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Suggested Travel & Outdoor Groups near San Diego, CA

San Diego Outdoor Enthusiasts

La Mesa, CA

San Diego Outdoor Enthusiasts

We are an outdoor group comprised of QUALITY, ACTIVE members offering a variety of events, mainly hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping.

New Members - we understand you are checking out SDOE to see if it is a good fit for you.  In order to remain a member, participate in an event within your first 60 days or you are subject to removal from the group.  Thereafter, members are expected to participate at least once each 90 days.


READ the following Guidelines.

The Organizers have established these simple Guidelines.  Members ignoring or violating these guidelines are subject to suspension or removal from SDOE.   


If you request to join SDOE, you will be asked to name the 2 Guidelines that you feel are most important.  


-  FACE PHOTO REQUIRED.   You must have a RECOGNIZABLE FACE PHOTO on your SDOE profile to join and must maintain one as a member. 

 RSVP REQUIRED.   An RSVP is required for events.  No walk-ups or "crashers".  A limit on participants is often set by Event Hosts.  This also includes guests.  

-  SAFETY.  Safety is our number one concern for each event.  Bring your Ten Hiking Essentials. We offer group activities, please stay with the group.

-  GUESTS.   Event Hosts may set criteria for guests.  Check the event listing or contact the Event Host if there is a question.  You are responsible for your guest(s).  Stay with your guest during the event. 

-  NO SHOWS.  Change your "RSVP" to "No - Not Attending", as soon as possible if you are subsequently unable to attend an event.  Members who fail to show for event will be marked "NO SHOW" and are subject to removal after 2 NO SHOWS.  A last minute change from “RSVP" to "NO" may be marked as a NO SHOW, particularly if there are members on the Waitlist hoping to participate. 

 DONATION.  The San Diego Outdoor Enthusiasts asks for a voluntary $5 per year donation to help cover expenses.  You may make an online donation here: 

-  PARTICIPATE.  SDOE is a group for active members.  Members are expected to participate in at least 1 event every 90 days.  Members who lack regular participation are subject to removal. 

NO DRAMA.  We are not psychologists, counselors, or therapists; nor are we a dating site.  Excessive attention-seeking conduct will not be tolerated. Unwanted romantic overtures, harassment, or discomforting behavior are not acceptable.

-  BE PLEASANT and COURTEOUS.  Be nice. Make the events enjoyable.  Thank the host; significant effort is often put into events.  Common courtesy and respect is expected from each member.  Do not expect others to supply equipment or food or other items without prior arrangements.  Offer to fairly compensate drivers in car pools.

 (updated 2-16-2020)

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Power Scuba: San Diego Scuba Diving (and Beyond)

La Jolla, CA

Power Scuba: San Diego Scuba Diving (and Beyond)

You've been looking for a scuba group that actually dives? YOU'VE FOUND IT!

FREE mask, snorkel, and weight replacement program for members!

A SAFETY-FOCUSED, NO-DUES, NON-PROFIT, INDEPENDENT SCUBA GROUP that dives more than any other club or group in San Diego (and beyond)!

Whether you dive occasionally or every week, Power Scuba is the fun, easy way to stay connected with the underwater scene in San Diego county and beyond. Explore familiar and brand new dive spots throughout Southern California (and overseas).

Safe diving within your personal limits and skillset is our emphasis. Advanced & technical dives will occur (for qualified members), in addition to our normal dives, but safety is not just lip service with us.

Eco-mindedness, in addition to safety, is always at the forefront of our thinking. The group participates in (and hosts) various environmental programs and our president represents our no-fishing (for fish) group to various orgs and entities. What better ocean stewards than those who peer beneath the surface regularly?

WE ACTUALLY DIVE, NOT JUST TALK ABOUT IT! All certification levels are welcome at this no-profit group. We're fun, often irreverent, and very, very passionate about our diving and the environment. Sound good? Do you want to see more of San Diego diving, both from the shore and boats? In need of a dive buddy? Join up now!

* We're not a scuba shop or boat and do not represent any of the same. *

* Power scuba will not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference. All are welcome. *


You must read the following fascinating info before attending any event: Terms and Conditions

Then sign a liability release before attending your first event:

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The Gals are out with their Travel Trailers

San Diego, CA

The Gals are out with their Travel Trailers

This is for women (all women however not a lesbian group we are inclusive) only who love to camp with or without trailers, rv , you can join us tent camping too but we will usually are in a camp spot that has rv access. I love dogs too so my 2 dogs are great campers and go with me. I bought a Minnie Drop trailer , one of those small  camping trailers and have been out there camping most of the time since . So how about joining me and this will be a unique group because it's all women. Of course you women can invite your kids and dogs but no guys on these trips. I got my inspiration from a group I camped with in Oregon this summer and we had a great time with all women doing the things we love outdoors. Every member should reserve their own spot unless you determine that you can share with tenters . Most spots will not take more than one rv, trailer. For weekend trips I like to plan on a Friday night Happy Hour then Saturday night potluck to bring us altogether.(observing COVID rules during this trying time) We can plan other activities depending on where we are camping. Always a nice fire for socializing unless not allowed.

