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The Sacred Sharing Circle
The emphasis of this Sacred Sharing Circle is on creating a space where each person is able to speak about whatever they wish, in a safe and non-confronting atmosphere. The group is leaderless, with each person having 10 minutes sharing; and, if the person sharing wishes , to have 5 minutes feedback as well. Each session starts with a short meditation to ground ourselves, so that we are able to speak whatever we want to share, and to listen attentively to each other. The Sacred Sharing Circle offers a safe, confidential haven for us to speak and to be seen and heard! Everything spoken by a participant is held in utmost confidence and everyone agrees not to discuss what has been said by people in the circle with others outside the circle. Of course it is fine to speak with others about your own personal sharing. During a sharing we are asked to be fully present for the person sharing. We keep our eyes on them and are open to them, without interrupting or rescuing them in any way or drawing attention to ourselves through sounds or gestures. If the one sharing feels to stop talking, it is fine to be in silence for the remainder of their time. Much can happen in that silence. It’s good to remember that there is no dialogue exchange in either the sharing or feedback time. If the person sharing wants feedback or help, they can ask for it after the sharing time is over. Feedback is most helpful when it is not loaded with advice or attempts to therapize, but rather with acknowledging what you have heard them say and suggesting an alternative if you see a possible blind spot or unconscious pattern. We ask that your feedback be as short and clear as possible so that, within the five minutes time given, there is space for others to share what they perceive. If you are the one receiving feedback, you simply receive it without responding. We offer this Sacred Sharing Circle on our schedule because we find it to be of great value in learning how to express ourselves with more honesty, and how to connect with a deeper part of who we are. We have found this practice to be extremely helpful in our day-to-day life. Cost: This cost - which goes towards maintaining the meditation spaces and park-like grounds of the Center - is $11 per meditation, or $7.00 with a 10 meditation pass, which costs $70.00. The World of Meditation is located in a residential neighborhood in Northeast Seattle at: 3412 NE 115th St, Seattle, WA 98125. Look for the stained-glass butterfly in the window on the top level. There are many parking spaces (at least 9) in the large driveway, and you can park in front of the raspberry bushes on the street. There is virtually unlimited parking on 35th Ave, NE. Or on 34th - but only park on the side of the school - not in front of houses. The neighbor on both corners of 115th and 35th asks that no one parks in front of their houses on 115th. Park in the flow of traffic - not against it - if you park on the street! Otherwise you might get a ticket. Thank you for your consideration. To register as a Single Meditation ($11), click here: Single Meditation ( $11 To purchase a 10 Meditation pass ($70 - $7 per meditation), click here: Meditation Pass for 10 meditations (

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Subhan Schenker

3412 NE 115TH ST (Located in a Residential Area) · SEATTLE, wa

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Exploring career issues together is a wonderful way to get clearer about so many issues...and a great way to meet new friends.

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Perhaps our greatest longing is to live a prosperous,creative and satisfying life.

Why then do we often find ourselves in jobs where we do not prosper, and that offer only minimal satisfaction or creativity?

This Meetup group can help you answer this questions through two inquiries. First, it will help you delve into your individual wants and needs, finding what it is that fulfills you, and then help translate that into real job opportunities. And second, It assists you in exploring your obstacles - what stops you from pursuing your ideas and dreams. It helps you to see, understand and penetrate long-held beliefs, conditioning and strategies that act like invisible barriers to what you really want.
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