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Manjushri Buddha Dharma Lineage in Los Gatos

Los Gatos, CA

Manjushri Buddha Dharma Lineage in Los Gatos

Brief Introduction to Our Guru

Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche

At a very young age, Rinpoche followed Huiling Rinpoche, the Lineage Holder of Nagavara Raja Buddha Tradition, and completed the systematic study of the Nagavara Raja Buddha Lineage and became the Lineage Holder. The Nagavara Raja Buddha Lineage inherits the “Prajna Paramita Sutra” and the profound uncommon Vajrayana teachings of Manjushri Bodhisattva. As he became a little older, Rinpoche encountered Venerable Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche. He was moved by Tsenshab Rinpoche’s Old Kadampa moral character, and received the “blessing from the Pure Vision of the Old Kadampa Lineage pure positive karma” from Tsenshab Rinpoche. Every time seeing Tsenshab Rinpoche, his tears would naturally flow out. On one occasion, Rinpoche paid homage to the relic display of Gurus, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and saw that the most venerable Atisha’s relics were surrounded by clean, pure and holy light, similar to the holiness of the relics of Buddha and Bodhisattvas. He generated utter faith in the uncommon virtue of most venerable Atisha, and generated uncommon veneration for most venerable Atisha. He came to understand that the mind quality of Tsenshab Rinpoche that moved him originated from most venerable Atisha. For a long time Rinpoche studied in front of the throne of his Dharma father, the “49th Ganden Tripa” Dhakpa Rinpoche, and was recognized by Dhakpa Rinpoche as his important close disciple. Dhakpa Rinpoche is a great cultivator who holds the “Old Kadampa” tradition and style, the same as Tsenshab Rinpoche. Because of Rinpoche’s loyalty and devotion to his Guru, he received his Guru’s trust. Dhakpa Rinpoche passed the Lineage Dharma Seat of “Stages of Path to Enlightenment”, many Lineage teachings, and cultivation experience and essence of the Old Kadampa tradition to Rinpoche. Allowing him to become a Guru who can transmit and teach the “Stages of Path to Enlightenment” and Kadampa teachings. This fulfilled his dream of having Guru-Disciple relationship with most venerable Atisha. Besides having the cultivation style of the pure tradition, Rinpoche followed the most exceptional Gurus in the “Gyuto Tantric College” and “Gyume Tantric College” to study Vajrayana teachings. These Vajrayana Gurus all consider Rinpoche as their most outstanding disciple.

Rinpoche believes the greatest meaning of Buddha descending to Jambudvipa (this world system) is to make the sentient beings awaken their inner “good heart and kindness”, abandon mutual “hostile rejection”, so that people can “live together in harmony”, and can also “care for each other” and “help each other”, to improve people’s “public morality”, and to make human beings “live in harmony” with the nature. He prays for the planet that we live on to recover from the harm that was already made.

Rinpoche carries the tradition and style he received from his Gurus, and is humble and low key. But he clearly distinguishes virtue and evil, and allows no space for ambiguity. He is dedicated to restoring the “Old Kadampa” real cultivation spirit. He believes all cultivations should begin with putting down “self attachment” and clearly distinguishing “virtue and evil”. One should be able to earnestly practice the logic that oneself says. Teaching Dharma should be according to the “virtue root” of the students and their level of cultivation and learning, and one should not teach high and deep Dharma logic to students who have not received training; this would harm the virtue root of the students, and make the students overestimate their own levels and not be able to solve their problems. One should first build a stable foundation and then “gradually progress step by step”.  He prays for all Buddha’s disciples to have the ability to make their own cultivation improve.

Rinpoche has accurate study and comprehension for both Sutrayana and Vajrayana teachings, and is an exceptional scholar. But his teaching style is very concise. He only teaches the disciples simple meaning and logic, and then teaches the disciples to recite mantra to remove obstacles, to reveal their existing “ability of comprehension” and “ability of following the correct Dharma”. This is a practical and feasible cultivation method in this Dharma ending period. At the same time, he is extremely careful about using the correct motivation to recite mantras; only in this way can one deliver the function of mantras correctly. To simply put, Rinpoche mainly teaches mantra recitation, and uses its actual function of subduing obstacles and improving wisdom to accomplish listening, contemplation and cultivation of Dharma; after that one can then learn profound Dharma teachings progressively. This way of both studying the stages and accumulating assets at the same time, should be the most effective way of cultivation under the current circumstance where various problems emerge one after another.

