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Parents of Littles South-West Bay Area

Mountain View, CA

Parents of Littles South-West Bay Area

Hey! We would like to welcome Moms, expecting parents, dads and caregivers! This group is created for parents who are going through similar stages in this new adventure who can offer support (baby development, emotional, advice, etc.) friendships (for you and your little one) and give you the opportunity to continue to have a social life. Many events held by the creator will be in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Mt. View, and Palo Alto. However you can host events in any surrounding areas!

We want to help you and your baby grow as individuals and a family. We like to include all types of meet ups that benefit ourselves and our babies! Like:

1. Getting Outside! (Hiking, Going to the park, play dates, etc.) <br> - Getting outdoors are great for babies and children who use their senses to understand the world around them. Without over stimulating our babies, being outside offers new experiences to sight, sound, feeling, taste, smell, texture, and movement. Which are sensory inputs that encourages a baby’s brain to form connections, develop and grow. <br> - Staying active while pregnant is very important! It gives you more energy, promote healthy weight gain, and makes it easier for you during labor, delivery, and recovery.

2. Crafting! <br> - DIY projects that help with the development of your baby, capture memories (they will go by quick!), crafts for your nursery and any other suggestions!

3. Coffee, Brunch, Mom’s Night Outs! <br> -Your life will seem like it’s all about the baby, this is your chance to get out of the house and form friendships with ladies going through the same thing you are! (Babies are always welcome to these social outings!)

Members are encouraged to host events and make suggestions!

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Diablo Valley Homeschool Group

Concord, CA

Diablo Valley Homeschool Group

***Please note that all prospective members must first meet with the organizers at an event within 30 days of applying before membership requests are approved. Once you submit your information to join you will be contacted by one of our organizers with upcoming event information to attend. Please make sure to check your Meetup Messages so you don't miss out!***

This community is focused on healthy, long lasting friendships and shared learning. The purpose of this group is to bring together families in the Contra Costa County and surrounding areas to build friendships, a support network, and cooperative learning opportunities.

Our Code of Conduct: Because we have a multi-age group, we remind all families, especially the older children, that they are influencing the younger crowd and so we ask that they act appropriately. Our group does not allow name-calling, or destructive/disrespectful behavior. We are building a community of friends and we expect that everyone act in a respectful way (this pertains to children and adults). 

Who are we? We are a group of families who share a passion for teaching our children through homeschooling. Our group is focused on school aged children (K-12) but younger siblings are welcome. We believe that children of all ages socializing together is a part of healthy development. 

What do we do? We have weekly park days in the Contra Costa County areas. Additionally we have monthly Mom's Night Out and sometimes extend that to Parents' Night Out and Family Fun Nights. It is our goal to have other activities such as nature walks, movie nights, even co-op learning groups available for families to participate in. Families may participate in any and all events, but are welcome to opt out of any that don't meet their families needs or interests. We do require that all families attend a MINIMUM of one park day per month. This ensures building strong, lasting friendships. 

When do we meet? We get together every Friday at 10 A.M. in the summer and 10:30 A.M. in the winter for weekly park day play groups. Additional events will be scheduled at various times.

Where do we meet? For most events we meet somewhere in the East and Central areas of Contra Costa County. We may occasionally schedule field trips that are outside of the county as well.

How can your family participate? Join our group! We are always looking to make great connections for children and parents - the more the merrier! Send us a request to join and tell us a little bit about your family. Then come to a meetup and start making connections! 

Membership fees - We do require all families to pay membership fees of $10 per family for the year. For all new incoming families, you will have a 3 month probationary period to check out our group, make new friendships and discover if our group is a good fit for your family. At the end of that 3 month period, new families are required to pay the membership dues to stay active members. 

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CIRCLE of Homeschoolers

Citrus Heights, CA

CIRCLE of Homeschoolers

CIRCLE of Homeschoolers - (Children Involved in a Respectful Cooperative Learning Environment)

WHO ARE WE?  We are homeschoolers. You can use an umbrella school, some families use a private school affidavit, most use a local homeschool charter school. Regardless of means,  method, or philosophy we all just homeschool. We have kids of all ages from babies to teens and we plan a variety of activities that will appeal to all ages, as well as some that are specific to particular age groups.

WHAT WE DO AND WHERE?  We typically have several events a week and for the most part they are held in Fair Oaks, Folsom, and Roseville then wherever else our adventures take us! Our events include park days, field trips, educational days, holiday parties, creek days, classes, etc. are held throughout the surrounding areas. 

