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True Colors Queer Women's Meetup Monterey Bay

Monterey, CA

True Colors Queer Women's Meetup Monterey Bay

Welcome! This group is for all queer women. If you self-identify as a queer woman, this group is for you :) 🏳️‍🌈 

As the Admin and Organizer of this group, one of my primary objectives is to create well-defined boundaries so that the members of this community feel safe. With this in mind, you are welcome to become a member of True Colors if you are a lesbian, bi female, or an MTF trans lesbian. 

Established mid-October of 2020, this social club offers adult (18+ years of age) women, of all colors, single & partnered, an opportunity to create new and meaningful friendships and participate in common interest activities in the Monterey Bay Area.

Activities, adventures, and events will include but are not limited to hiking, biking, walking, running, kayaking, ropes courses, ziplining, backpacking, camping, frisbee in the park, book clubs, photography, coffee and tea, breaking bread, pub nights, farmer's market meetups, dancing, escape rooms, board and dice games, cards, tours, concerts, movies, parties, BBQs, trips, travel, whitewater rafting/tubing, skiing/snowboarding. The sky is the limit!

On average we offer about five meetups each month, usually one meetup per weekend, and then an occasional meetup on a weeknight. Often our weekend meetups are short local hikes or coffee & pastry get-togethers although occasionally we turn it up a notch and run a bigger, less local meetup such as whale watching, kayaking, or an e-bike ride. Our weeknight events have been brewery meetups so far, while we do have a full moon hike coming up in July and we'll add monthly Twilight Cycling at Laguna Seca when they get up and running again. 

We primarily hold our meetups in the greater Monterey Bay (Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Marina, Seaside, Salinas, Santa Cruz). We've talked about putting together trips to Guerneville and the Mendocino area this coming summer or fall. 

Everyone will be given a warm welcome. An ethos/culture of mutual respect, courtesy, warmth, dignity, 'positivity', and inclusivity for all members is expected. We endeavor to create an environment where members can feel confident, comfortable, and happy being their true selves. Our group vibe is warm, friendly, welcoming, inclusive, casual, and social. 

Feel free to suggest any ideas you have for events; your ideas are always welcome ;) After coming to a few events, you will likely also have the opportunity to become an Event Organizer and host events, if you wish. 

This Club is non-commercial/non-profit. Membership is free.

Please add a profile photo before applying to join our group. 

Note: Unless otherwise stated, True Color events are for queer adult women only. Just to be super clear, no pets, kids, or allies are invited to attend unless specified for a one-off event. If specified, the event will clearly state "+ dogs" or "allies welcome" in the event title or near the top of the post. 

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LOOK 30 Women - Age 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s+

Carmel, CA

LOOK 30 Women - Age 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s+

LOOK 30 Diet - Delicious Colorful Plant Based Food. LOOK 30 is not about vanity or wishful thinking. It's what the body can do after a change in diet, proven by Success Stories. Women - ALL ages - (18+) are welcome to join us who want to - make and maintain - the change in diet that can help the body: 

* WEIGHT - restore itself - to its ideal weight

* SKIN - grow - NEW clear smooth skin - (no more acne or wrinkles)

* HAIR - grow - NEW hair in its natural color - (no more gray hair)

* LOOK - naturally - LOOK 30 - whatever the age - 40s, 50s, 60s+...

Success Stories


* Age 45 - Esther - "I LOOK younger than when I was in my 30s"

* Age 55 - Brenda - "People usually guess I'm in my 30s"

* Age 57 - Maggie - "she – looks 20 years younger (like age 30s)”

* Age 70 - Chef Babette - She is a Vegan Raw Food Chef. She made the change in diet in her 40s, that has helped her body - maintain itself - naturally looking young like age 30s through her 40s, 50s, 60s and now at age 70. Her website: - About -


* Age 35 - Lynne - Lost 30 Pounds - 3 Months

* Age 37 - Christine - Lost 100 Pounds

* Age 57 - Maggie - "lost 32 pounds in 2 1/2 months"

* Age 59 - Marianne - "within a few weeks - weight was melting off"

* Age 60 - Judeen - "lost 105 pounds"


* Age 31 - Shazzie - "facial lines disappeared"

* Age 35 - Lynne - "acne is gone"

* Age 47 - Sheila - "skin is tighter - and firmer than before"

* Age 59 - Marianne - "her wrinkles disappeared"

* Age 71 - Loretta - "the lines in my face are smoothing out...this (diet) is the - fountain of youth".