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Les Gaulois Iuvenis

Mountain View, CA

Les Gaulois Iuvenis

Bienvenue chez les Gaulois Iuvenis!

C'est notre second groupe Gaulois, dédié aux plus jeunes de nos membres. Ce groupe est réservé aux moins de 35 ans*.

Si tu as plus de 35 ans, pas de soucis, rejoins nous chez Les Gaulois! Tu y seras tout aussi bien accueilli(e) et y trouveras la meme ambiance.

Les Gaulois Iuvenis est un groupe pour jeunes francophones qui veulent échanger en français. Nous nous retrouvons pour des aperos, restaurants, repas, promenades, visites, et autres activites de groupe. 

Dis-nous quelles activités t'intéressent en votant

Si tu as une question, une suggestion ou si tu souhaites participer a l'organisation, n'hésites pas à contacter Pierre.

Il est nécessaire d'avoir un niveau de français permettant de participer à une conversation de manière active et soutenue.

À bientôt!


* La limite d'age permet d'organiser des activités qui intéressent nos membres les plus jeunes et n'attirent pas le reste de notre communauté sans saturer le groupe general de messages.

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Inner Engineering SF (Isha Yoga & Meditation Classes)

San Francisco, CA

Inner Engineering SF (Isha Yoga & Meditation Classes)

The Inner Engineering Meetup group offers free meditation classes, yoga programs, public events, and social gatherings where we can come together to practice, learn more, relax and have fun! 

We look forward to meeting you, soon! 


"If life were to come with a manual, this in my opinion would be it! If we all applied the Inner Engineering technology, our world would instantly transform to exist from a foundation of peace, joy, and compassion for all beings."  -Evita Ochel   

For all of the strides we have made in science and technology with standards of living unimaginable a century ago, most human beings still remain in search of wholeness and purpose in their lives.  Inner Engineering is scientifically-structured to offer powerful processes from the ancient tradition of yoga to transcend the limitations of who you are and bring you to higher levels of consciousness.  Inner Engineering was designed by Sadhguru, a yogi, visionary, and one the foremost authorities on yoga as a powerful tool to create your life the way you want it.

Sadhguru & Deepak Chopra— Creating Inner Peace, Joy and Fulfillment in a Hectic Modern World 

"The word 'yoga' means union, that means you experience the entire universe as working with the body, by working with the mind, by working with your emotion and energy, you can setup a step-by- step system within yourself where your energies are kept at such a level of exuberance that your sensory body is as large as the universe...Once you experience everybody around you as yourself... your goodness is a consequence, not an effort."

About Sadhguru—Sadhguru is a realized yogi and mystic – a man whose passion spills into everything he encounters. With a keen mind, balanced by a heart that knows no boundary, his presence and powerful yoga programs create an extraordinary opportunity to break through limitations into one’s natural state of freedom, love and joy. 

Sadhguru has a unique ability to make the ancient science of yoga relevant to contemporary minds. Sadhguru serves as a bridge to the deeper dimensions of life. His approach does not ascribe to any belief system, but offers methods for self-transformation that are both proven and powerful.

An author, poet and internationally renowned speaker, Sadhguru’s wit and piercing logic provoke and broaden our thoughts and perception of the meaning of life, the very purpose of life. Sadhguru has been an influential voice at major global forums including the UN, MIT, TED, and the World Economic Forum.

Sadhguru established Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization supported by over two million volunteers worldwide. From powerful yoga programs and meditation practices to large-scale humanitarian projects, the foundation’s activities are designed to create an inclusive culture and establish global harmony, earning a special consultative status with the United Nations.


Isha Kriya Guided Meditation—Jump Right In... Learn to Meditate NOW! 

These 1-hour guided meditation sessions offer a simple, but powerful kriya practice that aligns your mind, body, and inner-energies to elevate your conscious awareness and easily and naturally achieve a state of deep meditation. Once you are meditative on a daily basis, your experience of the life within you and the world around you becomes much richer. Daily meditation makes your life stress-free, effortless and joyful! 

You can easily learn this 12-to-18 minute Isha Kriya process in a convenient, online meditation class, or through a live, free meditation class near you.  Our online formats include our streaming guided meditation video, the Isha Kriya meditation app (for iphone & android devices), and weekly webinars hosted by trained teachers who can answer your questions about the practice.  Local meditation sessions are hosted regularly to enhance and deepen the experience with the group. 

