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Film groups near California

The Monterey Self-Defense Meetup

Monterey, CA

The Monterey Self-Defense Meetup

This class is for anyone wishing to learn or master self-defense skills. Raw beginners and instructors in other systems encouraged to attend. The focus will be on building a working self defense skill-set:  This  includes the optimal use of bio-mechanics and physics for self-defense.  Instructor has been teaching the combat arts for around 17 years.

This class teaches stand-up fighting skills; i.e. striking (fists, palms, elbows, etc), striking interceptions / blocking, joint manipulation / breaking, and throwing techniques found in Judo / Shuai jiao.  We do not cover ground fighting--for that range, it is recommended you also attend Gracie Jiu-jitsu monterey.

There is a numbered list curriculum/class-schedule, students can work their way from White Sash to Black Sash if they wish. (New students may join at any time.)

The groups organizer is the founding instructor of "Flowing Combat" (流动战斗), a System developed for modern self-defense from the internal Kung-Fu arts of BaguaZhang (eight Triagram palms), Xingyquan (heart, mind fist) and Taijiquan.  

Mixed in with Kung-Fu is Military unarmed/armed combat, as taught to Military personnel and Special Operators across various services.  The teacher was formerly contracted by the Air Force to teach the foregoing, including sexual assault prevention, weapons disarming, use, and retention. 

Classes are Fees, but students may be asked to cover location/equipment costs as applicable per class/seminar;  Class will be hosted at Wave Street Studios, by the beach, or in a private back yard area (cement/ w/ martial arts pads). Each class may be filmed and put online and/or broadcast on local TV stations.  

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Los Angeles Film Production NFT Meetup

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Film Production NFT Meetup

This group is for anyone interested in learning about NFT's, working in TV & media, film production, film finance, videography, writing, acting & modeling, hair & make up artistry, wardrobe style, publicist & other media professionals & entrepreneurs. We will discuss how NFT's are disrupting the Film Industry and more.


We'll let you know how to join our Powerlocalmedia NFT Mastermind Group. Join our Telegram group


Opportunities like NFT's in Film/Media,will shape all areas/facets of our daily lives.

I started this group to provide an additional platform to network the TV, media, & film community with other creative professionals that want to be involved with the film industry and want to learn how NFT's will change the Media Industry.

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The Greenlight Group

Pasadena, CA

The Greenlight Group

The Greenlight Group is on hiatus through the end of 2019. To be considered for the next cycle in 2020, please submit a full-length screenplay to For additional information, please see the below:


The Greenlight Group is a creative, rigorous screenwriting group focused on supporting writers in producing 10 pages a week, critiquing submissions and getting full-length screenplays done for passion and sale. Details on The Greenlight Group are as follows:

• The group is for feature film writers only (we will not be discussing T.V. scripts)
• The group is a total of six screenwriters
• The group runs 12 weeks long per cycle
• Weekly submissions of 5-10 pages per writer are requested to keep the group moving, learning and completing projects
• The group is held in the evening on Thursdays at a local home in the Pasadena/Altadena area
• The group is meant to be supportive, encouraging and intent on lifting each writer towards success as defined by the sale of a script (we do not help you sell a script, merely support your process)

If you are interested in being considered for a Greenlight Group writing cycle, please convey your interest by joining The Greenlight Group through the Meetup page, THEN follow the below guidelines:

• A full-length screenplay submission is required (approximately 90-110 pages).
• Submissions must contain NO explicit X-rated or otherwise extremely offensive materials that serve no purpose for the story's content.
• All submissions and/or inquiries must be sent to: Submissions sent to the group’s organizer through Meetup will not be read.
• All submissions must be received by the date indicated for each cycle.

With your screenplay submission, please include brief responses to the following questions:

1) How many screenplays have you written?
2) Have any of your screenplays been made into a feature film?
3) Who/what/where have you studied with regards to screenwriting?
4) Are you currently represented?
5) What do you hope to learn out of attending The Greenlight Group?
6) Do you foresee any time commitments that would interfere with attending the 12 week cycle?
7) What is your favorite film?

This group is geared towards intermediate to advanced screenwriters who have completed a full-length screenplay, understand structure, character development, dialogue, screenplay format, etc. Any screenplays that do not convey SOME mastery of these elements will not be read. PLEASE NOTE, you can bypass stating your interest in the group through the Meetup page and send submissions directly to:

Decisions regarding accepted screenwriters for a Greenlight Group writing cycle are communicated through the email. The group’s organizer contacts each individual personally regarding selection and to confirm the individual’s continued interest in joining the group for the current cycle.

