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Fashion groups near California

SWING CARMEL/MONTEREY-Savvy Women In Need of Golf

Monterey, CA

SWING (Savvy Women in Need of Golf) is a traveling ladies golf league that firmly believes in fashionably growing the game one happy hour at a time and that golf doesn’t have to be serious to be seriously addicting.

MISSION: Our mission is to grow the female presence in the game of golf. Our events create a welcoming atmosphere for women of all ages to learn the game and find a home on the course where other ladies leagues have not been a fit.  We focus on building relationships while enjoying the game in a non-competitive, relaxed atmosphere. The relationships formed on the golf course and the skills learned allow women to feel comfortable playing socially and for networking and business.


1) Be open to playing with other SWING members. Introduce yourself to new faces at events and make everyone feel welcome.

2) Be supportive of participants if they are not your level. Feel free to provide advice, if prompted. You can learn so much from your golf partners.

3) Do not be overly competitive. This league is about fun and not about your score or winning. There are plenty of competitive leagues if you want that atmosphere.

4) Exercise SWING etiquette when playing. While we like to have fun at all times, do not walk in someone’s line while putting or talk during someone’s tee-off.

5) Abide by the rules of pace of play, no more than 10-15 minutes per hole.

6) SWING reserves the right to remove participants from events and future participation if they do not follow SWING rules of conduct.


There will be one 9 hole tournament per month and one non-hosted clinic for ladies to attend. You can always utilize our message board if you are looking for a foursome during non-event times.

All of our events have some theme so please do you best and show your SWING spirit and DRESS UP. This creates a feeling of camaraderie on the course and makes us easily identifiable :).

Participants and guests for 9 hole tournaments will pay per event in ADVANCE effective 1/1/16. You can RSVP on, but you will NOT have reserved your spot until you have purchased a ticket on the Eventbrite/Paypal link that will be included on the event announcement. 

Clinics only require an RSVP on the meetup page, and you will pay the course directly. 


Let's be honest, looking the part is half the battle. Find all of your SWING Swag at our SWING store here:

SOCIAL SITES: Get Social with us!

I hope to see you all soon! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

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San Francisco, CA

Welcome to #SHETALKSForum [Empowering Women To Become Successful Community Leaders]  | #SHETALKSForum  features industry leaders and engaging panelists of particular distinction and influence in their chosen fields of endeavor. #SHETALKSForum is an industry networking and event series focused on enrichment, empowerment and success strategies by and for women in professional contexts. 

#SHETALKS Forum launched in February 2012 with a Career Catalyst “Mentors and Apprentices” event at FIDM and was followed by #SHETALKSForum “Women Entrepreneurs” at Zappos Labs at Fashion Tech Week 2013, #SHETALKS Forum "Women In Tech" & "Fashion Founders" two format panels at last year's Fashion Tech Week 2014 held at Hult International Business School, and most recently 'Women In Business & Tech" at Fashion Tech Week 2015 held at Threadflip HQ. 


To enrich women's capabilities both in their personal and professional lives. To create a platform where women can discuss women's issues & share their experiences about successes and triumph to inspire others.

Who should join:

    • Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs

    • Women in Tech

    • Authors, Teachers, Mentors

    • Speakers, Guides & Motivators

    • Knowledge Seekers

    • Change Agents & Thought Leaders

For ideas, marketing inquiries, media relations, strategic partnership, product promotions, sponsorship opportunities and booking info. Contact our email at : 

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San Francisco Style: Modeling & Beauty

South San Francisco, CA

NOTICE: On January 1, 2014, the core focus of this group will change from general fashion to fashion modeling and beauty.

Welcome to San Francisco Style!

AJ Patell's "San Francisco Style" Meetup Group is the place to be to get together, discuss, share and collaborate on the topics, trends and styles of the local modeling and beauty scene in the San Francisco Bay Area. Model your outfits, styles and looks. Get constructive feedback. Modeling, make-up, hair and nail workshops, portraits and more. Lots of good times to be planned, so join up and let's style!


I want to post a range of meets all over the Bay. This is ensure that everyone in the Bay who joins has decent access to come meet and hangout as much as possible.

The easiest meets to organize will be quick and easy hangouts to get to know each, other, have a drink, coffee, etc and just talk style. These will be setup at open, public locations such as nice bars, coffee shops, etc which can accommodate our group, adjusted we grow in size.

As we go along, I will be organizing special meets to do 'shop'. Maybe makeup workshops, hair workshops, modeling workshops, fashion swaps, etc. These will be in private venues and may require to small fees to compensate the venue or presenter.

If you have a suggestion for a meet/location, please don't hesitate to contact me and we can try to set it up.

If you or a third-party wants to invite us to a special event, please get all pertinent information, and not just the generic plug. Have them include some type of value perk for our members.



