• FloridaJS - AWS Workshop by Ivan Bliskavka

    Online event

    THIS EVEN WILL BE ONLINE using Zoom: https://meet.floridajs.com#

    AWS is taking over the wold. So it's time we had a workshop to learn it.

    That's why we've asked Ivan Bliskavka to create a workshop that shows how to create installable, serverless applications in AWS.

    We'll learn
    - Frontend - React w/ AWS Amplify
    - Hosting: S3 with CloudFront and Route53 for DNS
    - Authentication: AWS Cognito with self-sign up
    - Backend: Lambda with API GW
    - Storage: S3 + Dynamo DB

    The point of the workshop is walk through the configuration and deployment of the solution. We'll have a starter repo that you can fork.

    Ivan is a Lead Developer at voicefoundry.com, which creates custom integrations with Amazon Connect - a cloud-based contact center.
    Consulting tends to encounter the same requirements every few months, so he has developed a skill for creating templates and installers. This allows him to quickly get past the boring stuff, and focus on his passion: invention.
    He learns new skills by publishing at least 1 monetized app a year and moonlighting as an AWS Serverless consultant.
    You can find more about Ivan at: https://bliskavka.com

  • Front End Miami - is having their annual ⚡️VIRTUAL Lightning Talks ⚡️

    Sign up over at https://www.meetup.com/Front-end-Developers-of-Miami/events/275539960/#

    This series will feature local developers discussing what they're passionate about in the front-end development world today. In the comfort of your own home!

    This event is great for developers looking to learn more about front-end development, and for those who want to speak about something they're learning or are passionate about!

    We are looking for speakers for this event; all skill levels welcome!
    Speaker Application: https://www.papercall.io/femiami-lightning-talks

    Sponsored by: Code for South Florida
    Zoom sponsor: Wyncode Academy

  • FloridaJS - Power Twilio by Todd Albert

    Online event

    THIS EVEN WILL BE ONLINE using Zoom: https://meet.floridajs.com#

    Twilio has been a developer favorite because they've been providing SMS & Calls functionality for ever and have always been very developer friendly.

    Come join as Dr. Todd Albert will show us all the possibilities you can have with ALL of Twilio's whole lineup of services.

    Come find out all the possibilities and join your fellow members in the industry. Bring your questions (and also your answers) to this great meeting.

    Dr. Todd Albert is the Founder and Head Teacher of Boca Code which is Boca Raton's best Developer Bootcamp.

    Visit our Sponsors at:
    Boca Code : https://bocacode.com

    As always join us at https://win.floridajs.org at the end of the meeting for your chance to win a free license to ANY JetBrains product.

  • FloridaJS - Q&A with Dan Abramov - React Core Team Member

    This event will be online at https://meet.floridajs.com#


    Ever wanted to ask Dan Abramov a question? Well now’s your chance — join us for a Q&A! Dan will join our meet up on Tuesday January 26th, feel free to send us your questions!

    Speaker's Bio:
    Dan got into programming after he accidentally discovered Visual Basic inside Microsoft PowerPoint. He has found his true calling in turning Sebastian’s tweets into long-form blog posts. Dan occasionally wins at Fortnite by hiding in a bush until the game ends.

    Follow Dan on:

    Don't forget that we will have a raffle for a Free License from JetBrains (our sponsor)

    Hope to see you there.

  • FloridaJS - HUGE NEWS & Securing NodeJS Apps

    Online event

    Our Meeting will be online at https://meet.floridajs.com/#

    We have HUGE NEWS. We are COMBINING Palm Beach JS + React JS + BocaJS to FloridaJS !!!!!

    So you've seen a million NodeJS app but do you know how to secure your website with the latest requirements?

    Come join Damian Montero (our co-Organizer) show you how you can secure your website with the latest requirements from most security qualification corporations.

    Damian Montero is the Release Manager and IT Architect currently at south florida's largest growing medical supplies business and has been in charge of securing websites for over a decade.

    Having passed several governmental and private security certification requirements (and proof of spoiling some gray hacker attempts), Damian will show us what it takes to make your secure your NodeJS website along with understanding some requirements to get any website you own or administer ready for your next attempt by your friendly hacker.

    Don't forget that we will have a raffle for a Free License from JetBrains (our sponsor)

    See you then!

