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Photography groups near California

True Colors Queer Women's Meetup Monterey Bay

Monterey, CA

True Colors Queer Women's Meetup Monterey Bay

Welcome! This group is for all queer women. If you self-identify as a queer woman, this group is for you :) 🏳️‍🌈 

As the Admin and Organizer of this group, one of my primary objectives is to create well-defined boundaries so that the members of this community feel safe. With this in mind, you are welcome to become a member of True Colors if you are a lesbian, bi female, or an MTF trans lesbian. 

Established mid-October of 2020, this social club offers adult (18+ years of age) women, of all colors, single & partnered, an opportunity to create new and meaningful friendships and participate in common interest activities in the Monterey Bay Area.

Activities, adventures, and events will include but are not limited to hiking, biking, walking, running, kayaking, ropes courses, ziplining, backpacking, camping, frisbee in the park, book clubs, photography, coffee and tea, breaking bread, pub nights, farmer's market meetups, dancing, escape rooms, board and dice games, cards, tours, concerts, movies, parties, BBQs, trips, travel, whitewater rafting/tubing, skiing/snowboarding. The sky is the limit!

On average we offer about five meetups each month, usually one meetup per weekend, and then an occasional meetup on a weeknight. Often our weekend meetups are short local hikes or coffee & pastry get-togethers although occasionally we turn it up a notch and run a bigger, less local meetup such as whale watching, kayaking, or an e-bike ride. Our weeknight events have been brewery meetups so far, while we do have a full moon hike coming up in July and we'll add monthly Twilight Cycling at Laguna Seca when they get up and running again. 

We primarily hold our meetups in the greater Monterey Bay (Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Marina, Seaside, Salinas, Santa Cruz). We've talked about putting together trips to Guerneville and the Mendocino area this coming summer or fall. 

Everyone will be given a warm welcome. An ethos/culture of mutual respect, courtesy, warmth, dignity, 'positivity', and inclusivity for all members is expected. We endeavor to create an environment where members can feel confident, comfortable, and happy being their true selves. Our group vibe is warm, friendly, welcoming, inclusive, casual, and social. 

Feel free to suggest any ideas you have for events; your ideas are always welcome ;) After coming to a few events, you will likely also have the opportunity to become an Event Organizer and host events, if you wish. 

This Club is non-commercial/non-profit. Membership is free.

Please add a profile photo before applying to join our group. 

Note: Unless otherwise stated, True Color events are for queer adult women only. Just to be super clear, no pets, kids, or allies are invited to attend unless specified for a one-off event. If specified, the event will clearly state "+ dogs" or "allies welcome" in the event title or near the top of the post. 

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The Grapevine: A Business Network for Women

Brea, CA

The Grapevine:  A Business Network for Women

The Grapevine was created for enthusiastic COMMITTED professional business women by enthusiastic COMMITTED professional business women.

The purpose of the group is to: 1) help each other grow our business networks by developing trustworthy professional relationships through our weekly and one-to-one meetings 2) exchange quality referrals through our weekly 1-minute commercials and weekly 15-minute business highlight presentations 3) develop members' leadership and business skills and encourage personal and professional development through our weekly Tip of the Day.

Our group has a few requirements for membership. Members meet every week on Tuesdays from 11am to 12:30pm. Membership fees are $25/six months (OR $40/year) plus your lunch from Coco's (ranging from $5-$15 depending on your personal order). Members will receive a roster of all members, 15-minute business highlight opportunity every 6-8 weeks, and leads from the group. Guests can visit us up to three times for FREE (just pay for your lunch).

We are looking for women business owners or representatives who value INTEGRITY, QUALITY, PROFESSIONALISM, COMPASSION, and RELATIONSHIPS. Most importantly we especially welcome business women who have a PASSION and COMMITMENT for their business and LOVE to laugh.


Arbonne Nutrition

Asea Wellness


Chiropractor & Acupuncturist

DGH Mortgage

DoTerra Essential Oils

Farm Girl Edibles (Jam & Candy)

Revolution Finance

Delish Doggy Droolers


Professional Home Organizer

Naturally Plus Hydrogen Water

Mary Kay Beauty



Paparazzi Jewelry

Pet Grooming

Rain International

EXP Residential Real Estate


Wedding & Event Planning & Coordination

Personal Coaching

Fashion Asessories


Damsel in Defense

Color Street

Pampered Chef


Home Decor/Gifts

Hotellife Sheets & Pillows

ID Theft Shield

Zyia Activewear



Extra Pair of Hands


Marketing Strategy

Health Insurance



Cornerstone Swarovski Crystal

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Fine Art Photography

Cerritos, CA

Fine Art Photography

If you consider yourself an artist first and then a photographer this group is for you. If you want to learn Fine Art Photography and shoot pictures which stand out from the crowd you are at the right place. 