OUR ATMOSPHERE!  To help our group thrive we need our group events to be harmonious. We like our events to be peaceful, inclusive, and filled with kindness. We try to avoid having an atmosphere that includes yelling, being unkind or harsh, or filled with drama. This goes for both the parents and the kids.

We do ask that all older kids remember that they are influencing the younger crowd and that they behave appropriately. We do not allow cursing, name-calling, or destructive/disrespectful behavior at our events. We can share information on our favorite curriculum and our favorite homeschool classes while our kids have a chance to learn and play together knowing that they are in a safe environment. If parents need to address issues with their kids, we ask that it is done so in a respectful way.

PARTICIPATION  This group requires in-person participation and support from its members to be successful. We ask that each family contribute by hosting an event in some way: by setting up a field trip or tour, hosting a co-op, opening up their homes for an event, planning a park day, planning a themed park day, etc. With each family planning at least ONE event per year (you can even plan an event with a friend) we can greatly enrich our homeschool year. There are many ways you can help, just let us know what your strengths are and what you can offer to the group. When you know what you want to do, send me the information and I will post it on Meetup.

FEES  This group does require an annual fee. Dues, $15.00 per family, are good through OCTOBER 2022. This will fund the site, but will also help the group by having people actually commit to being a part of it. Often free groups have lots of lookers without many active participants. By charging a fee, people tend to feel more committed and want to "get their money's worth" from the group by attending events and participating. 

PROCESS TO JOIN   We do require that you complete the profile questions (so we can learn about you), that you have a profile picture of yourself and/or your kids (this is so we can find you at the meetups), and attend an event or two before your membership is approved. Upon requesting to join, I will send you the details of the next three “Park Days” on our calendar, for a free trial if you will. Our Park Days can be simple to just get together and sometimes are themed and we are having a party or special activity. You do not need to arrive “on time” to Park Days as they are fluid and people come and go as their schedule allows. So if you will be an hour late that will be fine - the only exception is if it is a themed day because there will be a start time for activities so you may miss out if late. If that won’t bother you or your kids then still try to come! After attending at least one event should you decide the group is a good fit for your family, pay the annual dues, and the approval will be made.

LASTLY, WE ARE A NUT-FREE GROUP. Okay, we may be nutty homeschoolers, but because of the life-threatening allergies of some of our members, we do not allow nuts of any kinds (including peanut butter and other nut butters) at any of our events. If your food says it may be processed at a facility with nuts, it's okay to bring. If it contains nuts, it is not. [If you can only think of foods containing peanuts now and need an alternative; my kids like sunbutter (it’s made from sunflower seeds) better than peanut butter.]

If our group sounds like a good fit for you so far, please click above to join!! We look forward to meeting you and your homeschooling family soon!!


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DaVinci Homeschool Group

San Leandro, CA

DaVinci Homeschool Group

The DaVinci Homeschool Group is a friendly & supportive group geared for families who are actively homeschooling. We have all ages, including a strong teen presence.

We are located in the SF East Bay Area, and meet primarily in San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley & Hayward. Our weekly park day is on Tuesdays.

We are a secular group that encourages diversity and our members vary in homeschooling styles, religions, political views, family structures, and probably anything else you can think of. 

This group identifies as a community. Communities exist and thrive when all members are active and engaged. We are not just a network or a calendar of events, we are here for the connection. The things we do are possible because we are all working together to make this a fun, caring, and supportive homeschool community. We want to help our children build lasting friendships and at the same time build those kinds of relationships for ourselves too. 

Our weekly park day is an important part of our community and the best place to come socialize and connect with the group. We expect every member to be an active participant and require members to attend an event at least once every 60 days, but that number is a bare minimum which we hope members strive to exceed. Our intention is for those who join the group, to also be looking for a community that they can identify with and actively participate in. This group is more than just an online resource, we do need to see you in person. :)

We meet for field trips, art & craft activities, park days, holiday parties, nature walks/hikes, social activities, and lots of hanging out and having fun. We feel that activities for our children are very important, but we also think that it's important for the parent who stays home to get some time to themselves too, so we have a parent's book club and a reoccurring parent's night (or day) out.

We don't offer classes or structured learning situations. To learn about those type of activities offered in the Bay Area, we recommend joining the SF Bay Area Homeschool Network on Facebook at or checking out Outschool classes at

We look forward to meeting you soon! 

