Women of Reason Dallas -- NEW LOCATION: ZOE'S KITCHEN

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Every 1st Friday of the month until June 6, 2019

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Join your fellow female freethinkers to discuss whatever topic crosses our minds!

Male identified people--we wish to keep this a safe space for those who identify as women as well as the non-binary folks.


Q: "Why women only?" or "Why are you trying to exclude men?"

A: The Fellowship of Freethought Dallas is welcoming to all, but we recognize that safe spaces are needed for some groups, including those that wish to discuss issues unique to women. Safe spaces are not the same as inclusion. We appreciate that you kindly respect these boundaries.

Q: Does the Fellowship of Freethought Dallas have other events besides this one?

A: Yes! Besides our monthly gathering on the third Sunday of the month, we lots of other social and outreach activities for all people to participate in! Check out our calendar on the meetup page. We look forward to seeing you at another one of our many events!

Q: I don't identify as a woman. Why do I get these e-mails?

A: Some events are intended for a sub-set of the larger group. With the way that meetup handles "announcement" notifications for a group, though, members of the group at-large get e-mail about the specific meetups targeted at the sub-set. It really doesn't make sense to force that sub-group to start an entirely new top-level Meetup Group just for a sub-set of the larger group, particularly since that's part of why the sub-group is meeting in the first place. There's already enough marginalization and alienation that certain sub-groups already have in our community. When you get e-mail about those events, consider it not in your interest area and just use the delete key to pass it by while knowing you're part of the larger community doing what's needed to help all feel welcome."

Q: I still feel uncomfortable about a group dedicated to a subset. Can I ask more about this?

A: Of course, we are reasonable people who love reasonable discussions! If you behave in a troll-like manner, however, you will be reported to the administrators of this group.