We are a group of passionate photographers focussed on learning, practicing and sharing basic and advanced concepts in Fine Art Photography. An active group organizing regular meetups and workshops where members can look forward to learning a vast array of photography genres and topics.

Photography Genres

• Seascape photography  

• Landscape photography

• Black and White photography

• Night/Astro photography

• Panoramas 

• Piers Photography 

• Long/Extra-long exposure photography

• Cityscapes

• Macro Photography

• Minimalism

• Abstract Photography 

• Fine Art printing


• Monthly meetups  

• Photo walks 

• Gallery visits 

• Local discounted workshops 

• Multi-day field workshops.

• One-on-one training

This group is suitable for all levels of  photographers. 

About me: 

I am a professional landscape photographer with more than 25 years of experience. I primarily shoot landscapes and seascapes. I also do nature and abstract photography. 

I do my art shows, participate in art fairs and I also sell on commercial and residential projects. 

My work is available on a few online platforms. I’ve had a few national prizes to my credit. 

You can find more information about me and see more of my work on the following:



If you have any queries please contact me at

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Men's Naked Drawing Inland Empire

Riverside, CA

Men's Naked Drawing Inland Empire

Do you want to do something nude, creative, and sexy that's not sexual? EVERYONE is nude, not just the person posing. Do you want to draw the male figure & try your hand at being a figure model (optional)? Stick figures are okay! We're not judgmental about bodies or drawings! JOIN Now!

A sketch group for nudist men (and men interested in trying naked activities) where guys take turns posing for the group. Our focus is to draw the male figure and depict masculinity in an open-minded, sex-positive nature not found in traditional drawing groups. When both the model and the artist are naked, they are on equal footing, encouraging openness and camaraderie. Sex is not allowed except as part of a pose; some of the poses are homoerotic.

All MND sessions welcome respectful men (cis and trans) of all ages (18+ to 80+), ethnicities, sexual orientations and body types. We particularly encourage transmen and men of color to join. Men 18-29 can pay less for most drawing sessions.

Sexy camaraderie and sexy poses are encouraged at all MNDG sessions. All sessions are relaxed and social. This is NOT a sex party.

#PayWhatYouCan Admission: 
$5-10 Young Artist (18-29) 
$15-20 Regular

We take photos of drawings for marketing the group on the Internet, including a paid newsletter. However, we are serious about your privacy. Therefore, WE DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS OF FACES (unless you request it). WE DO NOT PUBLISH NAMES (unless you request it). We DO like to include HEADLESS bodies in the background. If you don't want to hold your drawing in the photo, tell the photographer. You can always hold the drawing to the side, or put the drawing on a table or the floor. 

Be part of our Men's Naked Drawing community no matter where you live! 



• Individuals who present primarily with masculine or male features (cisgender and transgender men)

• Must be interested in trying figure drawing (stick figures okay), all non-smelly mediums except photography.

• Since we pose for each other, we don't hire outside models. The most you can pose is about 2 times.

• Comfortable being nude with fellow men, posing naked for other artists (posing is optional).

• Friendly, respectful

• Photo in profile (headshot/face preferred, but anything is okay)

Young members (18-29) get a discount on most event fees. 



The rules are the same whether in a studio or a private home. Any variations will be announced at the session. If you have specific questions, contact Shungaboy or the Event Host.

For all sessions, sexy camaraderie and sexy poses are encouraged. 

No photography of people without permission. A violation of this policy will result in a permanent ban from the group. 

Drink in moderation. 

Erections are natural and okay at any time. 

This is not a hook up event or sex party so no sexual activity with another person anywhere in the building during the session, other than as part of a pose. 

If you want to do a pose that looks like sex, CLEARLY talk it through with the guy you're posing with. Any sexual contact is at your own risk. It’s always okay to say stop.

For non-sexual poses, try not to move at all.

For poses that look like sex, some movement is okay, but it’s a pose, not a performance. Still, try not to move too much.

