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Tech Talks: Facebook Sharing, Encryption, and Building Communities!

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Join us for our monthly gathering, hosted by Carbon Five (! We will feature one short and two longer talks, sandwiched with networking and food and drink. Bike parking is available at the venue—please bring your bikes inside.

We are dedicated to a harassment-free experience for everyone. All attendees are expected to abide by the Fog City Ruby Code of Conduct (

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Speakers of all programming and speaking experience levels are welcome to submit talks, and we're especially excited to host speakers who come from populations that are underrepresented in tech.


6:30pm — Doors open, food, networking

7:00pm — Siena Aguayo: Facebook Sharing for Single-Page Apps

Facebook uses the OpenGraph tags defined on your page to populate its share dialogs. But what if you have a single-page app and you want to share many different pieces of content that technically have the same URL? Learn this One Weird Trick for sharing your beautiful content.

7:15pm — Neeraj Singh: Towards Secure Cookies with the Help of Modern Encryption Techniques in Rails 5.2

Rails 5.2 adds support for encrypting cookies using modern techniques such as AES-GCM scheme. Because of this, the authentication and encryption processes will be processed together, improving the speed of the process. Apart from that, it will also result into shorter ciphertexts resulting into quicker encryption and decryption.

Along with this, we will also discuss changes to the MessageEncryptor such as switching to AES-GCM as default cipher, better support for expiry of messages, and fine-grained server side control for the expiration of such messages.

7:45pm — Ginny Fahs & Mark Stewart: Tech: The Most Welcoming Community In The World

What if the tech community felt more like a knitting circle? This talk is about finding “the good parts” of the tech community—whatever that means for you—and empowering you to create the amazing tech community you deserve. We will trace the qualities that we believe make communities welcoming, and propose community-building strategies for those joining tech, and those seeking to improve it.

8:15-9:00pm — More hanging out and talking to nice people


Siena Aguayo is a software engineer at Indiegogo in San Francisco, where she works mostly with Rails and Angular. A Los Angeles native, Pokémon master, and international public speaker, Siena enjoys playing video games, knitting, jamming on the guitar, and studying Japanese. She is also an organizer of Fog City Ruby. You can find her on Twitter @sienatime.

Neeraj Singh is Founder and CEO of BigBinary, a Ruby on Rails technology consulting company. He has contributed to Ruby on Rails and other Ruby gems. These days, he is learning Haskell and Elm.

Mark Stewart is an instructor at Dev Bootcamp with enthusiastic interest in science, communication, and social justice. He is adept at overthinking things, having feelings about things, and energetically frowning at people who use the word "disruption" more than they use the word "ethical."

Ginny Fahs is a newly-minted developer—a Dev Bootcamp grad who worked in women’s health in a former life. Words flow from her pen just as code flows from her keyboard. She’s currently on the job market—if you like this talk, you should hire her!


Thanks to Carbon Five ( for sponsoring Fog City Ruby!