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Lgbtq groups near California

Monterey LGBTQ & Friends Meetup

Monterey, CA

Monterey LGBTQ & Friends Meetup


We're trying to create a safe, fun, supportive group to get out and about in our beautiful local surroundings. We plan to hike, dine out, go dancing, play trivia, join community events and more! <br>

If you're looking to get more involved, there are plenty of resources available! There's The Epicenter of Salinas, the county's first youth-led resource and community center, that hosts wonderful community events. A handful of our members are also involved with Rainbow Speakers and Friends as well, a volunteer group that provides education and outreach about LGBTQ issues in the local community. For more community resources, visit

If you're interested in becoming a "co-organizer" of the LGBTQ Meetup, let us know. The more co-organizers in the group, the better! If you have ideas for activities, feel free to send a message to one of the group organizers. We're more than happy to hear your thoughts on events and gatherings.


1. All members of the meetup are expected to be courteous, kind and respectful.

2. This meetup is a drama-free zone. We want to create a warm, fun and welcoming environment for all members of our community and our allies. If you have any concerns regarding other members of the group, please come to a co-organizer first and we can discuss next steps to address any issues.

3. Monterey LGBTQ & Friends Meetup adopts a zero tolerance policy to any form of bullying, shaming, violence or harassment of any kind at any of our events and within our online space. Monterey LGBTQ & Friends Meetup reserves the right to handle situations in ways that honor our guidelines and reserves the right to remove members or co-organizer privileges.

4. Remember that everyone's path is different. We are all deserving of respect and we can all learn from each other!

5. Monterey LGBTQ & Friends is dedicated to being open to feedback about our events and encourages you to be open to feedback regarding behavior. Creating safer spaces for all is a team effort!

6. Any issues or complaints regarding venue that may arise should be addressed to the Meetup organizer for resolution. No mention of the LGBTQ Meetup should be used in writing complaints or reviews online.

7. And last but not least, this Meetup is designed for fun! Please come with a positive attitude, an open mind and ready to have some fun with your community!


Recurring Queer Night Out: Social @ The Tavern, Wednesdays 9PM to 12AM at Salinas Sports Tavern: 9 E San Luis St, Salinas, CA

KAOTiK NiGHTS & SALINAS VALLEY PRIDE CELEBRATIONS proudly presents: SOCIAL @ The Tavern• Every 2nd Wednesday of the month with DJ Ayumi Winehouse • Every 4th Wednesday of the month with LUNA • 21+ with Valid ID • Drink specials • NO cover charge • Come out to drink and dance!

 For more events, groups and community resources, visit

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Los Angeles Vampires

North Hollywood, CA

Los Angeles Vampires

It is a meetup for Real Vampires, Witches, Werekin, Otherkin, Donors, Supporters, Edge Players and those who are simply curious about us.

This group is NOT about role playing games, vampire literature, movies, or TV (although most of us love these aspects), we are also NOT a free resource for reality TV shows (see our media policy).

We are NOT a fish bowl for your anthropology class or other college classes. We do not wish to be studied, interviewed or observed.

Also we cannot turn you into a vampire (see above about this is not an RPG group).

You do not need to be a vampire or a donor or any other label to join.

This group is LGBTQ inclusive, Kink Friendly.

We are NOT a charity or social service group. We can not assist you with legal problems, housing issue or discrimination.

Since we meet at public restaurants and pubs we require both a small donation and that you patronize the venue (buy food or drink). Please do not bring outside food or drink to the venue.

In order to join this group it is REQUIRED that you answer all the profile questions. Membership requests with incomplete profiles will not be approved.  We screen our members through the profile questions. I will no longer be approving everyone who requests to join. You have to use the profile answers to convince me that you are really planning to attend.

You must be over the age of 18 to join this group.

LOCAL MEMBERS ONLY. You must be in the Southern California Area (roughly from Bakersfield to the North, Catalina to the West, Las Vegas in the East, San Diego in the south). This is not a online group, its about meeting in person.

I am going to be very strict about who I let join, and very liberal about who I deny, delete or ban. The previous open door policy had lead to the group being filled with deadwood. The deadwood has been purged, and membership will be tightly controlled.

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San Diego Pagans

San Diego, CA

San Diego Pagans

Welcome to the San Diego Pagans Meetup Group.

