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Food groups near California

Plant Based Food Friends of Monterey Bay

Monterey, CA

Join Us! - Anyone who wants to enjoy - delicious - colorful plant based food! - Our Meetup postings will be about delicious meal ideas and recipes. Our food meetups will be: eating at favorite restaurants that offer delicious plant based food - salad lunches - food tastings - theme dinners - potlucks and picnics. Our fun events will be hiking, other activities, movies or community events - with eating delicious plant based food - before or after - the event.

The photo for our *Plant Based Food Friends* group - represents - our goal of meetup members being a group of fun *friends* who are happy, healthy, naturally younger looking (colorful plant based food benefits) and enjoy eating together - delicious - plant based food! 

Please Meetup message me if you have any questions

Kay Star - Meetup Organizer - Plant Based Food Friends of Monterey Bay

May 2021 - Meetup Group Update - Our Meetups will provide support for the plant based diet that is best for the body and our Earth, which is the grain-free and legume-free plant based diet. Why? - Grain and legume based food requires - deforested land - for crops. Warning - U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: - "Deforestation - contributes to global warming, and reversing it will be necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change.(How?) ...significantly increase the amount of land that's covered in trees and other vegetation..."

What can people do? - Eat food from trees (fruit, nuts) and vegetables that can be grown together, for example - Alley Cropping:

A Healthy Body - Grain-Free, Legume-Free Plant Based Diet - Dr. Herbert Shelton, N.D., Author - "Superior Nutrition": "In fresh fruit, greens, vegetables, nuts are - ALL - the vitamins, minerals, proteins and other substances the human body needs to - BRING - it to a state of - PHYSICAL PERFECTION - and to MAINTAIN it in that state – INDEFINITELY”

Restaurant Ideas:

__ Chinese food restaurants. You can order and enjoy delicious vegetable dishes without rice.

__ Salads - Choose a restaurant that offers a garden veggie salad or a Mediterranean salad with vegetables that are served with some kind of balsamic vinegar dressing. In Carmel there is Dametra restaurant and Toasties in Pacific Grove offers a Mediterranean salad with balsamic vinegar dressing.

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LOOK 30 Women - Age 40s, 50s, 60s+...

Carmel, CA

LOOK 30 Diet - Delicious Colorful Plant Based Food. LOOK 30 is not about vanity or wishful thinking. It's what the body can do after a change in diet, proven by Success Stories. Women - ALL ages - (18+) are welcome to join us who want to - make and maintain - the change in diet that can help the body: 

* WEIGHT - restore itself - to its ideal weight

* SKIN - grow - NEW clear smooth skin - (no more acne or wrinkles)

* HAIR - grow - NEW hair in its natural color - (no more gray hair)

* LOOK - naturally - LOOK 30 - whatever the age - 40s, 50s, 60s+...

Success Stories


* Age 45 - Esther - "I LOOK younger than when I was in my 30s"

* Age 55 - Brenda - "People usually guess I'm in my 30s"

* Age 57 - Maggie - "she – looks 20 years younger (like age 30s)”


* Age 35 - Lynne - Lost 30 Pounds - 3 Months

* Age 37 - Christine - Lost 100 Pounds

* Age 57 - Maggie - "lost 32 pounds in 2 1/2 months"

* Age 59 - Marianne - "within a few weeks - weight was melting off"

* Age 60 - Judeen - "lost 105 pounds"


* Age 31 - Shazzie - "facial lines disappeared"

* Age 35 - Lynne - "acne is gone"

* Age 47 - Sheila - "skin is tighter - and firmer than before"

* Age 59 - Marianne - "her wrinkles disappeared"

* Age 71 - Loretta - "the lines in my face are smoothing out...this (diet) is the - fountain of youth".


* Age 57 - Maggie - "her gray hair is turning dark again"

* Age 60 - Judeen - "my hair is turning back to its natural color - as the gray disappears"

* Age 67 - Elizabeth - "my white hair of - twenty years - is - suddenly - growing dark - again."