To learn more, please read our "About Us" page here:

**You should receive a message with details about upcoming park days within 48 hours. (If you haven't received a message and are concerned that we missed you, feel free to email us at Meetup may not send a message to your email address, please check your message center here on the Meetup. Thank you!**

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parental alienation support meetup (Sacramento area)

Sacramento, CA

parental alienation support meetup (Sacramento area)

November 7 & 21 (Family Access) and 28 (ISNAF) are this month's seminar & support group calls by two organizations listed below. Click "read more" and scroll down for this and much, much more info related to parental alienation. 

This group is for parents (moms and dads) who have been unreasonably estranged from their children due to "parental alienation" (defined below). Adult children who were affected by this are also welcome. Typically our ex-spouses, the allied-favored alienating parents, have some combination of borderline, narcissistic or antisocial personality disorder traits, often including sociopathy / psychopathy. We will share experiences, strategies and support each other. Meetings are approximately monthly 

"Parental alienation" is a term which has been used to characterize a set of family dynamics in which a child is influenced by one parent into rejecting a relationship with the other parent, who is otherwise a normal-range and affectionally available parent. This typically occurs following a divorce, although the process can begin while the family is still intact.

The more accurate term for "parental alienation" is "pathogenic parenting" (patho = pathological; genic = genesis, creation). Pathogenic parenting refers to parenting practices that are so aberrant and distorted that they produce significant psychopathology in the child. In professional psychology, the term "pathogenic parenting" is most often used in the context of distortions to the child's attachment system, since the attachment system does not spontaneously or independently dysfunction, but only becomes dysfunctional in response to problematic and "pathogenic parenting" practices.

The correct clinical term for what has traditionally been referred to as "parental alienation" is pathogenic parenting involving a parentally induced suppression of the child's attachment bonding motivations toward a normal-range and affectionally available parent. An induced attachment system disorder.

At the same time as the child entirely rejects a relationship with the targeted-rejected parent, they show a corresponding hyper-bonding motivation toward the allied and favored alienating parent, along with a range of characteristic psychopathology and impairment of development, much of which has been ignored by most of the mental health and legal systems, which lack specialized expertise in assessing, diagnosing and treating this worldwide issue.

Pathogenic parenting is the issue of concern. The borderline / narcissist / antisocial parent is creating significant psychopathology in the child in order to meet the parent's own emotional and psychological needs. This is child psychological abuse, a child protection issue, not a custody issue.

Seminar & Support Group call info: (free)

Note that calls listed on the above site as "Support Call for Parents of Adult Alienated Children" are closed unless you sign up and wait on a long list for your turn to be one of the five parents on the call. Other calls open to anyone. ($10)

December 2020 update:

"Don't take anything personally" - a hard but important lesson, here presented on pages 44-49 of a 90 page pdf:

One way to find additional support in COVID times: on, search for "parental alienation," change the distance setting to "any distance," and you'll find some other groups elsewhere offering support via zoom or teleconference. Some of our members have come to this group via the same route.

November 2020 update:

on the importance of appearing emotionless and boring to your sociopathic ex: - also google "gray rock"

check out this group: (International Support Network of Alienated Families) - they have monthly aupport group calls, a grief program and more.

a great new book: Outsmarting the Sociopath Next Door, by Martha Stout, Ph.D., 2020

March 2018 updates:

Live Facebook Video Chats with Director Ginger Gentile are back! How do we build a winning movement to reunite families? 

Director Ginger Gentile shares lessons on how to build a global movement that will reunite families #erased by divorce courts. What has worked in other countries? How do we get people to support children's rights to have both parents in their lives? 

Join us each Tuesday at 5pm EST 8pm PST on Facebook. You can ask questions live. Videos are always available on and

an adult alienated child's website - includes podcasts:

February 2018 updates:

A couple of websites for those who had relationships / children with psychopaths:     

Liane Leedom is a psychiatrist who married and had a son with a psychopath. Her book "Just Like His Father?" is about parenting kids who have a genetic risk for anti-social behavior, as well as ADHD and addiction.

A superb site with the top experts contributing; also has some great podcasts on the topic.