This spring and summer my trips have been to Joshua Tree Music Festival and William Heise County Park in May. June , Laguna Mtns.,and William Heise. July San Onofre beach , Seven Sisters Festival ,Monterey Blues Festival.August was Mammoth Beer and Blues Appalooza. From Mammoth , I made a trip up to La Pine state park in Oregon then back down through Lake Shasta, Monterey, Seal Beach  Then spent weekdays at Jalama Beach campground.  .I like to keep busy camping and if you want gals to join you on any of your camping events just let me know , you can be a hostess for one too. 


We are not responsible for anything that might happen to you on one of our outings. By signing up for our meetups, I agree to the following: This event can be dangerous and cause serious bodily injury or even possibly death. The organizers of this group and its members will not be held responsible for the actions of any participant at any event. Each attendee attending an event is attending at their own risk and is solely responsible for any damage to their equipment or themselves. You must fully understand that attending these events involves risks and dangers of serious bodily injury, including permanent disability, paralysis, and death. Fully accept and assume all such risks and all responsibility for losses, costs, and damages. Hereby release from all liability, claims, demands, losses, or damages on my account caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the members of this group

I have read this agreement, I fully understand its terms, understand that I have given up substantial rights by attending and have attended freely and without inducement or assurance of any nature and intend it to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.

By requesting to join this group you agree to the above rules and understand the risks inherent in an outdoor activity of this type. 

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Hiking Addicts - Excellent Hiking Adventures

San Marcos, CA

Hiking Addicts - Excellent Hiking Adventures

Hiking Addicts is all about excellent hiking adventures (as well as post-hike socializing). We may throw in the occasional trail biking event, but our priority is having good times on hiking adventures, laughing, and building relationships with quality people. This group is a fun, relaxed and friendly group of folks who love to hike, and maybe share a meal after an adventurous day.

There are so many wonderful places and views to explore all over our San Diego County. We often learn about nature, geocaching, map reading, survival skills, and, most importantly, how to find our way back to our cars! If you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced hiker, you are welcome on our adventures. We all have our own hiking pace and abilities and you can feel free to hike fast, medium, or slow. No one will be left behind! (No rescue helicopters will be needed to search for you!) We have several Hikeaholics experienced at the back of the pack. We may hike at sunrise or sunset, at the beach or the mountains, in rain, hail, wind, daylight, or moonlight and everything in-between. Come join us for some exercise along our beautiful North County trails that we can explore together.

If you are qualified and want to be an Event Organizer, great! We have lots of opportunities for all to participate at any level of involvement you desire. This group is your group so we are eager to hear about new ideas for great hiking and outdoor adventures.

Except for expenses anyone would incur when hiking (gas/carpool money, food, park entrance, gear, etc), this group is FREE. No organizer will ever ask you to pay or donate just to attend an outing. We simply love being outside and want to share the experience with others.

We are not professional guides and all outings are at your own risk. By joining this group and attending an event, you are demonstrating that you understand you are responsible for your own safety. Information on proper gear and safety checklists, as well as a release of liability, can be found in our Files section. (Click on “More,” then go to “Files.”) We also highly recommend that you carry your own medical and auto insurance policies.


There are fees from Meetup we have to pay regularly for this site. Please make a volunteer contribution based on amount of fun you have hiking with Hikaholics. 

See you on the trails soon,
The Hiking Addicts Team


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Coronado Catamaran Sailing Club

Coronado, CA

Coronado Catamaran Sailing Club

Let's go sailing on my Fountain-Pajot Catamaran, named Neko. She is 37 feet long and 20 feet wide. I will be taking Neko on extended sailing excursions in the future via my other Meetup group, Neko Cruising.

I'm always looking for fellow sailors and crew to take them out for a good time on the water. Whether we cruise around the bay or head out to the ocean, it will be fun and exciting. Neko has a large, trampoline on the foredeck and you can watch the water rushing by as well but you might get wet if we encounter a large wake. Also, if you are tired of walking, standing or sitting at a 30 degree or more angle like most monohull sailboats you can forget about that that since she only heels less than 5 degrees while underway because of the catamaran hull design. That also means that if you are prone to getting seasick, you can throw away your Dramamine pills. Did I mention that a catamaran doesn't have a 4,000+ lb. lead keel to lug around like all monohulls do so they are also very fast. I've had Neko at over 10 knots. As a very dear friend of mine used to say, "Once you go cat, you can never go back". That was certainly true for me! The bottom line is that it is very easy to pour the skipper a drink and not spill a drop. Ha!

Effective immediately, CCS is changing its membership format to a paid membership club. No more donations!!!

The donation jar has been eliminated and has been replaced with a membership fee of $50 per year, payable before or at your first sail of the calendar year. This also means that once you are a paid member, all subsequent sails that year are free. Keep in mind that one day of sailing with most any of those charter boat operator's charges are comparable to this yearly membership fee so consider the value of this club.

