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Bay Area Single Boomers Social Meetup

Palo Alto, CA

Bay Area Single Boomers Social Meetup

Single Boomers are an underserved group. Most clubs and events cater to a younger crowd. Single Boomers need more places to dance, mingle and maybe make that special connection in classy locations. We wanted to start a group to help Single Boomers (or 45 plus) to make the most of events and activities that will be created and presented just for them. These will include dances, parties, movies, dining, wine tasting events, entertainment of all kinds, happy hours, seminars, karaoke, outings, retreats, cruises, trips and more. We want to create an atmosphere where people will be very comfortable meeting new acquaintances, making friends and sharing experiences. Meet new people, have fun, open yourself to new opportunities. We are friends helping friends on this new journey we are all taking in life and learning to have fun again! Most of all change your life in a way you never expected! Important: 'NO- SHOW' Policy You are welcome to join any of the events offered. Please be sure to UPDATE YOUR RSVP ASAP for the event you have signed up for but are no longer able to attend. The members with a 'NO- SHOW' or more than 3 consecutive 'non-medical / non-emergency Event-Day BAIL-OUTs' are considered 'EVENT SQUATTERS' and moved to the Waitlist when any attendee-limited events become full. When any waitlist has more than 5 members, 'EVENT-SQUATTERS' will be moved to 'Not going.' 🎶 This way, the other members have the opportunity to enjoy the event. **DISCLAIMER:** **Bay Area Single Boomers Social Meetup Group** assumes ABSOLUTELY NO responsibility, including but not limited to injury or loss of any kind/form due to the use of information, or participating in activities found on this group/site. By becoming a member of the Bay Area Single Boomers Social Meetup Group, you agree to the terms and conditions of the group. Individuals interested in carpooling may voluntarily do so. You are advised that the use of a carpool system is voluntary and entirely at the discretion of participants.  Bay Area Single Boomers Social Meetup Group or the organizers assume no responsibility. It is the responsibility of individuals participating in a carpool to notify their insurance provider of their intent to carry non-family passengers and to ensure that they have adequate coverage to protect both themselves and their passengers. It is the responsibility of the individual accepting a ride in a carpool to ensure that the driver of the vehicle has an acceptable driving record,  is licensed accordingly and has adequate insurance to protect both driver and passengers. **Bay Area Single Boomers Social Meetup Group** **and organizers** are no way responsible for verifying or certifying the reliability, driving ability or insurance status of drivers and participants using the system. Acknowledgment of Member Responsibility, Express Assumption of Risk, and Release of Liability By joining the **Bay Area Single Boomers Social Meetup Group**: I understand that during my participation in any Event or Activity organized by the **Bay Area Single Boomers Social Meetup Group**, I may be exposed to risks including, but not limited to, the dangers of serious personal injury, property damage, and death (“Injuries and Damages”). I agree to WAIVE, DISCHARGE CLAIMS, AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY the **Bay Area Single Boomers Social Meetup Group**, **its Organizers, event hosts and leaders** from any and all liability on account of, or in any way resulting from Injuries and Damages, in any way connected with the Activity. I further agree to HOLD HARMLESS the **Bay Area Single Boomers Social Meetup Group** **and leaders** from any claims, damages, injuries or losses caused by my own negligence while a participant on the Activity. I understand and intend that this assumption of risk and release is binding upon my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, and includes any minors accompanying me on the Activity. I have read this document in its entirety and I freely and voluntarily assume all risks of such Injuries and Damages and notwithstanding such risks, I agree to participate in the Activity. Members are bound by all of the Meetup terms of service, usage rules and content policies listed at  []( Liability: Remember, your participation in this Meetup group is voluntary. You and your guest participate at your own risk. Bay Area Single Boomers Social Meetup, its organizer, hosts and fellow members accept no obligation or liability for you (or your guests) in group or event participation. Unless otherwise specified you and your guest are responsible for your own financial obligations incurred while participating with us at events and venues. The organizer reserve the right to terminate members for non-participation or for other behavior the organizer determine to be detrimental to the group or any of it members. Photo Release From time to time we use photographs of participants in our site. By joining this group, you grantBay Area Single Boomers Social Meetup the right to use your likeness in such materials.

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Central Coast Women's Group

Morro Bay, CA

Central Coast Women's Group

Hi Joy Seekers!!

I LOVE life, adventures, eating out, book club, travel, hiking, and exploring this fabulous planet of ours! I just moved to Morro Bay after being in Austin, Texas for the past 15 years--I would like to share exploring the coast with some gal pals---I want day trips to Carmel, wine outings to Paso Robles, Kayaking on the Bay, Movies on Fridays, Hiking, Whale Cruises, Day trips to Missions, my list can keep going--if you have been living here for a while, or are new to the coast, but want to get out of the house and explore with me, then join me! I've always believed my group is for a place that we are just looking for a soft place to land, and to know we are all seeking joy--Please, come join me! This central coast has SOOOO many adventures a head of us!!!

