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Suggested Hobbies & Passions Groups near California

Photography Walks & Workshops in San Francisco by Casey

San Francisco, CA

Photography Walks & Workshops in San Francisco by Casey

Let's explore San Francisco by taking pictures (and videos) and learn new techniques along the way. Plus get outside for fresh air and exercise too! About me: I have been doing photography for over 35 years and used to shoot weddings, portraits, commercial work for decades. I am an expert in still photography having started with the Nikon F4 film camera plus the Hasselblad 503cx medium format film camera in the 90s, then transitioned to digital with the Nikon D1x and D2x in early 2000, and more recently changed to all Canon gear with the Canon R5 and 90D and M50 digital cameras. I also actively use the Canon XF400 and G60 camcorders for creating online content for my YouTube channel "Casey On Location". I am also an expert in lighting and exposure as well. Because I enjoy photography and filming, I can also share my knowledge with others who share the same passion. I am a long-time resident of San Francisco since 1980 so I know quite a bit about The City by the bay. So join the group and we can shoot images and videos together at interesting spots in San Francisco, learn a thing or two from each other, and hopefully get in some sunshine and exercise too. IMPORTANT: This group is geared towards users with cameras that have (as a minimum) the "M" mode setting for full MANUAL exposure. You must have a camera whereby you can independently change the exposure values for the aperture (f-stop), shutter speeds, and ISO. This means if you only have and use a smartphone for a camera (ie: iPhone or Android phone), this is not acceptable and you will not be approved to be accepted into this Meetup group. Those members who were previously accepted initially into this group early on and only have and use a smartphone for a camera have a limited grace period to get an acceptable camera to remain in this group.

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Geek Girls Silicon Valley

San Jose, CA

Geek Girls Silicon Valley

We are a group of adult women (18+) focused on providing a non-judgmental social environment to bring geek girls together for friendship and fun. We welcome all types of geekdom, whether you are a gamer, bookworm, arts and crafts enthusiast, movie buff, anime nut, tech geek or a huge fan of something niche!

We do our very best to provide a wide variety of geeky activities, while bringing business to our local comic stores, conventions, costume shops, game stores, libraries and restaurants.

Some of our regular events include*: 

Monthly sci-fi and fantasy book club!

Monthly non-fiction book club!

Monthly Harry Potter trivia!

Monthly crafting get-together--bring your own project!

Monthly group heart-to-heart talks!

Monthly puzzle meets!

Alternating Monthly Member Dinners!

Quarterly Geek Girls party with creative themes & prizes!

We also schedule plenty of other activities as we go, such as:

Art studio projects 
Board games
Brunches & dinners  
Conventions & fairs  
Co-working sessions  
Escape Rooms   
Exploring local attractions 
Fun runs, hikes, and other fitness activities 
Movie openings 
Museum visits 
Theater shows  
Viewing parties

*Currently all of our events are online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to cautiously resume in-person meets after Santa Clara County deems it safe to do so.

Join us and (after your membership is approved) you will be able to join in on these fun events, and many more! We have suspended our $5 membership fee for the foreseeable future, and will reevaluate reinstating dues if/when the pandemic ends. We welcome both cis and trans women in our group.

A note about the application process:

Generally what we're looking for through the application is some idea of your personality and how you self-identify as a geek. For best results, please answer all application questions (a short sentence per answer is fine) and make sure your application and Meetup profile include at least three of the following criteria:

A user name that looks like a real, human name
A photo of yourself
Creative application answers (questions 1-3)
Specific geeky activities you want to do with us (question 4)
Refer to yourself as female in some way
Belong to other meetups that are female-centric
Have geeky activities in your Meetup interests

If you do decide to reapply, also consider revealing a bit more about yourself on Having your real-life photo, list of Meetups joined, or list of Meetup interests visible gives us more to work with when judging whether you are a fit for our group. (Essentially we're trying to avoid bots.) Thank you for your interest!

The Leadership Team reserves final judgment on whether to approve or decline an application.

More group info here:

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Santa Rosa High-Def Movie Group

Santa Rosa, CA

Santa Rosa High-Def Movie Group

Santa Rosa High-Def Movie Group is the most active Movie Group in the North Bay, bar none!  I show over 100+ films a year, plus we sometimes go to the theaters.

This group is for anyone who enjoys watching High-Definition films (3D too!) on a 10 ft screen. I have set up a Home Theater that can accommodate up to 9 people. 20-30% of the films I show never come to Sonoma County Theaters.  Films will be shown in my home with a nominal donation which help covers cost of Blu-Ray film, Certified Non GMO Popcorn, Butter, bottled mineral water, utilities, etc.  All movie nights will be by reservation only on a first come, first serve basis. All no shows, will be removed (special circumstances excepted) from the group. This way the seat does not go empty, especially when there is a wait list.   Films will include current releases, Oscar & Golden Globe nominated films, Dramas, Comedies, Documentaries, Classics, 3D Films (9 people maximum) and any special interesting film.  In April/May I have my annual Documentary Film Festival.  I am open to all suggestions. All films will be shown in 1080P High Definition in 7.1 Surround Sound when available.  This group will be by RSVP invitation only.

Since all the events are in my home, I ask everyone to post a recent photo of themselves (not your cat!) including my best friends if you would like to be a member of this group.  Thanks for understanding!

Films will be posted for each week on Saturday morning at 6 AM.

Please only join this group if you are seriously planning on attending at least 3-4 movies or more per year.  New members that join that do not come to a film will be dropped from the group after 6 months.  This is a Private Group, so your photo & profile will not be shared by anyone browsing the Internet.

