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Identity & Language groups near California

LezBayIns: Lesbians Around The Bay Over 50

Oakland, CA

This Meetup is for Lesbians over 50 who live anywhere in the Bay Area (south, north, east, or SF) who want more options to do fun, interesting, artistic, athletic, intellectual, culinary, outdoor, indoor, pretty much anything with other Lesbians over 50 anywhere in the Bay Area...*THIS IS YOUR MEET UP...AND ALL ARE WELCOME TO POST THEIR EVENT IDEAS!*

If there's a performance (film, play, concert, comedy...) you want to attend with other lesbians over 50...

If you have a favorite dining or drinking venue OR you want to check out a new one with other lesbians over 50...

If there's an outdoor spot you love (beach, woods, trails, urban) you'd like to explore with other lesbians over 50...

If you have a hobby or interest you'd enjoy sharing with other lesbians over 50...

You get the idea! The sky's the limit, and the whole Bay Area is our playground.

We are 4 lesbian co-organizers (all over 50), but anyone who joins this Meetup group can propose, and then post & host a Meetup. The 4 of us will get things started, but the goal is to "open this up" so a wide variety of interests and Bay Area locations are eventually represented.

DISCLAIMER: The organizers and leaders of this group are volunteers, not professional guides. When joining, you agree to attend all events at your own risk. You and your guests will hold no one liable in case of injury or mishap. Hiking, other outdoor activities, and travel to/from events are not risk-free. You are solely responsible for your preparedness and well-being.

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銆怱F銆慗apanese - English language exchange at Online

San Francisco, CA

Hello, my name is Ryu馃槉  I am Japanese馃嚡馃嚨  I can speak a little English
My favorite food is Udon. (Japanese noodle)

This group aims to create online opportunities for "language exchange" in which "Japanese learners who can speak English" and "English learners who can speak Japanese" practice and teach each other's learning languages.
We are also considering holding it at the same time as Japan and other countries.

I don鈥檛 know if it鈥檚 correct ( because I can speak only a little English ) but I think that talking with someone is the best way to learn a language. In addition, I believe that we can discover new wisdom and values 鈥嬧媡hrough the opportunity to talk with people from different cultures.

Nowadays, it is not easy for us to go abroad.
But online, wherever we are, we can create opportunities for "language exchange" with each other.

I am happy that various exchanges will be born from here to all over the world.
I also want to create an opportunity where "global friends become more normal".

Let鈥檚 join and have fun馃憤.






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Kick Ass Group for Gay Men

San Francisco, CA

KickAss is a social group for gay men that seeks to provide a fun and diverse array of social activities open to all. We provide opportunities for gay men to interact that aim to go beyond the traditional stereotypes of what being 鈥榞ay鈥 and 鈥榮ocial鈥 mean.

Our diverse agenda strives to provide something for everyone.  A hike, a movie or a dinner, whatever the activity, we seek for our members to enjoy themselves along a group of similarly minded men and friends.

True to our values, our goal is to share our special group with gay men throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

We are KickAss and so are you!

Core Values:


We are a community of gay men that choose to engage with one another as both members and as well as friends. Despite our individual differences, we are one group that provides opportunity for participation for all.


We seek to provide an environment for learning, growth as well as personal enjoyment. We aim for an agenda of wide varying activities that will spark interest and curiosity for all our members. Intellectual, physical and social exploration is key to our mission.


We accept and welcome members from all backgrounds. Our goal is to bring together individuals who seek each other鈥檚 company with the highest levels of respect and tolerance for one another.

Robert, Ryan, Gary, and Eric

Leadership Team

***We are in no way affiliated with "Let's Kick ASS AIDS Survivor Syndrome" and vice versa****

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Les Gaulois

Palo Alto, CA

Bienvenue au village Gaulois!

Dans une ambiance d茅tendue notre communaut茅 propose aux amoureux de la culture fran莽aise de se rencontrer autour d'activit茅s vari茅es, telles que bars, d卯ners, randonn茅es, brunchs, pique-niques, barbecues, et visites culturelles.

Notre groupe est fait pour vous si vous voulez discuter en fran莽ais et faire de nouvelles rencontres!

La plupart des 茅v茅nements ont lieu en soir茅e ou le week-end, dans le sud de la Baie. 

Rejoignez 茅galement notre page Facebook pour 锚tre tenu au courant de nos 茅v茅nements.

Notre communaut茅 compte des Gaulois des quatre coins du monde: francais, mexicains, americains, taiwanais, russes, suisses, chinois, et bien d'autres pays!

Notre communaut茅 est ouverte a tous les francophones. Nous avons simplement 2 regles: parler en francais (pas d'anglais a nos evenements) et respecter les autres.

脌 bient么t!

Pierre, St茅phanie, Philip

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Bisexual & Bi-Curious Women and the Women Who Love Them

San Francisco, CA

We welcome all bisexual women, bi-curious women and all women who love bi women from anywhere in the nation or world. Please join us once a month for this online support group. As everyone starts to get outside we want to be a safe haven for anyone who is still at home during the pandemic. We require that you sign up with your current face photo so we can verify you are a woman. Please have your video on when entering an online meeting or you will be removed from the zoom meeting. We want to build trust and real friendship throughout time and sharing in mutual reciprocation when it comes to photo and video is a way to get closer to one another. There will be some collaboration with other queer groups throughout the world so we hope that you find this support group connective and expansive for our community. Please spread the word about this new meetup group! 

April 1, 2021 Update:

Any member who has not been active for over 4 months will be removed. If you are interested in getting together in person once the pandemic is over then you can stay an active member of this group by checking this meetup page every few weeks. will update you as an active member each time you click on this meetup page (even if you cannot make it to the online meeting). If you are removed please re-submit to re-join the group. You must have a photo (further away with body and face or wearing sunglasses facing the camera are okay if you aren't out ) to retain membership. Thank you everyone!

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Book Club Dropouts

Palo Alto, CA

ABOUT US: <br>This is a multifaceted social club. Preferential recruitment is extended to LGBTQ people of any gender, but STR8's may be permitted with a chaperone.鹿 Those who are keenly in tune with the humor and cultural milieu of Gay Twitter receive additional consideration. We read voraciously (ask us for great queer YA recommendations),虏 we love to learn, we play bar trivia and mostly lose, we hang out at the park and other outdoor locations, we like board games, we like meeting new people. And, we're very nice.

ABOUT YOU: <br>LGBTQ-identifying or straight but nice about it. Probably (but not necessarily) in your 20's in the SF peninsula area. Looking for friends and things to do. Likes good, wholesome fun. Could be convinced to go for a hike maybe.

STRICTLY FORBIDDEN: <br>- harassment of any kind <br>- homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, derogatory language, or any other behavior that compromises our ability to create a safe and welcoming space for all members <br>

--------------------- <br>The Fine Print

鹿You can come if you're straight, you don't actually need a chaperone. It was just a joke. Also, we won't grill anyone about their sexual orientation or gender identity, so you don't have to disclose anything you don't want to share. Let us know your pronouns though. <br>虏You may be wondering, "If you love to read so much, why are you Book Club Dropouts?" It's because we actually read way too fast for the pacing of a normal book club, plus we like hanging out more regularly than a normal book club does. It's kinda like an Anti-Book Club-Book Club. Something like that. Plus we do other stuff. And we got really tired of trying to pick a cooler name.

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