Meetup charges me, the organizer, $22 a MONTH--I charge members $7.49 a YEAR to help break even --I do a lot of planning to keep us busy and enjoying the coast--I also make a huge effort to plan events so those of us on a budget can go out and enjoy this lovely place and not spend too much--you can pay by meetup system or cash--either way is easy--

you can pay in cash at your first event

We stay busy--If your looking to meet some great ladies, and be out of the house more,this is the group for you--

Please remember to update your rsvp's----as I make reservations and plan, and if gals don't change their rsvp, it makes it DIFFICULT to plan--thanks so much, let's explore!!!!


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~ East Bay Over 40 Singles ~

Walnut Creek, CA

~ East Bay Over 40 Singles ~

Greetings to all singles interested to join our group.This Group has a heart ad soul with lots of great and fun members. 

If you are over forty, single,maybe   looking to meet someone, searching for that special someone or just finding new single  friends  that have similar interests like you and  have fun and  socialize ; then this group is for you.There is many groups out there to join but this one is little different just a bit .

This group is  designed for Singles  to meet new people and make new friends in our age group and it is not design for individuals that are married and joining just with intention to lunch their business platform and do solicitations . We are really not about numbers more quality then quantity ,so if you are joining please mean it ,be part of the group and SHOW UP

If you become member then please say something about your self ( it is important ) find events that are of interest to you and check it out  .If event is one of your first once walk to the event organizer and introduce your self we will  take it from there .My organizers and myself, plan a lot of great events, such as Wine Tasting, Happy Hours, Dancing, Dining out, Weekend Get-aways, Miniature Golf, Karaoke, movies and much more as much as we find time for it .

And for some of us  that possibly looking for love give your self time to know someone no hurry :0)  Just remember Giving someone a chance isn't "settling down" ..... it's opening yourself up to someone who may ultimately be right for you...nothing more nothing less just that .

Be respectful and mindful of other members .

  We welcome comments and suggestions.




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Mensa / San Francisco Region

San Francisco, CA

Mensa / San Francisco Region

This MeetUp provides a dynamic way for members of San Francisco Regional Mensa to get the latest on Mensa events in the Bay Area and to more easily host their own Mensa events. The idea is that by eliminating the very long lead time now necessary to post things to the Intelligencer, we will have more, and more varied, events on the calendar.

You MUST be a *current* member of Mensa to join this group. When you click "Join Us" (above right), please include your full name AND your Mensa membership number so that we can verify your membership.

If you'd like to become a member of Mensa, please go to the SFRM website,, to find out how to qualify, or to locate a testing session near you. In the meantime, you can join us in our San Francisco Mensa Friends Meetup where we have events open to non-members.

Organizers and Event Organizers can post events directly to our Meetup site, but Meetup no longer allows non-organizers to post events directly.

If you are a member of our Meetup group, but not an organizer, and you wish to have an event posted, click on "Suggest a new Meetup", or send an email to  Be sure and be specific as to what the event is, including a full description, date, time, and location.  If you'd like the event to recur on a regular basis (e.g., 3rd Wednesday of the month), be sure to specify that as well.

We hope to see you soon!

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Explore The Bay (ETB) - Social Group

