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Parents & Family groups near California

Sunnyvale, SC, MV, Parents (Expecting Moms-Kindergarteners)

Mountain View, CA

Hey! We would like to welcome Moms, expecting parents, dads and caregivers! This group is created for parents who are going through similar stages in this new adventure who can offer support (baby development, emotional, advice, etc.) friendships (for you and your little one) and give you the opportunity to continue to have a social life. Many events held by the creator will be in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Mt. View, and Palo Alto. However you can host events in any surrounding areas!

We want to help you and your baby grow as individuals and a family. We like to include all types of meet ups that benefit ourselves and our babies! Like:

1. Getting Outside! (Hiking, Going to the park, play dates, etc.) <br> - Getting outdoors are great for babies and children who use their senses to understand the world around them. Without over stimulating our babies, being outside offers new experiences to sight, sound, feeling, taste, smell, texture, and movement. Which are sensory inputs that encourages a baby’s brain to form connections, develop and grow. <br> - Staying active while pregnant is very important! It gives you more energy, promote healthy weight gain, and makes it easier for you during labor, delivery, and recovery.

2. Crafting! <br> - DIY projects that help with the development of your baby, capture memories (they will go by quick!), crafts for your nursery and any other suggestions!

3. Coffee, Brunch, Mom’s Night Outs! <br> -Your life will seem like it’s all about the baby, this is your chance to get out of the house and form friendships with ladies going through the same thing you are! (Babies are always welcome to these social outings!)

Members are encouraged to host events and make suggestions!

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Diablo Valley Homeschool Group

Concord, CA

***Please note that all prospective members must first meet with the organizers at an event within 30 days of applying before membership requests are approved. Once you submit your information to join you will be contacted by one of our organizers with upcoming event information to attend. Please make sure to check your Meetup Messages so you don't miss out!***

This community is focused on healthy, long lasting friendships and shared learning. The purpose of this group is to bring together families in the Contra Costa County and surrounding areas to build friendships, a support network, and cooperative learning opportunities.

Our Code of Conduct: Because we have a multi-age group, we remind all families, especially the older children, that they are influencing the younger crowd and so we ask that they act appropriately. Our group does not allow name-calling, or destructive/disrespectful behavior. We are building a community of friends and we expect that everyone act in a respectful way (this pertains to children and adults). 

Who are we? We are a group of families who share a passion for teaching our children through homeschooling. Our group is focused on school aged children (K-12) but younger siblings are welcome. We believe that children of all ages socializing together is a part of healthy development. 

What do we do? We have weekly park days in the Contra Costa County areas. Additionally we have monthly Mom's Night Out and sometimes extend that to Parents' Night Out and Family Fun Nights. It is our goal to have other activities such as nature walks, movie nights, even co-op learning groups available for families to participate in. Families may participate in any and all events, but are welcome to opt out of any that don't meet their families needs or interests. We do require that all families attend a MINIMUM of one park day per month. This ensures building strong, lasting friendships. 

When do we meet? We get together every Friday at 10 A.M. in the summer and 10:30 A.M. in the winter for weekly park day play groups. Additional events will be scheduled at various times.

Where do we meet? For most events we meet somewhere in the East and Central areas of Contra Costa County. We may occasionally schedule field trips that are outside of the county as well.

How can your family participate? Join our group! We are always looking to make great connections for children and parents - the more the merrier! Send us a request to join and tell us a little bit about your family. Then come to a meetup and start making connections! 

Membership fees - We do require all families to pay membership fees of $10 per family for the year. For all new incoming families, you will have a 3 month probationary period to check out our group, make new friendships and discover if our group is a good fit for your family. At the end of that 3 month period, new families are required to pay the membership dues to stay active members. 

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DaVinci Homeschool Group

San Leandro, CA

Welcome to the DaVinci Homeschool Group!

This friendly & supportive group is geared for families who are actively homeschooling with at least one school aged child (siblings are always welcome). We have a strong teen/tween presence and are developing more events for that age demographic.

We are located in the SF East Bay Area, and meet primarily in San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley & Hayward. Our weekly park day is on Tuesdays.

We are a secular group that encourages diversity and our members vary in homeschooling styles, religions, political views, family structures, and probably anything else you can think of. 

This group identifies as a community. Communities exist and thrive when all members are active and engaged. We are not just a network or a calendar of events, we are here for the connection. The things we do are possible because we are all working together to make this a fun, caring, and supportive homeschool community. We want to help our children build lasting friendships and at the same time build those kinds of relationships for ourselves too. 

Our weekly park day is an important part of our community and the best place to come socialize and connect with the group. We expect every member to be an active participant and require members to attend an event at least once every 60 days, but that number is a bare minimum which we hope members strive to exceed. Our intention is for those who join the group, to also be looking for a community that they can identify with and actively participate in. This group is more than just an online resource, we do need to see you in person. :)

We meet for field trips, art & craft activities, park days, holiday parties, nature walks/hikes, social activities, and lots of hanging out and having fun. We feel that activities for our children are very important, but we also think that it's important for the parent who stays home to get some time to themselves too, so we have a parent's book club and a reoccurring parent's night (or day) out.