* Age 57 - Maggie - "her gray hair is turning dark again"

* Age 60 - Judeen - "my hair is turning back to its natural color - as the gray disappears"

* Age 67 - Elizabeth - "my white hair of - twenty years - is - suddenly - growing dark - again."

Books - Success Stories

The above Success Stories are from the diet book - *Living on (Plant Based) Live Food* - by Alissa Cohen. See book -

Age 67 - Elizabeth's Hair Story - is from the book - "Green for Life" - by Victoria Boutenko -

LOOK 30 Diet

Plant Based Food - (Raw and Cooked) - Fruit, Vegetables, Greens, Sprouts, Seeds, Nuts

Delicious Recipes - Oil-Free, Plant Based, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Grain/Starch Free

(No Oils, Animal Based Food, Grain or Legume/Bean Based Food)

FREE Delicious Meal Ideas & Recipes


* Lissa's Raw Food Recipes -

* Plant Based Raw Food -

* Plant Based Raw Food Potlucks -

* Plant Based Raw and Cooked Food -

Dr. Herbert Shelton, N.D., Author - "Superior Nutrition" - Plant Based Food

"In fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts are - ALL - the vitamins, minerals, proteins and other substances the human body needs to - BRING - it to a state of - PHYSICAL PERFECTION - and to - MAINTAIN - it that state - INDEFINITELY" - Naturally - LOOK 30 - Age 40s, 50s, 60s+... 

Women have proved it is the - foods - of the Standard American Diet (SAD) - animal foods, oils, grain/starch foods that have - caused - the body to look like what has been called - "old" - weight gain - wrinkles - gray hair. When they - changed to the - LOOK 30 Diet - plant based food - their body then - restored itself - to - naturally - LOOK 30 - whatever their age - 40s, 50s, 60s+...

Why 30? - See this - Information Meetup - with that answer -

Please message me if you have any questions.

Kay Star - Meetup Organizer

LOOK 30 Women - Age 40s, 50s, 60s,70s+.

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Monterey Spiritual Experiences Group

Monterey, CA

Monterey Spiritual Experiences Group

<b>Welcome Spiritual Adventurers! </b><br> 

NOTE: At this time the Monterey Spiritual Experiences Group is temporarily suspending physical gatherings to honor everyone's health and safety, at least until the end of May 2020. You are warmly invited to visit our video conferences and/or audio conferences on the "Events" tab to continue your spiritual exploration journey. We look forward to seeing you soon.  Please join us for uplifting virtual spiritual discussions that are open to all truth seekers, regardless of faith. These heart-opening discussions provide an opportunity to share our spiritual experiences and gain a greater understanding of them.

<b>Have you had a spiritual experience?</b><br> 
Spiritual experiences can include: <br> <br>* Prophetic dreams <br>* Deja vu <br>* Remembering a past life <br>* Out-of-body experience <br>* Flying in a dream <br>* Knowing the truth instantly <br>* Guiding intuitions <br> <br>We meet to share and discuss spiritual experiences and topics in an open, friendly and respectful environment. Talking with others can help us understand what our experiences mean. We also discuss spiritual techniques and resources for gaining greater experience and insights.

<b>Through regular use of spiritual exercises everyone can:</b>

* Expand their awareness and enjoyment of life.
* Gain a personal understanding of the role of Karma and Reincarnation.
* Become active and Creative Dreamers.
* Experience Soul Travel, a form of expanded awareness and inner knowingness; which can also be an out-of-body experience.
* Awaken in consciousness and open their hearts to a deeper connection to God's love.

<b>Looking for more answers? You are welcome to contact us:</b>
<br>ECKANKAR Center of Monterey<br>P.O. Box EK<br>Pacific Grove, CA 93950<br>Phone: (831) 373-1153Eckankar in California<br>Website:<br>Meetup Online Mailbox:

<b>Other sites you may wish to explore: </b>
<br>Main Eckankar Site: for a free book, a quote of the day, and a spiritual exercise of the week, along with a wealth of other uplifting content -- <br>Eckankar Blog --<br>Animals are Soul Blog --<br>Download free HU App -- 

The opinions expressed in this site are those of the writers and not necessarily those of ECKANKAR or the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp.