Before making reservations, please check your calendar first to help minimize cancellations.

Thanks and look forward to see you at a movie soon,


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Doc Wong Riding Clinics-SF Bay Area

Belmont, CA

Doc Wong Riding Clinics-SF Bay Area

The ever popular Doc Wong (free) Riding Clinics have been going non-stop for the last 22 years and this Meetup Group is an extension of that.  I now have had over 22,000 riders attending my various events during that time!!!  This is a community meeting place for all those who have attended or want to attend any of my Doc Wong (FREE) Motorcycle Riding Clinics. 

The purpose is to help you improve your Cornering Confidence and to create a Doc Wong Riding Clinic Community where we can share ideas, improve your riding and go on some awesome rides. Also, please note that while there may be only 10 or so signups for an event, don't be surprised to see 50 riders present at the event as many riders find out about my clinics thru other sources. 

1. Find out and sign up for any of the different clinics and activities we have. 

2. Volunteers can meet and coordinate. 

3. Ask questions about riding tips and questions. 

4. Create meetups for day and multi-day rides and tours. 

Type of bikes: Sport Bikes, Cruisers, Dual Sport bikes, Dirt Bikes...any bikes are welcome. Experience levels from beginner to advanced. I personally own all of these different types of bikes and love riding them all! Riders feel free to create your own rides in addition to the ones I organize. If you want to improve your riding, come to some awesome riding activities and meet other riders in a fun environment, then please join! The goal is to have more confidence while cornering, making motorcycling more fun and safe!

Doc Wong

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Bay Area Book Geeks

Mountain View, CA

Bay Area Book Geeks

Do you love books!? Well you have come to the right place. We totally geek out on all types of books. There is a discussion group for many genres of books. Just pick one to attend or pick them all. This is a group effort and we are open to people doing their own organizing if they wish. Either way there is plenty to read and do.

Basic Rules

1. This group is a fun, safe space for people to discuss their opinions, make friendships, read amazing books, and have great discussions. Harassing and threatening members will not be tolerated.

2. This is a group to meet people, even people you might potentially want to ask on a date. This is natural and acceptable, however many members attend for the reading and socializing alone. It is highly encouraged that any member not treat this group like a dating site.

3. If a well loved book is suggested as reading for the group, please be advised that not everyone will share the same opinion. This group encourages debate because it is what makes a good discussion. Respecting other opinions is highly recommended.

4. Group organizers are responsible for keeping an eye out for internal problems. If a member feels uncomfortable or disrespected please bring it to our attention.

5. We are happy to have so many members with the Bay Area Book Geeks and with the popularity of all our book clubs growing. Since the meetings are starting to have a consistent wait list that is sometimes nine people long, we are implementing a new policy to make it fair to all our members. To encourage members to keep their RSVP’s current we will start taking note of any no shows at all meetings. If three no shows turn up on your record then the next time you RSVP for a meeting and the meeting has a wait list you will be automatically moved to the wait list for that event. If you keep your RSVP current, then this will not happen. It is standard to update your RSVP at least 24 hours before the event if you will not be able to attend. We cannot track this and so I will trust everyone to try their best to abide by the 24 hour limit. We understand that emergencies happen, and if one comes up at the last minute, let us know as soon as you can, and we will adjust your record accordingly.



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Harley Owners Group Folsom CA

Folsom, CA

Harley Owners Group Folsom CA

This Meetup Group is for riders who have MEETUP accounts, and have submitted a request to join, and the request has been approved. We hope you become a dues-paying member of Folsom Harley Owners Group, Chapter 1787, affiliated with Harley-Davidson of Folsom. (See
We love to ride, and enjoy socializing together. Our monthly social meeting is at the Round Table Pizza, 9500-1 Greenback Ln, Folsom, CA 95630, held the 3rd Tuesday of every month except December. Come early to have dinner and socialize. Guests are welcome to attend our monthly meeting. Having a current National H.O.G membership ( is a prerequisite to maintaining a membership with Folsom H.O.G.

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Tri-Valley Area Movie Buffs: Let's Go to the Movies!

Livermore, CA

Tri-Valley Area Movie Buffs: Let's Go to the Movies!

**\*\*This is a private, approval-only group\*\*** Movie Group in the Tri-Valley area (usually San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, or Livermore, although we will take field trips when something looks interesting!) for people who like to watch movies, and discuss the movie before or after the show, over food and/or drinks (whether that is coffee, sodas, or alcohol)! Open to any age, men and women, single or couples, new in town or longtime local. You just gotta like going to the movies! We will go to classic movie screenings, interesting looking indies, Grade B movies, and even current mainstream blockbusters, at the standard big-screen theaters, and the smaller independent movie houses. And, we'll usually meet over food/drinks before or after, to chat and discuss the movie--sometimes just for coffee/sodas/snacks, sometimes for lunch or dinner, depending on the movie schedule. Most movie times will be weekend afternoons or early evenings, with the occasional weekday evening thrown in. We'll mostly stay in the Tri-Valley area, but may venture out of the area if the right movie or venue calls us. If you want to meet some new friends, see different kinds of movies, and have some good conversations, come join us! *Note: Please be mindful about managing your RSVPs, especially important with our restaurant events, and as a courtesy to the Organizer. Refer to our group's* [RSVP and Waitlist Information page]( *before RSVP'ing please.* *Members who don't participate in any events for awhile may be removed at the Organizer's discretion.* Please ensure that you have a current clear photo of yourself posted on your profile, so we can recognize everyone at our meetups. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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