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Suggested Health & Wellbeing Groups near California

Les Gaulois Iuvenis

Mountain View, CA

Les Gaulois Iuvenis

Bienvenue chez les Gaulois Iuvenis!

C'est notre second groupe Gaulois, dédié aux plus jeunes de nos membres. Ce groupe est réservé aux moins de 35 ans*.

Si tu as plus de 35 ans, pas de soucis, rejoins nous chez Les Gaulois! Tu y seras tout aussi bien accueilli(e) et y trouveras la meme ambiance.

Les Gaulois Iuvenis est un groupe pour jeunes francophones qui veulent échanger en français. Nous nous retrouvons pour des aperos, restaurants, repas, promenades, visites, et autres activites de groupe. 

Dis-nous quelles activités t'intéressent en votant

Si tu as une question, une suggestion ou si tu souhaites participer a l'organisation, n'hésites pas à contacter Pierre.

Il est nécessaire d'avoir un niveau de français permettant de participer à une conversation de manière active et soutenue.

À bientôt!


* La limite d'age permet d'organiser des activités qui intéressent nos membres les plus jeunes et n'attirent pas le reste de notre communauté sans saturer le groupe general de messages.

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Healthy Communication Habits that Will Change Your Life

Sacramento, CA

Healthy Communication Habits that Will Change Your Life

How do you communicate with more self-confidence? How do you connect better with people and make more friends? How do you initiate a conversation with someone you'd like to know? How do you not run out of things to say? How do you feel comfortable in public speaking? In this group, you will learn the healthy communication habits that can transform your life!

What are communication habits?

Here are some examples:

Do you express how you feel, or do you hide your true feelings?

Do you tend to wait for someone else to initiate the conversations, or do you initiate the conversations yourself?

When you talk to someone, do you project yourself well?

When you listen, do you pay full attention to what the other person is saying, or do you think about what you are going to say next?

Are you more introverted or extroverted?

Do you sound nervous when you speak in front of a group of people, or can you be yourself comfortably?

Unhealthy communication habits can block your personal and professional connections; on the other hand, healthy communication habits can help you develop good personal and professional relationships.

That is what this meetup group is all about.

This group will be led by someone who has been helping people with communication skills for over twenty years. The meetings will be on Zoom, they will be free, and you will learn a lot from each meeting. You will learn communication tools you have never learned before. You will likely make more friends, do better with job interviews, and become more confident speaking in front of people.

This group is brought to you by the Dianetics and Scientology life improvement center in Sacramento, California.


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Skyrocket Your Social Life, Self-Confidence and Happiness

Sacramento, CA

Skyrocket Your Social Life, Self-Confidence and Happiness

Maybe you are an introvert, and you think that is just the way you are, and you can't do anything about it, but this belief about yourself is untrue. Chances are that NO ONE HAD EVER SHOWED YOU how to improve your social life, how to improve your communication skills, or how to improve your self-confidence! I know this because I have talked to thousands of people who consider themselves introverts, and last time I had checked, they don't teach these topics in schools!

Don't worry though, because in this group we will teach these topics in our meetup events. It is going to take some learning and some work, but you CAN change your social life, you CAN improve your self-confidence and happiness. You will learn HOW in this group.

Think about it. How many of us have given up on something because it was the easy thing to do?

The thing to remember is that the thing that stops you is not other people. It is yourself. If you don't make the effort to make the change, you won't change. If you have decided that you can't, then of course you won't. The truth is that we have convinced ourselves of our own limitations, when in actual fact we are creatures of no limits.

In this group, we will have Zoom meetup events to talk about how to overcome our mental and emotional barriers. We will talk about relationships, and how to make friends and maybe get back to dating again. We will talk about how to improve our social life and communication skills.

I am the organizer and instructor for this group. I have been helping people with self-confidence, relationships, and communication skills professionally for over 20 years. I will teach you knowledge and tools that no one had ever taught you before in our free group meetings.

Excited? I know I am! See you at our upcoming group meetings!

This group and its events are brought to you by the Dianetics and Scientology life improvement information center in Sacramento, California.

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Sonoma County Go Wild Hikers

Santa Rosa, CA

Sonoma County Go Wild Hikers

Take a walk (or hike) on the wild side! Enjoy many of our beautiful local parks, get exercise, view native plants and wildlife, and meet other friendly local people. The Go Wild hikes are a great way to support your wellness on all levels. Getting moving outdoors is one of the best prescriptions for health and happiness. We're about creating a group environment in which our fellow hikers can connect and enjoy each other’s company in a friendly, courteous and supportive manner. It’s as much about the hikers as it is about the hikes. 

The hikes are usually 4-9 miles in length and are appropriate for intermediate-level hikers. Some are appropriate for beginner-level hikers depending on their fitness level. Hikers who are out of practice or out of shape should read hike descriptions carefully and be aware of their fitness level before signing up. 

If your plans change after you sign up, please update your RSVP. This is a courtesy to the group and leaves room for others who want to attend.

Cost: $5 suggested donation. No one turned away!

It is essential that we respect each other in the hiking community and the world. 

