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#FlipMyFunnel is on a mission to build the largest and most connected vendor-agnostic community of B2B marketing, sales and customer success professionals in the world! Let's Connect, Educate and Learn from each other so we can be masters of our craft and heroes in our organization.

What Do We Do

Connect - We provide a place for practitioners to create relationships with each other.

Educate - We provide a variety of ways for practitioners to become masters of their craft.

Lead - We help develop leaders and challenge the status quo in the way we lead ourselves.

You can learn more about the community at http://flipmyfunnel.com/

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ABM: Account Targeting (15 min live virtual meetup)

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Must Register via the Link for the Virtual Meetup: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/397080225560281357 via @GoToWebinar Presenter: Sangram Vajre, is the co-founder and Chief Evangelist of Terminus, and host of the top 50 business podcast called #FlipMyFunnel Subscribe on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/flipmyfunnel-podcast/id1155097337?mt=2 Account-based marketing (ABM) is the B2B marketing strategy that seems to be everywhere these days. Since it first came on the scene, it’s caught on like wildfire, and helped many businesses transform their sales and marketing. But, simply following an ABM strategy isn’t going to drive revenue on its own. It might get the job done on a basic level, but it won’t help you knock your goals out of the park. Join us to learn about a true account-based approach through the T.E.A.M framework — Target. Engage. Activate. Measure. This live virtual 15 min. meetup will focus on the first pillar of T.E.A.M. - Target and is part of a series of 4 live webinars that will exam the T.E.A.M. framework.

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Conex - The Content Experience

Terminus 330

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