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SWING CARMEL/MONTEREY-Savvy Women In Need of Golf

Monterey, CA

SWING CARMEL/MONTEREY-Savvy Women In Need of Golf

SWING (Savvy Women in Need of Golf) is a traveling ladies golf league that firmly believes in fashionably growing the game one happy hour at a time and that golf doesn’t have to be serious to be seriously addicting.

MISSION: Our mission is to grow the female presence in the game of golf. Our events create a welcoming atmosphere for women of all ages to learn the game and find a home on the course where other ladies leagues have not been a fit.  We focus on building relationships while enjoying the game in a non-competitive, relaxed atmosphere. The relationships formed on the golf course and the skills learned allow women to feel comfortable playing socially and for networking and business.


1) Be open to playing with other SWING members. Introduce yourself to new faces at events and make everyone feel welcome.

2) Be supportive of participants if they are not your level. Feel free to provide advice, if prompted. You can learn so much from your golf partners.

3) Do not be overly competitive. This league is about fun and not about your score or winning. There are plenty of competitive leagues if you want that atmosphere.

4) Exercise SWING etiquette when playing. While we like to have fun at all times, do not walk in someone’s line while putting or talk during someone’s tee-off.

5) Abide by the rules of pace of play, no more than 10-15 minutes per hole.

6) SWING reserves the right to remove participants from events and future participation if they do not follow SWING rules of conduct.


There will be one 9 hole tournament per month and one non-hosted clinic for ladies to attend. You can always utilize our message board if you are looking for a foursome during non-event times.

All of our events have some theme so please do you best and show your SWING spirit and DRESS UP. This creates a feeling of camaraderie on the course and makes us easily identifiable :).

Participants and guests for 9 hole tournaments will pay per event in ADVANCE effective 1/1/16. You can RSVP on, but you will NOT have reserved your spot until you have purchased a ticket on the Eventbrite/Paypal link that will be included on the event announcement. 

Clinics only require an RSVP on the meetup page, and you will pay the course directly. 


Let's be honest, looking the part is half the battle. Find all of your SWING Swag at our SWING store here:

SOCIAL SITES: Get Social with us!

I hope to see you all soon! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

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The Orange County Chinese Language Club

Irvine, CA

The Orange County Chinese Language Club

Come to a Chinese Language Meetup to learn some new words or practice old ones; speak or listen in on Chinese conversations; socialize and meet new people; or discuss Chinese cultures, foods or stories. Everybody's welcome, from the beginner levels to the fluent.

At each main event, there will be a brief introduction in English/Chinese to acquaint the attendees with what to expect. It will be posted on the description page as well as at the beginning of the event. The introduction will include 10 carefully selected words that are intended to get everyone through the entire event. Hopefully, everyone will become proficient with these words, and some perhaps learn up to 3 times more. 

Future Lineups:

1. Food 101+ - Eat Drink and Experiment  

2. Traveling (and surviving) 101 - Hotel Lobby

3. Business 101 - Meeting Introduction

4. Shopping 101 - frugality is the secret to smart shopping ;)

5. Health 101 - Body Parts

6. Family 101 - Grandma Uncles etc.

7. Technology 101 - Smartphone 5G and IoT

8. Entertainment 101 - VR, AR, MR to just the real world!

9. Outdoors 101 - Do you know that there are 27 regional parks in OC?

10. Happiness 101 - Okay, let's get philosophical... an OC city is ranked 2019's second happiest city in American, find out why... hints: art, music, calligraphy, books, some old-fashioned things...


Linus and Organizers

NOTE: By RSVP to any of our events, you agree to adhere to the meetup rules and common sense. We are NOT responsible for your safety. Please exercise caution and enjoy the events.

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The West LA Cocktail Exchange

Los Angeles, CA

The West LA Cocktail Exchange

NOTE: Hello all, when I originally started this, I was in the process of putting together the inagural event, but then, coronavirus happened. For the time being, I'll be continuing to hold off on putting together the first event until it is safe and prudent to do so. However, I do encourage knowledge sharing and discussion, so feel free to reach out to me if you're looking for inspiration on what spirits to mess around with or just to exchange recies and whatnot. 🙂

There are those who will drink anything served just any way, and then there are those of us who have standards. This group is for the latter. 🙂

Welcome to the West LA Cocktail Exchange! This is a group that caters to those who not only have exacting standards when it comes to their liquor, but also those who also see the art, class, sophistication, and style in enjoying a properly sourced and well-made cocktail. That being said, the end goal is to simply get together, share knowledge, and ultimately, enjoy some damn fine drinks.

Events in this group will focused on getting together, exploring, and appreciating the finer elements of cocktails. This will be done, of course, by making the cocktails ourselves! Each event will be focused on a theme, whether that theme be the celebration of a venerated cocktail, such as the Old Fashioned or the Negroni, or a spirit itself, such as cognac and bourbon. We may even do themes based on things like movies or TV shows, like James Bond.

However, these events are much more than just paying tribute. Members are encouraged to try other's unique takes and variations on these cocktails. Knowledge and lore exchange is definitely a huge part of all this, with the hopes of learning something new every time!

While I haven't figured out the best approach for this yet, ideally, every event will be stocked with theme appropriate spirits and craft ingredients (i.e. fresh squeezed lime juice, handmade simple syrup, etc.) as well as the standard bar tools (muddlers, bar spoons, mixing glasses, etc.) and glassware. As of now, it’s up in the air on whether it'll be BYOB or a simple cover charge, just whatever works best.

It's definitely worth mentioning that that isn't a group oriented towards just merely getting together and having drinks together. While that's always a good time, there are already a ton of social oriented Meetup groups already for that exact kind of event. This group is meant for the true cocktail connoisseur, so namely cocktail enthusiasts, "mixologists", bartenders, and other industry people. However, it's also meant to be inclusive for anyone who just wants to learn more!

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