• Flow Morning with Meditation & Qi Gong in the Park

    Flow Morning Spot

    Start your Sunday early & present in the fresh morning air next to the Rhine. Join us at 7 AM for a Flow Morning session: 15 min Qi Gong for beginners (guided) 22 min meditation session (guided if you wish) Bring: A warm hoodie / jacket Normal comfortable clothes are ok Optional: Yoga Mat and/or Meditation Cushion If you want to know what Qi Gong we do you can already checkout this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qwyydnBdjk (German) Location: https://goo.gl/maps/WVZ6cy9WgbK2

  • Optimize Your Life & Work for Flow - FLOW Meetup Düsseldorf #2

    • What we'll do Learn how to optimize your life & work to achieve more flow states! 18:00 - Open Doors, Hello & Enjoy a drink sponsored by trivago 18:30 - 5 Minute Intro to Flow [For New People] 18:35 - 5 Flow Hacks to Optimize your Life & Work for Flow [Presentation by Max] 19:00 - Flow Hackers Introduction & Open Tables: Connect & share experiences with other people around your own topic of Flow (Flow at Work, Flow at Yoga, Flow at Surfing etc.) [Interactive sessions] ca. 20:00 - Networking 20:30 - End of Meetup (FYI: we move the meetup from Feb 8 to Feb 22 - On Feb 8 there is no meetup!) • What to bring Happiness ;) trivago sponsors drinks, tea, water. • Important to know RSVP over Meetup.com required until 4 hours before the event. Otherwise we can't guarantee that the security downstairs will let you in. We start on time with the first presentation at 18:30. You can bring guests but have to add a "+ X" (X = number of guests you bring) when you click "attend".

  • FLOW Meetup Düsseldorf #1

    trivago GmbH

    Rough schedule that will be refined until the 23rd 18:00 Get Together & Drinks Sponsored by trivago 18:30 Introduction: Who are we and why are we doing this meetup And who are you? 19:00 Presentation: What is Flow and why is it awesome? Mixed with some interactive format and Q&A 19:40 Get Together & Drinks 20:30 End of Meetup