We don't offer classes or structured learning situations. To learn about those type of activities offered in the Bay Area, we recommend joining Bay Area Homeschool Field Trips (BAHFT) at or checking out Outschool's calendar of events at

We look forward to meeting you soon! 

To learn more, please read our "About Us" page here:

**You should receive a message with details about upcoming park days within 48 hours. (If you haven't received a message and are concerned that we missed you, feel free to email us at Meetup may not send a message to your email address, please check your message center here on the Meetup. Thank you!**

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Homespun Learning

Davis, CA

Homespun is a Davis, CA based, inclusive, cooperative homeschooling community. Our members include new and long-time homeschoolers from a variety of backgrounds, belief systems and homeschooling methodologies.

Membership requirements for all members:

1. Agree to list their information (including full name, full address, phone number and partner/spouse’s full name) in our online directory database, which is viewable and searchable by members only.

2. Pay $5 annual dues (this maintains the Meetup website)

3. Organize/host a minimum of one event for the Homespun community at large each school year

4. Attend a minimum of one event organized/hosted by other Homespun Members each school year

5. Attend a minimum of one “all member events” each year

6. All Members adhere to Posting Guidelines, Event Etiquette and Conflict Resolution Guidelines

Homespun members share a commitment to sustaining an active and supportive homeschooling group. We offer support, encouragement, friendship, and a sense of community through the following:

a) in-person meetings organized by members: events, classes, park days, shared experiences, ...

b) an active Meet-up/online group for sharing resources, organizing events, accessing files and links, asking questions, ...

c) a commitment to respectful interaction and communication. 

We are open to all actively homeschooling families in Yolo, Solano, and Sacramento counties though our activities are primarily within the city of Davis. We ask that new and current members support the community through ongoing and regular participation in events, classes, and activities. The group is open to families that have at least one homeschooling child who is age four or older. Families with younger children are welcome to attend our park days to meet homeschoolers and get advice for the years ahead. There is also a separate Preschool at Home, homeschooling group in Davis for younger families. Homespun was started in 2003.

The Fine Print

1. All posts must be respectful in nature, and all posters must identify themselves. Messages regarding problems or concerns should seek resolution with an eye toward consensus building. Since we are an inclusive group, posts that may be politically or religiously divisive will not be permitted.

2. All members must organize, attend, and help with activities or events for the Homespun community at large with a minimum contribution of one event or class planned and offered to the whole group, and two other events attended, each year (one all group event and one member generated event/class). Our volunteer moderators, who share administrative duties for this group, review the member list semiannually, respectfully asking members thought to be inactive how they are participating. Moderators will ask any member confirmed to be inactive via this query to unsubscribe. Families who would like to become active again are welcome to rejoin. Temporary exceptions are made as needed on an individual basis. Please talk with a moderator about your particular situation if you feel you need a temporary hiatus from participation requirements.

3. New Member Mentors and the Member Moderator will be available to new members to help with getting to know the community and with planning events.

How do I join?

Prospective members will be invited to attend at least two of our weekly park meetings prior to joining Homespun. Our moderators and family mentors are available to answer questions or concerns. If you determine after attending several initial meetings and reviewing the full list of requirements, that Homespun is a good fit for your family, please let the moderator know that you would like to join the group.

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CIRCLE of Homeschoolers

Citrus Heights, CA

CIRCLE of Homeschoolers -
(Children Involved in a Respectful Cooperative Learning Environment)

Formerly known as Citrus Heights Homeschool Meetup Group and Folsom Homeschoolers - We've merged and changed our name to more accurately reflect our group focus and location. Our events are held several times a week and we have activities in various areas surrounding Citrus Heights including Fair Oaks, Folsom, Orangevale, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Antelope, Granite Bay, Carmichael, Rancho Cordova, and wherever else our adventures take us! Our events, field trips, educational days, holiday parties, classes, etc. are held throughout the surrounding areas depending on what families want to do each year.

**It seems a little silly to have to say this, but if you are not a homeschooler, this is not the group for you. To join this group you must be a homeschooler (either via private school affidavit, homeschool charter school, or an umbrella school). Being a homeschooler is a requirement for our homeschool group.**

We are an all-ages group. We have brand new babies up to teens and we plan a variety of activities that will appeal to all ages, as well as some that are specific to particular age groups. We do ask that all older kids remember that they are influencing the younger crowd and that they behave appropriately. We do not allow cursing, name-calling, or destructive/disrespectful behavior at our events. We can share information on our favorite curriculum and our favorite homeschool classes while our kids have a chance to learn and play together knowing that they are in a safe environment. If parents need to address issues with their kids, we ask that it is done so in a respectful way.


This group requires active in-person participation and support from its members to be successful. Families are expected to help in various ways - by setting up field trips, hosting co-ops, opening up their homes for events, etc. (by planning at least 1 event per year per family). There are many ways you can help, just let us know what your strengths are and what you can offer to the group.