Books - Success Stories

The above Success Stories are from the diet book - *Living on (Plant Based) Live Food* - by Alissa Cohen. See book -

Age 67 - Elizabeth's Hair Story - is from the book - "Green for Life" - by Victoria Boutenko -

LOOK 30 Diet

Plant Based Food - (Raw and Cooked) - Fruit, Vegetables, Greens, Sprouts, Seeds, Nuts

Delicious Recipes - Oil-Free, Plant Based, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Grain/Starch Free

(No Oils, Animal Based Food, Grain or Legume/Bean Based Food)

FREE Delicious Meal Ideas & Recipes


* Lissa's Raw Food Recipes -

* Plant Based Raw Food -

* Plant Based Raw Food Potlucks -

* Plant Based Raw and Cooked Food -

Dr. Herbert Shelton, N.D., Author - "Superior Nutrition" - Plant Based Food

"In fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts are - ALL - the vitamins, minerals, proteins and other substances the human body needs to - BRING - it to a state of - PHYSICAL PERFECTION - and to - MAINTAIN - it that state - INDEFINITELY" - Naturally - LOOK 30 - Age 40s, 50s, 60s+... 

Women have proved it is the - foods - of the Standard American Diet (SAD) - animal foods, oils, grain/starch foods that have - caused - the body to look like what has been called - "old" - weight gain - wrinkles - gray hair. When they - changed to the - LOOK 30 Diet - plant based food - their body then - restored itself - to - naturally - LOOK 30 - whatever their age - 40s, 50s, 60s+...

Why 30? - See this - Information Meetup - with that answer -

Please message me if you have any questions.

Kay Star - Meetup Organizer

LOOK 30 Women - Age 40s, 50s, 60s+...

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Carmel - LOOK 30 Diet for Seniors - Age 50s, 60s, 70s+

Carmel, CA

Success Stories! - Delicious Colorful Plant Based Food - The group photo - represents - Diet Success Stories (see below). Seniors, their family (age 18+) and friends are invited to join our Meetup group and attend Meetups together.

LOOK 30 Diet for Seniors - Delicious Colorful Plant Based Food. Recipe Ingredients - only - Colorful Raw: Fruit, Greens, Vegetables, Seeds, Sprouts, Nuts, See below - FREE Delicious Recipes.

Dr. Herbert Shelton, N.D., Author - "Superior Nutrition" - Colorful Plant Based Raw Food - "In fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts are - ALL - the vitamins, minerals, proteins and other substances the human body needs to - BRING - it to a state of - PHYSICAL PERFECTION - and to - MAINTAIN - it that state - INDEFINITELY" - Naturally - LOOK 30 - Age 50s, 60s, 70s+... LOOK 30 is the body at its ideal weight - growing NEW smooth skin - growing NEW hair in its natural color.

Our Meetup Success Motto: "We make the change in diet - delicious - and exercise, FUN!"

Food Meetups: Delicious Food Tastings including Desserts, Salad Buffet Lunches, Cuisine Themed Dinners, Potlucks, Picnics.

FUN Activities Meetups: Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, Line Dancing, Skiing (Winter Ski Trip), etc.

Conversation at Meetups could be about favorite diet meal ideas, recipes, Success Stories.

Success Stories - What the Body Did - After the Change in Diet


* Age 55 - Brenda - "People usually guess I'm in my 30s"

* Age 57 - Maggie - "She – looks 20 years younger (like age 30s)”

* Age 60s to 70 - Chef Babette - Plant Based Colorful Raw Food Diet - See Meetup Information Posting about her: - Her restored body - maintained itself - naturally looking younger (like age 30s) as her body chronologically got "older".


