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Suggested Hobbies & Passions Groups near California

Geek Girls Silicon Valley

San Jose, CA

Geek Girls Silicon Valley

We are a group of adult women (18+) focused on providing a non-judgmental social environment to bring geek girls together for friendship and fun. We welcome all types of geekdom, whether you are a gamer, bookworm, arts and crafts enthusiast, movie buff, anime nut, tech geek or a huge fan of something niche!

We do our very best to provide a wide variety of geeky activities, while bringing business to our local comic stores, conventions, costume shops, game stores, libraries and restaurants.

Some of our regular events include*: 

Monthly sci-fi and fantasy book club!

Monthly non-fiction book club!

Monthly Harry Potter trivia!

Monthly crafting get-together--bring your own project!

Monthly group heart-to-heart talks!

Monthly puzzle meets!

Alternating Monthly Member Dinners!

Quarterly Geek Girls party with creative themes & prizes!

We also schedule plenty of other activities as we go, such as:

Art studio projects 
Board games
Brunches & dinners  
Conventions & fairs  
Co-working sessions  
Escape Rooms   
Exploring local attractions 
Fun runs, hikes, and other fitness activities 
Movie openings 
Museum visits 
Theater shows  
Viewing parties

*Currently all of our events are online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to cautiously resume in-person meets after Santa Clara County deems it safe to do so.

Join us and (after your membership is approved) you will be able to join in on these fun events, and many more! We have suspended our $5 membership fee for the foreseeable future, and will reevaluate reinstating dues if/when the pandemic ends. We welcome both cis and trans women in our group.

A note about the application process:

Generally what we're looking for through the application is some idea of your personality and how you self-identify as a geek. For best results, please answer all application questions (a short sentence per answer is fine) and make sure your application and Meetup profile include at least three of the following criteria:

A user name that looks like a real, human name
A photo of yourself
Creative application answers (questions 1-3)
Specific geeky activities you want to do with us (question 4)
Refer to yourself as female in some way
Belong to other meetups that are female-centric
Have geeky activities in your Meetup interests

If you do decide to reapply, also consider revealing a bit more about yourself on Having your real-life photo, list of Meetups joined, or list of Meetup interests visible gives us more to work with when judging whether you are a fit for our group. (Essentially we're trying to avoid bots.) Thank you for your interest!

The Leadership Team reserves final judgment on whether to approve or decline an application.

More group info here:

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Harley Owners Group Folsom CA

Folsom, CA

Harley Owners Group Folsom CA

This Meetup Group is for riders who have MEETUP accounts, and have submitted a request to join, and the request has been approved. We hope you become a dues-paying member of Folsom Harley Owners Group, Chapter 1787, affiliated with Harley-Davidson of Folsom. (See
We love to ride, and enjoy socializing together. Our monthly social meeting is at the Round Table Pizza, 9500-1 Greenback Ln, Folsom, CA 95630, held the 3rd Tuesday of every month except December. Come early to have dinner and socialize. Guests are welcome to attend our monthly meeting. Having a current National H.O.G membership ( is a prerequisite to maintaining a membership with Folsom H.O.G.

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MRG ~ Motorcycle Riding Group of Sacramento

Carmichael, CA

MRG ~ Motorcycle Riding Group of Sacramento

Welcome to MRG "relaxed pace" motorcycle riders of Sacramento, California! Our names are Luis Mena and Robert Doyle. We are motorcycle riders located in the Sacramento area who enjoy doing the following:
• One Day Group Rides and Multi-day Rides on paved roads only, anywhere between 125-325 mile per ride round trip (Day Rides) and 125-275 miles on multi-day rides (per leg)

• Relaxed pace (moderately fast, but not "race track" fast).

• Scenic rural roads (minimal freeway riding as possible).

• Occasional multi-day trips from two days to three days.

• Fair weather riding (10% or less chance of rain, winds <15 mph, high of 55-95 degrees).

• Nearly all rides occur during spring, fall and non-wet winter days.

• We prefer to ride during daylight hours.

• Max group size of 5-25 people depending the the ride route.

• Always ride safely and responsibly.

If you share those same preferences, we invite you to join our Meetup group and RSVP for the rides that appeal to you.

To attend any of our rides, you must be a member of our Meetup group, and you must be on the RSVP list for the ride you wish to attend. We only do what is listed in the above bullet list. It is all about having fun, touring the countryside on a motorcycle as we enjoy the scenery along the way, the lunch stops, scenic vista stops, mountain passes, lakeside cruising, etc.

"RELAXED PACE": There are two reasons why the name of our meetup "relaxed pace." One reason is, we don't treat the public street system as if it's a race track. So, if you are one of those "need for speed" types, then you probably won't find happiness in our meetup group. We also don't ride excessively slow either. We'd say we ride at an excellent medium speed. The other reason for the name "relaxed pace" is, it's all about having a relaxed state of mind throughout the day enjoying a "no worries, no need to rush" positive attitude. It's a mental escape from a hectic life, which is all-too-often clock-driven. So, when you are on our rides, it's time to relax and enjoy!

RIDE GROUP SIZE: We set the max ride limit at 5-25 people per ride depending on the route. A larger group gets too challenging to keep a group together and starts to be too much of an impact on the dining establishments.