Benefits of regular Isha Kriya meditation practice include improving health, energy and vitality; enhancing mental focus, memory and clarity; reducing stress and establishing a deep sense of peace and inner balance. 

Isha Kriya is a simple, gentle guided meditation that can be done seated cross-legged on the floor or sitting in a chair. No previous experience with yoga or meditation  is necessary.

Take a  Deeper Step with Inner Engineering: Create a Life of Total Wellbeing—

“Inner Engineering is neither a religion, nor a philosophy or dogma. It is a technology for wellbeing. One does not have to believe or disbelieve--just have to learn to use...  Technology will produce results irrespective of who you are.” –Sadhguru  

Inner Engineering is a 7-session online course that gives you the opportunity to intellectually explore the ABC’s of life using methods that are the distilled essence of yogic sciences. The course imparts practical wisdom to manage your body, mind, emotions, and the fundamental life energy within. 

Program components include:

• Enlightening interactive sessions

• Guided meditations

• Asanas, simple yoga postures.

• Shambhavi Mahamudra, a powerful , 21-minute inner-energy technique that brings your entire system into alignment so that your body, mind, emotions and energies function in harmony.

**Live Reviews from Inner Engineering Participants ** 


A Serene Mountain Getaway to Learn Classical Yoga:  Relax and rejuvenate at the Isha yoga retreat—

The Isha Institute of Inner-sciences is a breathtaking mountain retreat for stress relief, rejuvenation, and complete inner well-being. The yoga retreat offers the ancient science in its purest form, through experiential classical yoga, meditation classes, and powerfully energized meditation spaces such as the Adi Yogi: The Abode of Yoga.  

The Isha Institute of Inner-sciences is a world-class yoga center offering classical yoga and meditation classes from beginner to advanced levels. Guests journey from around the globe to visit this unique destination to relax, reflect, and reconnect with nature in this tranquil oasis nestled in Tennessee’s spectacular Upper Cumberland.

Drop-by for a Day Visit

The Isha retreat center offers campus tours daily that include light hikes to one of many beautiful bluff vistas or waterfalls and a visit inside Mahima, the largest yoga and meditation hall in the western hemisphere! Several free yoga classes and guided meditation sessions are available each day.  Inquire with the main office for details.

Hiking and Mountain Biking on Pristine Forested Trails

The Isha retreat center also offers myriad opportunities for hiking and mountain biking on forested trails winding throughout nearly 1400 acres. The center's five miles of mountain biking trails have been professionally classified from beginner to intermediate skill levels, with steep climbs, water features, and tight switchbacks on the more challenging portions. The trails are part of an expanding network of over 15 miles of hiking and biking trails featuring beautiful waterfalls, a meandering spring-fed creek, and breathtaking bluff overlooks.

Relaxation & Wellness Retreats

Overnight stays include the option of private studio accommodations, delicious vegetarian buffet, and beginner-level yoga classes of the visitor`s choice, such as the 'yoga of sound', yoga for strengthening the joints, and yoga for purifying life energies.  Extended retreat packages feature Ayurvedic rejuvenation consultations and therapies; guided hikes and adventure outings to nearby caves, rivers and falls; free access to over 5 miles of mountain biking trails, and even cooking classes to bring home some of your favorite vegetarian delights!  Learn how to mix the pungent, tangy spices of the East, culture farm-fresh milk into yogurt, roll vegetarian sushi, or bake homemade sourdough bread in the Isha center's popular, international kitchen.

For over 30 years, Isha programs have offered the immense benefits of classical yoga and meditation to over 7 million people around the globe. For further details on the Isha yoga retreat center, the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences, and full details on the yoga and meditation programs offered, visit

Visit us online...

IshaUSA Blog: 
Facebook:  ; 

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Healthy Communication Habits that Will Change Your Life

Sacramento, CA

Healthy Communication Habits that Will Change Your Life

How do you communicate with more self-confidence? How do you connect better with people and make more friends? How do you initiate a conversation with someone you'd like to know? How do you not run out of things to say? How do you feel comfortable in public speaking? In this group, you will learn the healthy communication habits that can transform your life!

What are communication habits?

