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Lgbtq groups near Los Angeles, CA

USC Lambda LGBTQ Alumni Association

Los Angeles, CA

USC Lambda LGBTQ Alumni Association

USC LGBTQ Alumni from any year. <br>Did you graduate from the University of Southern California? Are you a LGBTQ Alumni? Join us for fun events and networking opportunities.

Our mission is to: <br>

• Award scholarships to current students of any gender or sexual orientation who support LGBT issues;

• Keep members connected to the university and each over via events, activities, professional networking and forums;

• Create an enriching and supportive community that promotes education, networking and increased visibility for LGBT students and alumni. <br>

__________________________________________ <br>


President: Tom Henkenius ’00, MS ’19 (Broadcast Journalism, PoliSci, Integrated Design, Business & Tech) <br>President-Elect: TBD <br>Secretary: Verónica Obregón MSW ’01, EdD ’14 (Social Work, Education) <br>Immediate Past President: Torey Carrick MBA ’00 (Business Administration)

Board Members:

Josh Allen ’05 (Theatre) <br>Dominic Alpuche ’05 (Public Policy) <br>Thomas Becktold ’87 (Political Science) <br>Patricia Brum MBA ’06 (Business Administration) <br>Gloria Leung ’14 (Business Administration) <br>Emanuel Meza ’10, MBA ’18 (Business Administration) <br>Calixto Meraz MBA ’08 (Business Administration) <br>Michelle Nguyen MBA ’15 (Business Administration) <br>Verónica Obregón EdD ’14 (Education) <br>Marco Valadez ’15 (American Studies & Ethnicity, Economics)

USC Lambda LGBT Alumni Association Director:

Miguel Vásquez ’11 (Business Communications and Marketing)

<br> <br>

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Self-Aware LGBTQ Singles of LA

Los Angeles, CA

Self-Aware LGBTQ Singles of LA

In today’s world, everyone is online, yet it’s harder than ever to meet like-minded people. By that, we mean people who are self-aware, emotionally mature and committed to their own personal growth. If you're seeking authenticity and real connection, this group is for you.

Hi. I'm Dr. Isabell Springer, licensed marriage and relationship therapist and founder of LovEd, an innovative personal-growth company that provides powerful programs, resources and highly interactive content.

We have hosted a series of online events in 2020 and are currently gearing up for our latest event:


You'll Experience:

Group Discussion

• Relationship Tools

• Trivia Polls

• Real Connection

• Authenticity

• Community

You'll Walk Away With:

• Profound awareness why your relationships struggle

• Ability to identify an unhealthy relationships early

• How to avoid unhealthy partners and situations

• How to assess future partners before becoming attached

• Compelling Insights into who we have been in relationships

• Assessment of your emotional maturity

• How to become the partner we are searching for

• Confidence and self-empowerment

• The key to successful relationships

• A new model for love


✅ RSVP for Clarity on our MeetUp

✅ Register at Eventbrite:

Self-Aware Singles (SAS) intends to cultivate a community of Singles who are ready to connect differently.

GROUP OBJECTIVES: Opportunity for growth ✔Teaching or learning something new ✔ Developing a skill ✔ Meeting new people ✔ Building community ✔ Supporting each other ✔ Increasing awareness about a specific topic ✔ Events that create real human connections ✔

*NOTE: This group is not for pick-ups, hook-ups, or hustling.

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Inspire: LA - A Spiritual Community for LGBTQs and Beyond

Los Angeles, CA

Inspire: LA - A Spiritual Community for LGBTQs and Beyond

We're a spiritual community serving the LGBTQI&A community and beyond. Whether you call it God, Buddha, Krishna, Yahweh, Jesus, Allah, The Great I Am, Spirit, Energy, or simply LOVE, you are most welcomed, & deeply valued at Inspire Spiritual Community.  

What you need to know about us:

We're all about building community, having fun, making the most of life and having quality relationships with ourselves and everyone else!  We're interested in living a joyful and productive life.  We get 40-50 people at our weekly Sunday Celebration Services and great turn outs at our classes, workshops and special events.  We have weekly & monthly events - check out our website to stay up to day.  Come join us - you'll fit right in!

Inspire Spiritual Community is creating a movement of healing and liberation. We are like-minded souls coming together to create a transdenominational spiritual community for LGBTQI's, our friends, families, and allies. We are committed to consciously healing judgment, fear, and shame within ourselves. We stand united in being the change that we want to see in the world. Peace in the world begins with us, and we rejoice to walk our talk in fellowship and demonstrate love, compassion, and forgiveness every day in every way.!

Our intention: To create world peace...piece by piece.

Please also join our facebook group here:

You can learn more about us here:

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