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Suggested Career & Business Groups near California

Girlfriends Infinity Circle

San Francisco, CA

Girlfriends Infinity Circle

If you are a follower of Shasta Nelson's work, if you have read any of her books or if you have taken any of her workshops please join this women's friendship group. You do not have to live in the San Francisco Bay Area or in California to be a member. We will have monthly zoom video meetings, monthly in-person events and semi-annual vacations together. Thank you to Shasta for teaching us the importance of positivity, consistency and vulnerability as well as inspiring us to stand in solidarity after the GFC website comes to a close. In honor of Shasta, Jenn is donating her money and time to host this meetup group. In order to become a member please have a clear face photo on your profile and please use your real first name. Please always have your video on when entering zoom meetings. As you know, one of the three pillars of every good relationship is consistency so we ask that you attend at least one online or in-person event every quarter. In order to stay tagged as an active member of this meetup group please click on the meetup webpages often. We will cancel memberships of any members who have been inactive for 6 months. If I am hosting an event there will be numerous ways to reach me including my phone/text phone number. In support of every future host of an event for this group I want to acknowledge that it takes a lot of work, emotional energy, time and sometimes money, so I hope that all members of this community understand why the below rule has to be put into place. 1\. A member rsvps to an in\-person event and no shows one time\. 2\. A member rsvps to an online event and no shows two times\. If your membership is canceled please re-join if you are still interested in being a member.

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District 4 Toastmasters Public Speaking & Leadership Meetup

San Francisco, CA

District 4 Toastmasters Public Speaking & Leadership Meetup

Looking to develop speaking and leadership skills? Win that job interview? Ignite your career?

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our membership is 270,000 strong. These members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 13,000 clubs that make up our global network of meeting locations.

Membership in Toastmasters is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself. At $55 every six months, it is also one of the most cost-effective skill-building tools available anywhere. Individual clubs may require extra nominal payments for club dues.

District 4 Toastmasters comprises about 230 clubs from San Francisco to Monterey! Each Toastmasters club provides a safe and supportive environment to practice communication and leadership skills. We will post significant Toastmasters events in this Meetup where you can drop in and meet other Toastmasters and see how they have benefited from being Toastmasters. Speech contests, District conferences and Club Open Houses are opportunities to experience Toastmasters.

How Does It Work?

A Toastmasters meeting is a learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere.

There is no instructor in a Toastmasters meeting. Instead, members evaluate one another’s presentations. This feedback process is a key part of the program’s success.

Meeting participants also give impromptu talks on assigned topics, conduct meetings and develop skills related to timekeeping, grammar and parliamentary procedure.

Members learn communication skills by working in the Competent Communication manual, a series of 10 self-paced speaking assignments designed to instill a basic foundation in public speaking.

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Silicon Valley Startup: Idea to IPO

Palo Alto, CA

Silicon Valley Startup:   Idea to IPO


Entrepreneurship permeates the culture of Silicon Valley - the innovation capital of the world.

The advent of the Digital Age has democratized innovation and entrepreneurship.

Never before has it been more possible for anyone from anywhere, with a great idea and a burning desire to succeed, to make it big, and in the process, change the world in a relatively short period of time.

HP, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Google, Facebook and many, many, many other iconic companies all started with just an idea.

Taking a startup from idea to IPO has taken on mythical proportions in Silicon Valley and beyond. Many dream the dream, with hopes of launching the "next big thing".

We are a community of entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, venture capitalists, angel investors, educators, financial professionals, corporate executives, attorneys, academics, bloggers, writers, content creators, and social activists.

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge, guidance, tools, and connections they need to succeed. Our goal is to build a strong, vibrant, collaborative entrepreneurial community with deep, lasting business and social relationships throughout Silicon Valley and beyond.

One of the compelling features of our organization is our packed, busy calendar of informative programs and practical activities designed to help our entrepreneurial members achieve their objectives and realize their aspirations. Taking advantage of this vast array of relevant content will make you a better entrepreneur.

We believe in working together. We share resources, exchange ideas, and actively engage with each other -- on a personal level as well as on a business level. We participate in on-line as well as off-line events.

Our events feature expert speakers, networking opportunities, collaboration, community, and fellowship.

Many events on our calendar are in held in collaboration with other like-minded Silicon Valley organizations and institutions.

Our popular business and social networking mixers are festive occasions that allow you to meet new people from many different groups. We hold many social events to help members connect on a personal level and make friends.

Our network is expansive and global. We have members throughout the U.S. and around the world. We welcome international entrepreneurs from everywhere in the world to become part of our global community.

We are inclusive, not exclusive. : - )

We believe entrepreneurial educational opportunities should be accessible to anyone with a dream and ambition.