1. This group is not setup as a marketing bank, or for lead generation. At no times under the activities of this group should anyone shamelessly peddle their services unless it is appropriate to do so, and should be done after the meetup has concluded, on your own time. Contacting members of this group through email off the meetup group site to shamelessly peddle your services is also not allowed. Please respect all members and their privacy in this group. If someone requires your services, allow them to contact you on their own volition after getting to know you at our meetups.

2. This group is setup purely to improve our skills, learn from others, share with others, teach others, make quality friendships, and to have fun with style and how it can make us all feel inside and out. Respect each other and respect all styles! And remember, it's all Bay Area love! Enjoy, and thanks again for joining!


Much love,


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The Grapevine: A Business Network for Women

Brea, CA

The Grapevine was created for enthusiastic COMMITTED professional business women by enthusiastic COMMITTED professional business women.

The purpose of the group is to: 1) help each other grow our business networks by developing trustworthy professional relationships through our weekly and one-to-one meetings 2) exchange quality referrals through our weekly 1-minute commercials and weekly 15-minute business highlight presentations 3) develop members' leadership and business skills and encourage personal and professional development through our weekly Tip of the Day.

Our group has a few requirements for membership. Members meet every week on Tuesdays from 11am to 12:30pm. Membership fees are $25/six months (OR $40/year) plus your lunch from Coco's (ranging from $5-$15 depending on your personal order). Members will receive a roster of all members, 15-minute business highlight opportunity every 6-8 weeks, and leads from the group. Guests can visit us up to three times for FREE (just pay for your lunch).

We are looking for women business owners or representatives who value INTEGRITY, QUALITY, PROFESSIONALISM, COMPASSION, and RELATIONSHIPS. Most importantly we especially welcome business women who have a PASSION and COMMITMENT for their business and LOVE to laugh.


Arbonne Nutrition

Asea Wellness


Chiropractor & Acupuncturist

DGH Mortgage

DoTerra Essential Oils

Farm Girl Edibles (Jam & Candy)

Revolution Finance

Delish Doggy Droolers


Professional Home Organizer

Naturally Plus Hydrogen Water

Mary Kay Beauty



Paparazzi Jewelry

Pet Grooming

Rain International

EXP Residential Real Estate


Wedding & Event Planning & Coordination

Personal Coaching

Fashion Asessories


Damsel in Defense

Color Street

Pampered Chef


Home Decor/Gifts

Hotellife Sheets & Pillows

ID Theft Shield

Zyia Activewear



Extra Pair of Hands


Marketing Strategy

Health Insurance



Cornerstone Swarovski Crystal

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Adventures In SoCal: "The Exclusive Society"

Los Angeles, CA

Are you looking to explore our wonderful playground we call...... SoCal?

Well, what are you waiting for?!?!?!

This social club consists of fun, great, and active members getting together for some good, clean, and healthy fun. Our social events will accommodate groups of 8 to 20 people in an effort to keep the size of the crowd more intimate and friendly. Sorry, but if you're looking for events that feature crowds of hundreds of people, then, please move along.

We are open to anyone who wants to meet wonderful people in welcoming environments & currently average 2 events per week! That's right, 2 events every week!!!


We currently have events scheduled that revolve around: restaurant dining, nightlife/dancing, movie screenings, wine tastings, holiday-themed events, happy hours, outdoor adventures (hiking, biking, and the like), beach get-togethers, amusement parks, sporting events, concerts, film festivals, museum tours, home games (poker, board games, etc), comedy shows, picnics, bar-b-q's, and many other events.

So, join our social club and sign up for the upcoming events which will put you on your way to a good time.

Just remember this equation: SIGN UP + SHOW UP = GUARANTEED FUN!!

Join us and check out our "Calendar of Events" to take a look that our frequency and variety of events are second to none! We are one of the most active groups in the State of California!!


WE DON'T ALLOW "SPAMMERS" OR "FALSE PROFILES". Because of "spammers" and "false profiles" that are hugely rampant on Meetup, the Organizer will need to approve new members. Simply click on "Join us!" and the Organizer will respond in timely fashion.

We hope to see you at an upcoming event real soon. CHEERS!!!

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Orange County 9/11 Truth

Santa Ana, CA

Can you identify a major, vexing, obvious, easy to solve problem in your society or community? Do you view its resolution as straightforward and highly beneficial? Are you ever amazed at the roadblocks you face as you defend your position?

  • Your arguments simple and plain, aren’t they?
  • Your opponents don’t get it and you often wonder why, don’t you?
  • Your opponents come up with arguments so poor that you can immediately dismiss them, right?
  • Also, you would be willing to change your mind if you encountered a compelling reason to do so, wouldn’t you?

Would you now care to go through your difficulties with institutions, especially governmental ones?