In October 2017 the Parental Alienation Study Group had its first open conference; you can watch the presentations by the experts here at the PASG youtube channel:

August 2017 updates:

Karen Woodall's long-awaited book "Understanding Parental Alienation: Learning to Cope, Helping to Heal" is finally available and has good advice for those who still have some contact with their child, also Karen was a former alienated child herself:

Erasing Family Documentary: learning about this upcoming film and help to support it:

Also at the link you can watch the director's previous film "Erasing Dad" (Borrando a Papa, spanish with english subtitles, produced in Argentina, available on youtube)

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has given an emotional UC Berkeley commencement address and written a book, "Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy," about coping with devastating loss (her husband died abruptly two years ago), which are both inspirational and relevant to the situation of the target parent of alienated kids:

Mommy Interrupted Radio Show is a good listen, with host Kristi Beck, who was erased from her daughter's life. A variety of ways to access by internet, I get shows off youtube and convert to mp3, but there's sure to be a more direct way to get them.

Listening to the comments of adult children of alienation, who have returned to the long lost parent, is always good. In addition to Karen Woodall and Ryan Thomas, mentioned below, three others are 

Dorcy Pruter

Amanda Sillars

and an alienated daughter (don't know her name) who writes Mother Erased: a Memoir, which is a blog at  She recently indicated that she will start a podcast on behalf of alienated children.

A word of caution about Dorcy Pruter: she has a valid message and important things to say, but also no formal training or education, is a former "life coach" and has chosen to monetize what she has to offer in a (to me) disturbing scam / multilevel marketing-type way involving absurd amounts of money charged for little substance. I've seen her in person and would say listen to whatever you can on the internet for free - there is value, but don't spend a dime (for example, there's a very good interview of her and Craig Childress on Mommy Interrupted Radio Show, 4/16/2017).

H.G. Beverly's book "The Other Side of Charm: Your Memoir" is a unique portrayal of intimate life with a charming psychopath for a spouse, through courtship and marriage, divorce, alienation of the children . . . written entirely in the 2d person voice ("you . . .") If you've experienced this, it's very insightful and rings true.

The blogs of Karen Woodall and Craig Childress remain my best daily source of inspiration and understanding on this issue:

Also Dr. Childress' website:

End of August 2017 updates

To start getting a state of the art understanding of what you and your children are really dealing with: 


Karen Woodall has the best advice re: how to interact with these kids if you still have some contact. These 4 blog posts (on empathic responding) are some of my favorites:





The book "The Power of Validation" by Karyn Hall and Melissa Cook is also helpful for learning this, especially for those of us who were rarely validated ourselves as children.

These are two blog posts every target parent should read, about taking care of yourself in light of the trauma that is being inflicted on you: 


 (responses are great, too)


Karen's 2d blog (apparently discontinued, but still has good stuff up), described as for those:

"who are on the journey beyond where they can rescue their children and who are learning how to wait and hope and seeking to live a congruent life whilst doing so. . . . my journey on that road beyond the court process and into the world where parents wait for their children to get free. I will be sharing stories on here from parents whose children did get free and will be interviewing children as well as their parents about those things which helped them most. Here is where those who wait are welcome. Here is where we will not push the river but learn how to help it flow.


Ryan Thomas is an adult alienated child who eventually saw the light, reconciled with his dad and now coaches targeted parents: 


Two more:

Consider joining the National Alliance for Targeted Parents and becoming an informed part of the movement to end this:


Karen's advice to the mother of a completely alienated adult daughter who can't tolerate mom's presence rings true to me:

"From her perspective, she is likely to be under so much pressure/charm/threat/anxiety/distortion within her relationship with her father that she is unable to see anything any differently and that is the legacy her relationship with her father has handed to her. For now. Until one day the sense of cognitive dissonance she is currently able to bear, may fracture for one reason or another – his death perhaps, her contact with someone who challenges her, the coming to consciousness of the underlying dynamics he is burying with his controlling behaviours. In real terms, as she is an adult, there is little you can do other than to live well and healthily knowing it is not you, it is him and leaving all the possibilities for her return open without spending time by the door waiting for her. Your live must be lived and lived well. Her life has its own trajectory which will include, at some point, questions, anxieties, hauntings and other signs that she may follow one day. Alienated adult children who are convinced [the problem] is you can grow to become toxic, and protection from the double whammy of father and daughter ganging up against you is an absolute must in situations like yours."

The above quote is in the comments from this controversial post:


It's worth reading the post and all the comments. The claim that one's child has been alienated against you is sometimes untrue, or not fully true to that the extent the target parent thinks, as explored in the post.

Thanks for reading and feel free to message me with comments or questions.


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