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Suggested Games Groups near California

East Bay Board Gang (EBBG)

Berkeley, CA

East Bay Board Gang (EBBG)

Hello Table Toppers, 

Glad to have you! We gather every other Wednesday night (rain or shine, lightning or snow) at 7 pm, currently Moving around between Tigers Taproom, Oakland United Beerworks and Modern Times. We're a fantastic (emphasis on fantastic) gang of Table Toppers with interests in table top (woo hoo), board, card, dice, chance, co-op, skill, luck and other games that encourage conversation, critical thinking and laughter! 

Although we have nothing against any specific game or type of game (lets face it, games are games because they're fun) we try to avoid games that run longer than 60-90 minutes or take more than 30 minutes to explain. This does not mean "no games over an hour" or anything like that, just that we want to play as many games as possible with as many people as possible. If longer/epic games are your style, just make sure that you coordinate with members prior, or that the members you recruit on the night of the Meetup are aware or knowledgeable of what they are about to play.  

We also try to avoid games that are too exclusive in type like Poke'mon, Magic The Gathering, Warhammer, D&D, etc. Three games we definitely try to avoid are Settlers of Catan, Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity. We hope this does not discourage anyone from coming and joining in on the fun, seriously this group is awesome. Other than that, we encourage new games in all forms! Bring any game you are able to teach or one even one you're willing to learn, new and old. Also, if you have a game you may be developing, bring it on by for some feedback and test plays! 

We work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome and that the group runs smoothly every week. Diana and I work diligently on this group (about 15 hours a week) by approving and greeting new Table Toppers, writing the Meetups, scheduling events, picking weekly games, finding instructors for games, talking with breweries/game developers/game stores/conventions/etc., purchasing new games, and much more. We never ask for money and will never charge for the Wednesday Meetups. There are no member fees and no annual dues. However, if you would like to contribute to the group, it would be a huge help and we would be forever thankful. Our Venmo account and a Cash App account are as follows: 

Venmo: @east-bay-board-gang 

Cash App: $EastBayBoardGang 

Enough jibber jabber. Let's get together, have some drinks, eat some food, laugh it up and play some games! 

Cheers and Love,

David, Diana and Gang

Board Game Geek: 


Instagram: @eastbayboardgang

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Dungeons & Dragons of the South Bay

Palo Alto, CA

Dungeons & Dragons of the South Bay

If you enjoy Dungeons & Dragons, then this group is for you!

Join this meetup if you want to meet other cool D&D players in the south Bay Area. This is a great group if you want to join or host games, laugh, roleplay, and roll dice.

We host a casual meetup at the beginning of every month so members can meet, ask questions and plan games. Keep an eye on the calendar for updates, and join our Discord for discussions.

This group also hosts a West Marches-style campaign that everyone is welcome to join! You can request an invitation on our Discord server, or join one of our West Marches events when they are announced on Meetup. Check out the campaign here.

As a member of Dungeons and Dragons of the South Bay, please follow these rules:

1. Have fun! We’re coming together to play a game for goodness sake, so if you’re not having fun I want to know about it. Please speak up.

2. Don’t be a jerk. If you’re a jerk, it affects others’ ability to have fun, and yours too!

And of course, please remember to follow Meetup's Community Guidelines.

That’s it! ❤️

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The D&D Experience Point

Northridge, CA

The D&D Experience Point

WHO ARE WE  & WHAT WE DO:  We are a Cinema House for the Mind,  specializing in Dungeons & Dragons (and other fantasy and sci fi role playing games) for newcomers and veterans alike! 

We are here to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment to not only play the game but to experience it. For our (GMs) game masters D&D and other roleplaying games aren't just games, but vehicles of entertainment, self-expression, reflection, team building, and community building that when facilitated well create an emotionally unforgettable experience.

We invite you to join this beginner friendly D&D (5th edition) based group whether you are looking for a casual game or a full on campaign.

Our games encourages players to steer the course of the adventure. Everything is provided for you. To get a feel for the games check out:

Youtube channel:

Instagram handle:



We provide all of the essentials for you. You don't need to worry about bringing dice, mini's, maps or anything else! Just show up ready to have fun. (applies to in person games but we also provided access to most digital content as well!) 

First timers: For your first session you can choose from a pre-made character or build your own.


