations, Holidays, dinners, happy hours, house parties, visiting local wineries, sailing, fun trips and much more! Dancing has been one of our main activities and we will continue to offer dance events where we can get out and move to the groove.  We want to and do have FUN! If living life big is your thing come join us. Please read our Group Rules before joining. **OUR GROUP RULES:** * You must provide a head shot photo that provides a clear picture of your face. * No recruiting or soliciting of our members will be allowed for any reason. * Organizers, Assistant Organizer and Event hosts from other groups are not to advertise their events during our event and will be subject to removal from our group. **Liability Disclosure - The sole function of the organizers in this group is to arrange the theme and time of the event. Each person (including guest members) who signs up "yes" for an event is responsible for his or her own safety. By signing up for an event organized by this group, you and your guest(s) are acknowledging that you are all aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with any event and freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards, and further agree to release and discharge this Meetup group & it's organizers from and against any and all liability arising from you and your guest(s) participation in any of the group events.**

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San Diego Outdoor Enthusiasts

La Mesa, CA

San Diego Outdoor Enthusiasts

**Important:** ***At this time, this group is only accepting new members that have been referred by current members in good standing. If someone in this group has referred you to our group, please include their name on your request to join. Otherwise, your request will be declined.*** ***We are an outdoor group comprised of QUALITY, ACTIVE members offering a variety of events, mainly hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping.*** *New Members -* we understand you are checking out SDOE to see if it is a good fit for you.  In order to remain a member, participate in an event within your first 60 days or you are subject to removal from the group.  Thereafter, members are expected to participate at least once each 90 days. \-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-  **READ the following Guidelines**. The Organizers have established these simple Guidelines.  Members ignoring or violating these guidelines are subject to suspension or removal from SDOE.    \-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\- **If you request to join SDOE, you will be asked to name the 2 Guidelines that you feel are most important**.   \-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\- \-  ***FACE PHOTO REQUIRED***.   You must have a RECOGNIZABLE FACE PHOTO on your SDOE profile to join and must maintain one as a member.  -  ***RSVP REQUIRED***.   An RSVP is required for events.  No walk-ups or "crashers".  A limit on participants is often set by Event Hosts.  This also includes guests.   \-  ***SAFETY***\*.\*  Safety is our number one concern for each event.  Bring your Ten Hiking Essentials. We offer group activities, please stay with the group. \-  ***GUESTS***.   Event Hosts may set criteria for guests.  Check the event listing or contact the Event Host if there is a question.  You are responsible for your guest(s).  Stay with your guest during the event.  \-  ***NO SHOWS***.  Change your "RSVP" to "No - Not Attending", as soon as possible if you are subsequently unable to attend an event.  Members who fail to show for event will be marked "NO SHOW" and are subject to removal after 2 NO SHOWS.  A last minute change from “RSVP" to "NO" may be marked as a NO SHOW, particularly if there are members on the Waitlist hoping to participate.  -  ***DONATION***\*.\*  The San Diego Outdoor Enthusiasts asks for a *voluntary* $5 per year donation to help cover expenses.  You may make an online donation here: [](  \-  ***PARTICIPATE***\*.\*  SDOE is a group for active members.  Members are expected to participate in at least 1 event every 90 days.  Members who lack regular participation are subject to removal.  -  ***NO DRAMA***.  We are not psychologists, counselors, or therapists; nor are we a dating site.  Excessive attention-seeking conduct will not be tolerated. Unwanted romantic overtures, harassment, or discomforting behavior are not acceptable. \-  ***BE PLEASANT and COURTEOUS***\*.\*  Be nice. Make the events enjoyable.  Thank the host; significant effort is often put into events.  Common courtesy and respect is expected from each member.  Do not expect others to supply equipment or food or other items without prior arrangements.  Offer to fairly compensate drivers in car pools.  (updated 2-16-2020)

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Sisterhood International Society

San Diego, CA

Sisterhood International Society


Sisterhood International Society (SIS) is a microcosmic representation of the world where women from all nations are united to foster friendship, camaraderie, empowerment, support and joy among each other. 

