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Exploring career issues together is a wonderful way to get clearer about so many issues...and a great way to meet new friends.

Here's a description of some of the things we will look at:

Perhaps our greatest longing is to live a prosperous,creative and satisfying life.

Why then do we often find ourselves in jobs where we do not prosper, and that offer only minimal satisfaction or creativity?

This Meetup group can help you answer this questions through two inquiries. First, it will help you delve into your individual wants and needs, finding what it is that fulfills you, and then help translate that into real job opportunities. And second, It assists you in exploring your obstacles - what stops you from pursuing your ideas and dreams. It helps you to see, understand and penetrate long-held beliefs, conditioning and strategies that act like invisible barriers to what you really want.
Take a first step toward change by joining the Finding the Work You Love Meetup Group!

Upcoming Events, Workshops and Classes:

Passion For Life! Nurturing Your Inner Fire!! Fri Eve–June 27th & Sat-June 28th. See Calendar for more details.

Finding the Work You Love; Finding the Life You Love An 8-weeks class Jul 2nd-Aug 20th. See Calendar for more details.

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