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Suggested Games Groups near California

East Bay Board Gang (EBBG)

Berkeley, CA

East Bay Board Gang (EBBG)

Hello Table Toppers, 

Glad to have you! We gather every other Wednesday night (rain or shine, lightning or snow) at 7 pm, currently Moving around between Tigers Taproom, Oakland United Beerworks and Modern Times. We're a fantastic (emphasis on fantastic) gang of Table Toppers with interests in table top (woo hoo), board, card, dice, chance, co-op, skill, luck and other games that encourage conversation, critical thinking and laughter! 

Although we have nothing against any specific game or type of game (lets face it, games are games because they're fun) we try to avoid games that run longer than 60-90 minutes or take more than 30 minutes to explain. This does not mean "no games over an hour" or anything like that, just that we want to play as many games as possible with as many people as possible. If longer/epic games are your style, just make sure that you coordinate with members prior, or that the members you recruit on the night of the Meetup are aware or knowledgeable of what they are about to play.  

We also try to avoid games that are too exclusive in type like Poke'mon, Magic The Gathering, Warhammer, D&D, etc. Three games we definitely try to avoid are Settlers of Catan, Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity. We hope this does not discourage anyone from coming and joining in on the fun, seriously this group is awesome. Other than that, we encourage new games in all forms! Bring any game you are able to teach or one even one you're willing to learn, new and old. Also, if you have a game you may be developing, bring it on by for some feedback and test plays! 

We work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome and that the group runs smoothly every week. Diana and I work diligently on this group (about 15 hours a week) by approving and greeting new Table Toppers, writing the Meetups, scheduling events, picking weekly games, finding instructors for games, talking with breweries/game developers/game stores/conventions/etc., purchasing new games, and much more. We never ask for money and will never charge for the Wednesday Meetups. There are no member fees and no annual dues. However, if you would like to contribute to the group, it would be a huge help and we would be forever thankful. Our Venmo account and a Cash App account are as follows: 

Venmo: @east-bay-board-gang 

Cash App: $EastBayBoardGang 

Enough jibber jabber. Let's get together, have some drinks, eat some food, laugh it up and play some games! 

Cheers and Love,

David, Diana and Gang

Board Game Geek: 


Instagram: @eastbayboardgang

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San Francisco Gamer Ladies

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Gamer Ladies

This group is for ladies or lady identified geeks, nerds and gamers. Our primary age range is 20's to 30's. Meetups will be focused around playing board games (like Catan and Dominion NOT Monopoly and Life), or maybe just watching a movie and doing crafts! We're also into video games. Most meetups I create will take place in San Francisco (where I live and can host).

-Member Guidelines-

Must be a lady or lady identified

Must be 21+

Must be located within the Bay Area

Your profile should have something in it! I do read them to make sure you knew what you were signing up for. Your answers should reflect why you're a good fit for a gaming/geeky group. There is no strict enforcement on level of nerdiness (you don't have to be 'hardcore' :p), but this is not a typical ladies hanging out group. 

Examples of Games Played:

* Terra Mystica

* Viticulture

* Castles of Burgundy

* Notre Dame

* Concordia

* 7 Wonders

* Puerto Rico

* Power Grid

* Suburbia

* Ethnos

RSVP's & No-Shows

Try to be courteous on your RSVPs. If you no show or cancel your RSVP last minute 3 times in a row you will be removed and banned from the group. Beyond that, if we start noticing you no-show more than you're attending, we will issue a warning with possible removal of the group to follow. This rule stops people from taking spots in capped events when they had no intention of ever showing at meetups.


-Guidelines for Meetups-

(only need to be referred to if you're making a meetup) 

Meetups must specify Ladies Only or All Genders Allowed. All Genders Allowed means that a lady who is a member of the meetup knows this someone who is not a lady, and they are her guest. Anyone who is not a lady is not allowed to join this group directly.

No spam or advertising! Please advertise elsewhere. If you are interested in sponsoring the meetup for advertising, please contact me directly. All advertising that is not a sponsor will be removed with possible removal of the member involved. costs organizers money to use.

