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Film groups near California

The Monterey Self-Defense Meetup

Monterey, CA

This class is for anyone wishing to learn or master self-defense skills. Raw beginners and instructors in other systems encouraged to attend. The focus will be on building a working self defense skill-set:  This  includes the optimal use of bio-mechanics and physics for self-defense.  Instructor has been teaching the combat arts for around 17 years.

This class teaches stand-up fighting skills; i.e. striking (fists, palms, elbows, etc), striking interceptions / blocking, joint manipulation / breaking, and throwing techniques found in Judo / Shuai jiao.  We do not cover ground fighting--for that range, it is recommended you also attend Gracie Jiu-jitsu monterey.

There is a numbered list curriculum/class-schedule, students can work their way from White Sash to Black Sash if they wish. (New students may join at any time.)

The groups organizer is the founding instructor of "Flowing Combat" (流动战斗), a System developed for modern self-defense from the internal Kung-Fu arts of BaguaZhang (eight Triagram palms), Xingyquan (heart, mind fist) and Taijiquan.  

Mixed in with Kung-Fu is Military unarmed/armed combat, as taught to Military personnel and Special Operators across various services.  The teacher was formerly contracted by the Air Force to teach the foregoing, including sexual assault prevention, weapons disarming, use, and retention. 

Classes are Fees, but students may be asked to cover location/equipment costs as applicable per class/seminar;  Class will be hosted at Wave Street Studios, by the beach, or in a private back yard area (cement/ w/ martial arts pads). Each class may be filmed and put online and/or broadcast on local TV stations.  

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Guatemala Mexican/Indigenous Events/Pow Wows

San Francisco, CA

Greetings--Our group is focused on Indigenous cultural & political events. We hit the pow wows and film festivals as much as possible. The group has a specific focus on Guatemalan/Mexican/Indigenous American art, spirituality, dance & textiles.

We go to the Guelaguetza (Oaxacan Indigenous Dance/Cultural Fair) in Santa Cruz and fun events like concerts & fairs. We love to go to dances, Day of the Dead, Cinco de Mayo in Oakland, and other street fairs and demonstrations for human rights, environmental causes, to stop Keystone XL Pipeline and for social justice.

This Meet-up is great for people who love to view & upload photos of indigenous Textiles/crafts--Please check out our photos.

We never charge our members to attend a meet-up, unless it is a class, in which case, there will be a reasonable charge to pay the instructor and to pay for materials. Of course, if we are going to a concert or show, you will probably have to pay at the door to get in (but there is no charge from this group).

Guatemalan or Mexican backstrap weaving/brocade lessons will be coming at a future date. Join us!


Hola--Este grupo se enfoca en los eventos culturales, políticos y espirituales de indígenas americanos y guatemalteco/mexicanos. Vamos a los festivales de Cine, ceremonia del Año Nuevo Mexica, el festival de Baile ´Etnico, y mucho más.

Vamos a la Guelaguetza (feria indígena Oaxaqueña), los pow wows, el Día de los Muertos, museo y otros lugares donde se exhiben textiles y artes indígenas. Tambi´n vamos a los eventos divertidos como ferias y conciertos. Y por supuesto vamos a las manifestaciones por la justicia social, el ambiente y los derechos humanos.

Este grupo es buenísimo para gente que le gusta ver y subir fotos de los eventos, pow wows, bailes, y las artesanías indígenas--vean nuestras fotos.

Nunca cobramos por asistir a un meet-up, al menos que sea una clase, y en ese caso habrá un precio razonable para pagarle a la maestra y pagar los materiales. Y bueno, por supuesto si vamos a un concierto o show, probablemente tendrás que pagar tu entrada en la puerta (pero no habrá cobro de este grupo).

Habrá clases de telar de cintura y brocado estilo de Guatemala o de México proximamente. ¡Unete!

