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Lgbtq groups near California

Monterey LGBTQ & Friends Meetup

Monterey, CA

Monterey LGBTQ & Friends Meetup


We're trying to create a safe, fun, supportive group to get out and about in our beautiful local surroundings. We plan to hike, dine out, go dancing, play trivia, join community events and more! <br>

If you're looking to get more involved, there are plenty of resources available! There's The Epicenter of Salinas, the county's first youth-led resource and community center, that hosts wonderful community events. A handful of our members are also involved with Rainbow Speakers and Friends as well, a volunteer group that provides education and outreach about LGBTQ issues in the local community. For more community resources, visit

If you're interested in becoming a "co-organizer" of the LGBTQ Meetup, let us know. The more co-organizers in the group, the better! If you have ideas for activities, feel free to send a message to one of the group organizers. We're more than happy to hear your thoughts on events and gatherings.


1. All members of the meetup are expected to be courteous, kind and respectful.

2. This meetup is a drama-free zone. We want to create a warm, fun and welcoming environment for all members of our community and our allies. If you have any concerns regarding other members of the group, please come to a co-organizer first and we can discuss next steps to address any issues.

3. Monterey LGBTQ & Friends Meetup adopts a zero tolerance policy to any form of bullying, shaming, violence or harassment of any kind at any of our events and within our online space. Monterey LGBTQ & Friends Meetup reserves the right to handle situations in ways that honor our guidelines and reserves the right to remove members or co-organizer privileges.

4. Remember that everyone's path is different. We are all deserving of respect and we can all learn from each other!

5. Monterey LGBTQ & Friends is dedicated to being open to feedback about our events and encourages you to be open to feedback regarding behavior. Creating safer spaces for all is a team effort!

6. Any issues or complaints regarding venue that may arise should be addressed to the Meetup organizer for resolution. No mention of the LGBTQ Meetup should be used in writing complaints or reviews online.

7. And last but not least, this Meetup is designed for fun! Please come with a positive attitude, an open mind and ready to have some fun with your community!


Recurring Queer Night Out: Social @ The Tavern, Wednesdays 9PM to 12AM at Salinas Sports Tavern: 9 E San Luis St, Salinas, CA

KAOTiK NiGHTS & SALINAS VALLEY PRIDE CELEBRATIONS proudly presents: SOCIAL @ The Tavern• Every 2nd Wednesday of the month with DJ Ayumi Winehouse • Every 4th Wednesday of the month with LUNA • 21+ with Valid ID • Drink specials • NO cover charge • Come out to drink and dance!

 For more events, groups and community resources, visit

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Inspire: LA - A Spiritual Community for LGBTQs and Beyond

Los Angeles, CA

Inspire: LA - A Spiritual Community for LGBTQs and Beyond

We're a spiritual community serving the LGBTQI&A community and beyond. Whether you call it God, Buddha, Krishna, Yahweh, Jesus, Allah, The Great I Am, Spirit, Energy, or simply LOVE, you are most welcomed, & deeply valued at Inspire Spiritual Community.  

What you need to know about us:

We're all about building community, having fun, making the most of life and having quality relationships with ourselves and everyone else!  We're interested in living a joyful and productive life.  We get 40-50 people at our weekly Sunday Celebration Services and great turn outs at our classes, workshops and special events.  We have weekly & monthly events - check out our website to stay up to day.  Come join us - you'll fit right in!

Inspire Spiritual Community is creating a movement of healing and liberation. We are like-minded souls coming together to create a transdenominational spiritual community for LGBTQI's, our friends, families, and allies. We are committed to consciously healing judgment, fear, and shame within ourselves. We stand united in being the change that we want to see in the world. Peace in the world begins with us, and we rejoice to walk our talk in fellowship and demonstrate love, compassion, and forgiveness every day in every way.!

Our intention: To create world peace...piece by piece.

Please also join our facebook group here:

You can learn more about us here:

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SoCal Climbing

Los Angeles, CA

SoCal Climbing

SoCal Climbing is a group of friends who get together throughout Southern California to go climbing. Join us!

We're also here:

[url=]SoCal Climbing[/url] Facebook Page

[url= ]SoCal Climbing[/url] Facebook Group

[url=]SoCal Climbing Singles[/url] Facebook Subgroup

[url=]SoCal Climbing Women[/url] Facebook Subgroup

[url=]SoCal Climbing BIPOC & Allies[/url] Facebook Subgroup

[url=]SoCal Climbing LGBTQ+ & Allies[/url] Facebook Subgroup

[url=]SoCal Climbing Young Adults[/url] Facebook Subgroup

[url=]SoCal Climbing Parents[/url] Facebook Subgroup

[url=]SoCal Climbing Adaptive[/url] Facebook Subgroup

[url=]SoCal Climbing Reddit Community[/url]

Plus we have a SoCal Climbing Gear Deals page!


Do you have a favorite crag or gym at which you'd like to invite other climbers to join you? Message me!


1) Find a climbing gym near you

2) Take an Intro to Climbing class to learn fundamentals like how to belay and tie a figure 8

3) Attend SoCal Climbing meetups!

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