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Silicon Valley NVC - Nonviolent Communication

San Jose, CA

The purpose of the group is to learn and practice communicating compassionately through Nonviolent Communication (NVC). People with an interest in improving their communication skills in all contexts would benefit from this group (relationships, parenting, leadership, coaching, organizations, etc).

NVC is a non-judgmental paradigm of relating that includes introspection, deep listening with empathy, and honest expression. NVC was started by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD in the 1960s, and has been used throughout the world as a tool for conflict resolution, community building and peace. For more information on NVC, please go to the Center for Nonviolent Communication at <a></a>

When joining this group, please include a picture that clearly shows your face. Business, business casual, or casual clothing required at all times. <br>

About the "Giraffes" - the giraffe is used within the NVC community as a living metaphor for NVC consciousness because of its long neck for great visibility and hearing, for its ability to eat thorns for nutrition, and for its very large heart.


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AQ - Adaptive Intelligence Biohacking Experiences

San Jose, CA

AQ - ADAPTIVE INTELLIGENCE Biohacking Experiences, Events and Online Discussions for Personal Inner Evolution 

Both LIVE in person & ONLINE!

Imagine walking into a space full of intellectual & caring people, all seeking to upgrade their body’s operating system (their s) for optimizing their competitive edge, and suddenly being hit by that strong feeling & divine download called POSSIBILITY. Now mix that with a bit of fun, intellectual newness and excitement.

That's how our Adaptive Intelligence events feel like. Enticing right? The skills and info you gain here can be used to improve your career and home life success. This hub will serve as your secret CODE to fully "Unleash Your Potential!". Face it, you’re tired of playing small.  

Become Better. Come Biohack your way to the best version of yourself.

And when you donate, you help ensure that even better experiences and deeper insights will flow to you in the future. All our events are 100% experientially stimulating and thought-provoking. RSVP to get your first experience with us now.

 Upgrade your entire inner neural network and defrag your mind for peak performance through NeuroHealing.

 No other community offers such diverse and integrated holistic approaches for achieving practical mental, physical, and spiritual wholeness.

 Find out why our raving fans keep returning time and time again, to reach newer & higher levels of inner possibility.

 Go ahead, come check us out, test out our technologies, tweak and refine your methods for success.

Consider this:

 What makes some people able to learn faster?

 Or feel more intuitively?

 What secret force drives your inner & outer evolution? 

 What would you do, if you could become Superhuman and do -Anything-?

 Come learn & experience what underlying factor influences the development of IQ (Intellectual Intelligence) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence).


What is AQ?

Adaptive Intelligence, or AQ, is any living being’s personal ability to adapt, change, transform, transmute and transcend any particular set of challenges or goals that one faces both now, or will in the future. 

 One with a low level of AQ will more likely experience feelings of: -overwhelm













-overall dissatisfaction with life.

 One who develops a high level of AQ will be more likely to have feelings of: 








-emotional stability

-elevated energy levels

-intuitive insight

-clarity of mind


-increased problem solving skills

-deep inner peace - regardless of any and all external circumstances present in one’s life. 

 AQ is a measure of internal and external Adaptability unique to you.

It can be felt, it can be measured, it can be experienced.

What are our goals at Adaptive Intelligence?

We are your personal Hub for various methods of Healing, to boost your AQ and catalyze the speed at which you will increase your personal & neurological adaptability to help you:

-achieve your unique life goals

-have ecstatic personal experiences

-awaken your deepest potential.

 How do we do this?

Through the use of various integrated healing modalities, networked into a cohesive holistic package.

  1. First we measure your AQ.
  2. Then we take you on a journey, a personalized healing journey, in various unique settings - with new souls alongside you, to help you experience new facets of your being.
  3. Lastly we re-measure your AQ. If you saw no noticeable improvements nor felt any unique experiences, you get your full money back, no questions asked.

 Through this process you will gain new insights into your relationship with your inner world and outer world. You will experience new levels of neural coherence & spiritual states using: 

-technology (EEG, Biometric Analysis & Feedback and more)

-Energy Healing Modalities 

-Gentle Touch


-Adaptogenic Plants

-Neurology-Enhancing Superfoods

-and various Integrated Natural Healing modalities and Consciousness Expanding ideas.

 Who is part of the Adaptive Intelligence team?

-Gabriel Cassetta - Founder & NeuroHealing Practitioner

-AQ Video Editing Team

-AQ Enrollment & Promotion Team

-Special Guest Speakers including various unique Doctors, Shamans, Yogis, Spiritual Masters, Scientists, Enthusiasts & more!

When/Where may I join?

