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Photography groups near California

True Colors Queer Women's Meetup Monterey Bay

Monterey, CA

True Colors Queer Women's Meetup Monterey Bay

Welcome! This group is for all queer women. If you self-identify as a queer woman, this group is for you :) 🏳️‍🌈 

As the Admin and Organizer of this group, one of my primary objectives is to create well-defined boundaries so that the members of this community feel safe. With this in mind, you are welcome to become a member of True Colors if you are a lesbian, bi female, or an MTF trans lesbian. 

Established mid-October of 2020, this social club offers adult (18+ years of age) women, of all colors, single & partnered, an opportunity to create new and meaningful friendships and participate in common interest activities in the Monterey Bay Area.

Activities, adventures, and events will include but are not limited to hiking, biking, walking, running, kayaking, ropes courses, ziplining, backpacking, camping, frisbee in the park, book clubs, photography, coffee and tea, breaking bread, pub nights, farmer's market meetups, dancing, escape rooms, board and dice games, cards, tours, concerts, movies, parties, BBQs, trips, travel, whitewater rafting/tubing, skiing/snowboarding. The sky is the limit!

On average we offer about five meetups each month, usually one meetup per weekend, and then an occasional meetup on a weeknight. Often our weekend meetups are short local hikes or coffee & pastry get-togethers although occasionally we turn it up a notch and run a bigger, less local meetup such as whale watching, kayaking, or an e-bike ride. Our weeknight events have been brewery meetups so far, while we do have a full moon hike coming up in July and we'll add monthly Twilight Cycling at Laguna Seca when they get up and running again. 

We primarily hold our meetups in the greater Monterey Bay (Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Marina, Seaside, Salinas, Santa Cruz). We've talked about putting together trips to Guerneville and the Mendocino area this coming summer or fall. 

Everyone will be given a warm welcome. An ethos/culture of mutual respect, courtesy, warmth, dignity, 'positivity', and inclusivity for all members is expected. We endeavor to create an environment where members can feel confident, comfortable, and happy being their true selves. Our group vibe is warm, friendly, welcoming, inclusive, casual, and social. 

Feel free to suggest any ideas you have for events; your ideas are always welcome ;) After coming to a few events, you will likely also have the opportunity to become an Event Organizer and host events, if you wish. 

This Club is non-commercial/non-profit. Membership is free.

Please add a profile photo before applying to join our group. 

Note: Unless otherwise stated, True Color events are for queer adult women only. Just to be super clear, no pets, kids, or allies are invited to attend unless specified for a one-off event. If specified, the event will clearly state "+ dogs" or "allies welcome" in the event title or near the top of the post. 

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San Diego Outdoor Photography

San Diego, CA

San Diego Outdoor Photography

Welcome to the San Diego Outdoor Photography Group. <br>

The mission of this Meetup group is to give San Diego photographers a place to meet and collaborate with fellow shutterbugs in the San Diego area.

THIS IS AN EDUCATIONAL PLACE. It is for photography and connections with those of us who love capturing images of the world around them. We will be planning outings and gatherings for photographers to meet and socialize, and also provide classes offered at a discount to our members. Our aim is to support the photographic community in San Diego. <br>

We encourage you to post your photography for constructive feedback. If you have general photography questions, post them here too. Many Meetup groups don't provide any instruction or guidance, but this one is different! Our goal is not only to create great images, but to help educate and you along the way. <br>

Please remember that each person is sharing their art and just looking for a bit of friendly constructive criticism or feedback… so please keep your comments positive, without putting down anyone's work.

Rudeness, profanity, and negativity will not be tolerated. Political posts will not be allowed, due to the problems they can create. Too many differing opinions lead to arguments, fighting, name calling and rudeness, which are inappropriate for this site. Also, while pictures of religious symbols and celebrations are allowed, discussions of religion will not be. Finally, this page does not promote or condone any illegal activity to get shots.

All spam and or inappropriate materials will be deleted, and the person who posts it can be removed and blocked from the site.

Please remember to leave any place you shoot as nice, if not better than when you arrived. Please be safe out there while shooting. As with any endeavor, there are inherent risks with shooting and it is always recommended to shoot with a friend if all possible.

Please Note: By submitting a YES RSVP and participating in any San Diego Outdoor Photography Group event, you agree that San Diego Outdoor Photography Group, its organizers, and "Event Hosts" are NOT responsible for your safety or for any injury or damage to your person or your property, or that of your guest(s). You agree that you have read the instructions of the announcement and that you and your guest(s) are assuming all risks of participating in the event. <br> <br>All events are subject to change/cancellation, due to lack of member participation and inclement weather. <br>

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Aqua Tutus Diving Club

San Leandro, CA

Aqua Tutus Diving Club

Diving the California Coast since 1955.