Here are some examples:

Do you express how you feel, or do you hide your true feelings?

Do you tend to wait for someone else to initiate the conversations, or do you initiate the conversations yourself?

When you talk to someone, do you project yourself well?

When you listen, do you pay full attention to what the other person is saying, or do you think about what you are going to say next?

Are you more introverted or extroverted?

Do you sound nervous when you speak in front of a group of people, or can you be yourself comfortably?

Unhealthy communication habits can block your personal and professional connections; on the other hand, healthy communication habits can help you develop good personal and professional relationships.

That is what this meetup group is all about.

This group will be led by someone who has been helping people with communication skills for over twenty years. The meetings will be on Zoom, they will be free, and you will learn a lot from each meeting. You will learn communication tools you have never learned before. You will likely make more friends, do better with job interviews, and become more confident speaking in front of people.

This group is brought to you by the Dianetics and Scientology life improvement center in Sacramento, California.


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Skyrocket Your Social Life, Self-Confidence and Happiness

Sacramento, CA

Skyrocket Your Social Life, Self-Confidence and Happiness

Maybe you are an introvert, and you think that is just the way you are, and you can't do anything about it, but this belief about yourself is untrue. Chances are that NO ONE HAD EVER SHOWED YOU how to improve your social life, how to improve your communication skills, or how to improve your self-confidence! I know this because I have talked to thousands of people who consider themselves introverts, and last time I had checked, they don't teach these topics in schools!

Don't worry though, because in this group we will teach these topics in our meetup events. It is going to take some learning and some work, but you CAN change your social life, you CAN improve your self-confidence and happiness. You will learn HOW in this group.

Think about it. How many of us have given up on something because it was the easy thing to do?

The thing to remember is that the thing that stops you is not other people. It is yourself. If you don't make the effort to make the change, you won't change. If you have decided that you can't, then of course you won't. The truth is that we have convinced ourselves of our own limitations, when in actual fact we are creatures of no limits.

In this group, we will have Zoom meetup events to talk about how to overcome our mental and emotional barriers. We will talk about relationships, and how to make friends and maybe get back to dating again. We will talk about how to improve our social life and communication skills.

I am the organizer and instructor for this group. I have been helping people with self-confidence, relationships, and communication skills professionally for over 20 years. I will teach you knowledge and tools that no one had ever taught you before in our free group meetings.

Excited? I know I am! See you at our upcoming group meetings!

This group and its events are brought to you by the Dianetics and Scientology life improvement information center in Sacramento, California.

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East Bay Positive Psychology Flourishing Club

Martinez, CA

East Bay Positive Psychology Flourishing Club

Welcome Positive Psychology and Wellness lovers far and wide! We’re an online and in-person enthusiast group hosting networking events on a range of positive psychology topics. You can join us in person if possible or on one of our live streams. Look out for our virtual happy hours!

What's the purpose of the group?
Here you can discuss professional issues, ask for help in finding books and methods, and just have a good conversation. Flourish in your life with Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, and Vitality!

Who should join?
The group is designed for Positive Psychology (PP) specialists and non-specialists, people who are practicing PP and who are entering the Positive Psychology field. Who likes asking questions that interest them or asking for a recommendation, who want to ask for help and share the resources with others.

* Psychologists
* Life Coaches
* Therapists
* Nurses
* Career Coaches
* Business Coaches
* School Counselors
* Educators
* Teachers
* HR Professionals
* Yoga Teachers
* Nutritionists
* CEOs

What will you do at your events?
Every week we meet to discuss one topic of positive psychology and how to flourish in our life! We cover different tools, approaches, and books that we can use with our friends, family, and clients!

Group Rules:
Be Vulnerable! (The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown -
Be open and honest
Focus and concentrate
Participate and interact
Support each other
Respect everyone
Share resources

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Pismo Yoga on the Beach

Pismo Beach, CA

Pismo Yoga on the Beach

Full Schedule for Pismo Beach, SLO & Morro Bay:

Be sure to connect with our pilot group:

We are social distancing safe! Keeping six feet or more apart

Combining chi energy flow techniques with classic Vinyasa style yoga sequencing.

Increase your immunity, turn back the clock on your cells, and improve emotional health while inducing a balanced, strong mind and spirit with yoga three tines a week on Pismo Beach!

Private yoga classes also available upon request. Just send me a message.