Follow us on Facebook and Meetup to experience the next LIVE in person or ONLINE event: (links below)


Go Beyond Limits !

 Adaptive Intelligence (AQ) is a new cutting-edge perspective that innately integrates Science & Research with real Ancient Spiritual Wisdom & Mystical Experiences.

 When we develop our Adaptive Intelligence (AQ) we tap into new insights, heal physically, and rapidly develop spiritually in the penultimate ecstatic expression of life.

 There is an Unfolding going on both in the Universe and within us simultaneously. A mysterious transcendental driver attracts all things forward through space and time, providing a conservation of complexity... this is the science of personal & collective evolution.

“Seek not momentary happiness, for it is fleeting. Seek Unfoldment, for its fruits last a lifetime.” 

- Gabriel Cassetta

 We will be meeting at beautiful private mansions and in natural settings. We also have ONLINE offerings and media content.


 Blessings You Will Receive From Attending:

 • Learn and grow in ways you never imagined were possible.

 • Gain cutting-edge perspectives, tools, & experiences that will help you gracefully adapt to all of life’s challenges - regardless of situation or circumstances.

 • Share your ideas & positive experiences to bond with others on their own inner journeys.

 • See truth, beauty, light, & perfection in all things as you Unfold.


For those who show up early for the LIVE in person Gatherings (4:30pm-6pm):

 Special complimentary NeuroHealing ® session 

($197 value)


Multiple Main Events (6pm-10pm):

 Special guest speakers and masters on various Healing & Peak Performance methods.

Check out all the value we bring to you at every Gathering! :

 Special complimentary NeuroHealing ® session 

($197 value)

 Guided Group Meditations

($40 value)

 Essential oil Aromatherapy

($60 value)

 Plant-Based BrainFood Coaching

($150 value)

 Copaiba Relaxation Ceremony

($70 value)

 Open Minded Discussions


Other perks:

 Firey Firepit ambiance *

 Unique nighttime lighting


 Free Pool / Jacuzzi access *

* (for select locations)

 • Gain a real, loving community who will help support you on your own Unfoldment process...

 We look forward to growing with you, with love.


What to Bring:

 Smiles and yourself for both ONLINE and LIVE in person events.

 Feel free to bring warm blankets for cold weather or towels for poolside / jacuzzi use for LIVE in person events. 

 Bring healthy snacks / drinks to share with new friends and show them that you care.

 Donation: Like what we do? Please donate a $20+ (or higher) deposit to reserve your spot for this event so we can keep delivering great experiences in great locations for you. 

 The Gift the Keeps on Giving!

-First Timers are FREE!*

-Bring a new friend(s) for each Gathering session and its FREE for them, and you too!*

 MoneyBack Guarantee?! We are confident that you will see the commonly unseen, hear the commonly unheard, and feel the commonly unfelt.

*your donation will be returned to you if these conditions are met and verified with proof upon sign in/login & check in.

RSVP and Give Back to the Community

Many ways to donate! :

 Cash:   $20+

Venmo: @Gabriel-Cassetta


 We accept cryptocurrency:




 Due to the Pandemic Orders LIVE in person spaces are always professionally sanitized before and after our LIVE in person meetings/events, for your benefit.

 Contact Us: You may call/text us for more information and to ask any questions:


 Follow us!







& more!:

 See you soon!

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Upgrade Your Communication and Relationships

Sacramento, CA

This is a group to help you improve your communication and relationships with people. It is amazing how much problems can exist between spouses, between parents and children, and how much stress can exist between bosses and workers. If you think about it, a huge portion of your problems are about relationships. It is fair to say that if you improve your relationships, you can improve your whole life.

In fact, if we enlarge the scope of our views, we can see that the entire planet is suffering from "international relations". Wars, you might say, are when relationships have gone really bad between nations.

If relationships is such an important and hard subject, how come there is virtually no formal education available for it? So, where do we learn about relationships? Shall we rely on parents to teach relationships? How many parents are relationships experts?

That's what this group is about.

We will have meetings to learn tools about how to improve your communication skills and relationships skills.

We will cover topics such as
- How to communicate with self-confidence
- How to avoid conflicts and stress between people
- How to improve love, trust, and understanding between people
- How to make more friends
- How to start a romantic relationship
- How to maintain and improve familial relationships
- How to improve professional communication
- How to communicate to a group of people effectively (public speaking)

During the COVID-19 lockdown, we'll meet online. When the lockdown is lifted, we will meet in person.

Please join this group and RSVP for an upcoming meeting right away!

Please call the group organizer, Tony, at 916-519-5287 for any questions.

This group is sponsored by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center.

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