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What we’re about

Welcome to income trading methodology (ITM).  Please read before continuing 

Hedging against pandemic

The current economic conditions are extremely challenging for individuals and businesses alike. People are out of work, businesses are shutdown, staff are cut to minimal, everyone is affected one way or another due to the pandemic. If you belong to the group that is not affected, I am sure you know someone that is.

Using our future Income Trading Systems, traders can generate basic income for themselves, clients, businesses, and potentially more. Many own stocks. Rather than selling existing stock portfolio positions. Clients and businesses can apply our trading systems to generate income and revenue to cover day-to-day expenses safely. A trade can be as short as 1 day, that means the position is at risk for only 1 day. 

Fed up with stock market hype, volatility, watching winning trades turn into losers. Tired of attending investment meetups that regurgitate textbooks, hindsight successes, using simulated accounts with no skin in the game. I have come across Financial advisors that claim they have mastered the markets with simulated accounts. Who make their income from selling the dream and not from investing and trading. They use complex trades to baffle people to make themselves appear as experts. We've heard it all, they're even on the radio. Their management fee is on top of other fees that eat away at your profits. And FOMO - Fear of missing out is rampant. 

We're here to help simplify and eliminate the BS. We make real trades which produce hard cash profits. Collectively, we have 7 figures of our hard earned capital invested using our time proven Income trading methodology (ITM). The returns have replaced our salaries and allowed us to retire early without working for someone else. Our success allows us to work from our home office a couple hours each day, which gives us time to share our success and mentor others. No more 9 to 5, no more superiors or subordinates.  

We're a small group of semi retired IT (Information Technology) professionals. Each of us have worked in the financial and technology industry for 30+ years. Our job is pattern recognition, automation, systems analysis, algorithmic, analytics, business modeling, process engineering, quantitative, methodology, architecture, and programming. The new paradigm is financial engineering. Our clients are international, including major financial institutions, government(s), exchanges, brokerages and clearing houses. 

I have developed the Income trading methodology. A simple conservative / aggressive approach to investing and trading. Eliminating the guesswork out of investing in low risk, high probability trades to generate 5 income streams with limited risk from 1 stock. We're the 5% that draw money out of the market on a regular basis.  You know what happens to the remaining 95%, they end up feeding the system.  

Join us on Thursday for casual lunch. We also hold quarterly meetings to discuss our income trading methodology. Private mentor and consultation is available upon request to reduce a 5 year learning curve to a few months. Could be less depending upon your current skill level. 

FYI We do not day trade. Here are a few reasons.

Reasons why we do not invest in real estate for cash flow. First of all it's not liquid. However, we do live in real estate, if you consider purchasing a home an investment, so beit. But i can show you a financial model that challenges the norm.

Prerequisites; stock trading, derivatives, options,  math 101, 20-50k trading capital is absolute minimum required to start, more is better. Follow algorithms/instructions, fed up of losing $ trading, completed trading courses, financial advisors, money managers. Many other group leaders have attended our meetup. As you can see we are not for beginners. 

Reminders; trading is not a lottery ticket, beginners beware. We are bombarded with investing spam touting 1000% return.  Even 100% annual return is a challenge to achieve consistently. But many pay $1000's to learn it's a scam. 

Please acknowledge for acceptance into our group. We provide limited spoon feeding, you'll need to lookup definitions and concepts on your own but we're very helpful; verifying your understanding and pointing you in the right direction. 

We do not recommend stocks. However, we all discuss personal trades, follow trades at your own risk and discretion. No one in the group may be held responsible for your losses. Your gains, well that's another story. The nominal yearly fee separates the people that join to clog up membership and never participate, and cover annual expenses. You'll earn more on your first trade. You'll realize, we're better than any newsletter!