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You may have heard the saying, “If you can’t measure it, it probably doesn’t exist.”

This meetup, facilitated by Hello World Labs, is an interactive workshop designed to help you get better at measuring what you want to change, and getting really good at changing it. It's for social change professionals to learn how to better collect real world data and implement behavior-change techniques to change the world. We generally focus on environmental sustainability and smart cities, but your unique social change cause is welcome too!

Simply disclosing data has enormous potential to catalyze change. We will peek into the surge in new data being collected in smart cities by satellites, drones and sensors, and the exciting start ups using this data for environmental change. We ask the questions “What are you measuring and how are you measuring it?” and “What will this future world look like when you have have achieved your goal?”.

We cover hardware, sensors, data collections methods, data science, feedback loops, systems theory, cybernetic ecology, goal setting, project vision, ideas, creativity, community based social marketing, behavior-change, behavioral psychology, data visualization, advocacy techniques, game design, gamification and UI/UX design.

We show how to use these features in a feedback loop of real environmental data as function of ‘agency’ (or motivation) in game design. We show how you can use these techniques to add massive creativity and idea-storming to your cause. We teach the practical how-to of community based social marketing, the principle of social diffusion (imitation) and how to use narrative design from The Hero's Journey when selling sustainable behaviors.

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