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SF Young Professionals Book Club

San Francisco, CA

SF Young Professionals Book Club

This meetup is for young professionals who enjoy reading and want to build a sense of community.

Podcast of our previous book club discussions here:

Note:  Only the meetups that have been announced (via email) are confirmed, otherwise the organizer may change the book choice of that month up until she announces it on the group mailing list.

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East Bay Book Club

Berkeley, CA

East Bay Book Club

About the East Bay Book Club

The East Bay Book Club is a very dynamic group of individuals who share one thing in common: an enthusiasm for books. Each month, members read a particular book, chosen by the whole group or by the Organizer, and meet to share observations, insights, and personal thoughts about it. Meetings are devoted to various genres, both contemporary and classic.

The club's members represent a variety of backgrounds and literary tastes, bringing wonderful diversity to each book discussion. The East Bay Book Club thrives on both the celebration of literature and the camaraderie of its readers. More importantly, the club values the ideas of its members, allowing everyone a chance to suggest books and other ideas for making this club a lively group to participate in.

Since its inception in June 2007, the East Bay Book Club has inspired new and ongoing interest in reading. The club reads everything from historical fiction and literary works to thrillers and nonfiction. Thanks to its members, the club continues to be an engaging book interest group, discussion forum, and social club all rolled into one. The mission of the East Bay Book Club is simple: provide an opportunity to explore the excitement of literature, one of humankind's oldest forms of leisure, and to meet like-minded people along the way.

Reading Schedule

All book discussion meetings for a single club season from September through June (with a break in July and August) are announced before the start of the season. Please refer to the complete list of current and upcoming meetups to know the books and dates for each meeting. You are encouraged to plan in advance your readings of books that interest you, instead of waiting for email announcements of each meeting

(NOTE: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, meetings will be held virtually through Zoom once a month throughout the calendar year, with three or four meetings announced every few months. The September-through-June format will resume once it is safe to hold meetings in person.)

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Deep Learning Book Club

San Francisco, CA

Deep Learning Book Club

Deep Learning book is a the only organized publication that teaches core principles of Deep Learning. Book is available online for free at 

This group was a time set aside to go over book's materials and together work through problems. We were meeting every Monday at USF Data Institute 6:30-8:30pm

We did it! We have officially finished the book. Can you believe it?
The last 6 months have been an incredible journey,  together we were able to create a place for mutual improvement, debate, and knowledge exchange. Thank you all for attending, presenting and contributing to discussions!

If you want more of DL Book Club goodness:

All sessions were recorded and videos can be found here: There is a dedicated slack team. If you'd like to be invited please follow this link to request and invite:

What is next?
Here are some things I'm excited to see develop in the near future & over the longer-term:

1. Livestreams for 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, and 14 have awful quality. My goal is to replace them all with high res edits by end of year. 15-20 are much better, but will eventually be also replaced w high res videos.
2. I'd love to see our slack team to become more active.
3. I really dig the way Mimee summorized notes for chapter 19: and would like to create something like this for all chapters -  let me know if you wanna get involved :)

At last but not an least, I am very grateful to have met you all. And I'd like to keep in touch:

Email: alenavkruchkova at gmail dot com
Twitter: @PyGurl
LinkedIn: in/alenakruchkova


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The San Francisco "not quite a book club" Book Club

San Francisco, CA

The San Francisco "not quite a book club" Book Club

I have two goals in starting this group: 

• find great books that I would not necessarily read, perhaps about topics I would not usually be interested in, (and then of course read them)

• create an incredibly diverse group of readers, both in the people that attend and in the books that are read. 

The idea is thus: 

• First everyone picks a book they have read (there are a few stipulations, see below); this is "their" book. 

• Second, when we first meet we each pick someone else's book which becomes our current book to read.

• Third, we subsequently meet and each speak about the book we read (or are reading) to the group. 

• As each of us finishes a book we then move on to another persons book and this process continues. 

• Then after a short time we will be able to have small discussions about each book and each person will be able to contribute to a few discussions.

The aforementioned book stipulations: 

• The book should be accessible to a general audience, I know some great computer science books that I'd love to share, but they're not accessible to everyone.

• Be mindful of the book length, not everyone is a speed reader (I'm not) or wants to tackle a huge tome.

• You should truly think that the book is both well written and should be read by others (you're on your honor).

• That's it! (Be Creative!)  

(Note: If you are willing to loan a copy of your book around it's incredibly helpful and works really well within the system.) 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me; I'll add clarifications here and perhaps a F.A.Q. section if it's warranted.

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Berkeley Graphic Novel Book Club

Berkeley, CA

Berkeley Graphic Novel Book Club

To all those whose primary literature intake comes in the form of comics, this group welcomes you! Book Clubs are great, but Comic Book Clubs are so much better!

Each meeting we will be focusing on one or two graphic novels and facilitating a discussion around those volumes. After we have fully drooled over or gagged on what we’ve read, we will open the discussion up to other works done by that writer and artist that are associated with the book. For instance, if the monthly graphic novel is Bedlam Vol. 1, we could recommend (or give warning to) other works by Nick Spencer, like Morning Glories or Thief of Thieves, or we could talk about Riley Rossmo’s artwork on Proof and Cowboy Ninja Viking, etc.

Doesn’t this sound awesome?

If you don’t know much about comics or specific writers and artists, don’t let that scare you. This is a great place to start and a good place to expand your comic to-read list! If you are a wizard in the ways of the classic geek, someone who has standing plans every Wednesday, someone with a ton of issues (haha get it?)… then come share your knowledge! My goal is to get a group of people together who just want to revel in how awesome the comic world is and how many great works it has brought us! I want this to be a safe group where people are not subjected to criticism, or even worse, spoilers!

This group will read a little less of the traditional super hero genre and a little more of the everything-else genre, whether it be creatively odd and out there like Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire or more realistic and culturally educational like The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. We will read some popular, and some unpopular, some dark, and some cheery, so there will be something for everyone hopefully!

All I ask is that you come with an open mind and possibly some of the related or recommended graphic novels so that people can see other suggestions by the monthly object writers and artists.

I am very responsive via email, so hit me up if you have any questions or need more info on this wicked rad group!

Hope to see you soon!


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