We want serious members only; hence, before you click"Join Us", please note that:

1) We are purely a social organization. Although we have many members who are political, religious, and social activists, we discourage any recruitment/discussions relating to these subjects during any of our events.

2) We require you to post a recognizable profile photo of your face for security reasons. Your application for membership will not be approved without your profile photo. 

3) We try to limit our membership to a manageable number in order to maintain the group's exclusivity and forge a close relationship with our SISters. We normally have a waiting list of applicants; we give the highest priority to those who are friends with, or who are referred by, existing members.

4) Unless you are already known by some of our members, please attend any of our meetups in public settings before attending any of our private events (in-home parties). 

5) You may be removed from the group if: (a) You have been inactive for more than three months, or (b) are a "No Show" 3 or more times to your RSVPed events.

6) We request that you host or co-host at least one event during the year. You are invited to host an event of your choosing at a public or private location with any number of people appropriate for the event. SIS provides this opportunity to enable all members to participate in adding fun and meaningful events to form friendship and community. The topic and timing of the events are entirely up to each members. Some examples of events are dining out, movies, festival celebrations, dancing, etc. The only limitations for posting events is to refrain from selling either goods or services to other members. Membership shall be free from sales pressure of any kind during any events.

Thank you.

Ji Soo Kim



SIS was founded on June 1, 2015 by Maria Panlilio, Susan Azar, Marcella Iniguez, Rosa Romero and Ji Soo Kim

Risks and Waiver of Liability. The Sisterhood International Society (“SIS”) holds various types of events that include some physical activities, including, but not limited to, games, hiking, dancing, and road trips. Attendees understand that risks of injuries and damages can occur at any time and any place. Therefore, attendees agree to waive, discharge claims, and release SIS and its members from any liability on account of, or in any way resulting from injuries and damages while participating in any group event. 

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Girls Just Want to Have Fun - North County

Encinitas, CA

Girls Just Want to Have Fun - North County

Welcome to Girls Just Want to Have Fun – North County! We are the only meetup that hosts 100 events per year with women in their 25-50! If you're excited about new experiences and making new friends, come explore North County Coastal with us. <br>

Mission: Connecting women and building community one event at a time

Membership Fee: We are currently not charging dues.

Follow us on Instagram! Username: girlsjustwanttohavefunnorco <br>

Events include:

· Book Club

· Paint Night

· Crafts

· Happy Hours/Dinners

· Beer/Wine Tasting

· Hikes

· Dancing

Pillars: Empowerment-Creativity-Self Improvement-Leisure-Fitness

Member Policy:

• No shows to events or frequent less than 24hr cancellations may lead to removal. *IF YOU ARE SICK, PLEASE STAY HOME and update your rsvp to no. Members are required to drink responsibly.

• Vendors: We welcome email inquiries. Joining GNC for the sole purpose of marketing your business is prohibited.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun – North County (GNC)

*By joining GNC, you may be included in photos that may be posted on Instagram.

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The Official 20's and 30's Social Group, San Diego