GENERAL INFO: There is a $20.00 annual membership fee(non-refundable after membership activation). There are no monthly dinner meetings, no bylaws, no elected officers, and no participation in special events, causes, rallies, fundraisers, poker runs, toy runs, chili cook-offs, pancake breakfasts, charities, benefits, or other such events. We are not a riding club. We are a group of folks who enjoy riding our motorcycles, and we invite up to 25 riders to go with us if they want to. That's all there is to it. The only reason we have a website is to provide a way to show other riders where we are planning to ride and to help them decide if they are interested in going. And if they are interested in going, our meetup website provides a way for them to RSVP so we know how many people to expect.

WHO IS WELCOME: Riders of all adult ages and genders are welcome.  All motorcycle brands and styles are welcome. Three-wheelers are welcome too. Your motorcycle must have at least a 250cc engine (although we recommend a 500cc engine).

WEATHER REQUIREMENTS: Since we only enjoy fair weather riding (10% or less chance of rain, winds under 15 mph, forecasted low and high temp of 55-95 degrees), we always do weather checks during the week leading up to a ride. We post the results of that and specify whether the ride is still a "go" or not. We also email that info to those who RSVP'd for the ride. We do not hesitate to cancel or reschedule a ride if the weather forecast doesn't meet our requirements. You can expect to see up to multi-day trips getting canceled each year due to weather since the multi-day trips are posted in advance (so be sure to *ALWAYS* select lodging with a convenient cancellation policy). The one-day rides don't get canceled nearly as often because those aren't posted way in advance like the multi-day trips are. Because of our weather requirements for riding, almost all of our rides occur in spring, summer, fall, and non-wet winter days.

NAVIGATION AND FUEL: Road Captain's bike will be equipped with a GPS, and we always have the route programmed in the GPS for navigation. We also ensure we have fuel stops planned no more than about 80-95 miles apart (usually top tiers such as Chevron, Shell, or Union 76). We always post the total mileage for each ride, along with the planned lunch stop. We do not typically list other planned stops even though they are part of the ride. We usually stop every hour or so as needed, just to get off the bike and stretch for a bit.

RIDE AVAILABILITY: We work on weekdays, so most of the one-day rides that we host happen on weekends. We also host various multi-day trips each year when we have time to do so.

JOINING THIS MEETUP: You are welcome to sign up to become a member of this Meetup any time you wish. After we review your profile and approve you as a member, you can then go on rides of your choice if spots are available. (Btw, the only reason we review your profile before approving you as a member is to weed out spam. Believe it or not, we have had people join for the sole purpose of soliciting business, which we prohibit on our meetup site.) There is a $20 annual membership fee for you to become a member of our meetup group, but only after a 30-day free trial period and is NOT refundable after the trial period is up. This membership fee covers the Meetup group admin costs and helps pay for some of our meetup group event costs. There are NO individual ride costs to you. Your only costs are food and gas for the ride, plus any bridge tolls and National or State park entrance fees if applicable and lodging for the multi-day trips. To keep your membership active, you need to log in periodically.

NEW MEMBERS: We extend to all new members a one-time RSVP to go on any ride that's already full. This will allow new members to get a feel for the group without having to wait for a ride that still has spots available. After you become a new member, just send us a private message letting us know which "full" ride you want to go on, and we will manually add you to the RSVP list for that ride.

RESTRICTIONS: We do not allow any form of advertising on our Meetup site, nor do we allow people to join in soliciting business of any kind. Our Meetup site is strictly for those who want to go riding. We also do not allow any form of religious or political content on our website, nor do we allow any content that would be considered offensive, crude, vulgar, foul language, fault-finding, or disrespectful to others.

FINE PRINT: By choosing to join our MRG Meetup group, you accept and agree with all of the above. By choosing to ride in our MRG Meetup group, you assume full responsibility and liability for your choices and actions while participating in any of our MRG Meetup events. You accept and agree to hold MRG Organizers harmless for any and all accidents and incidents resulting from your choice to participate in any of our Meetup events.

"Ride your ride"! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Once again, welcome to the group!

Luis Mena, Robert Doyle

MRG Organizers

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SF and Further: A Virtual Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Club

San Francisco, CA

SF and Further: A Virtual Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Club

Welcome to SF and Further, an online home for friends, fantasy, and fiction. We are an active sci-fi & fantasy book club that meets at least twice a month via Zoom to discuss a wide variety of fiction (SciFi/Fantasy and beyond!). Members are encouraged to suggest books they are excited about and we vote on which books to read each month. We also have an active Discord server, where we discuss the books we read as well as other media. Come hang out, chat about books, the films that are adapted from them, and more with us!

Our book club has existed in multiple forms for over five years now. Books we have chatted about in the past include: The Magicians, The Left Hand of Darkness, a re-read of Lord of the Rings, Black Leopard Red Wolf, The Echo Wife, Incognegro (graphic novel), Demon Slayer (manga), Firekeepers Daughter, The Stormlight Archive, Gideon the Ninth, Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake, and many, many more. We are dedicated to reading widely and diversely!

For new members: We have a Zero Tolerance Policy on Harassment. If you are found to be harassing a member of our meetup, you will be banned immediately. Also, due to harassment issues that have happened in the past, we require all members to have an actual photo of themselves on their account. To increase your chances of being added, please spend some time with our sign up questions. One word answers probably won't get you accepted. Thank you!

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