Aqua Tutus Diving Club was founded in 1955 and became a non-profit organization in 1958. Our goal is to educate the general public about the sport of Skin and SCUBA diving through quality instruction.

We hold a General Meeting at 7:30 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month, at the Ricky's Sports Theatre and Grill located at 15028 Hesperian Blvd in San Leandro, CA. The meeting is held in the large banquet room alongside the parking lot and is open to the public. If you're interested in scuba diving or want to learn about the marine environment, please join us.

Aqua Tutus Diving Club's membership is made up of a diverse group of individuals with common interests in sport diving, skin diving, diving instruction, underwater photography and abalone diving. Two of our members are PADI-certified dive instructors who offer subsidized training to Aqua Tutus members. Membership costs $40 a year and there is a discount for members living in the same household and for students. Club membership subsidizes diver training and guest speakers who come to our meetings to talk about marine ecology and dive sites around the world.

Our members have a wide range of diving ability from not-yet-certified to thousands of dives. They hail from all over the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as our extended family in Washington, Nevada, Hawaii and the Monterey Bay area. We dive primarily in the Monterey Bay area each month and organize a couple California North Coast dives each year. Some members plan trips to warm water destinations, such as Mexico and countries in the South Pacific, and make those trips available to other club members.

Aqua Tutus uses this meetup as a way to simplify members diving together. Visit our website and our Facebook page.

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Little Boxes Theater: Art-Dance-Photo workshops & events: SF

San Francisco, CA

Little Boxes Theater: Art-Dance-Photo workshops & events: SF

We would like to invite you to our unique underground creative space devoted to art &amp; movement. We're set up with a 1300sqft sprung floor for dance rehearsals, performances, we've recently hosted a film crew here with choreographed fight scenes! We have a wall of windows which shows us beautiful streaming beams of light in the afternoons, perfect for natural light photography and live nude figure drawing &amp; painting. There are many usable vintage props, wardrobe costuming options, an operable claw foot bath tub, piano, projector, lighting equipment and what not at our studio. Feel free to heck out some images of our studio Little Boxes Theater:

Little Boxes Theater also has in-house artists, dynamic duo A-K Arts:

As a pair, we love to explore artistic concepts; we're multifaceted individuals who enjoy the creative collaborative adventure with professionals and amateurs alike. Our favorite photo shoots are those where we are covered in dead sea mud, body paint, flour & ash while making shapes with our physical forms together in dynamic discoveries. We look forward to having you at our next Meet-up! please feel free to contact us directly with any interests & inquiries about our upcoming events, booking our studio for your dreams and our individual & combined modeling rates:

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Lesbian Touch (TLC)

Long Beach, CA

Lesbian Touch (TLC)

We are a diverse group of lesbian females who enjoy exploring new and exciting ways to live completely and fully as empowered and openly sensual females!

We aim to socialize  and connect in a deeper more meaningful way while enjoying… healthy and fun outdoor activities and parties, as a group we encourage feminine empowerment and sensuality and connect with business and marketing/networking, life coaching/mentoring. As a group we are open to discovering new and exciting passionate ways to live as enlightened passionate sensual women... and of course always having a lot of fun with the girls :-)

Join us if you like being open to discovering new and exciting ways of interacting with "open minded" females and connecting with each other emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and even sensually! 

Who Can Join…

This is a community of tolerance and acceptance among women and those who identify as women (see below).

We have a strict policy of inclusion and as a group we are non-judgmental however this group and its events are intended for those who identify as... lesbian, lesbian curious, bisexual or bi-curios women and transgender lesbian females who have transitioned with HRT and live FULL-time as females.

All members withing to attend Level 2 and 3 events, must be approved by organizers and are must attend one of our monthly orientation meetings. Approvals are to protect the privacy and integrity of this group and its ideals, and are in no way intended as a personal judgment or exclusion.

Our Event Types…

We host an event by levels which are described (below). There to help any member discern which meetings you are most comfortable attending. They are intended to keep all our members comfortable with a safe like-minded member environment.

We’ve devised 3 Levels from (1) “Every Day”, (2) “Sensual”, and (3) “Risqué”. In order to attend levels 2 and/or 3 you must attend a level 1 and level 2 event. All new members must attend a monthly orientation before attending a level (2) or (3) event.

