Sell Yourself without Selling Out: Making It as an Artist in the Digital Age

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We are extremely excited to be hosting our 4th meetup at Etsy Labs in DUMBO!

In a world where digital rules, how can you take your creative project and do something with it? If you call yourself an artist (and we're all artists in our own right) - what are the best ways to make the digital landscape your friend? Join NY Creative Interns and Etsy to hear a panel of artists share insight and discuss how even the most traditional art forms can have a place in the digital age.


Ruben Quinones ( // Director of New Media, Pathinteractive, NYU Adjunct Professor
Jacob Krupnick // Girl Walk All Day, Shootbooth
Parris Whittingham ( // New York Wedding Photographer
Katherine Barna ( // Communications Director, Tumblr

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