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Photography groups near California

True Colors Queer Women's Meetup Monterey Bay

Monterey, CA

Welcome! This group is for all queer women. If you self-identify as a queer woman, this group is for you :) 🏳️‍🌈 

As the Admin and Organizer of this group, one of my primary objectives is to create well-defined boundaries so that the members of this community feel safe. With this in mind, you are welcome to become a member of True Colors if you are a lesbian, bi female, or an MTF trans lesbian. 

Established mid-October of 2020, this social club offers adult (18+ years of age) women, of all colors, single & partnered, an opportunity to create new and meaningful friendships and participate in common interest activities in the Monterey Bay Area.

Activities, adventures, and events will include but are not limited to hiking, biking, walking, running, kayaking, ropes courses, ziplining, backpacking, camping, frisbee in the park, book clubs, photography, coffee and tea, breaking bread, pub nights, farmer's market meetups, dancing, escape rooms, board and dice games, cards, tours, concerts, movies, parties, BBQs, trips, travel, whitewater rafting/tubing, skiing/snowboarding. The sky is the limit!

On average we offer about five meetups each month, usually one meetup per weekend, and then an occasional meetup on a weeknight. Often our weekend meetups are short local hikes or coffee & pastry get-togethers although occasionally we turn it up a notch and run a bigger, less local meetup such as whale watching, kayaking, or an e-bike ride. Our weeknight events have been brewery meetups so far, while we do have a full moon hike coming up in July and we'll add monthly Twilight Cycling at Laguna Seca when they get up and running again. 

We primarily hold our meetups in the greater Monterey Bay (Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Marina, Seaside, Salinas, Santa Cruz). We've talked about putting together trips to Guerneville and the Mendocino area this coming summer or fall. 

Everyone will be given a warm welcome. An ethos/culture of mutual respect, courtesy, warmth, dignity, 'positivity', and inclusivity for all members is expected. We endeavor to create an environment where members can feel confident, comfortable, and happy being their true selves. Our group vibe is warm, friendly, welcoming, inclusive, casual, and social. 

Feel free to suggest any ideas you have for events; your ideas are always welcome ;) After coming to a few events, you will likely also have the opportunity to become an Event Organizer and host events, if you wish. 

This Club is non-commercial/non-profit. Membership is free.

Please add a profile photo before applying to join our group. 

Note: Unless otherwise stated, True Color events are for queer adult women only. Just to be super clear, no pets, kids, or allies are invited to attend unless specified for a one-off event. If specified, the event will clearly state "+ dogs" or "allies welcome" in the event title or near the top of the post. 

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Los Angeles, CA

We are a community that loves to learn, teach, and share our passion in software development. As polyglots, we explore multiple languages, frameworks, and tech stacks. We host events to spread our knowledge and build our community. Come join us!

Hosted the last Tuesday of every month, our meetups include a variety of talks, workshops, and pair programming. Food and beverages are provided.

Organized by 8th Light.

- Please note there may be photography, audio, or video recording at the conference. By attending, you agree to allow the organizers to use your likeness in future marketing and promotional material.

- We are dedicated to providing a welcoming and harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any event venue, including talks, workshops, the vendor hall, parties, Twitter and other forms of social media.

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Photographic Adventurers

Los Angeles, CA

Hello and Welcome to Photographic Adventurers!!!

First Off... If you decide to join our MEETUP Group, we ask that you have a recognizable photo of yourself on your Profile Image so we know who we're accepting into our Adventure Group... Thank You 🌛

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, come and join a fun group for a Photographic Adventure with an opportunity to to ENJOY, Learn, Experiment and Apply many of your unknown photographic abilities. <br>

The adventure fee covers the expertise of your hosts. Ensuring you get to the best spots at the right time to get great images. Coordination and administration and everything else that goes into making a great trip. Additional cost not covered include entrance fees, transportation, share of gas costs when carpooling, food and all other costs.

This group will take you to some of our secret locations, share special tips, talk about composition, exposure and lighting. We will also answer any questions and provide an enjoyable Adventure for everyone attending. Make the pictures you take “keepers” without laboring away on the computer!!!

