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LA Film Actors in Training

Los Angeles, CA

LA Film Actors in Training

Film Acting Class for all levels

Saturdays, 2:00 PM-5:00 PM, Thursdays 7 PM - 10 PM --- Tuesdays Complete On-Camera Course 7-10 PM

Located at: Peter Valentino Productions, 534 North Orange Dr., Los Angeles (Hollywood), 90036 


$100 for 4 classes, $30 for an individual class, $10 audit (observation and partial participation) 

Come explore the Art of film acting with instructor Peter Valentino. This 3-hour weekly workshop provides an opportunity for aspiring and working Actors to hone their skills and their ability to get booked. This requires enhancing the Imagination and learning to immerse yourself fully in the world of the character. Instruction is based on the work of Stanislavsky, Stella Adler and Uta Hagen, with some Meisner and other New York teachers thrown in the brew. This is mixed with learning essential Improv skills, which can be used for the creation of drama as well as for comedy. Class begins with some improvisation exercises which encourage actors to work together in a supportive ensemble. We also cover cold reading, scene study, and monologues. Students learn through on-stage performance as well as through observing the work  of others. 

Cold reading is an essential skill to master for auditions. In cold reading practice, actors learn to make immediate choices about their character, and to fully engage with their scene partner and to develop relationship. 

Scene study is the main portion of our training. In class, students perform with a scene partner. Our abundant scripts (sides) are mostly 2-person scenes from film or television. Original scripts are also available.  Students are encouraged to work on their scene together outside of class, in whatever way possible and to bring it back with the instructor’s comments embodied. Once the scene is polished, we will often film it. This provides experience being on-camera and working with a crew. 

Scripts for scene study are provided in class, but students are also welcome to bring in scripts they wish to work on. 

Monologues can serve as focused individual practice. You will be developing a character and inventing the person they are speaking to.  Monologues are sometimes used in the auditioning process to see how deep the actor can go with a memorized, polished piece. Every actor in class is encouraged to develop at least one monologue that can be polished and kept in their repertoire for auditions.

We have a book full of monologues.

Plus: We have Audition Training, On-Camera

Peter Valentino has been a working actor, instructor of acting and music, writer, director, and producer for over 20 years. Because of having shot extensively with actors, Valentino has the Director's eye when he is looking at your work. Peter began his professional training in Los Angeles with Donald Petrie (Director of Miss Congeniality, Grumpy Old Men, and many others), and with Barry Pearl (from the movie Grease).

In New York City, Valentino was educated in the New York style of Acting, which included very deep forays into the world of Stanislavsky, and the people he influenced: Adler, Meisner, Strasberg, and Uta Hagen. Additionally, Peter was a member of the improv group “The Flying Monkeys,” which performed frequently at the famous “Don't Tell Mama’s” in Manhattan. 

Valentino has owned and operated two working theaters, in Las Vegas and in Hollywood, where he performed, directed and taught. Currently, The Peter Valentino Acting Studio has an awesome teaching space plus numerous great locations where we shoot shorts, feature films and create Actor Demo Reels for our students.

For more information, you can always contact Peter by phone or text at: 323-867-7973.

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Film Funding Club

Los Angeles, CA

Film Funding Club

Looking to get your film funded? You have come to the right place. Since 2009 we have been running events that cover how to fund films on a regular basis.  We also cover how to produce and release them profitably. If you visit you can see some of what we have coming up.  

We've collected several hours of video recordings and workbooks from several of our workshops to cover the information many members want to know.  You can review them to learn  how to legally raise money from investors, how to produce a $10,000 feature film you can sell for a profit, and how to make a profitable $1M+ feature film. If you have questions about what you learn you can email me at


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Community Film

Los Angeles, CA

Community Film

Dear Community Film Members,

Thank  you for being a member of this group.  

Our goal is to build a platform to gather film industry professionals and newbies, as well as potential investors and members of the business community, to come together to meet one another’s needs, and to expand our networking circles.

Under new management, this group will present several different events to help
generate COLLABORATION for its members, including a series of TALENT SHOWCASES. The showcases will provide an avenue for filmmakers, content creators, producers and all creative talent to collaborate/team up/work together, as well as to merge with potential investors and business owners, who may wish to sponsor or invest in their projects or employ their services. The frequency and details will be announced as soon as they are planned and set.

The new management team of this group is directly and indirectly supported by
longstanding, highly-regarded business and film industry entities such as the
Los Angeles Film & TV Meetup:­­ and other well known business entities. 

The new management team is a life time member of and is supported by CEO Space International (please google it) which has nearly 300,000 entrepreneurs/members
from all over the world.

We welcome all proactive and committed talent as well as businesses and entrepreneurs who are interested in film related events -- either for their own enjoyment, networking or to sponsor or invest in projects. Whatever the reason, this platform is for our members to progress in their creative endeavors and build good relationships in the process!

To run a successful group, we need members to be involved. We cordially invite you to please step up to be a co-host of one or all of our programs. You may contact me
via electronic mail: B562 219 1999 (at) G mail (dot) com  or text: 562 373 4807

Should you have any events and suggestions, please do feel free to contact us, we will gladly select and post your events on our calendar for our membership.

I’m excited about 2017 and look forward to working with all of you!

Thank you!

Anna Iverson- Organizer

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Los Angeles Film Production NFT Meetup

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Film Production NFT Meetup

This group is for anyone interested in learning about NFT's, working in TV & media, film production, film finance, videography, writing, acting & modeling, hair & make up artistry, wardrobe style, publicist & other media professionals & entrepreneurs. We will discuss how NFT's are disrupting the Film Industry and more.


We'll let you know how to join our Powerlocalmedia NFT Mastermind Group. Join our Telegram group


Opportunities like NFT's in Film/Media,will shape all areas/facets of our daily lives.

I started this group to provide an additional platform to network the TV, media, & film community with other creative professionals that want to be involved with the film industry and want to learn how NFT's will change the Media Industry.

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Music & Film/TV Meetup Group

Los Angeles, CA

Music & Film/TV Meetup Group

Join this group to network with musicians, screenwriters, filmmakers, and performers. We offer conference call and face to face events several times a month. Our informative events cover topics like how to fund your media, how to protect your intellectual property, how to earn more from what you create, how to publish books and apps, how to produce films, etc. We also cover topics that speak to the heart and soul of the artistic experience, like Jung's theories of the collective unconscious.

We also do social and networking events where creative pros can comfortably and happily spend time together. It's kind of cool that we live in a community where the best writers, filmmakers, performers, and musicians congregate. We should make the most of it . . .

Join us to turn your dreams of being a writer, screenwriter, or writer/producer into a reality. We are a warm, friendly, welcoming community meeting in and around Santa Monica. Learn, share, ask questions, discover how to release your writing into books, audio books, scripts, essays, graphic novels, and content-based apps and joyfully earn a living from your work as an author.

You may find some of the following resources created for past events useful if you're looking for immediate help with your creative enterprise.

You can watch and share our in-depth industry expert videos at or purchase one or more of our in-depth instructional resources (like Profitable Distribution Solutions for Films & Web Series) at

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Questions? Email I look forward to hearing from you.

Nancy Fulton

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