Mountain View, CA

Explore The Bay (ETB) - Social Group

Meet some new friends while we Explore the Bay together. This group is about providing value to the community, having fun, exploring new places, and meeting new friends. We are a social group of singles and couples who enjoy exploring the wonderful Bay Area of Northern California. In fact, according to the algorithm, we are the most active "Social" group in the Bay Area (pre-pandemic). Join us as we explore cool bars, night clubs, restaurants, museums, vineyards, hiking adventures, house parties, etc. We will also offer some community volunteer opportunities. We will LEVERAGE our group to receive discounts, extended happy hours, and other great perks that an individual cannot get. Note that we move the party all around the Bay Area to keep our events interesting and to continually attract new quality citizens. Join and you will meet some quality, new friends. WHO CAN JOIN Adults 21 and over. Our members range in age from 21 to 80+. Single people and people in relationships are in this group. This is not a singles group. If you don't feel comfortable about being around people from different age groups, then you either are just trying to hook up or you haven't grown up yet. Note that we don't and won't tolerate any discrimination with respect to race, religion, age, sex, or gender. A profile with a name or name abbreviation is required. Web site names or phrases cannot be used in lieu of a name. REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN THE GROUP Personal photo required where the person is recognizable. Action shots, group photos, and topless pics are not permitted. Must be an adult age 21 and over. Members who are admitted must read these rules including the disclaimer at the end which states members are forfeiting some rights. EXPECTED MEMBER CONDUCT 1.   Members are expected to read the event description and any updates posted by the Event Organizer before attending an event. This helps eliminate the need to ask questions that have already been explicitly stated in the event description. It also keeps expectations in alignment with the event format/structure. 2.   In order to receive important emails sent from Event Organizers, make sure that you have the following setting options enabled for this group: ‘Announcement about a specific Meetup’ and ‘Announcement to members about the group’. 3.   When interested in attending an event, each member will need to secure a spot online. Note that if they later decide that they want to bring a guest to an event that they already signed up for that is full, they will either need to lose their spot and go to the end of the waiting list or they will need to encourage their guest to join the group and add their name to the waiting list. Please do not contact the event organizer and ask to add a guest. This creates too much work. 4.   We encourage active membership. Note that we sometimes remove inactive members from the group, especially organizers from other groups that haven't attended ETB events in a while. GROUNDS FOR REMOVAL FROM THE GROUP 1.   Any behavior that causes a problem for another member of the group. Not limited, but including the following: being touchy, overly aggressive, creepy, excessive gossiping or any behavior that causes bad drama. 2.   Excessive no shows in relation to the number of events attended. Note that we take attendance at most events. Members are responsible to monitor their own registration status. When you are on a waiting list, don't assume that you won't get into an event. If a member makes other plans, they are responsible to change their registration from either the attending list or waiting list to the not attending list. 3.   Repeatedly bailing out of events on the day the event is scheduled. A high frequency of this behavior can lead to being removed from the group. Note that if you bail out the same day of an event, you will be marked as a "no show". 4.   Sending emails to members they have not met before for the purposes of dating. This isn't a singles group nor is it a dating website. 5.   Sending spam emails to members to promote a business, event, etc. without permission of the main organizer. 6.   Freeloaders who take advantage of the generosity of others are removed from the group. This includes attending an event at a venue and not purchasing anything. Note that venues staff up to support our events. If the revenue isn't high, then they lose money and then organizers have to volunteer more time to find a new venue. 7.   Posting comments on an event page or using the "Start a conversation..." functionality to promote a business, event, etc. without permission of the main organizer. 8.   Not having a picture where they are recognizable. Members who are not recognizable in their ETB profile picture are subject to removal. 9.   Any behaving in a manner that suggests a sense of entitlement such as requesting organizers to volunteer too much of their valuable time. 10.   Excessive posting of comments or negative comments on event wall-space. This requires the Event Host to volunteer additional time. It also causes members to waste time looking for important event updates. Note that there is no need for members to post why they will not be attending an event. 11. Texting or calling the Organizer for any reason other than trying to find the group during a meetup event. Note that the number is provided as a courtesy to facilitate finding the group only. No exceptions. 12. Showing up to an event without securing a spot (crashing). Note that members are not allowed to bring a guest to an event unless they secure a spot online for their guest. Some events are limited to members only. 13. Bringing children or pets to an event unless the event explicitly states that they are permitted. 14. Any members that copy the content of this group including the charter of the group (on this page), event descriptions, event updates, our events, etc. for the benefit of organizing events with other groups will be removed from the group. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. IMPORTANT TO READ REGARDING YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS / DISCLAIMER FOR EVENT ACTIVITIES AND SITE USE In exchange for participation in the activities organized by the Explore the Bay (ETB) Meetup Group you agree for yourself and your guests (if applicable), to the following: You are responsible for your own interactions with other members of the ETB Meetup Group. You understand that the group does not do background checks on any of our existing members or on new members joining the group. This site makes no representations or warranties as to the conduct of its members. The organizers & event hosts of this group are NOT liable for any damages whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, general, special, compensatory, consequential, and/or incidental, arising out of or relating to your conduct or anyone else's conduct in connection with or attending an event with the ETB Meetup Group or use of this site. This includes, without limitation, bodily injury and emotional distress. You agree to take reasonable precautions in all interactions with other members of the group, including if you decide to meet outside of an event. In addition, you agree to the group's terms and conditions noted above and to abide by them. You agree to observe & obey all posted rules & warnings, & further agree to follow any oral instructions or directions given by organizers or event hosts of the group when attending an event. You recognize that there are certain inherent risks associated with the organized activities and you assume full responsibility for personal injury to yourself and (if applicable) to your guests, and further release and discharge the organizers and even hosts for injury, loss or damage arising out of your attendance or your guest’s attendance of an ETB event, whether caused by the fault of yourself, your guests, or other third parties. You agree to indemnify and defend ETB against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgements, costs or expenses, including attorney fees and other litigation costs, which may in way arise from your attendance or your guest’s attendance of an ETB event. You agree to pay for all damages to the facilities caused by any negligent, reckless, or willful actions by you or your guests. Any legal or equitable claim that may arise from participation in the above shall be resolved under California law. You agree and acknowledge that you are under no pressure or duress to agree to this and that you have been given a reasonable opportunity to review it before agreeing. You further agree and acknowledge that you are free to have your own legal counsel review this Agreement if you so desire. You have read this document & understand it. You further understand that by joining this group or remaining a member of this group, you voluntary surrender the legal rights noted above. Please note that our organizers are not getting paid for organizing events. Also, charges the main organizer $19.99 per month to have a group. Consider making a contribution to offset this monthly expense. CONTRIBUTION LINK: []( Happy Exploring! Darren

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