* Age 57 - Maggie - "lost 32 pounds in 2 1/2 months"

* Age 59 - Marianne - "within a few weeks - weight was melting off"

* Age 60 - Judeen - "lost 105 pounds"


* Age 59 - Marianne - "her wrinkles disappeared"

* Age 71 - Loretta - "the lines in my face are smoothing out"

* Age 80 - Ben - "my wrinkles are almost gone"


* Age 57 - Maggie - "her gray hair is turning dark again"

* Age 60 - Judeen - "my hair is turning back to its natural color - as the gray disappears"

* Age 67 - Elizabeth - "my white hair of 20 years is - growing dark - again." - Her story is from the book - "Green for Life" - by Victoria Boutenko:


* Age 75 - Men Grow NEW Teeth - Dr John Richter, N.D.: "In my practice, I have noted some splendid instances of broken teeth growing back to their full length without any other aid than natural food (raw colorful plant based food). I know of men as old as 75 years who have grown another set of teeth." - Quote from the book "Nature the Healter" by Dr John Richter:


* Age 80 - Nathan Geller, British Colombia. Nathan was in his late 70s when he made a change in diet to eating only raw colorful plant based food. His friend Giselle gave this description of him at age 80: "...few lines in his face...with a full head of dark hair – he also claimed that the raw food (raw colorful plant based food) returned his – EYESIGHT to 20/20 – and he no longer needed glasses.” Nathan's story was posted, at that time, on the website: Raw Food Chef -

Books - Success Stories - Some of the Success Stories are from the raw plant based diet book - *Living on Live Food* - by Alissa Cohen. See book -

FREE Weekly Meal Planner - - Use the planner to make your favorites menu: 7 favorites each for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. Then, from your favorites menu - you can make a Daily Meal Plan - for each day of the week. See the links for FREE recipes from which you can choose your favorites.

FREE Delicious Recipes - Ingredients - only - Colorful Raw: Fruit, Greens, Vegetables, Seeds, Sprouts, Nuts. No oils, grains or legumes.

FREE Recipes for Raw and Cooked Food:

* Juicing - The Joe Cross FREE 3 & 10 Day Juice Plan -

* FullyRaw Kristina - FREE Juice Recipes -

* FullyRaw Kristina - FREE Meal Ideas & Recipes -

* The Raw Food Chef -

* Raw Food Recipes -

* Lissa's Raw Food Recipes - (

* 30 Day Diary - Meal Ideas - Recipes -

* Potluck Ideas -

* Plant Based Raw and Cooked Food -

Questions & Answers:

1. Question: How can the - change in diet - help the body - restore itself - LOOK 30 - again? - Answer: See this Meetup information posting - *Ist Documented Before & After Pictures - Diet Success Story* -

2. Question: Why 30? - Why does the body of Seniors - restore itself - to - LOOK 30 - again? - Answer: See the DNA biological answer at this Meetup information posting: *Why 30? - Your DNA LOOK 30 - Body Blueprint - DNA Snapshot*:

3. Question: How can the body of Seniors - maintain itself - LOOK 30 - at age 50s, 60s, 70s+... Answer: See the answer at this Meetup information posting: *Body Regeneration Schedule - Growing NEW Body Parts* -

Please Meetup message me if you have any other questions and I will be happy to answer them.

Kay Star - Meetup Organizer - Join Us! - "We make the change in diet - delicious - and exercise, FUN!"

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~*

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Over the Top Cycling

Monterey, CA

This Meetup group's mission is to provide a forum where cyclists can gather and connect with others of similar interests.

While based out of the Monterey Bay region, our cycling activities extend beyond the immediate area and are only limted by the imgination and motivation of our members.  Century rides and other organized events throughout California and even farther can be found on our calendar throughout the year.


I've been riding for over two decades and find that the trails and roads are more fun when shared with others.  All skill levels and disciplines are welcome so we can develop a broad-based cycling community that can share knowledge and learn from each other.


I also pledge that, as long as I am the organizer, there will never, ever, be any monetary dues, voluntary or otherwise, to be a member of this group.  There will also be no charges payable to the group to join us for any of the rides on the calendar.  Of course, there may be fees and charges related to an organized event or optional pre/during/post ride activity.  Some examples are, but not limited to: event registration, park entry/use, hotels, parking, food, gas, etc.  These fees shall all be the responsibility of the individual participant and remain payable directly to the organizing group, park, store, restaurant or other charging entity by which the service or product is provided.