Donation based class. No one is turned away!

Park in Addie Street Surfer Parking Lot: 163 Addie St, Pismo Beach, CA 93449

Or if it's full, you can find street parking close by.  We will be on the sand of the beach flowing! Just SouthWest of the swing sets. Towards the beach (West), then turn Left (South). You will see us with our yoga blankets and towels!

Namaste, <br>Ana

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Bay Area NLP (Natural Language Processing)

San Francisco, CA

Bay Area NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Bay Area NLP is the world's largest community of natural language processing (NLP), speech technology, and information retrieval (IR) professionals. If you are currently involved in language technology or just interested in the field, you are welcome to join us! 

Our community includes researchers, software developers, product managers, and other people interested in the language technology industry. We host regular events with speakers from the Bay Area or visiting. We are always looking for people willing to speak at or host events, so please message us if you are interested! We prefer to mix it up and have events in San Francisco, the Peninsula, or the East Bay, in order to make it as convenient as possible for everyone in the Bay Area to take part in the community!

See the group Discussion Board for occasional updates and follow us on Twitter at @BayAreaNLP 

We welcome talks from people at companies of any size and researchers from universities and research labs. We welcome talks that promote NLP solutions that are free and open source and also talks about for-profit solutions. Talks that are trying to sell products to our audience are unlikely to be accepted, but we do welcome talks that provide object comparisons of NLP solutions in practical situations.

Bay Area NLP prohibits talks about technologies or datasets that encode the protected classes of people without their explicit informed consent. We used the California definition of protected classes ( This includes but is not limited to: Race, Color, Religion, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Medical Condition, National Origin, Ancestry, Disability, and Age. We adopt the full list of protect classes from the State of California, plus any future changes and additions, unless explicitly stated otherwise. 

People funded by or working with the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) are not permitted to participate in Bay Area NLP because of threats made to Bay Area NLP members and repeated human rights violations from their technologies.

Note: This group has nothing to do with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (the other "NLP)", which for some reason Meetup automatically classifies us under. You'll be confused if that's why you joined us! 

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Sonoma County Go Wild Hikers

Santa Rosa, CA

Sonoma County Go Wild Hikers

Take a walk (or hike) on the wild side! Enjoy many of our beautiful local parks, get exercise, view native plants and wildlife, and meet other friendly local people. The Go Wild hikes are a great way to support your wellness on all levels. Getting moving outdoors is one of the best prescriptions for health and happiness. We're about creating a group environment in which our fellow hikers can connect and enjoy each other’s company in a friendly, courteous and supportive manner. It’s as much about the hikers as it is about the hikes. 

The hikes are usually 4-9 miles in length and are appropriate for intermediate-level hikers. Some are appropriate for beginner-level hikers depending on their fitness level. Hikers who are out of practice or out of shape should read hike descriptions carefully and be aware of their fitness level before signing up. 

If your plans change after you sign up, please update your RSVP. This is a courtesy to the group and leaves room for others who want to attend.

Cost: $5 suggested donation. No one turned away!

It is essential that we respect each other in the hiking community and the world. 

**Please refrain from using Any scented products the day of a group hike! This includes cologne, perfume, aftershave etc..  Symptoms of fragrance sensitivity can include headaches, nausea, and a skin allergy like contact dermatitis, which causes redness, itching, and burning. Watery, itching, burning, and red eyes; sneezing; runny nose; and congestion are also common.

*Remember to wear appropriate hiking shoes, bring plenty of water, a snack and layered clothing.

*Of course we will all look out for each other but ultimately, hikers are responsible for their own safety and well-being during hikes.


• Wear appropriate comfortable hiking shoes

• Bring sunscreen and dress appropriate to the weather

• Plenty of water and snacks for longer hikes

• Money for parking (if applicable) and suggested donation

YOUR GUIDE: I (Zoli) became organizer in June 2019. I'm a long time members of the Go Wild Hikers. I've enjoyed many of their hikes over the years. Kristi Bowman announced in May 2019, that she and Tony would no longer lead the hikes. Now it's Go Wild 3.0 lead by me, Zoli Somogyi. I welcome all constructive feedback as this wouldn't be a group without you.

NOTE ON DOGS:  Dogs are not allowed on many of the local trails. We ask that you please leave your 4-legged, furry friends at home for the group hikes, unless otherwise specified. Thank you! 

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