<br> <br>Copyright ©2020 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved. The terms ECKANKAR, ECK, EK, MAHANTA, SOUL TRAVEL, and VAIRAGI, among others, are trademarks of ECKANKAR, P.O. Box 2000, Chanhassen, MN 55317-2000 U.S.A.

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LOOK 30 Diet - Age 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s+

Carmel, CA

LOOK 30 Diet - Age 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s+

Success Stories! - What the body can do, after the change in diet. Men and women have proved what has been called looking "old": gray hair, wrinkles, weight gain, is - not caused - by time/age. They made the change to a colorful plant based diet that helps the body - restore itself - to its ideal weight, eliminate wrinkled old skin - grow NEW smooth skin, replace gray hair with NEW hair growing in its natural color - naturally - LOOK 30 - again - whatever the age: 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s+. The group photo - represents - LOOK 30 Diet - Success Stories (see below).

The - LOOK 30 Diet - is delicious colorful plant based food. See FREE Recipes below. Recipe ingredients are raw: fruit, vegetables, greens, sprouts, seeds, nuts. No animal based foods, oils or grain and legume based foods.

Dr. Herbert Shelton, N.D., Author - "Superior Nutrition" - Colorful Plant Based Food - "In fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts are - ALL - the vitamins, minerals, proteins and other substances the human body needs to - BRING - it to a state of - PHYSICAL PERFECTION - and to - MAINTAIN - it that state - INDEFINITELY" - Naturally - LOOK 30 - whatever the age - 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s+.

Our Meetups make the change in diet - delicious - and exercise, FUN! - The location for our Meetups is in the Carmel, California and nearby areas, the reason for our Meetup website name -

Food Meetups: Delicious Food Tastings including Desserts, Salad Buffet Lunches, Cuisine Themed Dinners, Potlucks, Picnics.

FUN Activities Meetups: Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, Line Dancing, Skiing (Winter Ski Trip), etc.

Conversation at Meetups could be about favorite diet meal ideas, recipes, Success Stories.

Success Stories - What the Body Did - After the Change in Diet


* Age 40 - Lissa - She made the change in diet in her 30s because she had severe acne, and was overweight with cellulite on her legs. After the change in diet, her body grew new clear skin (no more acne, no more scars) and restored itself to her ideal weight, no more cellulite. See her before and after photos, also meal ideas and recipes, at her Youtube channel - Lissa's (Vegan) Raw Food Romance -

* Age 45 - Esther - "I look younger than when I was in my 30s"

* Age 55 - Brenda - "People usually guess I'm in my 30s"

* Age 57 - Maggie - "She looks 20 years younger (like age 30s)”

* Age 60s to 70 - Vegan Chef Babette - Her website: also - See more photos of her in this article: - She made the change in diet in her 40s that helped her body - restore itself - to naturally looking again like age 30s, then maintained itself looking like that throughout her 40s, 50s, 60s and now at age 70!


* Age 35 - Lynne - Lost 30 Pounds - 3 Months

* Age 37 - Christine - Lost 100 Pounds

* Age 57 - Maggie - "lost 32 pounds in 2 1/2 months"

* Age 59 - Marianne - "within a few weeks - weight was melting off"

* Age 60 - Judeen - "lost 105 pounds"


* Age 31 - Shazzie - "facial lines disappeared"

* Age 35 - Lynne - "acne is gone"

* Age 40 - Lissa - No more acne or scars.

* Age 47 - Sheila - "skin is tighter - and firmer than before"

* Age 59 - Marianne - "her wrinkles disappeared"

* Age 71 - Loretta - "the lines in my face are smoothing out"

* Age 80 - Ben - "my wrinkles are almost gone"


* Age 57 - Maggie - "her gray hair is turning dark again"

* Age 60 - Judeen - "my hair is turning back to its natural color - as the gray disappears"

* Age 67 - Elizabeth - "my white hair of 20 years is - growing dark - again." - Her story is from the book - "Green for Life" - by Victoria Boutenko:


* Age 75 - Men Grow NEW Teeth - Dr John Richter, N.D.: "In my practice, I have noted some splendid instances of broken teeth growing back to their full length without any other aid than natural food (raw colorful plant based food). I know of men as old as 75 years who have grown another set of teeth." - Quote from the book "Nature the Healter" by Dr John Richter:


