Philosophy Club

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Every 1st Saturday of the month

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What: Philosophy Discussion Group

Where: Natural Grocers (pending confirmation)

How: READINGS discussed in-depth amongst the group. No tests, no lecture… we help teach each other in a spirit of learning.

Readings/Topic TBA


Readings are not required, but we ask that you please stay on topic during the discussion.

There is no rule about adhering to any party line during the discussion. We have a diverse collection of opinions (as we found when we discussed philosophy of religion!)

We are approaching these topics in a "spirit of learning": we should be humble (we do not know everything), eager to learn, and willing to challenge each other while being kind and considerate.

There will be people of various backgrounds in philosophy — you do not need to be an expert in philosophy to be in the group. If a topic is new to you, here are some good resources, if you are interested:
- Wikipedia (
- Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (
- Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (
- The Oxford Companion to Philosophy (