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East Bay Cribbage Meetup

Oakland, CA

East Bay Cribbage Meetup

**(UPDATE: Since most of our members have been fully vaccinated, we are once again OPEN to new members at this time, although we will urge everyone to follow CDC, state, and county public health guidelines regarding masks and other safety protocols. We are customers and guests of the businesses that we utilize as playing venues, and must adhere to their requirements during the pandemic. While we do NOT conduct any health checks ourselves (and therefore leave it to your own best judgement as to whether to attend events, knowing that we are NOT responsible for your health), we appreciate an attitude of respect for your Organizer(s) and fellow members, and are happy to finally be able to resume a regular schedule of (bi)weekly sessions to play. However, please read the Liability Disclaimer below before joining the group or attending any event. Be healthy, stay well, and PEG ON!)** Let's get together and play cribbage! Cribbage is a classic card game for 2 or more players. Meetups are fun and social, and twice a year we plan a tournament with a buy-in and prizes. We are now celebrating SEVEN (7) years since our "Organizer Emeritus" Jodi started this "beer-and-cribbage thing" in Oakland! Organizer Terry, with input from group members, plans gatherings every other week on Sunday afternoons (weekly from June to August), and we are open to holding summer weeknight sessions when we can enjoy the lengthier daylight. We rotate gatherings among breweries, brewpubs, restaurants, and taprooms in the East Bay, concentrated mostly in the Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda area. Favorite craft beer locations such as Jupiter, Mad Oak, and Temescal Brewing have outdoor seating and picnic-style tables that are perfect during the spring and summer, while other places like Alameda Island Brewing Company, Cornerstone Craft Beer, and The Fourth Bore offer cozy comfort indoors during the fall and winter months. All members are welcome to suggest additional venues, days, and times. With a little notice, the group can gather 6-10 players. We provide all the necessary equipment (boards, pegs, and cards), so all you have to do is bring yourself, invite a friend, and have a good time pegging along with us. New players are welcome, so if you're ready to learn the best two-handed card game ever invented, we're ready to help you shuffle, cut, deal, discard, peg, and count your way into a lifetime of fun. Happy Pegging! LIABILITY DISCLAIMER FOR EVENT ACTIVITIES AND SITE USE (IMPORTANT TO READ REGARDING YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS) In exchange for participation in the activities organized by the East Bay Cribbage Meetup (EBCM) Group, you agree on behalf of yourself and your guests (if applicable), to the following: You are responsible for your own interactions with other members of the EBCM Group. You understand that the group does not do background checks on any of our existing members or on new members joining the group. This site makes no representations or warranties as to the conduct of its members. The organizers & event hosts of this group are NOT liable for any damages whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, general, special, compensatory, consequential, and/or incidental, arising out of or relating to your conduct or anyone else's conduct in connection with or attending an event with the EBCM Group or use of this site. This includes, without limitation, bodily injury and emotional distress. You agree to take reasonable precautions in all interactions with other members of the group, including if you decide to meet outside of an event. In addition, you agree to the group's terms and conditions noted above and to abide by them. You agree to observe & obey all posted rules & warnings, & further agree to follow any oral instructions or directions given by organizers or event hosts of the group when attending an event. You recognize that there are certain inherent risks associated with the organized activities, and you assume full responsibility for personal injury to yourself and (if applicable) to your guests, and further release and discharge the organizers and even hosts for injury, loss, or damage arising out of your attendance or your guest’s attendance at an EBCM event, whether caused by the fault of yourself, your guests, or other third parties. You agree to indemnify and defend EBCM against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgements, costs or expenses, including attorney fees and other litigation costs, which may in way arise from your attendance or your guest’s attendance at an EBCM event. You agree to pay for all damages to the facilities caused by any negligent, reckless, or willful actions by you or your guests. Any legal or equitable claim that may arise from participation in the above shall be resolved under California law. You agree and acknowledge that you are under no pressure or duress to agree to this and that you have been given a reasonable opportunity to review it before agreeing. You further agree and acknowledge that you are free to have your own legal counsel review this Agreement if you so desire. You have read this document & understand it. You further understand that by joining this group or remaining a member of this group, you voluntarily surrender the legal rights noted above.

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Sacramento Cribbage Meetups

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Cribbage Meetups

Our Cribbage meetup is a weekly social cribbage evening - each Thursday. There is no cost to play every week, but donating to the cribbage meetup fee every 6 months is appreciated.  We just play cribbage - there isn't a structure to the evening - just show up ANY time between 4 and 7 (one game or two hours worth). If you want to learn how to play - just ask. If you want to help teach - please, I would be honored to learn from you if you have the knowledge and skills. I try my best to teach tournament style cribbage - but you have the right to play as you desire, just follow the basic rules of cribbage.

Cribbage is available 4 nights a week ... if you feel you are a good cribbage player and would like to test your skills - please join us - I will let you know where the clubs meet and what time.

Thursday night ... SOCIAL CRIBBAGE - various locations depending on requests from YOU ... Anytime after 4 pm - there isn't a set time to show up or leave.

Thursday nights - Is a SOCIAL cribbage night for those who want to learn how to play ... or play better ... or teach others how to play better. Monday through Thursday - Meet other local Cribbage players and test your skills.

Our weekly Cribbage Events (not the social meetups) consist of tournaments of 9 games of Cribbage against 9 different opponents. Great friends, laughter and the best nights of card playing in town - Cribbage! Players of ALL ages and ALL skill levels are welcome. Please join us for a fun evening of Cribbage. We have some very talented Cribbage players ranking among the top players in the country so there is always plenty to learn!