Lastly, this group is meant to bring together dedicated screenwriters who desire to create and sell their projects but who appreciate structure, feedback, and community. The group will host a mix of talent and ability, in order for growth to occur at a level relatively comparable to each other.

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Los Angeles Browncoat Shindig

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Browncoat Shindig

Scoobies, Browncoats, Whovians, Sherlockians, Ringers, Potterheads, Trekkies, Scapers, Smegheads, Gamers and All Fandoms - Discussion of All Things Whedon, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Star Trek, Tolkien, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Farscape; books, film, television, webseries, fanfic, conventions, cosplay, SCA, gaming, computer skills and toys, plus we do that "general conversation"-thing that Muggles do, too!

We are a merger of multiple Meetups: Firefly, General SciFi & Fantasy, Buffy, Angel & Farscape groups in the Greater Los Angeles area into this single, monthly Meetup. So if you see only a few RSVPs, know that we will have many more people all together.

IMPORTANT INFO: Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are working on building Virtual Meetups. Read the date and description of each Upcoming Event to know when and how the Meetup will be happening. Ideas and help for these virtual Meetups will be gladly welcomed.

WHEN WE CAN MEET AGAIN IN REAL LIFE we will go back to our regular monthly meetings plus events planned by the members. We do many activities as off-shoots of this Single Enormous Meetup! There's many a movie-day that are attended by portions of our group! Not to mention various craft days, geek outings, etc. See who you bond with! See what further activities await you!!!

We've been active since early 2003 with a good turnout of members at each event.

Who should come? Everyone

Are newcomers welcome? Always

Why should people come? To be with people who don't look at you with blank face when you talk geek.

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Coachella Valley Healthy Eating Support Group

Palm Desert, CA

Coachella Valley Healthy Eating Support Group

March 9, 2020: Due to the corona virus crisis, activities of this group have been suspended.


The purpose of this group is to provide social and educational support for anyone who wishes to learn about or practice, either strictly or partially, healthy eating -- by which we mean eating whole foods (no or minimal processing) that are plant-based, with no or minimal added oils*

This definition of what constitutes healthy eating is not the idiosyncratic belief of any one physician or nutritionist. Instead it is an approach that is supported, in its central elements,  by all of the following experts: John McDougall, M.D., Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D., T. Colin, Campbell, Ph.D., Dean Ornish, M.D., Neal Barnard, M.D., Michael Greger, M.D., Alan Goldhamer, M.D., Jeff Novick, M.S.,R.D., Chef AJ, Michael Klaper,M.D. , Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Pam Popper, N.D., Rip Esselstyn, and Doug Lisle, Ph.D. 

We welcome to our Healthy Eating Group not only those who wish to follow a whole food, plant based lifestyle strictly, but also those who wish only to try it out or to follow it only partially—e.g., for only part of the day, for only 1 meal a week, for only one day a week, etc.—or to follow the diet with certain exceptions. Fortunately, there is general agreement among nutritional specialists as to what the ideal diet consists of. However, each individual decides for him/herself how close to that ideal he/she wishes to come.

Eating and preparing a whole food, plant-based diet is difficult in our society. The purpose of Coachella Valley Healthy Eating Group is to provide information, support, social opportunities, and activities that will make it a little easier to eat this way.

We are trying to determine what activities would best meet the needs of persons interested in our group. Below are some possible activities. Please respond to this message by sending me a Meetup message indicating which activities, including ones not listed below if you wish, that you would like to see our group offer. The information we receive from prospective members will determine the content of our next meeting.

1.  Cooking demonstrations and recipes

2.  Potluck dinners at the homes of members

3,  Eating together at a local restaurant

4.  Viewing and discussing films such as those listed below:

o  General introductions to whole foods, plant-based eating—e.g., Forks over Knives, What the Health, and Game Changers.

o  Talks by medical/nutritional experts on topics such as these: 1.  How a plant-based lifestyle can prevent,  slow down the progression of, arrest, or even in some cases reverse, problems such as obesity, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, Alzheimer's, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic kidney disease, acne, acid re-flux,  etc. 2. To what extent can a whole food, plant-based diet promote longevity? 3.  What diet is best for human health? 4.  How to read labels on food packages and select foods wisely? 5.  Are we carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores? 6.  Environmental effects of the whole food, plant-based lifestyle –e.g., on global warming 7.  Ethical issues re the whole food, plant-based lifestyle and animal welfare, Example films of brief, 20-minute TEDx talks that cover such topics can be found at (paste into browser if link does not work):, and

If you find it more convenient to speak by phone or to use email rather than to enter a Meetup message, my phone is 818-653-2202 and my email address is 

Matthew Israel 

* We also welcome persons who follow even stricter guidelines, such as avoiding added salt, added sugar, and high fat plant foods. 

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