We all pay for high quality entertainment and D&D is no different.  Now don't get us wrong, we are not saying you NEED to pay to play D&D. If you have a great home group of friends you’ve been playing with for years and/or a solid group you play with at a game shop then we may not be for you. That said, maybe you are that "forever GM" who's always running the game but never gets to play a character. Maybe you are part of a group in which players constantly flake or that group of friends who have been too busy to get together recently. Maybe you have played a lot of games where the GM just didn’t seem well prepared. Maybe you are newcomer or an old player coming back to the game and you are looking for a great place to jump back in! If any of those apply to you then RSVP for a game. Our GMs treat D&D with passion and professionalism which adds to your overall experience. Below are just a few reasons why we believe a good gaming session is worth paying for!

·  Accountability: GMs plan session according to the number of players who RSVP and tickets hold players accountable to attending games. This makes a better experience for everyone at the table.

·  Leveling Up: We see skilled GMs no different from artists, musicians,  writers, directors, teachers, and the like. If you have been doing something long enough with proficiency (pun intended) there’s nothing wrong getting paid for it. (In D&D this is essentially adventuring 101. Adventures are usually offered coin for completing said adventure. )

·  Time & Money: On average our GMs spend 3 to 8 hours planning a single session. They are often spending their own cash for modules, game books, miniatures, digital products, dice, etc.  to give their players an awesome game!


·  Games range from $6 to $30 per session with price being based on GM experience level, time and prep cost, overall estimated length of session, and cap on number of players at the table.

·  Note that we are not clock watchers and session often typically go over our allotted time due to everyone having so much fun. We will never charge for going over.


Our Code of Conduct


Our primary goal is to facilitate collaborative adventure based storytelling through the medium of Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPG’s). We are committed to providing well crafted games that not only entertain but provide friendly, safe, and welcoming environments for all players.

This code of conduct outlines our expectations for everyone who participates in this community, as well as consequences for unacceptable behavior. 

Expected Behavior:

All players should come to the table prepared to have fun while being aware to be respectful to all others at the same time. All players should be allowed  time and space to express their opinions and listen respectfully, regardless of whether or not you agree with the other player’s opinion.

Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech.

We see Game Masters like artists and therefore do not believe in stifling their voice or censoring their games.

 Sometimes games will cover more mature subject matter such as body horror, suspense, terror, violent combat, language, and/or sexual themes.  The gamemaster should make this clear in game descriptions and discuss possible themes and subject matter before a game. If players are uncomfortable with any particular scenario, they should refrain from participating in that session. If the session breaks any rules players should report it. (See unacceptable behavior below)

Depictions of specific sensitive subject material should be avoided for club games. E.g. Hate crime, rape, domestic and child abuse

Unacceptable Behavior:

Disagreements are a natural part of the game, but the attacking or use of  verbal abuse to fellow members of the table will not be tolerated. 

Offensive comments (in or out of character) based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, or politics will not be tolerated.

Players of gamemasters who talk to other players in a condescending or belittling way will not be tolerated.

Consequences of Unexpected Behavior:

Offenders of the Code of Conduct will receive a verbal warning for the first offense. Consequences for multiple offenders include, but are not limited to, offenses temporary suspension from a particular table up to being permanently banned from the Group.

Reporting Guidelines:

Please report any perceived violations of the Code of Conduct to your Game Master. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, or if your issue is with a particular Game Master’s behavior, then please immediately message the head Game Master, Malcolm. He will respond ASAP.

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LA Geeky Fun Times

Los Angeles, CA

LA Geeky Fun Times

Why hello there!

Thanks so much for your interest in our fun little group. Our purpose? To find fellow like-minded individuals who enjoy the same things we all do: movies, TV shows, books, video games, board games, card games, music, concerts (when those eventually come back), some outdoors stuff (fear the day star!!!!), popular franchises like Star Wars or LotR, and much more. Or maybe you just want to find people to vent to about the final season of Game of Thrones. I know I'd like to!

Who should join? Anyone and everyone - since we are all home right now it doesn’t matter where you’re located! We welcome people of different ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, sexual preferences, religious preferences, etc. All we ask is that you're super cool to everyone (like, don't be a weird creeper or problematic) and be accepting of others. Fandom and passions for hobbies know no bounds, so if you are into the same hobbies and passions we all are then you've found your peoples!

Due to current events, a decent chunk of everything will be virtual, but I will constantly be looking for ways to have safe outdoor gatherings (drive-in movies, for example) ...again, safety first and all that jazz.