We support:

We are inspired by:

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American Association of Individual Investors: Silicon Valley

Cupertino, CA

American Association of Individual Investors: Silicon Valley

We are the Silicon Valley Chapter for the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) and our mission is to educate and empower individual investors in their quest for achieving financial independence. To that end, we strive to bring compelling and accomplished speakers to present timely, relevant and actionable information on personal financial planning, wealth building, and investing.

Want to easily get started? Join this Meetup group and you will be notified of future meetings and events. Beginners and advanced investors are welcomed!

* See our website at

The AAII Silicon Valley Chapter holds several monthly events:

* Main Events features renowned speakers on a variety of topics! A nominal fee of $10 to attend covers the overhead of speaker costs, facility rental and event expenses.

* Free to attend: Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetups meet monthly on four topics: 1. Financial Planning SIG; 2. Investment Discussion SIG; 3. Computerized Investing SIG; and 4. FinTech SIG.

We are not here to sell anything - only to create an open and friendly environment for like-minded people to learn, share and explore investing. We are an all-volunteer organization and are always seeking additional members who can help with various planning and administrative issues. 

We protect your privacy and work to prevent any spam from being posted to our website or to your email account.

Please join us! 


Feel free to contact us at with any questions, comments or feedback. This is YOUR organization! 

You can visit us at our Silicon Valley Chapter website.   and at our Facebook page.

The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) is a nonprofit corporation founded in 1978 for the purpose of assisting individuals in becoming effective managers of their own assets through programs of education, information and research.  National membership is $29 per year, but you do NOT need to be a member to attend our local Silicon Valley Chapter meetings and events.  

Now for the legal stuff.... (sorry, it's required)

The AAII Silicon Valley Chapter and its directors offer their social media and website pages for educational purposes only. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of AAII or the AAII Silicon Valley Chapter, whose only intent is to provide a background for understanding investment, personal finance and wealth management theory and practice. Nothing on these sites should be considered solicitations or offers to buy or sell any financial instrument or specific trading advice for individuals. The appearance of information or links to other sites does not constitute endorsement by AAII, the AAII Silicon Valley Chapter or their directors. Investing and trading carry risk and may not be suitable for everyone; we recommend augmenting the information here with advice from a financial professional. Any investment information is provided without consideration of your financial sophistication, financial situation, investing time horizon, or risk tolerance. The AAII Silicon Valley Chapter and its directors make no representations of accuracy and assume no responsibility

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Spiritual Women Leaders Network

Berkeley, CA

Spiritual Women Leaders Network

Are you a brilliant woman leader or healer looking for nourishing community and events?

Join us for our monthly FEM Talks = workshops and networking for spirit-driven women entrepreneurs living NOW as the leaders and healers of tomorrow.

Prepare to inspire, and be inspired! — Join us to boost your vision and create new connections and alliances with heart-centered women like you


We Believe …

It’s all about the ripple effect: creating waves of practical change by connecting local women leaders to link up to unleash our gifts ... so we catalyze all women around us to live powerful, healthy, prosperous lives.



You are welcome.

Our community is a vibrant tapestry of inclusive, socially conscious women / womxn.

We honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. Inclusion across race, age, identity, and experience moves us forward. It is through our diversity that we learn and grow.

We pledge ourselves to co-creating an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.


We Gather Each Month To ...

* Link Arms —  to Form alliances and collaborations, unleashing the power of our collective Wisdom.

* Elevate Together — to consciously treat one another with reverence — Inspiring and be inspired by one another.

* Fortify and Nourish — to reveal our own gifts again and again. We celebrate each woman here for her Achievements, Power and Success. 


Here’s to Women Elevating their Businesses and Their Lives through Sisterhood, Wisdom Sharing, and Supportive Community.


Jessica Hadari - Founder, FEM Talks

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SF Free School

San Francisco, CA

SF Free School

Throughout the week the SF Free School offers free classes to anyone and everyone who wants to learn, have fun and meet new people. Classes we've offered have been in music and dance, martial arts and yoga, meditation and philosophy, dating and relationships, acting and improvisation, networking and social media, foreign languages, computer use, job hunting, startups - and many other topics as well.

The SF Free School is focused on sharing activities and teaching skills which are fun, healthy and useful. We are currently only listing classes that are located in the SF area. Our events are often styled as potlucks, classes, workshops and public talks. We go on field trips, so we can explore new areas and discover new things, and we like to gather in parks and public areas. Indoors we gather in community centers and community meeting rooms, or we might be found in cafes, private homes and in public classrooms.

All classes and events at our locations are free of charge and open to all. We do not ask for cash for any of our classes and events and everyone is always welcome to attend our classes and events free of charge. Though our instructors and event hosts can accept donations which are freely offered for the classes and events they hold with us they may never ask for cash or donations from anyone who attends the classes and events they make available through the SF Free School.

We only have one rule at the Free School: Be Excellent to Each Other – and that is the only payment we ever require.

So come and enjoy yourself, start training your body and your mind, meet new people - or teach and share what you know. You are always welcome.

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