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Little Boxes Theater: Art-Dance-Photo workshops & events: SF

San Francisco, CA

We would like to invite you to our unique underground creative space devoted to art & movement. We're set up with a 1300sqft sprung floor for dance rehearsals, performances, we've recently hosted a film crew here with choreographed fight scenes! We have a wall of windows which shows us beautiful streaming beams of light in the afternoons, perfect for natural light photography and live nude figure drawing & painting. There are many usable vintage props, wardrobe costuming options, an operable claw foot bath tub, piano, projector, lighting equipment and what not at our studio. Feel free to heck out some images of our studio Little Boxes Theater:

Little Boxes Theater also has in-house artists, dynamic duo A-K Arts:

As a pair, we love to explore artistic concepts; we're multifaceted individuals who enjoy the creative collaborative adventure with professionals and amateurs alike. Our favorite photo shoots are those where we are covered in dead sea mud, body paint, flour & ash while making shapes with our physical forms together in dynamic discoveries. We look forward to having you at our next Meet-up! please feel free to contact us directly with any interests & inquiries about our upcoming events, booking our studio for your dreams and our individual & combined modeling rates:

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Fresno Anime Movie Group

Fresno, CA

Welcome to the Fresno Anime movie Meetup Group. I love Anime and other Fan Boy/Girl content (i.e. Doctor Who, Marvel and DC cinematic universe, Star Wars). However, couldn't find a meetup group in Fresno that fit the bill. Well, Badda Bing Badda Bang, Presto!!!! Welcome to the Fresno Anime Movie Group. A group designed to create a place in Fresno where new or veteran Fan Boy/Girl and Anime enthusiasts can meet to watch new and classic Anime, as well as other Fan Boy/Girl Tv Shows and films. I hope to make this a great place to expose and become exposed to different anime titles and fan content as well hang out and talk about the latest imports, or your favorite classics. Maybe create a space were people can share and exchange cosplay tips a tricks, or collaborate with others on costume design and creation, as well as planing convention road trips and other group activities and events. 

I plan to host Monthly or Bi Monthly anime showings at my home over light refreshments while alternating between other meeting places, especially depending on future group size. 

I encourage group members to post ideas for events or meeting places, Anime, Manga, Comics news and any other cool info to our Message Boards!

Most importantly Let have Fun!!!!!

UPDATE: April 2017

Due to some incidents in the past, I felt it was needed to make some group changes in order to prevent future problems and help create a more friendlier stable environment for all members.  With Louis's permission, I'm adding some group guidelines below.  Some items may sound strict, but we want all members to attend, feel comfortable, and have fun watching anime or any other activities we have.

~Ken (Co-Organizer)

Anime Movie Group Guidelines:

*This is NOT a dating group.  The harassing or stalking of members will result in being banned from this group. 

 *If you send inappropriate emails or messages to members you have not met, you will be banned.  Members please report any inappropriate messages to the group leaders ASAP.

*Not showing respect towards fellow members or event organizers will result in you being banned.   Also bringing "drama" will not be tolerated.  It might also get you banned too.

*Inappropriate or anti-social behavior online or at an event will cause you to be banned from the group.

*If you RSVP for an event and don't show up or give early notice of cancellation, you will have 3 chances.  After that, you won't be allowed to RSVP anymore, instead you'll be placed on the waiting list.  If there's room after RSVP closes, then you'll be added.  We want members who reserve a spot to show up to our events.  Group leaders should be given respect for taking time out of their day to organize events.  We are all adults here and are old enough to be accountable for our own commitments and actions.

*Inactivity on this meetup group site or not attending an event after 9 months may result in being banned.  Again we want members to show up.   (That is the reason you joined this group, right??)

*New members are to post a clear photo of themselves (not a group one) prior to attending their first event here.  This way it'll be easier to identify and locate you at events. 

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PhotoXplora - The Best Camera Is The One You're Holding

San Francisco, CA

PhotoXplora was founded by Bill Ulrich in Jan 2015.  In Sept 2015 I, Dan Cheng picked up organizing duties.  The members are photo enthusiasts who just like to shoot and have a good time doing it. Equipment and dogma is not our forte, community is and I welcome all. From the casual cell phone photographer to seasoned gray hairs.  Variety is the spice of life and we can be spicy at times.  Don’t be shy! Check us out; see our past events, contact a current member, ask a question.

Want to see what Xplora Members are creating? Check our event albums at

Take the plunge and join us at an event or two. I’m even hosting online meetings known as the Xplora Saloon.

Got a question send me a msg via MeetUps.

Guiding Principles

Events are Experienced based not Result Based. Did you have a good time? Did you make new friends? Did you learn a new technique or two?  My hope is that, the answers are yes. Pictures didn’t work or what you expected, well that’s ok too. How was the experience? Didn’t have a great time? Well, send me a message and let’s talk.