* Age 80 - Nathan Geller, British Colombia. Nathan was in his late 70s when he made a change in diet to eating only raw colorful plant based food. His friend Giselle gave this description of him at age 80: "...few lines in his face...with a full head of dark hair – he also claimed that the raw food (raw colorful plant based food) returned his – EYESIGHT to 20/20 – and he no longer needed glasses.” Nathan's story was posted, at that time, on the website: Raw Food Chef -

Books - Success Stories - Some of the Success Stories are from the raw plant based diet book - *Living on Live Food* - by Alissa Cohen. See book -

FREE Weekly Meal Planner - - Use the planner to make your favorites menu: 7 favorites each for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. Then, from your favorites menu - you can make a Daily Meal Plan - for each day of the week. See the links for FREE recipes from which you can choose your favorites.

FREE Delicious Recipes - Ingredients: Fruit, Vegetables, Greens, Sprouts, Seeds, Nuts. No animal based foods, oils, grains or legume based foods.

Raw vs Cooked Vegetables: The Healthiest Way to Eat Your Veggies -

FREE Recipes for Raw and Cooked Food:

* Juicing - The Joe Cross FREE 3 & 10 Day Juice Plan -

* FullyRaw Kristina - FREE Juice Recipes -

* FullyRaw Kristina - FREE Meal Ideas & Recipes -

* Raw Food Recipes -

* Lissa's Raw Food Recipes - (

* 30 Day Diary - Meal Ideas - Recipes -

* Oil Free Rainbow Roasted Vegetables -

Questions & Answers:

1. Question: How can the - change in diet - help the body - restore itself - LOOK 30 - again? - Answer: See this Meetup information posting - *Ist Documented Before & After Pictures - Diet Success Story* -

2. Question: Why 30? - Why does the body - restore itself - to - LOOK 30 - again? - Answer: See the DNA biological answer at this Meetup information posting: *Why 30? - Your DNA LOOK 30 - Body Blueprint - DNA Snapshot*:

3. Question: How can the body - maintain itself - LOOK 30 - at age 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s+... Answer: See the answer at this Meetup information posting: *Body Regeneration Schedule - Growing NEW Body Parts* -

Our change in diet also helps:

__ Save Animals - Our diet is plant based, vegan, no animal based foods.

__ Save Our Planet - Warning - U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: - "Deforestation - contributes to global warming, and reversing it will be necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change. (How?) ...significantly increase the amount of land that's covered in trees and other vegetation..."

What can men and women - ALL ages - do?

Eat food from trees (fruit, nuts) and vegetables that can be grown together, for example - Alley Cropping:

Please Meetup message me if you have any other questions and I will be happy to answer them.

Kay Star - Meetup Organizer - Join Us! - "We make the change in diet - delicious - and exercise, FUN!"

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

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OCAG (Orange County Anime Group)

Anaheim, CA

OCAG (Orange County Anime Group)

Please read our rules of conduct: viewable here

What exactly is the Orange County Anime Group (or OCAG for short)?

OCAG is a group dedicated to giving the Otaku of OC and surrounding areas (we have members from LA and Riverside counties too that come out to meetups now and then) a place to interact and have fun with other otaku in a safe and casual atmosphere. We usually gather at least once a month (though usually more often) in places in and around Orange County.

What do you do in OCAG? What are meet ups like?
Our main meet up consists of watching the latest and greatest anime and some gems from the past. We also have various forms of social gatherings that help promote our members to go out and do fun activities with like minded and supportive people.
Currently we are in the process of figuring out a more concrete viewing schedule for monthly meet ups. Due to not having an AV system, we do anime viewings when we have the space and equipment available. But, don't fret, we insure our members don't get bored by having other meet ups such as movies, beach/park outings, dinners, and of course the various anime conventions that happen through out the year. So, no matter what you will always find a gathering where you can meet and have fun with other otaku!

Are there any requirements for joining the group?
We do require you to be at least 18 years old in order to join. Some of the anime and anime topics may contain images and situations of a mature nature. Also, we sometimes extend certain meetups to the wee hours of the morning. Other than that, a general appreciation of anime, manga, cosplay, generally all things related to Japanese culture would be great!