The second year of your membership will be prorated depending on what month you joined the previous year. For example, if you joined in July of year 1, you would pay the $50 fee to join the club. In January of year 2, you would only pay $25 since you joined halfway through year 1. Every subsequent year that you continue to retain your membership with the group, you would simply pay the yearly renewal of $50 starting in January or on your first sail of that year.

The change is because many members have complained that a growing number of freeloaders in the group didn't appreciate the value of what this group offered. This system levels the playing field and is more in line with other shared cost Meetup events but simpler to administer.

Additional changes

In order to maintain a Covid free event, all members nust now present their Covid vaccination card to board the boat. No card, no sail, no exceptions. Trust, but verify.

The potluck food and drink format is for the benefit and enjoyment of the group. Your membership fee entitles you to sail with the group. Therefore, if you bring items to share, you are welcome to eat and drink with the group but if you do not contribute to the potluck, you are not welcome to eat or drink with the group. Nobody likes a cheapskate freeloader and a friendly potluck group format is encouraged.

In order to allow other members to get onto a sail, members will not be allowed to sail in two successive sails in a row.

Here's the meetup rules and guidelines so everyone can have an enjoyable experience.

1. If you RSVP Yes to an event, please make every effort to go to the event.

2. If you find that you are not able to go to the event, go back onto the website and change your RSVP to No, as soon as you know you can't go. However, be aware of the new 24 hour cancellation rule.

3. If you RSVP for an event and the event is full, you will be placed on a wait list. If you really want to go to an event, keep your schedule flexible and be available to go, even up until the last minute.

4. If you are on the waitlist and do end up making other plans, go onto the site and change your RSVP to No and let the next person that is willing to wait move up instead.

5. If the event is open to you and a guest, you are responsible for that guest. If the guest cancels, go onto the RSVP GO list and change your RSVP to remove your guest so the next person on the wait list can move onto the GO list. However, CCS generally does not permit guests or +1's so that members of the group can enjoy the events without non-members taking available slots. And it also helps me to know that everyone in the boat has read the rules beforehand and there's no surprises when they step aboard. Most guests don't have a clue and will bail out on you at the last minute but if you have a guest that enjoys and wants to sail on a regular basis, just have them join the group! In certain special circumstances, if a sail is not full and there is no one on the wait list, and you'd like to bring a guest, please contact me privately.

6. After an event is concluded, don’t just pack up your stuff and leave. It is common courtesy to offer to help clean up, take out the trash, put things away as well as securing the boat after a sail, including washing down the boat, if possible. A very mportant thing for me is that you not leave any of your personal belongings behind on the boats. Any items leftover and unclaimed after 30 days will be donated to Father Joe's Village.

7. There are 3 reasons YOU MAY BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP and they are:

A. If you RSVP Yes for an event and do not show up for the event and especially if you do not call or message me in advance.

B. The new repeat cancellation rule where if anyone repeatedly cancels within 24 hours of a sail,

C. If anyone is rude, obnoxious or displays offensive behavior on a sail or event.

8. Please note that you will be asked to sign a Release of Liability waiver in order to participate in these sails.

Let's go sail,

Captain Jack

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San Diego, CA


HikeMania is a hiking group set up for friendly, drama free adults who are interested in exploring San Diego & the vicinity in the company of good humored hikers. We have a variety of weekday and weekend hikes as well as day hikes and evening hikes suitable for all levels of fitness. Our hikes range from easy 3 miles to moderate 6 miles to strenuous 20+ miles. Membership is free and open to everyone above 18. Participation of children under 18 will be at the discretion of the Event Host; if permitted by Event Host, children may participate along with a parent and with the understanding that the parent is fully responsible and will be with the child/children throughout the event.

A profile photo is mandatory to join the group. Please don't send me emails if you dissent with this policy; refer to the drama free adult part :)

A few things to note: Safety is important to us and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to read the event description and come prepared. Do not sign up for hikes that are above your level. No member will be bothered by any organizer here selling products or pushing any political agenda. Zero tolerance for rudeness, harassment and negative attitude towards organizers and fellow HikeManiacs. I did mention drama free, right :)

If you'd like to be an Event Organizer and lead hikes or post outdoor/social activities, please email me at

Becoming a member of HikeMania group will also mean that you understand and agree with below disclaimer; <br> DISCLAIMER: You are solely responsible for your safety and well being on any event posted by HikeMania group. No organizer, host or fellow member of this group is in any way liable for any injury or misfortune that could occur. The organizers and event hosts are not professional guides and are not trained in any medical or rescue procedures. You accept all risks when you rsvp "yes" and show up to participate for this event or any other event. As a member of this group, you agree to release the Organizer, all Event Hosts and fellow members of any and all liability. You agree to accept any and all risk associated with any event hosted by this group. If you decide to break away from the group you are responsible for your own safe return.We are not professional guides and all outings are at your own risk. By joining this group and attending an event, you are demonstrating that you understand you are responsible for your own safety as well as the safety of kids, pets or anyone else that accompanies you for any event hosted by HikeMania. <br>

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