We are primarily a social group for local pagans to find a place of commUNITY and friendship. Unity being the key word.  Members of the group follow different paths. There are Wiccans, Druids, Asatru and others who belong to Groves, Covens or Circles and solitary.  Our many paths have differences, but the greatest similarity is our desire to seek and follow a path of union with our Gods and Goddesses in harmony and peace with those others. 

This is an inclusive community. No racist, white supremacist, bigoted against LGBTQ or any other bigotry. Common courtesy, respect and dignity is requested of all members toward each  other and other paths.  This is an inclusive group. White supremacist, bigoted, anti LGBTQ attitudes are NOT welcome. Please no flaming, name calling, gossip or demeaning of another's practice, gender, orientation, race or ability.  

Please join us for a future event to introduce yourself. If you are new to Neo-Paganism and not sure which path is right for you, please check our sponsors listed on the left side of the home page and contact them for information on their rituals and meetings. 

We hope that this will be a participatory group. Members who do not sign in to the group in over 9 months or RSVP/Attend events may be removed.

 Check the calendar for upcoming events. If you would like to organize a social activity, please send a message to the group organizer with your idea, date, time, location. 

Thank you for joining. We hope to see you soon.

Brightest Blessings

The Leadership Team 

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The San Diego Gay Christians Meetup Group

San Diego, CA

The San Diego Gay Christians Meetup Group

We’re here to provide a fun and informal group where LGBTQ Christians can meet, hang out, and get to know each other. Any gender, any age, single or coupled—all are welcome!

The group is not affiliated with any church or denomination. No doubt some group members are conservative and some are more liberal. Some love traditional hymns and some rock out to contemporary praise. Some (perhaps many) are uncertain about faith and church after being wounded by religious institutions in the past. Some may even have experienced ridicule and rejection in the gay community for being a person of faith. This is a safe space to come with all those preferences and experiences and questions and doubts, a safe place to be both gay and Christian!

Due increased "bot" and spam activity, as of March 2019, an organizer must approve new members. Please fill in the sign-up questions in such a way that we can tell you are a real, local human being with an honest interest in joining the group!

A note on Meetup's discussion feature. Please remember you are posting to a multi-gender Christian group made up of people from many backgrounds. Non-commercial posts sharing Christian music, events, or resources are great. Personal, non-sexual posts are also welcome ("who wants to hang out this weekend?"). If you're organizing a group event at a public place, public replies are fine. To organize a private meeting, or to share personal contact info, please reply in a private message. Regardless, always be safe when meeting someone you don't know!

We look forward to meeting you!

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GLASC Dinner and Social Club

Santa Clarita, CA

GLASC Dinner and Social Club

A group for Santa Clarita LGBTQ, family, and friends to get together and share a meal, see a movie, socialize at parties, and so much more. Our main events are the Tuesday Night Dinners when we meet every Tuesday night at a different restaurant in the Santa Clarita / Canyon Country area, and the Friday Night Coffee which meets every Friday at a local coffee shop.

In addition, there will be "surprise" alternate events including, but not limited to, movie nights, book clubs, coffee clutches, concerts, theatre, and anything else we decide to throw into the mix.

Due to the size of the group, there will be limits to the number of people who can attend Tuesday Dinners. This limit is in place so that we can get a table together. If too many people RSVP for a dinner, we will be forced to split the group into multiple tables. Sometimes this works out and we are close to each other and can still socialize. Please RSVP early to ensure your seat at the table.

This group meets in conjunction with GLASC - The Gay and Lesbian Association of Santa Clarita. GLASC has been in the Santa Clarita / Canyon Country area for over 30 years and is the oldest gay and lesbian association in the valley.

NOTE: Due to the billing methods used by MeetUp, any member who is not active for more than one year will be removed from the group.  While MeetUp is free for the member, the organizer is billed for the services rendered by MeetUp.  Thank you for your understanding.

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Queer SF Social Group

San Francisco, CA

Queer SF Social Group

Sponsored by The Academy SF, this group is for queer / LGBTQ+ identifying people of any age, orientation, or gender to build meaningful in-person connections through a variety of events in our amazing SF community. 

Feel free to start an event of your own, suggest one to the organizer(s), and get involved in whatever way you can. Our hope is that this group will be engaging for its members, and reflect the values of inclusivity, community building, and camaraderie.

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