Release of Liability:

By joining this group or attending any of its functions, you hereby RELEASE and DISCHARGE it's owners, principals, affiliates, presenters, organizer, hosts and participants from any and all liability, claims, demands or causes of action that you now have, or may have in the future, for injuries, damages, death and/or economic loss of any kind or nature, arising in whole or in part out of the activities, advice or information contained herein. You further agree that if you or someone under your supervision uses the information on this website you assume all risks of injury, damage, and economic loss, without limitation, and release providers from all liability therefore.

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Meaningful Discussions in Monterey

Monterey, CA

Meaningful Discussions is the largest face-to-face discussion group with events taking place in 11 countries:

Our ongoing mission is to explore the art and science of meaningful discussions and to initiate these discussions in cities around the world. Our team has collectively coordinated over 1,000 events since 2012 and we have combined this experience into this project. 

Discussion Topics: 
We believe that discussion topics need to be intriguing, practical and relevant in order to be able to compete with the ever-growing list of television shows and other less engaging activities which lead to social isolation. 

Intentions For Our Discussions: 
Meaningful discussions are not debates or lectures. Each discussion is an opportunity for participants to collectively explore a topic with the following intentions:

1. To have an enjoyable and engaging experience with open-minded individuals while also improving our conversations skills.

2. To learn something new from each other by sharing our insights and unique perspectives based on our life experiences.

3. To learn something new about ourselves by re-examining our values and beliefs based on hearing new perspectives which we may or may not agree with.

4. To build a community of returning members and to create a conducive environment for new friendships.

How are we different from other discussion groups?

1. Structure. Most other discussion groups have a free-form structure where everyone is seated at a long table or in one large group. Our events have multiple groups of 5-7 people with one facilitator at each table and discussion questions provided.

2. Preparation Time. Most other discussion groups will provide a very brief outline of the topic. In contrast, we spend a lot of time creating topic packages which include Food For Thought videos and discussion notes.

3. Intention. Most discussion groups put more emphasis on the topic being discussed but not on actually creating a meaningful experience. In contrast, creating meaningful experiences is our primary focus and our mission.

What qualifications do you need to join this group?

All you need to join our group is an open-mind, humility in knowing that we all have lots to learn from other perspectives and a desire to improve your conversation skills while having fun at the same time.

For more information please visit:

Thanks to our sponsor: 

Buddytree - upgrade your social life with a friendship coach.

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Culinary Adventure Club: San Diego

San Diego, CA

Are you ready to meet true foodies in San Diego with a genuine passion and interest in all things FOOD? Do you search out specialty ingredients, follow the comings and goings of local restaurants and specialty shops? Do you constantly try new foods and travel the world by what’s on your plate? If you like to tempt your palate with rare and delicious culinary items, then, the Culinary Adventure Club may be just what you've been waiting for!

The Culinary Adventure Club: San Diego (CACSD), will aim to gather foodies for: 1) Dinner Parties / Cooking / Wine Tasting events, 2) exploration of local specialties with Culinary Field Trips, where we’ll taste test new foods together or try to find the “best of” in our area, 3) Social Events, such as wine and cheese, dining out, etc., 4) we may attend Cooking Classes together or Street Fairs / Festivals / community Taste Of's, and 5) we may meet at Farmer's Markets or ethnic markets to in search of particular ingredients. These activities will add to your "foodie knowledge" and will be great fun shared with your new like-minded foodie friends! How would you like to try a new cheese shop, an olive oil store, charcuterie, or explore a food item (might be as simple as tamales or cupcakes, etc.) to find the best our region has to offer? I have lots of ideas for places to explore… maybe you want to share your ideas or favorites too?

Our group will feature small dinner parties with various themes. We'll cook from our favorite cookbooks, gourmet magazines in order to create a cohesive meal that inspires us. I have at least 100 cookbooks and many gourmet magazines in my collection and would like to get re-inspired and put them to greater use - with all of you! Our small group events will allow each member to have an active role in making each event a success! We'll stay small on purpose with average attendance at events from 4 to 10 people. We will plan our menus together and the focus at each event will be on a certain type of food or cuisine. Everyone will be involved in the hands-on cooking and be rewarded with a shared dinner party around a convivial table, gaining new friends with similar interests in the process! We'll aim to keep things simple with manageable menus in order to best enjoy our efforts! Like America's Test Kitchen, we may even just focus on one ingredient or type of dish and try to perfect it. And, we'll do our own taste testing in San Diego!