  • They could be much more helpful, couldn’t they?
  • Some even appear to be defending the wrong side of the issue, peddling invalid arguments from a bully pulpit.
  • Even elected officials and political candidates friendly to your side will soft-peddle the issue for personal reasons—like fear of the voters—rather than courageously educating the public. They may even urge you to drum up grassroots support before they dare come out of their closet—flattering your ego and assigning you another burden .

Let us assume, for a moment, that these institutions did their job, boldly working to serve the public. Evidently, they promptly would:

  • notice that this issue produces emotional conflicts and resentment among many people
  • perceive this situation as a problem
  • add it to their to-do list
  • let the public know that they are aware of the conflict
  • make plans to work on it

As they would get to it, they would tackle the controversy:

  • They would invite the public to formulate their grievances.
  • As you would personally respond, they would:
    • welcome your comments
    • thank you for them
    • prod you with some clarification questions
    • ask you for the leaders or experts you would trust regarding this matter
    • promise to contact them should enough people recognize their leadership and expertise like you do
  • They would compile and summarize the information they would get, from all sides of the wedge issue.
  • They would contact leaders and experts in all relevant fields.
  • They would look for some solution that would satisfy most people.
  • The result, from your perspective, would probably be favorable : they would agree with you or surprise you with some original idea that would convince you to alter your position.
  • In the worst case, they would persuade your friends but not you, leaving you in the uncomfortable position of being “right and isolated."
  • Even in this unfavorable case, considering that there are very few people in your situation, they may do you some favor to compensate for your legitimate discomfort.

Evidently, governments and other institutions do not deal with your most vexing political problem in this fashion. Why would that be?

  • Could they be ignorant? Have they not noticed the controversy? In view of your activism, it is unlikely.
  • Could they be incapable of dealing with the problem? Yet, as we just observed, it is not difficult.
  • Could they be aware of the problem but unwilling to confront it? This is a serious accusation , but in light of the above, it would be an error to summarily discard its possibility.

If they indeed understood the problem but had no will to solve it, would it be possible to prove it?

  • Could they perhaps knowingly ignore other issues too?
  • Would they be that corrupt?
  • Could this be demonstrated?

Would there be one issue that would expose their hypocrisy in a way that would exclude lack of knowledge or resources and that would be straightforward for people to understand? This may be key to resolving your problem.

It so happens that there is such an issue. You now stand in front of its proverbial rabbit hole . Once you have explored it, the problem that brought you here will appear to you as child’s play and you will realize why you naïvely thought that what has caused you so much grief would have been institutional indifference or opposition. It is less a matter of random incompetence or negligence than of intelligent design.

Would you find ten minutes to probe further? Be 9/11 Truth’s guest!


Dan Noël

August 31, 2011

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Connect Temecula Valley Networking Meetup

Murrieta, CA

Tired of paying high membership dues? Unlike other business networks, CONNECT TEMECULA VALLEY is a Business Networking platform that exists purely for the benefit of its members and non-profit charity. We bring together small business owners and franchisees to meet and exchange business client referrals on a weekly basis. The goal of the group is word of mouth marketing amongst ALL group members. At this time there is no fee for membership, only the cost of your weekly meal ($17.00 + alcohol). If you’re located in the City of Temecula or the surrounding area, you are invited to attend. There is only one person per profession allowed to join with some exceptions; i.e. Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate or Insurance or geographic specialization for example. If you join and are able to provide a good service for members and their associates, you can expect a steady stream of new business leads (and many new friendships as well!). We meet every Thursday at 4:00pm in Murrieta, CA. Please RSVP to make sure your business category is available.  Linda 951-296-5522 or 951-505-3083.

Currently the following professions are already filled; 

Realtor, Mortgage, Property & Casualty Insurance, Financial Services, Printing, Attorney, Bookkeeping and Taxes, Web Services, Social Media, Custom Gifts, Ladies Fashions, Catering, Charity, Heating & Air Conditioning, Solar, Window & Solar Cleaning.

This is a weekly commitment.  Feel free to call or text, with any questions Al Glaser 951.505.3083 or Linda Bolte 951-259-5935.

Please visit our website at

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Santa Cruz Co-Ed Leads Club

Santa Cruz, CA

Welcome to the Santa Cruz Co-Ed Chapter of Leads Club! The Purpose of Ali Lassen’s Leads Club is to assist you in getting good business referrals that will expand your business success. Leads Club is dedicated to maximizing the use of your time and resources to get good business referrals. To accomplish this goal, Leads Club uses a method of spaced, timed, repetition of information. We are not a social club. We are a business dedicated to your business  .

This group meets every Tuesday in Santa Cruz from 1:00 to 2:15pm. Meetings are currently held on Zoom!

