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Suggested Career & Business Groups near California

Silicon Valley Startup: Idea to IPO

Palo Alto, CA

Silicon Valley Startup:   Idea to IPO


Entrepreneurship permeates the culture of Silicon Valley - the innovation capital of the world.

The advent of the Digital Age has democratized innovation and entrepreneurship.

Never before has it been more possible for anyone from anywhere, with a great idea and a burning desire to succeed, to make it big, and in the process, change the world in a relatively short period of time.

HP, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Google, Facebook and many, many, many other iconic companies all started with just an idea.

Taking a startup from idea to IPO has taken on mythical proportions in Silicon Valley and beyond. Many dream the dream, with hopes of launching the "next big thing".

We are a community of entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, venture capitalists, angel investors, educators, financial professionals, corporate executives, attorneys, academics, bloggers, writers, content creators, and social activists.

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge, guidance, tools, and connections they need to succeed. Our goal is to build a strong, vibrant, collaborative entrepreneurial community with deep, lasting business and social relationships throughout Silicon Valley and beyond.

One of the compelling features of our organization is our packed, busy calendar of informative programs and practical activities designed to help our entrepreneurial members achieve their objectives and realize their aspirations. Taking advantage of this vast array of relevant content will make you a better entrepreneur.

We believe in working together. We share resources, exchange ideas, and actively engage with each other -- on a personal level as well as on a business level. We participate in on-line as well as off-line events.

Our events feature expert speakers, networking opportunities, collaboration, community, and fellowship.

Many events on our calendar are in held in collaboration with other like-minded Silicon Valley organizations and institutions.

Our popular business and social networking mixers are festive occasions that allow you to meet new people from many different groups. We hold many social events to help members connect on a personal level and make friends.

Our network is expansive and global. We have members throughout the U.S. and around the world. We welcome international entrepreneurs from everywhere in the world to become part of our global community.

We are inclusive, not exclusive. : - )

We believe entrepreneurial educational opportunities should be accessible to anyone with a dream and ambition.

We support:

We are inspired by:

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SF Free School

San Francisco, CA

SF Free School

Throughout the week the SF Free School offers free classes to anyone and everyone who wants to learn, have fun and meet new people. Classes we've offered have been in music and dance, martial arts and yoga, meditation and philosophy, dating and relationships, acting and improvisation, networking and social media, foreign languages, computer use, job hunting, startups - and many other topics as well.

The SF Free School is focused on sharing activities and teaching skills which are fun, healthy and useful. We are currently only listing classes that are located in the SF area. Our events are often styled as potlucks, classes, workshops and public talks. We go on field trips, so we can explore new areas and discover new things, and we like to gather in parks and public areas. Indoors we gather in community centers and community meeting rooms, or we might be found in cafes, private homes and in public classrooms.

All classes and events at our locations are free of charge and open to all. We do not ask for cash for any of our classes and events and everyone is always welcome to attend our classes and events free of charge. Though our instructors and event hosts can accept donations which are freely offered for the classes and events they hold with us they may never ask for cash or donations from anyone who attends the classes and events they make available through the SF Free School.

We only have one rule at the Free School: Be Excellent to Each Other – and that is the only payment we ever require.

So come and enjoy yourself, start training your body and your mind, meet new people - or teach and share what you know. You are always welcome.

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Finance Meets Real Estate - Sacramento

Sacramento, CA

Finance Meets Real Estate - Sacramento

This is Finance Meets Real Estate, Sacramento chapter.

To get the most out of our group, please Sign Up here:

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Who we are:

Asset Managers, Private Equity Investors, Venture Capitalists, Financial Advisors seeking opportunities outside their current investment domain

Real Estate
Investors, Developers, Syndicators, Flippers seeking funding or active partnerships

What we do:
Networking Social
Deals Workshop
Guest Series charity event

What we offer:
Current Deals Booklet
Investor Profiles Booklet

Finance Meets Real Estate is a meetup linking finance professionals with real estate investors to partner on active and passive real estate investment opportunities.

Our goal is to:

- Organize networking socials to establish friendships, partnerships and provide quality investment opportunities to our members.

- Organize deals workshops to discuss prospective opportunities with viable partners and grow our joint investor capacity to source deals.

- Organize educational guest series to build knowledge among our members and fund social causes for underprivileged children through our charity partners.

- Maintain a proprietary booklet of current high quality off-market or MLS deals accepting funding, as well as investor profiles of deal sponsors or limited partners to potentially partner with.

Disclaimer: By joining this group, you agree to be contacted with investment prospects, research or educational information on the topic of real estate.

Organizer Info:

I am a financial engineer/real estate investor. Please add me on LinkedIn or BiggerPockets to learn more about what I do:

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San Jose Real Estate Networking Club (SJRENC)

Mountain View, CA

San Jose Real Estate Networking Club (SJRENC)

The San Jose – Real Estate Networking Club (SJRENC)– is a trade association and networking club where local Bay Area investors go to network, partner, sell and buy deals, and learn the latest trends and strategies for investing in real estate.

Our focus is on San Francisco Bay Area area real estate investing. After all, Real Estate markets are local and you need a network of local resources to invest safely and profitably.

The San Jose Real Estate Networking Club pledges to bring you speakers and discussion topics that are relevant to building the investment knowledge you need to be successful in San Jose and the greater Bay Area. We believe in education and getting our membership the most accurate and up-to-date information about what’s going on in California as well as what’s working in TODAY’S real estate market.

Our presenters are highly vetted so you only see the best people speaking directly about topics that affect your business. We are not a multi-level marketing group, never have been, never will be. We have a stringent focus on networking, education, investment strategies, deal pitching, and knowledge sharing, not on selling products or services. These are just a few things that differentiate us and make our group a stand-out for both accomplished and brand new real estate investors.

To understand the language of real estate, it helps to network with others who are fluent in Real Estate Investing. The San Jose Real Estate Networking Club members are a diverse group of aspiring and accomplished real estate investors of varying levels. We hope you’ll join us at our next meeting!!

Joining SJRENC is fast and easy. Just enter your information in the opt-in form on the right of this page.

For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at any time:

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