We capture photography by Sunrise, Daylight, Sunset, Twilight, and Starlight Meetups. We have beginners, amateurs, semi-pro and pro photographers in our group and everyone is welcomed. We'll have fun taking photos... Meet new people... Share and discuss our photographic knowledge. Cameras, Tripods, Filters, Cable Releases, Extra Batteries and Cards are always needed as well as good walking shoes and water!!! <br>

William G. Hartshorn, The Leader, is also a Fine Art-Landscape Photographer, Author, Lecturer, and Workshop Adventure Instructor. Also Known As "Master of the Picture Perfect Postcard Image" William combines his photo interests with all of nature’s elements searching for the play of natural daylight, fleeting glimpses of silvery moon glow, and the neon shimmer seen only at night. With an unerring eye and the patience to wait for exactly the right light, his images can capture a special moment in time, providing him with endless opportunities for his photographic creations. The main goal in his photographic imagery is to give people a sense of place and inspiration. <br>

To see a selection of his Portfolio with upcoming Lectures and Workshops, <br>

Please visit: * * * <br> <br> Also Go 2... Rangefinder Magazine "Article"


Please Note: By submitting a YES RSVP and participating in any Photographic Adventurers event, you agree that the Organizers, and Event Hosts are NOT responsible for your safety or for any injury or damage to your person or your property, or that of your guest(s). You agree that you have read the instructions of this announcement and that you and your guest(s) are assuming all risks of participating in any event that we put together... Thank You <br>

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PhotoArts Marin

San Rafael, CA

For well over fifteen years I have dreamed of creating a top quality photography program in Northern California and this is the first “baby step” in that process.  PhotoArts Marin will serve as the resource. to connect qualified  photography teachers and students.  As many photographers saw their business decline, they decided to teach to help pay the bills.  Being a good photographer doesn't suggest that that person is a good teacher. A passable photographer who is personable and friendly doesn't mean that that they know enough about the craft and or art to teach it.  Over the past two years, I have talked with far too many frustrated students who have been “taught” or found  misinformation on the web that is working against / preventing their success.  PhotoArts Marin will only offer a quality educational experience from a friendly, supportive, experienced, qualified educator.  

It is my goal to have a wide range of offerings from a wide range of photographers, artists and teachers. This MeetUp group will help begin to make those connections.  Teachers will be screened and their classes or workshops reviewed before they are posted. The reviews which students will post re: the classes and workshops will help prospective students make informed choices.  These classes will include Craft, Art, iPhonography, Photoshop, Lightroom, Presentation, Landscape or whatever the teacher can present in a professional and worthwhile format.  

This is PhotoArts Marin's commitment to you:

From the most basic to the most advanced classes or field workshops, students will be led by someone who is fully qualified to provide a relevant high-quality educational experience. You will be taught how to create not just imitate.

However, if a person takes anything beyond a basic class or goes on a field workshop trip, it is their personal responsibility to understand how to use their camera and its manual setting.  Participants should not depend on the teacher to cover those basic issues because it is not fair to the teacher or the other attendees to depend on them to do that.  Of course you can take an hour to get an image using exposure compensation etc. Or the Auto machine gun approach and take 20,000 photos in a week and then spend months praying to find a good one. Personally I would rather go in for a twenty-four hour long root canal. This experience will only be successful if you know your camera and an understanding of the basics of good photography.

Check out twitter for links to upcoming classes and legitimate information on the web

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Little Boxes Theater: Art-Dance-Photo workshops & events: SF

San Francisco, CA

We would like to invite you to our unique underground creative space devoted to art &amp; movement. We're set up with a 1300sqft sprung floor for dance rehearsals, performances, we've recently hosted a film crew here with choreographed fight scenes! We have a wall of windows which shows us beautiful streaming beams of light in the afternoons, perfect for natural light photography and live nude figure drawing &amp; painting. There are many usable vintage props, wardrobe costuming options, an operable claw foot bath tub, piano, projector, lighting equipment and what not at our studio. Feel free to heck out some images of our studio Little Boxes Theater:

Little Boxes Theater also has in-house artists, dynamic duo A-K Arts:

As a pair, we love to explore artistic concepts; we're multifaceted individuals who enjoy the creative collaborative adventure with professionals and amateurs alike. Our favorite photo shoots are those where we are covered in dead sea mud, body paint, flour & ash while making shapes with our physical forms together in dynamic discoveries. We look forward to having you at our next Meet-up! please feel free to contact us directly with any interests & inquiries about our upcoming events, booking our studio for your dreams and our individual & combined modeling rates:

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