San Diego, CA

The Official 20's and 30's Social Group, San Diego

**Welcome to the most active 20's and 30's social friends group in San Diego. We take being the most active group in San Diego seriously, with over 200 events during the past year. We may not be the oldest or largest, but we are run by a group of outgoing, committed organizers. Friendships and bonds have been made through all our previous events, such as...** **Billiards \* Bowling \* Newbie Nights \* Happy Hours \* Baseball Games \*** **Concerts \* Beer and Wine Tastings \* Bonfires \* Hikes \* Trivia \*** **Board Games \* Pub Crawls \* Karaoke \* BBQs \* Taco Tuesday \*** **Pool Parties \* Mixers with other Meetup Groups \* Brunch \* and so much more!** \**THIS IS NOT A SINGLES GROUP! Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Do not randomly message members you do not know. Repeated attempts to contact anyone without a reply will be viewed as harassment and will be grounds for removal and banishment from the group. Do not send negative or insulting messages. If you have a complaint about someone please contact me or any organizer. \** **If you are new to San Diego, just looking to make some new friends, or want to try something new around the city, this group is for you! People in this group have made new friends, some have found new loves, and everyone has walked away with a smile. So come out and join us! The group is free to join. The only other requirements are that you're also in your 20s or 30s, you've got a great attitude and a sense of humor. The application form you are about to fill out, although it may seem silly, was chosen by the group to help us find new members who will fit into the group.** **Check out our Facebook photo album, and feel free to submit your photos to contribute!** **[](** **We are not responsible for anything that might happen to you on one of our outings. By signing up for our meetups, I agree to the following: This event can be dangerous and cause serious bodily injury or even possibly death. The organizers of this group and its members will not be held responsible for the actions of any participant at any event. Each attendee attending an event is attending at their own risk and is solely responsible for any damage to their equipment or themselves. You must fully understand that attending these events involves risks and dangers of serious bodily injury, including permanent disability, paralysis, and death. Fully accept and assume all such risks and all responsibility for losses, costs, and damages. Hereby release from all liability, claims, demands, losses, or damages on my account caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the members of this group.** **I have read this agreement, I fully understand its terms, understand that I have given up substantial rights by attending and have attended freely and without inducement or assurance of any nature and intend it to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.** **By requesting to join this group you agree to the above rules and understand the risks inherent in an outdoor activity of this type.**

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Ladies North Coastal Social Group 💕

Del Mar, CA

Ladies North Coastal Social Group 💕

Hi Lovely Ladies - Looking for, not just another Ladies Group? You’ve found it! Women need friendships and my hope is that this group will serve as a great place for us women to build **lasting** friendships to support and encourage one another and offer invigorating conversations all while having fun. Our plan is to schedule ongoing events for this growing group of fabulous North Coastal ladies that live in the Carlsbad and North County area of San Diego. Targeted age for our group is 45 years of age and up, which is our best years! And we adore pets! Some events will be shared via invite and not posted due to the limited space at events. Join now to be included! Events posted will include walks/hikes and outdoor events (pickle ball), progressive dinners, movie premiers, plays, musicals, estate lunches, spring white parties, game nights, and at times, some events will even include our husbands or significant others. Other events will include casual events like brunch, lunch, wine tasting, scavenger hunts, advocacy & local volunteering, and the many ideas that you have suggested. Suggestions are always welcome and encouraged. We have started BUNCO too🎲!  **Watch for the Spring 2022 events that will include walks/hikes that are pet friendly!** In preparation for the 60 mile walk / over 3 days in November 2022 to support breast cancer we will also begin weekly walks for training. Please consider joining us for the Susan G. Komen event to support such an important cause. We would love to have you part of our team! **This grooup is for you if you are 45 years of age and up. As we know these are the most important and fun years.** We welcome **ONLY positive**, energetic, kind, fashion-forward ladies who love to laugh. We invite ladies of all professions, retired, single, married, or a widow, with one goal in mind, you are looking to make new and lasting friendships. BUT FIRST THERE IS SOMETHING THAT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. YOU MUST AGREE TO ALWAYS KEEP YOUR RSVPs UP TO DATE. EVENTS TAKE SO MUCH PLANNING AND ARE OFTEN LIMITED IN SIZE SO PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL IN KEEPING YOUR RSVP UP TO DATE SO THAT OTHERS HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEND WHEN SPACE IS AVAILABLE. THIS ALSO HELPS SO THAT THE HOST DOES NOT HAVE TO SEND OUT NUMEROUS MESSAGES TO CONFIRM ATTENDANCE. NO-SHOWS AND LAST-MINUTE CANCELLATIONS ARE FROWNED UPON AS IT ONLY TAKES A SECOND TO SEND A MESSAGE OR UPDATE RSVP WITHIN A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME BEFORE AN EVENT. And lastly, always come to an event with flexibility and kindness as this helps in creating a good and happy environment for ALL. We hope to meet and see you soon! 💕 Elle MeetUp disclaimer: \*All attendees participate at ANY of our events at their own risk and are solely responsible for any damage to their property, and/or any injury to themselves or their guests. \*By signing up for and/or attending ANY of our Meetup events, you affirm that you understand this disclaimer and that you knowingly and voluntarily agree not to bring any type of claim arising out of or related to this Meetup event against the organizer(s) of this Meetup group. \*An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place/ our homes where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. Senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