**Please refrain from using Any scented products the day of a group hike! This includes cologne, perfume, aftershave etc..  Symptoms of fragrance sensitivity can include headaches, nausea, and a skin allergy like contact dermatitis, which causes redness, itching, and burning. Watery, itching, burning, and red eyes; sneezing; runny nose; and congestion are also common.

*Remember to wear appropriate hiking shoes, bring plenty of water, a snack and layered clothing.

*Of course we will all look out for each other but ultimately, hikers are responsible for their own safety and well-being during hikes.


• Wear appropriate comfortable hiking shoes

• Bring sunscreen and dress appropriate to the weather

• Plenty of water and snacks for longer hikes

• Money for parking (if applicable) and suggested donation

YOUR GUIDE: I (Zoli) became organizer in June 2019. I'm a long time members of the Go Wild Hikers. I've enjoyed many of their hikes over the years. Kristi Bowman announced in May 2019, that she and Tony would no longer lead the hikes. Now it's Go Wild 3.0 lead by me, Zoli Somogyi. I welcome all constructive feedback as this wouldn't be a group without you.

NOTE ON DOGS:  Dogs are not allowed on many of the local trails. We ask that you please leave your 4-legged, furry friends at home for the group hikes, unless otherwise specified. Thank you! 

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Sunnyvale Yoga Dance Stretch&More

Sunnyvale, CA

Sunnyvale Yoga Dance Stretch&More

Hi everyone, I wonder if you would like to join me for yoga, dance, and stretching together? It's about an hour session. I have been doing stretching combination sessions once a week with my roommates since March 2020.  it would be great to exercise together and to make friends woohoo!~

         My roommates and I are all in tech(i am a student in CS), so we all have been staying home almost 24/7; if you are interested and also cautious with Covid-19 like us, please reach out to me; we would love to have you over, maximum 4 people in total, Sunnyvale, CA

           the stretching session would be in my apartment living room because I have all the Yoga, Dance, Stretching accessories here.

          It's free, no cost; the only reason I set up this group because I found that I tend to have the better discipline to get my physical activity done when I  do it in group VS exercise alone(anyone feels the same? or just me?). 

Covid safety& Absence:

          for Covid safety, I will only open 4 more available spots, therefore, please be mindful that if you reserve the spot, I will expect you to be here, coz other people couldn't get in this event anymore.

I understand everyone has a busy life; if you have something come up, be aware to cancel it as soon as you acknowledge it; we do have people on the waitlist so that I can move them up.

Anyone who doesn't show up more than twice without any notice given or explanation will be banned from this group; just because it's a free event, it doesn't mean you can not value my time. I do take time to plan each session and protect the event hour from my busy school/life schedule.

Our Yoga Dance Stretch&more session won't waste your time; give it a shot!



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East Bay Positive Psychology Flourishing Club

Martinez, CA

East Bay Positive Psychology Flourishing Club

Welcome Positive Psychology and Wellness lovers far and wide! We’re an online and in-person enthusiast group hosting networking events on a range of positive psychology topics. You can join us in person if possible or on one of our live streams. Look out for our virtual happy hours!

What's the purpose of the group?
Here you can discuss professional issues, ask for help in finding books and methods, and just have a good conversation. Flourish in your life with Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, and Vitality!

Who should join?
The group is designed for Positive Psychology (PP) specialists and non-specialists, people who are practicing PP and who are entering the Positive Psychology field. Who likes asking questions that interest them or asking for a recommendation, who want to ask for help and share the resources with others.

* Psychologists
* Life Coaches
* Therapists
* Nurses
* Career Coaches
* Business Coaches
* School Counselors
* Educators
* Teachers
* HR Professionals
* Yoga Teachers
* Nutritionists
* CEOs

What will you do at your events?
Every week we meet to discuss one topic of positive psychology and how to flourish in our life! We cover different tools, approaches, and books that we can use with our friends, family, and clients!

Group Rules:
Be Vulnerable! (The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown -
Be open and honest
Focus and concentrate
Participate and interact
Support each other
Respect everyone
Share resources

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YOGA by the SEA ~ Mandalay Shores

Oxnard, CA

YOGA by the SEA ~ Mandalay Shores

YOGA by the SEA offers year-round, DONATION BASED classes in the beautiful Oxnard Beach Park.

To ensure the safety of all participants PLEASE follow these guidelines:

** RSVP on YOGA by the SEA Meetup and include guest's name in your RSVP or message your guest's name to the instructor. Please, edit your RSVP if you know that you CANNOT attend.

** Each member/guest is REQUIRED to submit a NEW ONE-TIME electronic waiver: <br>** Check YbtS Meetup PRIOR to attending class for any UPDATES/CHANGES or COMMUNICATION from the instructor

** Arrive 10min prior to class, bring yoga mat & strap, layered clothing, water, hat, sunscreen

** PLEASE, stay home and take care of yourself if you're not feeling well

** Class DONATIONS are MUCH appreciated and accepted in CASH or electronically via instructor’s Venmo, Zelle, PayPal listed in the details of each class <br>

** ONLINE classes are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, each YouTube video link is available @7am for 5 days on Marketa's YouTube channel

Questions? Message Marketa via Meetup OR Email: OR text Marketa 805-479-9530

Thank you! <br>

Namaste', Marketa <br>

YOGA by the SEA Grass Location: <br>

YOGA by the SEA Beach Location:

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