  • BocaJS - Developer Game Show 2020

    Online event

    Our 1st Annual Developer Game Show is here!

    Come join us ONLINE at https://meet.bocajs.org# (we're using zoom, but you don't to install or sign into zoom)

    On our 1st Annual Developer Game Show, you'll be able to compete with other developers over questions that are related to what you do day in a day out.

    No matter your career or seniority these will be questions you be able to answer.

    You'll be able to compete at https://game.bocajs.org on Dec 1st.

    See you then!

  • BocaJS - React Native - Mobile Apps with React by Jonathan Sanchez

    Create Native Mobile apps with your React Skills!

    This Event will be hosted online with zoom at: https://meet.bocajs.org#

    React Native is used by many large corporations to solve the production of not having to have two different teams for Android and iOS development. Let alone having a third team for the website your business or organization need to deal with the same customers on all three.

    Why not use ONE technology so that the experts in that technology can be the expert how ever your customers interact with your service.

    Jonathan Sanchez will be our presenter today and will show us the differences between React (on the web) and React Native to build mobile apps.

    What are the differences, and what are the things you have to look out for.

    As always we'll have a giveaway from our sponsor JetBrains.

  • Our annual ASK AN EXPERT

    Online event

    It's that time of the year again and the way 2020 has been going then we definitely need this.

    It's our annual "Ask an Expert" is here!

    THIS EVEN WILL BE ONLINE using Zoom: http://meet.bocajs.org#

    Don't know what it is? Where have you been? It's when Palm Beach JS and BocaJS join to bring you some of South Florida's best in the Tech Industry.

    You'll get to ask your questions and get responses from industry experts and beginners alike.

    *Now we NEED your questions*: https://forms.gle/HT6FWPwsxmdzhzNs6

    - Chelsey Lambert - App Developer at Cognizant Softvision
    - Sylke lopez - Senior UX/UI Designer at Dycom Industries, Inc
    - Michelle Bekels - React Developer & Hackathon Winner at NextEra Energy
    - Cecil Phillip - Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft
    - Dwight Goins - Service Delivery App Dev Manager at JM Family
    - Jeremy Lawson - Front End Tech Lead at Cognizant Softvision
    - Yang Zhang - Silicon Co-Founder of Plasmic

    Our Moderator
    Damian Montero - IT Architect

    LinkedIn Profiles:
    Chelsey Lambert

    Sylke Lopez:

    Michelle Bakels:

    Cecil Phillip:

    Dwight Goins:

    Jeremy "Jermbo" Lawson:

    Yang Zhang:

    Damian Montero:

  • BocaJS - Hacktoberfest - Learn about Contributing to Open Source

    This Event will be hosted online with zoom at: https://meet.bocajs.org#

    Do you know about HactoberFest? Want a free T-shirt?

    Hactoberfest is a world wide event where were we'll work together to learn how to contribute to open source projects.

    Come tell us how your experience was with last years event? Learn how you can get your free t-shirt and other swag. Tell us what you'd like work on and also help us work on the many great many projects we (as a group) have created and are currently working on.

    We'll start with an Intro into Github and how to contribute and then we'll open the floor for anyone that wants to talk about their projects or a project they really enjoy and want to contribute to.

    We'll go over the rules: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/faq

    And find out exactly what you'll be getting for contributing!

    Attending is easy and can be done from any computer, Phone (both iPhone and Android), Chromebook and iPad (or any tablet)

    DigitalOcean is sponsoring Hackoberfest so they're giving awayUSD $100 for you to try their services at https://do.co/hacktoberfest100

    We'll also have a License for ANY JetBrains Software to give away!

    The Code of Conduct

  • Redux is DEAD! Long live HOC! - Context & Higher Order Components for the Win

    THIS EVEN WILL BE ONLINE using Zoom: http://meet.bocajs.org#

    REDUX made ReactJS 10 times more productive. But there's a new BETTER way to keep state in your Application.

    That new way is HOC or Higher-Order Components in React. This is a way of using Hooks to replace application state (i.e. no Redux). It's one of the topics in React that everyone is trying to learn. And so the best way to learn is from a teacher that knows it!

    Todd Albert is the Founder and Head Teacher of Boca Code which is Boca Raton's best Developer Bootcamp.

    Visit our Sponsors at:
    Boca Code : https://bocacode.com