To see what some of the sessions look like (NYC examples), please look at a sample of the paid version of our newsletter: (Meetup keeps truncating long links so trying bitly.) 


WHY JOIN? This group is great for many reasons. Here are a few.

• Body acceptance

• Self-awareness / self-acceptance / self-actualization

• Sexual identity 

• Male bonding and community

• Personal growth 

• And of course, ART and just having FUN

Here’s an excellent documentary video by journalists Joshua Futtersak and Barbara Marcolini.

Here's a lighthearted report from Chasing News on FOX TV: 

PLEASE NOTE, our actual sessions have more sexual energy and include homoerotic poses not shown in the videos. It’s empowering and a lot of fun. Join us!

VOLUNTEER ROLES (this is a group effort):

• Bring healthy snacks/refreshments to share (optional).

• Photographing artwork. Session Art Photographer positions available

• Setting up and cleaning up (ALL)


Multiple locations. We are looking for venues and event hosts.

Members may RSVP for 1-2 guests.

Most of our drawing sessions are #PayWhatYouCan

Regular session suggested fee: $15-20. 

Young Artists (18-29) suggested fee: $5-10. 

"NO-SHOW" POLICY: We do keep track of who shows up and who doesn't. If you can't make it at the last minute, that's okay. Change your RSVP to "no" or let Shungaboy or the host know. If you have 2 or more no shows, we may require you to pre-pay.

Doors open 15-30 minutes before event start time. Late arrivals okay. Leaving early is okay.

Overall session time is usually 3 hours. It’s a 2-1/2 hour drawing session with a little social time before and breaks during. Everyone sets up. Everyone cleans up after.

BRING ALL YOUR OWN MATERIALS, drawing boards, portable easels, etc. Most guys draw on pads on their laps. There is a sink available for rinsing your brushes.

Bring a towel or sit on your shirt. Please be hygienic.

Be mindful of your stuff (wallet, phone, etc). MND, Shungaboy or the venues are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Full nudity of all participants is required for the duration of the session. SoHo studio venue: footwear is recommended when not on the model stand.

We photograph artwork done during the session and publish them on the group’s sites and social media. We post artwork only without any names. Some of our photos will include bodies in the background but never faces without permission.


We are always looking for new venues. If you might be able to host a drawing session, please let Shungaboy know.


I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRAW; IS THERE ANY INSTRUCTION? At regular sessions, there is no instruction, but absolute-beginner artists are welcome to try us out as long as you have the interest and make the effort to draw. From time to time, there will be special classes with instruction from a naked teacher; please check the schedule.

I'VE NEVER BEEN TO A NAKED EVENT BEFORE. WHAT'S IT LIKE? See the video links above! We're a friendly bunch and nonjudgmental. At studio venues, there are usually about 15-20 artists, at private homes about 10-15 artists. Everyone gets fully undressed after checking in and stays naked for the entire session. It's quite natural and relaxed. However, unlike a typical, strictly non-sexual naturist activity, the poses can be sexual. 

WHAT KINDS OF GUYS WILL BE THERE? We have a wide range of ages (20s to 80s), ethnicities, sexual orientations and ALL body types. We especially encourage transgender men and people of color to join us. We usually have 10-20 guys, depending on the venue.

I'VE NEVER POSED BEFORE. Many of our members had never posed before joining our group. We'll help you out if you want, so no need to stress out about it. It might be easier to pose together with someone else to start. There is a sign-up sheet for poses with about 12-15 posing slots per session (varying lengths 5-20 minutes) so not everyone poses at each session. First-timers are not required to pose. Poses are up to each artist posing. They can be classical, athletic, dance-like, sexy, etc. Erotic poses are welcome but not required. 

IS THIS A GAY GROUP? Many of our members are gay, but we are open to men regardless of sexual orientation. In fact, we don't talk about it much. However, some artists create poses that are homoerotic/sexual so you should be comfortable with that.

WHAT'S THE SEXUAL ENERGY OF THE GROUP LIKE? The sexual energy level varies depending on who shows up. We encourage a sexy camaraderie. However, this is not a hook-up event.

WHAT IF I GET AN ERECTION? Erections are natural and are welcome. 

WHO KEEPS THE DRAWINGS THAT I POSED FOR? Each artist keeps his own drawings. The model can ask for/trade/buy other artists' drawings.

ARE THE VENUES WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE? Unfortunately, very few of our current venues are accessible.

