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Welcome to Fit and Fearless - Helping you achieve personal breakthroughs.

Do you have a burning desire to accomplish more in life, but something's holding you back from achieving a breakthrough? Are you already good, but want to be great and release your awesomeness! Cool! You're in the right place!

We are a group of fun individuals who want to live life to its fullest and want to be doing things that we're passionate about. We want to be free! However, things often hold us back from living the type of life we want. It may be our fears, our minds or our limiting beliefs.

This is an awesome group that gets together for workouts, adventures and discussions/workshops all geared towards helping you get past your fears and achieve breakthroughs so you can live the exact type of life you want.

Many times doing a physical activity, like hiking up a mountain, will help us achieve a personal breakthrough in another area of our life. If you look at what holds people back from expanding and deepening the quality of their lives, what prevents them from taking the actions that are necessary to transform their body, relationships, career, business or impact their kids?

Invariably, its fear! Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of pain, and fear of the unknown.

Doing something physically challenging teaches you to take action despite of fear.

We all have a vision and a purpose in life. It's time to go after it!

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