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San Diego Book Divas!

San Diego, CA

San Diego Book Divas!

Have you been looking for a place to discuss some of the great books you find?

Do you want to meet some quality intelligent girlfriends in a non-threatening fun environment?

Then San Diego Book Divas is the book club for you! Please join us in meeting at least once a month for cocktails or coffee and discussion. We are having a great time reading all different types of books and meet within the San Diego city limits.  Our meetups are typically held on weeknights at 7pm, the daytime group meets at 10:30am (usually on Wednesdays) and we also have an occasional weekend movie meetup.

You can choose from a few books every month... We are reading fiction, chick-lit, young adult, classics, sci-fi, and nonfiction books to have a nice mix of serious topics and lighter material. We have regular series of meetups for self-help called The Happiness Project, book to movie meetups called *Page To Screen*, classic books called Quarterly Classics and young adult books called *Young@Heart*. With over 600 past meetups it's difficult to list just a few of our previous reads! Books are chosen based on suggestions by the members and polls on the website. We normally choose books that are available in paperback and at the public library.

San Diego Book Divas! is a great way to stay "with it" and read books that are out of our own comfort zones. It also feels great to have a deadline to finish a book and then share opinions on really great reads! There have been many times at book club where we all see different things since we all have our own perspectives. When the book is shared, you get such a stronger meaning from it!

Come to laugh, share stories and a glass of wine or a latte and make new friends! We're meeting 6+ times a month now, so you have plenty of opportunities to join in on the fun!

Meetups cost $2 cash per person at each meetup attended. This is for the costs of the website and the organizers' time. 


(1) Ladies only, no exceptions!

(2) To join the group, you MUST have a picture and fill out all profile questions. Your profile picture must be a photo your own face.  It is nice for everyone to be able to know who to look for when we have our meetups and put faces with names!  This group is about getting to know people, so only members who have a photo of themselves and answer the profile questions will be approved.

(3) Treat others with respect. Be considerate of other viewpoints, include everyone in the discussion and be careful to not offend anyone. If you are offended by anything, please report it to one of the organizers immediately.

(4) Join the group wanting to attend meetups and remove yourself if you decide not to. We are all adults, so please take care of yourself.

(5) Post any suggestions on books, locations and event ideas to the message board... We want to make this YOUR group!!!

Your Organizers,

Kelly Claude
Samaire Cohen
Nikki LW
Courtney Aguila 
Sarah Beth
Courtney H 
Amy K 

Membership Requirements

HOUSE RULES & how to be a great Book Diva!


ADVERTISING without organizers' permissions is prohibited! This includes, but is not limited to, message board posts, profile photos, introduction, comments, emails, and suggested events. We reserve the right to remove any member for solicitation.

DISCLAIMER: By being a member of this group you hereby agree to assume all risks and liability related to or resulting from any and all group functions. You agree that neither you nor any third party will hold any of the group's leaders, officers, or representatives liable for any injury, loss, or damage to your own person or any members of your family, friends, acquaintances, children, pets, or property, arising directly or as a consequence from a group activity. You also agree that your membership of this group is based on an "at will" basis.

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