Organized by Shungaboy

Our social media & CONTACT:

Austin, TX
Inland Empire, CA 
New York City, NY 
Phoenix, AZ (Meetup keeps truncating long links so trying bitly.) 
San Francisco, CA  

Photography is not possible at any of the regular drawing sessions currently on the schedule. Please click below to schedule a session for photography. 

Be part of our Men's Naked Drawing community no matter where you live! 

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Little Boxes Theater: Art-Dance-Photo workshops & events: SF

San Francisco, CA

Little Boxes Theater: Art-Dance-Photo workshops & events: SF

We would like to invite you to our unique underground creative space devoted to art & movement. We're set up with a 1300sqft sprung floor for dance rehearsals, performances, we've recently hosted a film crew here with choreographed fight scenes! We have a wall of windows which shows us beautiful streaming beams of light in the afternoons, perfect for natural light photography and live nude figure drawing & painting. There are many usable vintage props, wardrobe costuming options, an operable claw foot bath tub, piano, projector, lighting equipment and what not at our studio. Feel free to heck out some images of our studio Little Boxes Theater:

Little Boxes Theater also has in-house artists, dynamic duo A-K Arts:

As a pair, we love to explore artistic concepts; we're multifaceted individuals who enjoy the creative collaborative adventure with professionals and amateurs alike. Our favorite photo shoots are those where we are covered in dead sea mud, body paint, flour & ash while making shapes with our physical forms together in dynamic discoveries. We look forward to having you at our next Meet-up! please feel free to contact us directly with any interests & inquiries about our upcoming events, booking our studio for your dreams and our individual & combined modeling rates:

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Richard Dischler Photo Workshops

Palo Alto, CA

Richard Dischler Photo Workshops

Please see the workshop's website for all information regarding classes and events

The goal of the workshops is to build a project-oriented community of photographers. This community must be not just of a high standard of photography but must in its collective DNA, be focused on the need to change the world through community projects.

Located in an area that was one of the birth places of modern photography, the workshops goals harken back to the Farm Security Administration photographic projects.

The classes and events of the Workshops provide the medium for each member’s journey of learning to see. The Workshop’s message is to see; to react to what one sees; to use the camera/lens to capture what they see; and to learn how to make the camera/lens work to allow them to capture what they see. The members evolve their sense of what is a good image; what makes a good photograph; and what is art.

Along the way, they confront their preconceptions of what is photography. To serve this purpose, the Richard Dischler Photo Workshops are founded upon three core workshops:
• A 6 month introductory workshop that emphasizes the art of seeing, where participants will be guided through a series of assignments focused on developing the discipline and skills to pre-visualize an image; develop an individual style; become more comfortable with the equipment they have chosen; and create a portfolio of work that expresses each participant’s unique, emerging style.
• A 12 month advanced study workshop tailored to each member’s goals, needs, skill level, and progress. Each member is challenged to further develop their true personal style of seeing and to achieve a higher standard for themselves in seeing and creating images as each member is encouraged to develop self-assigned projects.
• An advanced individual project workshop focused on personal projects
In addition, the Richard Dischler Photo Workshops offer a regular schedule of other learning events focused on studio, location, and glamour lighting. Other learning opportunities involve Walk-About exercises, gallery/exhibit walk throughs, and light-room training by Adobe Certified Experts.
As members advance their skills, they build their portfolio of images and are provided the opportunity to exhibit their work in public venues. They benefit from the fellowship of like-minded photographers. Finally, they are joining a growing community of local photographers that are setting a new standard of excellence.

Members from Dischler’s current and previous six month and one year pre-visualization workshops continue to receive public recognition for their work in juried and non-juried local, regional, national and international art and photography exhibits.
But more than a series of classes, the Workshop is focused on giving back. We are starting outreach programs to provide educational activities to local schools, provide services to local communities, and support other efforts through our photography.

Richard Dischler studied with Arthur Leipzig and was involved with the Ralph Weiss Workshop from 1976 to 1979. He was a member of J.A.M., the Jamaican Arts mobilization group that was instrumental in the creation of Public Studio Project #1 that is now part of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and a member of SoHo Photo. He has been published in Profile Magazine and exhibited at the Nippon Club, J.A.M. Galleries, and various public galleries. His work is in public and private collections including the Queens Museum of Art, the JCC Collection, and other locations throughout New York. Dischler has been an instructor and juror of photography since 1976.

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