Our Meeting levels…

• "Meet and Greet -(Monthly New Member Orientations) includes a warm welcome and introduction to the group, a chance to meet a few members together with over viewing of our policies and agreement to our group terms.

• Everyday –(level 1) Hosted in public or private establishments with friendly environments and welcoming conversations. (Ideally suited for: meet and greet events and indoor/outdoor activities (bars, clubs, beaches, hiking, group meditations/healings/yoga/life coaching/mentoring).

• Sensual - (req. level 1 attendance) May be hosted in private establishments or residences or in public places. These events event will be for those who are more comfortable being in an environment where conversations and activities will be more sensually risqué. (Ideally suited for: More flirtatious and sensual events (sexy night clubbing/dancing, bikini pool parties, lesbian erotic discussions/mentoring/coaching, Tantric group meditations/guidance).

• Risqué - (req. level 2 attendance) May be hosted in private residences, private establishments or in private places. These events will be for those who are comfortable with their sensuality and sexuality. Conversations, discussions and activities may be deeper and more openly sexual/intimate in nature. (Ideally suited for more sexually adventurous events like Tantra, sensual massage instruction/ therapy , kinky & BDSM events, revealing bikini pool parties, special “after” parties).

Meeting & Group Policies…

We strive to create a comfortable environment for all members in comfortable and safe settings where we can all be and express our true selves in an enjoyable and respectfully healthy way and we always ask that all members maintain healthy respectful boundaries with each other.

Any members experiencing pushy or unwanted advances either in person, or through Meetup messaging, should initially express their concerns directly the member in question with the group safe word “STOP. Should the unwanted advances continue, members are advised to contact group moderators to intervene.

Members who violate the above policy may warrant removal from meetings and the group at the discretion of the moderators.

No photography at events unless expressly agreed upon by all members in a taken photo.

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Richard Dischler Photo Workshops

Palo Alto, CA

Richard Dischler Photo Workshops

Please see the workshop's website for all information regarding classes and events

The goal of the workshops is to build a project-oriented community of photographers. This community must be not just of a high standard of photography but must in its collective DNA, be focused on the need to change the world through community projects.

Located in an area that was one of the birth places of modern photography, the workshops goals harken back to the Farm Security Administration photographic projects.

The classes and events of the Workshops provide the medium for each member’s journey of learning to see. The Workshop’s message is to see; to react to what one sees; to use the camera/lens to capture what they see; and to learn how to make the camera/lens work to allow them to capture what they see. The members evolve their sense of what is a good image; what makes a good photograph; and what is art.

Along the way, they confront their preconceptions of what is photography. To serve this purpose, the Richard Dischler Photo Workshops are founded upon three core workshops:
• A 6 month introductory workshop that emphasizes the art of seeing, where participants will be guided through a series of assignments focused on developing the discipline and skills to pre-visualize an image; develop an individual style; become more comfortable with the equipment they have chosen; and create a portfolio of work that expresses each participant’s unique, emerging style.
• A 12 month advanced study workshop tailored to each member’s goals, needs, skill level, and progress. Each member is challenged to further develop their true personal style of seeing and to achieve a higher standard for themselves in seeing and creating images as each member is encouraged to develop self-assigned projects.
• An advanced individual project workshop focused on personal projects
In addition, the Richard Dischler Photo Workshops offer a regular schedule of other learning events focused on studio, location, and glamour lighting. Other learning opportunities involve Walk-About exercises, gallery/exhibit walk throughs, and light-room training by Adobe Certified Experts.
As members advance their skills, they build their portfolio of images and are provided the opportunity to exhibit their work in public venues. They benefit from the fellowship of like-minded photographers. Finally, they are joining a growing community of local photographers that are setting a new standard of excellence.

Members from Dischler’s current and previous six month and one year pre-visualization workshops continue to receive public recognition for their work in juried and non-juried local, regional, national and international art and photography exhibits.
But more than a series of classes, the Workshop is focused on giving back. We are starting outreach programs to provide educational activities to local schools, provide services to local communities, and support other efforts through our photography.

Richard Dischler studied with Arthur Leipzig and was involved with the Ralph Weiss Workshop from 1976 to 1979. He was a member of J.A.M., the Jamaican Arts mobilization group that was instrumental in the creation of Public Studio Project #1 that is now part of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and a member of SoHo Photo. He has been published in Profile Magazine and exhibited at the Nippon Club, J.A.M. Galleries, and various public galleries. His work is in public and private collections including the Queens Museum of Art, the JCC Collection, and other locations throughout New York. Dischler has been an instructor and juror of photography since 1976.

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