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Suggested Science & Education Groups near California

Leap: Socializing through Daily Conversations

San Jose, CA

Leap: Socializing through Daily Conversations

Leap is a place where curious minds gather to talk, share and connect every single day, via bitesize conversations. Positive interactions with new people make us all feel better about ourselves and the world we live in – but we aren't having as many of them as we once did. Leap was founded to get us talking to strangers again, one bitesize chat at a time. We speak face-to-face, in small but perfectly-formed groups of five or fewer. For a limited time, we're sharing our conversations on Meetup. Once you've tried out a chat, we encourage you [to sign up for Leap]( to access all of our latest bitesize conversations and more. Joining Leap is free, everything is hosted online and there is no limit on the number of conversations you can join! Leap Conversations are 20-minute video chats designed to put a spring in your step as you go about your day. The chats are themed around a simple prompt and require absolutely no planning by you. Think of it like striking up a conversation in a coffee shop – it's just simple, social serendipity, with a helping hand from Leap as your host. You'll be grouped with a maximum of four other people because we know that big conversations come in small packages. **Here's what to expect in a Leap conversation:** 1. Join the conversation via Zoom with your video on — the Leap Leader will be there to greet you and kick things off 2. The Leap Leader will share the conversation prompt and assign you to a breakout room with four other people 3. Start chatting – you'll have 15 minutes to swap stories, share your thoughts and connect with the people in your group 4. Rejoin the full group for a quick closing and goodbye

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East Hills 4-H

San Leandro, CA

East Hills 4-H

East Hills 4-H Club is a homeschool friendly 4-H club in Alameda County for youth ages 5-17 (accompanied by parents and supervising adults). Everyone is welcome to join us at our club meetings on the first Monday of the month, from 1-3 pm at Creekside Community Church, located at 951 MacArthur Blvd., in San Leandro.

See our website at for more information. We cannot accept for membership anyone who does not have a child interested in joining 4-H, please see and for more information about what 4-H is and what we do. You can also email Kris at with additional questions.

4-H is a great complement to homeschooling. Along with the project based learning and leadership, public speaking, record keeping, community service and citizenship. 4-H helps develop the ability to work cooperatively with others, acquire knowledge and skills, explore careers, and make new friends.

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Upgrade Your Communication and Relationships

Sacramento, CA

Upgrade Your Communication and Relationships

This is a group to help you improve your communication and relationships with people. It is amazing how much problems can exist between spouses, between parents and children, and how much stress can exist between bosses and workers. If you think about it, a huge portion of your problems are about relationships. It is fair to say that if you improve your relationships, you can improve your whole life.

In fact, if we enlarge the scope of our views, we can see that the entire planet is suffering from "international relations". Wars, you might say, are when relationships have gone really bad between nations.

If relationships is such an important and hard subject, how come there is virtually no formal education available for it? So, where do we learn about relationships? Shall we rely on parents to teach relationships? How many parents are relationships experts?

That's what this group is about.

We will have meetings to learn tools about how to improve your communication skills and relationships skills.

We will cover topics such as
- How to communicate with self-confidence
- How to avoid conflicts and stress between people
- How to improve love, trust, and understanding between people
- How to make more friends
- How to start a romantic relationship
- How to maintain and improve familial relationships
- How to improve professional communication
- How to communicate to a group of people effectively (public speaking)

During the COVID-19 lockdown, we'll meet online. When the lockdown is lifted, we will meet in person.

Please join this group and RSVP for an upcoming meeting right away!

Please call the group organizer, Tony, at 916-519-5287 for any questions.

This group is sponsored by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center.

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