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Being an atheist is one of the easiest things in the world to do, but becoming an atheist is fraught with challenges thanks to our society and the times we live in. Is it really worth the struggle? There can be so much more to living as an atheist than simply not believing in a god, and finding those benefits will help you answer with a resounding yes.

11:00 am - Coffee and Mingling
11:30 am - Program Begins
12:30 pm - Potluck Lunch

BRING YOUR CHILDREN. Age appropriate activities and presentations will be provided while you enjoy our speaker.

Daniel Jackson was raised in a small, south Texas town where his first memories include nightly bible study with dad. After graduating from Rice University with a degree in computer science, he moved to Dallas and began his career in the power industry. Three years ago he joined the Fellowship of Freethought, where for the first time he found a large group of like-minded people who accepted him as family and shared his desire to believe as many true things and reject as many false things as possible. Daniel does not have formal training in theology, astrophysics, or biology, but that does not stop him from exploring these topics rigorously in his pursuit of truth. Daniel is an extremely active Facebook debater, a guest columnist for the Atheist Republic website, and in his free time enjoys weightlifting, rollerblading, chess, and spending time with his wife Sarah and their dog Kevin.

The Fellowship of Freethought, as part of its mission to promote a family-friendly organization that emphasizes education, socialization, and charity, will be encouraging its members to gather together once a month to learn from each other, share in each others' lives, and coordinate outreach to the community. These "Gatherings" will combine music, short presentations, and special announcements all running alongside a fun yet educational youth program. Following presentations and youth activities is a potluck meal to encourage close fellowship among all members.

Potluck Tips

Let's make this potluck great for everyone by following some time–tested tips…

Bring a main dish or hearty side. FoFDallas will supply the desserts, drinks, ice, napkins, plates, cups, and eating utensils. Tip: home–cooked is better and cheaper than pre–made foods at the store, but those are an alternative if you are in a rush.

Bring a sufficient amount. A good rule of thumb is to bring enough to feed yourself, your family, and your guests — as if that were all you had to eat — preferably with some left over.

Food should be "ready to serve". It should be cooked, cut, and ready for someone to quickly put it on their plate as they walk through the line.

Label your item. Use a notecard to indicate what the item is, and perhaps what is in it (if it's not obvious). If it's vegetarian and/or vegan–friendly, you can note that as well. This is especially important if your dish contains one of the most common food allergens: milk, eggs, peanuts (groundnuts), nuts from trees (including Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts), fish, shellfish (including mussels, crab and shrimps), soy products, and wheat.

If you are able to plan your pot luck dish in advance, or at least know the type of dish you can commit to bringing, please indicate main, side, vegetarian, diabetic, etc in your RSVP comments.

If you have your own suggestions on how to make the potluck better, please let Jeffrey know.

Applications for Voting Membership will be collected at the Gatherings.

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