If you are just curious and want to see what Cribbage is ... yes, you can come watch and ask questions. Hope to see you soon!

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The D&D Experience Point

Northridge, CA

The D&D Experience Point

WHO ARE WE  & WHAT WE DO:  We are a Cinema House for the Mind,  specializing in Dungeons & Dragons (and other fantasy and sci fi role playing games) for newcomers and veterans alike! 

We are here to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment to not only play the game but to experience it. For our (GMs) game masters D&D and other roleplaying games aren't just games, but vehicles of entertainment, self-expression, reflection, team building, and community building that when facilitated well create an emotionally unforgettable experience.

We invite you to join this beginner friendly D&D (5th edition) based group whether you are looking for a casual game or a full on campaign.

Our games encourages players to steer the course of the adventure. Everything is provided for you. To get a feel for the games check out:

Youtube channel:

Instagram handle:



We provide all of the essentials for you. You don't need to worry about bringing dice, mini's, maps or anything else! Just show up ready to have fun. (applies to in person games but we also provided access to most digital content as well!) 

First timers: For your first session you can choose from a pre-made character or build your own.


We all pay for high quality entertainment and D&D is no different.  Now don't get us wrong, we are not saying you NEED to pay to play D&D. If you have a great home group of friends you’ve been playing with for years and/or a solid group you play with at a game shop then we may not be for you. That said, maybe you are that "forever GM" who's always running the game but never gets to play a character. Maybe you are part of a group in which players constantly flake or that group of friends who have been too busy to get together recently. Maybe you have played a lot of games where the GM just didn’t seem well prepared. Maybe you are newcomer or an old player coming back to the game and you are looking for a great place to jump back in! If any of those apply to you then RSVP for a game. Our GMs treat D&D with passion and professionalism which adds to your overall experience. Below are just a few reasons why we believe a good gaming session is worth paying for!

·  Accountability: GMs plan session according to the number of players who RSVP and tickets hold players accountable to attending games. This makes a better experience for everyone at the table.

·  Leveling Up: We see skilled GMs no different from artists, musicians,  writers, directors, teachers, and the like. If you have been doing something long enough with proficiency (pun intended) there’s nothing wrong getting paid for it. (In D&D this is essentially adventuring 101. Adventures are usually offered coin for completing said adventure. )

·  Time & Money: On average our GMs spend 3 to 8 hours planning a single session. They are often spending their own cash for modules, game books, miniatures, digital products, dice, etc.  to give their players an awesome game!


·  Games range from $6 to $30 per session with price being based on GM experience level, time and prep cost, overall estimated length of session, and cap on number of players at the table.

·  Note that we are not clock watchers and session often typically go over our allotted time due to everyone having so much fun. We will never charge for going over.


Our Code of Conduct


Our primary goal is to facilitate collaborative adventure based storytelling through the medium of Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPG’s). We are committed to providing well crafted games that not only entertain but provide friendly, safe, and welcoming environments for all players.

This code of conduct outlines our expectations for everyone who participates in this community, as well as consequences for unacceptable behavior. 

Expected Behavior:

All players should come to the table prepared to have fun while being aware to be respectful to all others at the same time. All players should be allowed  time and space to express their opinions and listen respectfully, regardless of whether or not you agree with the other player’s opinion.

Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech.

We see Game Masters like artists and therefore do not believe in stifling their voice or censoring their games.

 Sometimes games will cover more mature subject matter such as body horror, suspense, terror, violent combat, language, and/or sexual themes.  The gamemaster should make this clear in game descriptions and discuss possible themes and subject matter before a game. If players are uncomfortable with any particular scenario, they should refrain from participating in that session. If the session breaks any rules players should report it. (See unacceptable behavior below)

Depictions of specific sensitive subject material should be avoided for club games. E.g. Hate crime, rape, domestic and child abuse

Unacceptable Behavior:

Disagreements are a natural part of the game, but the attacking or use of  verbal abuse to fellow members of the table will not be tolerated. 

Offensive comments (in or out of character) based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, or politics will not be tolerated.

Players of gamemasters who talk to other players in a condescending or belittling way will not be tolerated.

Consequences of Unexpected Behavior:

Offenders of the Code of Conduct will receive a verbal warning for the first offense. Consequences for multiple offenders include, but are not limited to, offenses temporary suspension from a particular table up to being permanently banned from the Group.

Reporting Guidelines:

Please report any perceived violations of the Code of Conduct to your Game Master. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, or if your issue is with a particular Game Master’s behavior, then please immediately message the head Game Master, Malcolm. He will respond ASAP.