This group does require an annual fee. Dues ($15.00 per family) are good through FEBRUARY 2020.This will fund the site, but will also help the group by having people actually commit to being a part of it. Often free groups have lots of lookers without many active participants. By charging a fee, people tend to feel more committed and want to "get their money's worth" from the group by attending events and participating. For the safety of those in the group, we do require that you complete the questionnaire and submit a picture of yourself and/or your kids before your membership is approved. You will then have thirty days to attend at least one event and, should you decide the group is a good fit for your family, to pay the annual dues.

WE ARE A NUT-FREE GROUP. OK, we may be nutty homeschoolers, but because of the life-threatening allergies of some of our members, we do not allow nuts of any kinds (including peanut butter and other nut butters) at any of our events.

If our group sounds like a good fit for you so far, please click above to join!! We look forward to meeting you and your homeschooling family soon!!

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The Baby Bunch Play and Lunch

Concord, CA

Hello mommies and mommies to be, this is Jennifer and Liza, as some of you know we were part of the mommies who lunch group that has closed, but because we love the group and you guys so much, we decided to give it a go and try to recreate some of the magic of mwl. So please feel free to message us with meetup ideas.

And for those of you who do not know us, Welcome!, thank you for visiting, and we hope you can join us!

We are a group of moms looking to get out of the house, have tons of fun and meet some new friends in the process, this is a safe space for us and our kids to socialize, all of our meetups are kids included, unless otherwise stated in the meetup.

We plan on meeting at least 3 times a month, with one mommies night out. Sometimes we'll do lunch or a playdate in the park, or some other fun activity, but most importantly we are here for each other, to support each other, and in some cases to be the village that some of us don't have here in the Bay Area.

**Full disclaimer:**

*We are a small group and we plan to keep it that way, so it will be easier to get to know everybody we please ask that you to come to at least 1 meet up every 2 months. Every 2 months we will delete mommies that can't commit to this so we can have space for new mommies.

*If you RSVP please try your best to show up. Some meetups do require advanced reservations so if for any reason you will not be able to make it to the meetup please cancel your RSVP as soon as possible to make room for other mommies on the waitlist.

Thank you! And hope to see you soon!!

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Single Moms by Choice-Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

This group provides a community of support for Single Moms by Choice (also known as SMC or Choice Moms), thinkers and triers who are living in Los Angeles County. A SMC is a woman who makes the deliberate choice to become a mother (most commonly through use of donor insemination, egg donation, or adoption/fostering) knowing from the outset that she will be the sole parent of her child.

Women who are thinking about becoming a single mom by choice, actively trying to become pregnant, or already are a SMC are welcome to join us. We host monthly gatherings and play dates for the kids that are open to all members along with meetups for thinkers/triers who have questions and need support. Our goal is to provide deeper connections between thinkers/triers and SMCs to help you navigate the pathway to and throughout motherhood, answer questions and to create a larger community in Los Angeles for SMCs and their children.

We know that how one becomes a single mother may encompass many other situations (divorce, separation, widowed, conceived using a partner no longer in the picture, etc.). For women who are single parents in the more traditional sense or are co-parenting, there are many other groups and resources available to support you but this group would not be appropriate.

For more information about Single Mothers By Choice or Choice Moms, please go to:  We encourage you to join this national network and to participate in the discussion forums for additional resources and support.

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West Coast Watercraft PWC, Enthusiasts, Adventures & Beyond

Long Beach, CA

West Coast Watercraft PWC Enthusiasts and Adventures in SoCal (Southern California) a Jet Ski Riders Society


California based organization, Jet Ski Adventurers and Enthusiasts on the West Coast and beyond…


Our Personal Watercraft Riders are in Southern California, Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. This organization was founded in 2012 along with a group of experienced PWC enthusiasts who enjoy riding and exploring waterways throughout the West Coast and Southern California. The WCWCC is an adventure destination watercraft riding entities in Southern and Northern California and continuing our 10th consecutive year as the hottest and respected organization in SoCal with over 40 planned rides a year!!! Since we are a Watercraft Riding entity, we have no restrictions on what types of watercraft's are used at our events.


The WCWCC is a lifestyle branding PWC group associated with Jet Rider Nation, IJSBA with over 50 sponsors to provide our club members with discounts. Being a member is free there are no fees or hidden costs. The WCWCC wants our members to participate and have a great time on the water.


The WCWCC offers organized, non-organized jet ski rides and events all year around. Our PWC group visits, Catalina Avalon, Catalina Two Harbors, Long Beach, Newport Beach, Dana Point, Oceanside, San Diego, Mission Bay, Marina Del Rey, Channel Islands Harbor, Ventura, and Santa Barbara. When riding these areas, we always stop and take in the amazing view of the coastal communities and admire the scenery.


Some of our away trips include Laughlin, Lake Mojave, Lake Havasu, Parker Strip, Blythe, Yuma AZ including a stop at Walters Camp (A WCWCC Sponsor) and well as our NorCal division offering over 1800 miles of river ways where you can see the Golden Gate, Fisherman's Warf, The Dead Fleet (retired ship are stored) Sacramento, and Stockton.


Our 2022 riding schedule is being planned amongst our newly formed committee. Lots of exciting untouched areas that the WCWCC will explore during their adventure.


YouTube Site:





WCWCC Club Sizzle:


© 2021 West Coast Watercraft

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