Some "rules" (I hate to do it, but this is the Internet):

• No hate speech

• No abuse/bullying

• No threats, doxxing

• This isn't Tinder, so please don't treat it as such

• If you will partake in alcohol or other controlled substances during events for this group, please do so in a responsible way. There definitely are levels of inebriation/intoxication that aren't cute or good/safe for the group

• Be excellent to each other

• If on camera, make sure your "cash and prizes" are covered before standing up O_o

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Minden Board Game Night

Minden, NV

Minden Board Game Night

We are a largely Wednesday night board gaming group that meets in Carson Valley, regularly at the C.O.D. casino (bingo room) at 5:30PM. There are also some Saturday gaming events, so check the calendar!

Whether or not you know titles like Power Grid, Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Small World, Pandemic, or even classic Risk, feel free to join this group and come to some events. If you are curious about any of those names or want to see what modern board games (some call them table top games) are all about, come out to an event.

Check out for games in the group library that are available for check out. Contact Ron Dobyns for more info.

Some members can be found on the BGG (BoardGameGeek) website at: Minden Board Game Night guild

There are cooperative games where everyone is trying to beat the game system or possibly some master villain...strategy games where the best decisions and planning will yield the most with dice rolling or card flipping for more random experiences...thematic games based on TV shows like Firefly or Battlestar...X-Wings battling TIE fighters...and much more. 

Thanks for giving a look and we hope to see you at one of the events!

Members inactive for 3 months will be removed; it's nothing personal just reserving space for active folks.

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American Mahjong: Seaside Games

Santa Monica, CA

American Mahjong: Seaside Games

Our organization - There are no strangers here, only friends we have not yet met.

We're all about American Mah Jongg! We're all inclusive with venues for seniors and young people alike. We also welcome beginners and experienced players, just please choose the appropriate event.

Knowledge of American Mah Jongg rules are essential. NMJL rules! Or learn on the 'Seaside American Mahjong: Beginning Lessons' MeetUp site.

Active players will remain in the club while all others will be cut.

***For our MeetUp organization there is an annual membership fee of $20 (39 cents per week) cash or Venmo only (@MM-MCGRATH) as it avoids the $2 rake from Meet Up. We pay monthly for membership. This is for MeetUp fees, administrative fees, materials and prize fund and to keep everyone engaged. We treat the highest scoring player to dinner on one of our periodic girl's-night's-out. We do not play for quarters.

See our events calendar for dates and times and please save your seat by RSVPing. Cancelling (in the app) should be done 72 hours in advance or sooner in fairness to all players as 4 players are required to play a game. <br>

All club games will be listed on the events calendar or points will not be counted towards the girls-ight-out contest.

The club reserves the right to ban any members who conduct games off of the events calendar, disallowing access to other members, and no amount of dues will be refunded to banned players. It is each individuals responsibility to report dates, times, participants and location of games.

<br> We look forward to meeting you at the tables.


Play online - Free 30 day VIP pass at - sign up AMJ, provide me w/ your sign on name and real name and I will sign you up.

Click on GO. Click on play on the middle tile that says America Mah Jongg. Click Sign Up on the right and follow the prompts

Click on American Mah Jongg then download their Epoch app.

Let me know your name and handle and I will get you set up.

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San Francisco Dungeons & Dragons Newbie Sessions

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Dungeons & Dragons Newbie Sessions

*** Important info, please read! ***

Come learn Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition (latest version) in a comfortable and welcoming environment. New and experienced players are both welcome!

We’ll be playing a mix of one-shot adventures designed specifically for new players. Ask questions, learn how to play, and meet new people! Pre-made characters are provided in the event description or you can roll your own on D&D Beyond. Play time is typically around 4 hours. Please arrive on time and keep your RSVP status up-to-date! More details can be found in the individual events.

Some of the common questions we get:

What if I've never played D&D before and know nothing about it? Perfect! Lots of people who show up for Newbie Sessions have never played before. You'll be in good company and we will help you along the way!

Can I spectate a game? Unfortunately, no. We found spectators to be disruptive because they were connecting and disconnecting or forgetting to mute their microphones. We also found that many players don’t like having an audience when they play since it adds more pressure. See our FAQ for more information.

Which races and classes can I play? This may depend on your DM, but generally anything officially published and playtested is acceptable. See our Player Resources page on each event for more information.

What is a one-shot? What if I missed the last event? That's ok! One-shots are events that are completed in a single sitting. Each game is independent from the others. Just don't sign-up for the same event a second time because it's the same story.

What if I'm not very creative or bad at roleplaying? No problem. We've got you covered! If you're struggling with something, the DM will step in and help provide some ideas. Many new players struggle with the openness and freedom of D&D. We'll be there to support you throughout the entire game.

Official website:

More FAQs:

Join our Discord server:

Important links:

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