You don't have to be an expert, but, this group is not for brand new cooks and this is not a potluck kind of group. As long as you have adventurous taste buds (few restrictions) and are willing to learn with a desire to delve deeper into understanding certain flavors, cuisines or techniques, this group is for you!

So, if there is no where you’d rather be than spending an afternoon simmering sauce or baking bread, etc. all while developing lasting friendships, then, please join us for the next meet up, the Culinary Adventure Club is for you!

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Chinese Mandarin Reader Group

Irvine, CA

This is a group for those interested in learning or improving the reading ability of  Mandarin, with a secondary objective of learning or improving in Pinyin.   It is presumed you have an ability in spoken mandarin and we do social chat in Mandarin during lunch. 

All skill levels in reading Mandarin are also welcome.     However, it is assumed you can speak some mandarin since our focus is to learn to read characters and improve on our ability to do that for those who can't read or need improvement.     Our secondary focus is to learn or improve our pinyin ability.               

The knowledge level of Mandarin used in sentences and words for reading would be the most frequently used 400 - 800 characters for the beginning-intermediate level.  Our current meetup target goal is to be able to read 800 characters (without the use of pinyin) within 6 months to a year through practice.  This is not a meetup for conversation practice but for reading practice.  

We will meet about once a week to have a short intensive Mandarin reading practice and for some food or beverage afterward.

If your goal is to be able to read Chinese mandarin characters, and you are willing to do the work with fellow  enthusiasts, then this might be a good group to explore.

We welcome anyone who shares the same focus of learning, sharing, assisting in reading.

The group's main objective is in reading Chinese characters and not speaking Chinese.   If you want to learn to speak better Chinese, this is not the right meetup for that at this time.  The other meetup that focus on spoken Chinese is more appropriate for you.    At this time, the goal of this group is to improve reading.    Although we use pin yin to help us achieve our objective of recognizing Chinese characters, our objective is to learn to read without it.

Thank you for visiting and considering this group.   We hope to see you soon at one of our events.





Mutual respect is important in this group and it is required to stay in this group.

Thank You for joining this group hope to see you come to an event soon.







Management reserves all rights.

i.e. Mangement reserves the right to remove you from this group at any time and without notice.

i.e. Management reserves the right to change anything related to this group at any time and without notice.







During all events and activities, Members are responsible for themselves. The Organizer and Assistant Organizers/ Event Host are not responsible for the safety of the participants. The Organizer and Assistant Organizers/ Event Host are not responsible or liable if something happens to you. This meetup is open to the public, therefore each member must use their own judgement about other members and events and activities.   No one is forced to join and or  participate in any activity.  It is all based on your own decision and you take full responsibility for yourself. You can refuse to participate in any event, or any activity at any time for any reason.  By joining the group, you acknowledge and agree to this.

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Los Angeles CoffeeScript

Santa Monica, CA

What is CoffeeScript?

CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript. Underneath that awkward Java-esque patina, JavaScript has always had a gorgeous heart. CoffeeScript is an attempt to expose the good parts of JavaScript in a simple way.

For a quick introduction to CoffeeScript check out Panda Strike's Introduction to CoffeeScript


Who We Are

We're a group of professionals so in love with CoffeeScript we've developed our own tutorials. We're starting this meetup to show others why we enjoy developing in CoffeeScript and to interact with others who are also using CoffeeScript.


What To Expect

Some programming experience is assumed. For people who are new to CoffeeScript we'll provide self-paced tutorials. For people who are further advanced we'll have projects to work on and talk about, people to argue with.







Panda Strike is a consultancy focused on rich client, high-performance Web and mobile experiences and lightweight solutions for big data, primarily using CoffeeScript, Node.js, Elaticsearch, and a stack of innovative open source technologies. Panda Strike is hiring talented engineers.


If you're interested in hosting hack night or sponsoring food or drinks then send Lance Lakey an email through


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