You are welcome to attend up to 2 meetings to see how our networking system works.  Please bring business cards and be prepared to promote your business service or product with a 30-second promotional during our meeting. Please RSVP if you would like to attend a meeting.  

If you decide to join the group officially, you will be granted access to our private Facebook group to participate in discussions and see other information intended for group members only.

Joining the Santa Cruz Co-Ed Chapter of Leads Club is simple. If our Leads Club has an opening in your business category, you can request an application from our leadership team.  On the application you will be asked to provide three references along with one-time payment of $127 and either a $188 Semi-Annual Membership or save $27 when you pay an Annual Membership of $349.

You may contact the group organizer, Audra Alejandrez, if you have any questions.

We are actively seeking members in the following categories: 

House Cleaner


Beauty-Hair Care

Beauty - Personal Stylists/Wardrobe

Business Services - Business Coach

Business Services - HR Consultant

Computer Services - Repair

Computer Services - Networking

Contractor-Electrical (Licensed)

Contractor - General (Licensed)

Contractor-Plumbing (Licensed)


Fashion-Fashion Consultant


Food Services-Personal Chef

Food Services-Restaurant

Health & Wellness-Nutrition 



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Lovely Ladies Loving Life - 4L

Los Angeles, CA

This group is for beautiful women inside and out who want to network, socialize, or just have some fun experiencing new things. Let's face it, meeting good-hearted women such as yourself is hard to come by when you are a busy, independent woman. So why not increase your network of friends and cross paths with us! You never know who you can learn from, or simply have a good laugh with at the next Girls Night Out!

This LA based group is for dynamic women in their 20s to 40s: socialites, fashionistas, tastemakers, foodies, professionals, graduates, students, locals, newbies, adventurists, singles, married, moms, sisters, friends, and all those who are too unique to put in a category.

4L is a diverse social group comprised of women who believe in a positive approach to life, love, and lasting friendships while enjoying various activites and events with the purpose of empowering, encouraging, and elevating each other, TOGETHER. <br>

Our options are limitless...happy hours, wine tastings, dessert tastings, nightclubs, fashion events, open-bar outings, family style dinners, lean-in circles, mars & venus debates, cupcake tastings, live music, dancing, live performances, fitness events, and outdoor activities.


*Please note we have a 3 strike limit. We expect our lovely ladies to treat each other with respect at all times. That includes following through with your RSVP. We understand when things come up, so kindly switch your RSVP to no if you cannot go. 3 no shows and we decline your membership. You are more than welcome to join back when you are ready.

The sky is the limit!

Come with your positive energy, open-mind, open heart, creative ideas, and let's plan something, learn something, and add to the synergy of this dynamic group!

See you soon!

<br> Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in sponsoring our group, advertising on our site, or hosting a meetup at your venue, please click here for more information.

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San Francisco, CA

Welcome To FASHION+TECH Network

FASHION+TECHSF is SFFAMA's & FASHION TECH NETWORK's [Fashion Tech Media ® LLC] San Francisco Chapter... we're nationwide ::: Fashion+TechSV [Silicon Valley], Fashion+TechLA [Los Angeles/ Silicon Beach] & Fashion+TechNY [New York]...#FASHIONTECHSF is the longest running monthly workshop and the original event series in the San Francisco Bay Area focused synergistically on building, promoting and educating the vibrant community of fashion and technology.

Our mission is to create educational, economic development, social and business opportunities for the fashion and technology industries. From it's inception in February 2010, #FASHIONTECHSF has become the leading network for all things fashion and technology in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

We connect entrepreneurs, designers, app developers, bloggers, startups, job seekers, business professionals, students, investors, change agents, and numerous enthusiastic companies, schools, groups and individuals to valuable resources. We share our vision of a world-class fashion and technology industry that is innovative, disruptive and uniquely San Francisco.

Networking parties are great for socializing, adding an element of education proves more valuable in positioning entrepreneurs to navigate the ever changing fashion/tech industry. We provide the edge and knowledge our members have come to expect. We have launched FASHION+TECHNY in January 2012, Fashion Tech Expo and the first Future of Fashion Gameference, in partnership with Innovation Management Institute, during San Francisco Fashion Week® 2012. FASHIONTECHSF recently garnered the award of Best (Educational) Workshop at San Francisco Fashion Awards 2012. 

For media relations, strategic partnership, product promotions, sponsorship opportunities and booking info, please contact Fashion Tech PR via email . 

FASHION+TECHSF is an educational service product of San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance, Inc. [SFFAMA, Inc.]. SFFAMA, Inc. is a California non-profit organization that champions in economic development, tech resources and educational workshops for San Francisco's local fashion industry.

© 2009-2020. SFFAMA, INC. & FashionTechPR/ FASHION TECH MEDIA LLC ® . All Rights Reserved.

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