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Rounders Poker

Los Angeles, CA

Rounders Poker

😍 WE ARE BACK -- but the virus still out there. 😷

Because the virus and its variants are still looming, persons willing to host home games have health and safety concerns they have a right to consider.

This means we will likely see home games with health and safety requirements we might not agree with but logically host/homeowner's make the rules for their house. Any health and safety requirements set by hosts is not debatable.

Access to ALL ROUNDERS GAMES is NOT AUTOMATIC - Entry is at Host's discretion.

The internet social climate has changed since we launched this group in 2008. Many hosts are no longer comfortable or open to allowing ANYONE into their homes. If you are not invited or allowed, don't have a cow, its no big deal, find other games they are everywhere. BTW: It does not help to have a Profile that hides your identity, looks unfriendly or gangster, or is vacant of any information about you.

People who are grim, surly, and too serious about poker should probably look elsewhere. Our private home games are amiable, the games are social, anyone who does not understand this is missing the point and should go back to the casinos.

Any member who wishes to host a live home game should email me at with a planned date for your game. We are no longer providing free hosting on this site for 'for-profit' gaming operators or organizers of external Meetups.

Hosts can post LIVE games only, no online games. Hosts cannot post auto-recurring games beyond thirty (30) days out.

Hosts determine and set the House Rules for their home. Any conditions set by hosts for access to their home cannot be debated, challenged, protested, or appealed here. In some cases access to home games may be "Invitation Only" and only for known or preferred guests, read each game description.

😲💻---We are still playing online ---💻😁

The pandemic forced us online and we are still playing together online, join our group here, and ask about joining our online games. Playing with us online can become a pathway to connect with members and obtain invitations into our live home games.

Scotty Wayne, Organizer

Membership is not intended for gaming operators to promote 'for-profit' gaming operations, live or online. 

Persons attempting to solicit sales or services within this group without advance approval will be removed without notice.

Fee based programs are available to promote your products, services, poker clubs, or events. Contact the Organizer for business related programs or promotional engagements. 

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LA Geeky Fun Times

Los Angeles, CA

LA Geeky Fun Times

Why hello there!

Thanks so much for your interest in our fun little group. Our purpose? To find fellow like-minded individuals who enjoy the same things we all do: movies, TV shows, books, video games, board games, card games, music, concerts (when those eventually come back), some outdoors stuff (fear the day star!!!!), popular franchises like Star Wars or LotR, and much more. Or maybe you just want to find people to vent to about the final season of Game of Thrones. I know I'd like to!

Who should join? Anyone and everyone - since we are all home right now it doesn’t matter where you’re located! We welcome people of different ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, sexual preferences, religious preferences, etc. All we ask is that you're super cool to everyone (like, don't be a weird creeper or problematic) and be accepting of others. Fandom and passions for hobbies know no bounds, so if you are into the same hobbies and passions we all are then you've found your peoples!

Due to current events, a decent chunk of everything will be virtual, but I will constantly be looking for ways to have safe outdoor gatherings (drive-in movies, for example) ...again, safety first and all that jazz.

Some "rules" (I hate to do it, but this is the Internet):

• No hate speech

• No abuse/bullying

• No threats, doxxing

• This isn't Tinder, so please don't treat it as such

• If you will partake in alcohol or other controlled substances during events for this group, please do so in a responsible way. There definitely are levels of inebriation/intoxication that aren't cute or good/safe for the group

• Be excellent to each other

• If on camera, make sure your "cash and prizes" are covered before standing up O_o

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Bay Area Poker: Weekly Tourneys and Cash Games

Redwood City, CA

Bay Area Poker: Weekly Tourneys and Cash Games

Our Bay Area Poker Meetup actually meets and plays poker....weekly! It’s a very active group, so if you actually want to meet people and play poker, you found the only weekly poker meetup in the Bay Area.

Looking for friendly, semi-professionally run home poker games in the Bay Area? That's us. Our poker tournaments and cash games are well organized and player friendly for all skill levels. With over 10 years experience hosting, we've seen and dealt with every possible situation. Yes...even 'that guy'. We have a great mix of the young and young at heart, couples, and singles.

What makes us different from other meetup poker groups? Well, you may have noticed, but we actually schedule and play poker! Most Meetup poker groups are lucky to get a game off the ground, but we schedule and play multiple times per month at our Redwood City, Sunnyvale, and San Jose hosting sites.

Our games promise to be casual enough for a poker novice to join and structured enough for a veteran to appreciate. Our focus is for everyone to have a good time regardless of how the cards run on any given night. We use dual-screen casino style tournament clocks and excellent blinds structures. We also use and enforce TDA rules to protect the integrity of the game.

Remember, this isn't a game where everyone puts on earbuds and ignores each other! We put on the Warriors or Giants and bring our own beverages/food. We try to keep it friendly while also trying to crush each other's hopes and dreams. Sound like fun?

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