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Suggested Technology Groups near California

Learn WordPress Discussions

San Francisco, CA

Learn WordPress Discussions

Whether you’re a first-time blogger or seasoned developer, there’s always more to learn. From community members all over the world, the vast resources available on Learn WordPress will help you learn more about WordPress and teach it to others.

One of the best ways to learn is through discussions with others. The meetups here bring together people who have already watched the same workshop on for a live group discussion about the content so that we can share knowledge, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. When you sign up a a meetup, please take the time to watch the suggested workshop(s) in advance. 

WordPress Global Community Sponsors help fund WordPress Meetup groups and WordCamps around the world. Thank you to GreenGeeks, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Bluehost, and GoDaddy Pro for their support!

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On Air Streaming IT Classes

San Francisco, CA

On Air Streaming IT Classes

We are on a mission to transform technologists into world-class experts, and business people into tech-savvy leaders. 

It's that simple!

Starweaver delivers superlative, hands-on and practical professional development and education focused on several key domains:

1. Data Science, including big data, machine learning, data visualization, data analytics...

2. Cloud Computing, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform / Firebase, IoT, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Services, Software as a Service... 

3. Full Stack, including from front end (customer or user-facing) to the back end (the "behind-the-scenes" technology such as databases and internal architecture) including http, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, NodeJS, Angular, React...

4. Agility & Stability, including a broad group of frameworks and techniques involving Agile, Scrum, Kanban, TOGAF, ITIL, cybersecurity...

5. Business domains, including a strong emphasis on banking, finance, securities, and insurance (e.g., derivatives, credit risk management, corporate finance, financial modelling...)...

Our business is designed to boost your knowledge and skills so that you can apply what you gain immediately in your job, or that next great job you are looking to start. We address, largely, more advanced, or complex subjects and convert those into rational, understandable, and usable information you can employ right away. If you want to take a great leap forward in your career, we are here to make that happen.

Our instructors are seasoned practitioners who have worked in the fields their cover and relate the subjects covered to real work situations you will encounter in your job. So, the concepts are real, the coverage is at the right level of depth, and the material is straightforward.

Who trusts us with their training requirements?  The world's preeminent companies, organizations, and agencies.  Specifically?  Check out our website and you will see that these are the best of the best.

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The Monthly Dev: World-Class Talks by Expert Developers

San Francisco, CA

The Monthly Dev: World-Class Talks by Expert Developers

The Monthly Dev is a series of online events brought to you with love by It's a place for software engineers to gather and hear world-class talks, once a month. 

Our events will cover hot topics that developers love such as:

• Web development and performance

• Open-source libraries and frameworks

• Career advice and personal development

• And a bunch of other surprises that we have for you down the road. 

Who should join our group?

The Monthly Dev was made with a lot of ❤️ especially for developers. However, it's free and open for everyone to join. If you're into programming or just a tech enthusiast, you're welcome! 

Why did we start The Monthly Dev?

We took some inspiration from TED. We thought, what if we can make "TED for developers"? That would be super cool and refreshing! We wanted to bring a monthly series of online events but with a different vibe.

Although we still look at it as an experiment, we decided on several guidelines for our events:

1. It will feature only world-class speakers that come with massive credentials

2. It will be freeIt will be open to everyoneNo matter if you're using or not

3. It will be enjoyable and full of surprises

Read our full article about it here.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab a look at our upcoming events and join the ride. One thing we can promise -- it's going to be fun!

Need help?

If you have any inquires feel free to reach out at

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Ace Makerspace

Emeryville, CA

Ace Makerspace

Ace Makerspace

Where people make things and help others make things in a 24/7 shared workspace.

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OpenSearch & Open Distro for Elasticsearch Meetup Group

Palo Alto, CA

OpenSearch & Open Distro for Elasticsearch Meetup Group

This is a group for anyone interested in OpenSearch & Open Distro for Elasticsearch

All skill levels are welcome. We cover and welcome talks on topics including: search, logging, log analytics, and data visualization. 

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