Do I have to attend every meetup?
While we do enjoy seeing our fellow OCAGers on a regular basis we do know that everyone has their own personal schedules. Please be aware though that if you hit the 9 month mark without visiting the meet up page or attending a meetup, you will be removed from the group. We want you to come hang out with us, this is a social group so we hope you will attend a meet up whenever you get a chance.

Does it cost anything to join? Are donations mandatory?
Joining the group is FREE, there is no obligation to pay fees or dues, etc. The suggested donations you see are purely voluntary and greatly appreciated. All current donations will go towards various OCAG projects and to getting an AV system for the club so we can have more regular anime viewings.

Is there anything else I need to know before joining OCAG?
We, the organizers believe that these social outings are a great way for new members to get in on the fun of being a part of this group and also a great way to meet other members, all without the possible awkwardness of going to a complete stranger's house for the first time and not knowing who anyone is. This gives us an open mind to all of our members religions, lifestyles and general demeanor. We ask that anybody wanting to join please have a similar opened mindedness so all our meet ups are fun and not bogged down on sensitive topics.

While anime may be the main focus; members also have many other varying interests as well outside of anime, so chances are, there is always something to talk about besides anime. We also do many meet ups that fall outside anime but are still fun to do, so you may discover a new hobby to participate or get reacquainted with an old favorite! We also have anime related projects through out the year that you may enjoy participating in. Be on the lookout for these projects as the year progresses.

Cosplay is encouraged at certain meet ups, but not at all required! So, if you want to show off your favorite costumes, you are more than welcome to. If that's something you only do for cons, simply come as you are; we don't judge here!

If you plan to go to cons, there is a good chance you won't be the only OCAG member there. Anime Expo (AX) and Comic Con are particularly important times of the year for us, so of course you can expect to find at least a few of us hanging out at each of these conventions as well as the many smaller conventions held throughout the year.

If you have problems with another member and you can't settle the issue, feel free to contact one of the organizers; we want everyone to enjoy this group free of conflict and we're more than happy to help out!

If you have a suggestion for an anime title that you'd like to see at our anime meet ups, post it on the message boards; chances are, one of the organizers (and certainly other members) will see your suggestion and go from there...communication is a key to helping this group continue to grow and it allows members to express themselves!

The same goes for any suggestions you may have regarding non-anime related social gatherings we can do as a group. Who knows, maybe the next meet up could be yours!

We also have a Facebook page you can use to keep up to date with us outside of this site as well as away to interact with fellow members and maybe even make new friends. For more information as well as a better look at this group (other than this About Us page), check us out at In addition to FB, we also have a Twitter account which at the moment is basically the same as our FB page, but for cons like Fanime and AX (especially AX) and our more major events like our cosplay picnics, beach meetups, etc. it'll be updated more independent of the FB page. So give us a follow if you tweet as well; we're at

That's OCAG in a nutshell, if you have any further questions regarding this group, please feel free to contact one of the organizers; we look forward to seeing you at one of our meetups real soon!

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Los Angeles Browncoat Shindig

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Browncoat Shindig

Scoobies, Browncoats, Whovians, Sherlockians, Ringers, Potterheads, Trekkies, Scapers, Smegheads, Gamers and All Fandoms - Discussion of All Things Whedon, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Star Trek, Tolkien, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Farscape; books, film, television, webseries, fanfic, conventions, cosplay, SCA, gaming, computer skills and toys, plus we do that "general conversation"-thing that Muggles do, too!

We are a merger of multiple Meetups: Firefly, General SciFi & Fantasy, Buffy, Angel & Farscape groups in the Greater Los Angeles area into this single, monthly Meetup. So if you see only a few RSVPs, know that we will have many more people all together.

IMPORTANT INFO: Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are working on building Virtual Meetups. Read the date and description of each Upcoming Event to know when and how the Meetup will be happening. Ideas and help for these virtual Meetups will be gladly welcomed.

WHEN WE CAN MEET AGAIN IN REAL LIFE we will go back to our regular monthly meetings plus events planned by the members. We do many activities as off-shoots of this Single Enormous Meetup! There's many a movie-day that are attended by portions of our group! Not to mention various craft days, geek outings, etc. See who you bond with! See what further activities await you!!!

We've been active since early 2003 with a good turnout of members at each event.

Who should come? Everyone

Are newcomers welcome? Always

Why should people come? To be with people who don't look at you with blank face when you talk geek.

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