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    I value compassion for all creatures, great and small.
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    I was a vegetarian for 17years, now vegan. My dog Justice is on vegan dog food, too. Love this meetup and all the great friends and food.
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    Committed vegan (24 years as vegan, veg 10 years before) for animal justice reasons.
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    I am Organizer Extroardinaire, and I bake vegan goodies too.
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    I have been mostly vegetarian for over 25 years, with a few splashes of vegan-ism and whatnot. Looking forward to meeting some fellow vegehoovians - it's been nice to see F-M restaurants be more veg-friendly over the years.
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    I like our FM Veg Meetups, a great support group for vegans and those interested in changing their diet and helping our planet to be healthier.
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    I've been vegetarian since the early 80's, and currently follow a gluten free whole foods, plant based diet. Also concerned about the earth, I eat organically as much as possible.
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    Hi! I've been vegan since 2009, vegetarian since 1989, and an animal rights activist since 2007. I strive to better myself, and you folks have helped me do that, so thank you! :)
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    I've been vegan since 2000.