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German Shepherds of the Bay Area

San Jose, CA

German Shepherds of the Bay Area

                            Active, Social and Trained German Shepherds!

   When joining this Meet Up group, please post a picture of your shepherd as your profile picture. Your membership will be declined if your profile picture is not a picture of your shepherd. 

The Goal of this Meet Up group is to  have fun with your Shepherd and to share the passion with friends and family. 

It is up to you to take advantage of every opportunity that this Meet Up group offers; be it Play Meet Up, Pack Walks, Pack Hikes, Beach Trips, Community Events, Store openings, Canoe Trips, Train Ride, Positive Obedience Classes, Agility, Rally, Personal Protection Training, Scent Work, Dock Diving, Barn Hunt, Luring Puppy Socials and many more.

This Meet Up group is also a great resource to share information regarding German Shepherds. Support from other members is a huge benefit of this group. Be sure to check out the "Discussion" tab. 

We must ensure that the members of our Meet Up group are safe, therefore, everyone must keep their Shepherds up to date with all vaccinations. 

By joining the group, you agree to release the groups Organizer (Christine Alves) and members from any and all liability with regard to group activities. You are responsible for your Shepherds at all events and agree to keep your Shepherd under control.

Public Facebook Page:

Members Only Facebook Page:

There is a $10.00 yearly membership fee that is due when you join this group. Please use Venmo at to pay for your yearly membership dues. 

THANK YOU for joining this amazing group that celebrated 11 years in August 2021.

Christine Alves

Shadow and Dallas

658 members · Private

Little Doggy Social

Los Altos, CA

Little Doggy Social

Q. What is Little Doggy Social?

We searched high and low for a unique, small dog group that fits our needs and couldn't seem to find one, so we created our own!

Little Doggy Social is a fledgling, welcoming group for dogs between 10-20lbs. and their parents. We ask that the furkids be at least 6 months old and (ideally) have some basic manners training. The idea is to match pups of about the same size/weight so they can play safely together. 

While we love all fur babies, we found going to the dog park or even neighborhood parks where dogs of all sizes mix to be stressful and even dangerous. This allows a more controlled space for little dogs to interact and play with less worry, and allows us time to socialize with other humans!

Q. What happens at the Social?

Doggos get to run off leash, sniff, play and socialize with each other in a safe, enclosed outdoor space. Let them burn off that extra energy instead of chewing up your favorite shoes.

Fur parents, meanwhile, get to talk, snack, network, watch our crazy fur kids run around so we all get some mental and social stimulation.

Future events may include:

  • Hiding treats for the pups in a secure backyard for a fun, exciting scavenger hunt! First prize would be, for example, a Kong or a squeaky toy.

  • Enjoying an indoor dog park with fun games and agility courses like Zoom Room (Belmont) they even have something called a "Doggy Disco Night" (!)

  • Celebrating doggy birthdays.

  • For pet parents: "A Paint Your Dog" afternoon at a local park and/or a make your own dog toy hangout.

  • And the like!

Q. Who are we?

We are a Gen-x, professional, creative, fun-loving, married couple with two, adorable terriers - Archie (4 yrs old/14 lbs) and Roxy (10 yrs old/15 lbs). We love Rifftrax, Cons (nerd conventions), many kinds of film, design, music, and, of course. dogs!

So if this sounds cool so far, please keep reading!

In light of the current circumstances, we all need to socialize in a safe and fun way. Archie, Roxy, Andy (the dog dad), and Angelica (the dog mom) are all up-to-date on shots and fully vaccinated. We also believe in using masks when in close contact with others and being considerate of others' space. 

Q. Who are you and your pup?

You are a fur parent who is positive, sociable, has interests to share and may be a little obsessed with your dog. Also, we ask you to be fully vaccinated for COVID.

Your pup is between 10-20lbs. and friendly, also up-to-date on their shots. No one wants to catch kennel cough now, do we? 

Q. Where do we meet?

Although we live in a home, our backyard is not large enough to accommodate a group of people and their pups in a way that is socially distanced.

*For future events, if there is a Little Doggy Social member that would like to volunteer their backyard, Let’s talk!. 

Other things to note:.

  • Even though we are socializing with other humans, everyone is still responsible for their own dogs, keeping them in check and safe. We want them to have fun but in a way that doesn't harm them or another pup. Keep a close watch on your pups and ensure their welfare during every event.
  • Attendance: We have a no-flake policy. We understand life happens, and if that's the case, please change your RSVP accordingly so that others may attend!

Thanks for reading - looking forward to hearing from you!

33 members · Public

Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners

Van Nuys, CA

Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners

Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners (LARPBO) launched in February 2011 to bring together "Responsible Pit Bull Owners" in the greater Los Angeles area. Our mission is to join together in group activities, events, pit bull advocacy, education/training classes, and community outreach in order to promote a positive image of all “bully breeds.”

We are committed to educating the public about responsible pit bull and dog ownership, banishing the myths that the media feeds the public. We actively work together to share the truth about bully breeds: they are very loyal, loving, intelligent dogs who are amazing and wonderful family pets. Just like any dog, given proper obedience training, socialization with humans, and appropriate interaction with other dogs, this breed defies media misconceptions. By promoting attention and communication between dogs and owners we can show the general public what we already know: these are amazing creatures deserving of full and happy lives.

LARPBO promotes the importance of spaying and neutering all bully breeds, as well as rescuing and re-homing. The overpopulation of these dogs currently creates the assumption that these dogs don’t deserve a chance.

With so much controversy surrounding the bully breeds today, our focus is not only to increase awareness of the issues that affect pit bulls and their ownership, but to work together to be a part of the solution. Our goal with Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners is to gather pit bull loving friends and owners as a community – a community dedicated to making a stand for our best friends and strive to do so with the same fun-loving outlook that our dogs have in life.

4368 members · Public