I am about community I want great community of people not just “photographers”, photography is our glue. I hope membership means more to you than just a button click, more than just another group to join.  I would like members to invest in some time and energy.  But “How much time and energy?” you ask.

Well, that’s a valid question, and here’s a nebulous answer: As much or as little as you feel xPlora is worth.  I envision xPlora as a community where we all can converse, lead, and act – be it photographically related or not. A community where it’s not just one person doing everything but everybody being involved, meeting, and contacting each other.  Maybe it’s a simple  “Hey how ya doing haven’t heard from you in a while?”

“Did you get that new camera?”

‘How do I ’fill in the blank’ in ‘fill in blank’ ? ”

“Hey anyone want to join me at 'fill in the blank', for a shoot?”

“Hey how did you get that shot?”

Does this all make sense to you?

Some more guiding principles

Hear, Listen & Think, before speaking.

Be open to new ideas, techniques, and SHARE them.

Be helpful to others.

Go ahead and Suggest/Ask Questions.

Be Brave and Willing, to suggest and host a meet up. I will help you.

Experiment and learn, try something new if it doesn't work that's ok. Did you learn from the failure? If yes then that's success.

Finally please leave the ego in the closet...;-)

Getting Involved – 5 “S”s

"Show-up" – Can’t have fun if you don’t show up, eh?

Get "Stoked" by what you see.

"Shoot" (awesomely) "Stuff".

"Socialize" at the shoot and after.  While the Meet Ups is only one event…don’t be surprised if there’re after event shoots or get-togethers…Sometimes we eat, shoot some more, or even have a brew or two…(this will make your meetup experiences so much better not to mention the shooting.)

"Show-off/Share" (your shots as this is where we all learn from each other).


Dan Cheng


Who Am I?

Nope, nah, nadda;not a “professional photographer”.  Photography does not pay my bills.  I am an enthusiast, starting my photography journey back in the day of Fleetwood Mac and Elton John, with b/w film.  Like many of my age, I began in high school learning the b/w basics, joining the school newspaper and yearbook staff etc…Then life happens and I got older; college, career, home and family were the prime focus of my life for many years.

Then 2006 happened, that was the year DSLRs became affordable.  I am a proud Pentaxian and my first love is Pentax.  However,  I left my love, being seduced by the Canon 7D and it's autofocus. I drank the Canon kool aid and have been a Canon shooter ever since. For you gear heads, I live in the Canon and Adobe ecosystem.  I shoot raw, and process with mostly Lightroom but have experimented with other post processing tools.

Philosophically my photography is a journey to capture memories, create/make images from a vision I have, and just to have fun. Like all journeys there are unexpected twists, turns, and maybe even a pothole or too. Occasionally I’ll round a corner and I am in a photographic nirvana such as being surrounded by a herd of mustangs. But I’ve also gone out and got nada, nothing, bumpkus,  etc… but it’s all good. A bad day’s shooting beats a great day in the teleworking eh?

And that’s who I am…please feel free to contact me, in fact I welcome it.  Even if you have a complaint or two….

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Los Angeles Browncoat Shindig

Los Angeles, CA

Scoobies, Browncoats, Whovians, Sherlockians, Ringers, Potterheads, Trekkies, Scapers, Smegheads, Gamers and All Fandoms - Discussion of All Things Whedon, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Star Trek, Tolkien, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Farscape; books, film, television, webseries, fanfic, conventions, cosplay, SCA, gaming, computer skills and toys, plus we do that "general conversation"-thing that Muggles do, too!

We are a merger of multiple Meetups: Firefly, General SciFi & Fantasy, Buffy, Angel & Farscape groups in the Greater Los Angeles area into this single, monthly Meetup. So if you see only a few RSVPs, know that we will have many more people all together.

IMPORTANT INFO: Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are working on building Virtual Meetups. Read the date and description of each Upcoming Event to know when and how the Meetup will be happening. Ideas and help for these virtual Meetups will be gladly welcomed.

WHEN WE CAN MEET AGAIN IN REAL LIFE we will go back to our regular monthly meetings plus events planned by the members. We do many activities as off-shoots of this Single Enormous Meetup! There's many a movie-day that are attended by portions of our group! Not to mention various craft days, geek outings, etc. See who you bond with! See what further activities await you!!!

We've been active since early 2003 with a good turnout of members at each event.

Who should come? Everyone

Are newcomers welcome? Always

Why should people come? To be with people who don't look at you with blank face when you talk geek.

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